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    Fri Jun 14 2013

    My Uncle and I booked two flights to Prague from the U.S. and a hotel for 6 days through Expedia. We had some problems at O'Hare airport in Chicago as the kiosk would not let us check-in as our flight could not be found, but one of the agents eventually figured it out and got us on our scheduled and booked flights. We did not have any problems with our connecting flight or our hotel stay, but let me tell you...once we go the airport to fly home all the issues and nightmare stories I have heard from my friends and family about going through Expedia were all dropped on us at once. We went to check-in and the guest-service agent tells us our flights cannot be found as neither of our tickets for the specific flight we booked existed. A "KLM" manager then came over beings that was the airline we were suppose to fly and still didn't know what to do. She then went over to the main desk to find out what we were to do and came back with "Sorry, it is not our problem that your ticket does no... Read more

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    Fri Feb 22 2013

    I used to be a travel agent and let me tell you, Expedia is NOT what it once used to be. You book a reservation and often times it can be overbookes or lost. It's apalling that such a thing could happen with such a large company as Expedia but it did. Next, the customer service agents are RUDE. I try not to rate an entire company badly based on one grumpy CSR having a bad hair day, but EVERY time I have called in to them, they've given me the attitude of "You're wasting my time," and "I've got better things to do than talk to you." One woman went so far as to ask me if that was all because she had other calls to take that might be more important! I would rather book direct myself.

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    Sun Feb 05 2012

    As a frequent user of Expedia I want to give it higher than 3 stars but cannot justify the rating. I would use it in a clutch but their are much better services out there one of them being Hipmunk. Hopefully they get their customer service act together soon. Usability: the website is so godawful cluttered they could really use a full redesign.

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    Wed Jan 04 2012

    I would rate expedia a "0"!!! We booked a hotel through them, ended up not staying at the hotel, and expedia would not reimburse us our money. So I paid $64 for a room that I never even entered. Customer service was bullshit as well. I was on the phone with them for an hour, and they wouldn't reimburse me. Take my advice and don't use expedia or cheaphotels.com

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    Tue Dec 20 2011

    The last 2 times I booked with Expedia they switched my flights blaming the airlines for over booking. I called the airlines and they said thats not correct, and I believe them since one of these times expedia actually switchted me back after I switched all my travel plans OMG! I have cancer I really needed to be at the hospitol on time for my chemo treatment but expedia was cold and non caring. I found out they switch flights and sale tickets to other airlines (group all the tixs into the same airline) to save money even if it's not what the customer needs with timing. 5 hour layovers and arrived after my treatment. One of the hotels was rated 3 stars but it was a dive and I could not move hotels uness I paid for the new hotel and would lose the cost of the dive (springs were poking me in the bed!!) Expedia stated they do not control the hotel ratings, the hotels rate themselves?! Whats the use of the rating system, hell I own a 5 star hotel lol I'll never use expedia again, total s... Read more

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    Sun Dec 18 2011

    Terrible customer service. Website was something I used for 10 years. This time, had to make a change. Good luck with their customer service. I will never use this service again. To many out there that you can get better service. I bet money this is common, and will also short their stock.

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    Mon Jul 18 2011

    Ref:itinerary number 137472455380: DO NOT USED EXPEDIA.COM to book any extra tours or airport travel vouchers. They partner only with the lowest and cheapest travel vendors. I paid $198.00 for a Moster tour in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, they (Expedia) sent me a travel voucher for a Monster Safari Tour in Purto Plata (2,500) miles away or 6 hours drive time. They were unable to change the tour, because after two days of trying and listening to music, I had to come home. Now I have come home and have been asking for a refund since 7/11/11, only to have 3 or 4 persons hang up on me. The 3 airport vouchers I paid for, to be picked up and transported to the airport $42.00, I am fighting with them to have my money refunded, as the vendor they deal with did not show up at all. When they were called by the Public Relations manager (Claudia) at the Grand Palladium Palace, she was told they were running late 3-5 minutes. 20 minutes later when they called back, they told her to tell me to ta... Read more

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    Tue Apr 12 2011

    DO NOT USE EXPEDIA!!! There price match is BS they will tell you at first that you will get the price match best price with in 24 hour but you must book it first. Then when you push them for the price match they come up with some crazy non-sense. I found my vacation $300 dollars cheaper on Priceline.com when I called before I booked to make sure that they would price match the first person I talked looked at up (for 30mins) and told me yes that if I booked it she would transfer me to customer service and they would refund the difference plus $50 vacation credit ( wow great so I thought ) and I booked it and she transfered me. This is the part where the wheels feel if the wagon. The next person that I talked to was very hard to understand and after another 15-20 mins of looking up the same thing the first lady looked up she tells me now after it is all booked that I can not get the price match. After going round and round with the person that I could hardly understand I asked for a supe... Read more

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    Tue Mar 29 2011

    I'm giving 1 star because I have to. They deserve NEGATIVE stars!! This has been the worst customer service experience of my entire life. I'm telling everyone I know including online reviews and the BBB. We purchased their Package Protection Plan which boasts a "cancel for any reason" gaurantee for a full refund. Well, that is just a flat our LIE. These people are THIEVES. We tried to cancel for a medical reason. Called multiple times, going in circles with one "Agent" after another. We get nowhere and are on hold for hours or get disconnected. They "Can't" send us documentation that they cancelled our flights. They claim it takes a few days for the email to go through. Really???? It's 2011. Emails take mere nanoseconds to go through. It is our belief that they give you the runaround and flat out lie until it's too late to cancel anything with the airline direct so you are just screwed out of your money. How do these people look at themselves in the mirror??? NEVER EVER AGAIN will I us... Read more

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    Wed Mar 09 2011

    I've never had a problem with expedia. I am talking about flights within the USA. Also their customer servise is friendly and helpful. Maybe there's some trouble when it comes to international flights and hotels - I've never gone that far yet :) It's good idea to search expedia alike about a month ahead because they always change their rates and you may end up with reasonable price because they always have discounts and packages.

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    Wed Mar 02 2011

    I'm not an expedia agent:) Before i booked my tickets to Kazakhstan from NYC i thoroughly read all the reviews and i was ready to deal with the most awful company. The thing is i had to cancel my flight twice. First time they returned money within 48 hours, the 2nd time they promised to return money within 2-3 weeks, i had no hope to receive it but got it back in 2 weeks. You may believe it or not, but I'm happy. Employees were polite. The flight was cheap but it was what i was looking for after all and i suffered no illusion about comfort... Had bad experience with singapore airlines and connection flight in borispol airport though but there ain't expedia fault.

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    Sat Feb 19 2011

    ZERO!!! No stars. They misrepresent what they claim. I booked a hotel through expedia because they provided me with a $50 coupon....DONT FALL FOR IT. I also did a price match because they are suppose to give you another $50 dollar coupon, but they misrepresent what they promise. I booked my hotel the day before I was suppose to check in...nothing unusual. I am a bargain hunter and found a great price match with a 5 star hotel that included breakfast, free internet and free convenient self parking. I arrive the next day to the hotel I was price matched and confirmed over the phone...guess what I was not booked. Luckily i did not pay and figure I would clean up the mess later with a refund...been there done that with expedia. Instead I had to call and verify all was okay...luckily I did because they booked me in one of there own same priced hotel. This was not the agreement. Furthermore, the hotel they booked me in did not have all the extras (free breakfast, free self parking... Read more

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    Thu Feb 17 2011

    Just awful! They booked my February trip for MARCH.. and then said it wasn't their fault because I didn't catch their mistake within 24 hours. My family vacation -which we planned so carefully so my son wouldn't miss school- was ruined because we couldn't afford the over $1,000 change fee incurred by their mistake. Then the customer service agent was rude and kept saying she couldn't understand what I was trying to say.. even though she's the one who spoke terrible English. I explained it as simply and calmly as possible.. and she didn't Understand. I asked to speak to someone else, and she said, "For why?" I will never use Expedia again. Ever.

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    On January 31, 2011 I booked on business class, got economy class. I was about to pay then there was a message: Price Change: The total price for your trip has changed from $1,636.00 to $736.00. Why did this happen? Your card has not been charged and your booking was not completed. To complete this booking, please re-enter your Card. I rechecked if the flights were still the same, with the same class, they were! So I thought I struck a luck and proceeded. I got email minutes later saying that I was booked on economy class! I called the 1-800 number, got to talk to Manila-based "New Reservation" Call Center, talked to Blair on reservation who said she was not authorized to make any changes and then transfer me on hold for 20 min to try to reach a CSR. Got disconnected and then talked to Randall, another "new reservation" guy who tried to find me another flight on business but failed. He tried to connect me to CSR for canceling the trip, and I was on hold for 30 minutes, only to get ... Read more

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    Sun Jan 23 2011

    $575 I was charged more than quoted and this was on $10,000. worth of tickets....I kept asking Teresa....the price of the ticket and she kept assuring me....she lied and I am out $575 which adds $82 more to each of the 7 tickets I bought to go to France. Hours spent on talking to folks that all give different info and cannot help undo the mistake. One gal told me Expedia cannot refund the money because it is the airlines that charge the price. Another gal told me the price changes while you are making the arrangements....REALLY...$125 more for the last three tickets than the first 4 I made.Don't make the mistake I did....NO MORE EXPEDIA

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    Tue Dec 14 2010

    EXTREMELY DECEPTIVE PRACTICES. I have always clicked around on Expedia to look at package prices but in the end usually book through a real live local travel agency and continue to do so!! Just ONCE I actually called Expedia to ask a question about an itinerary I had looked up and "saved" on my account for reference. The person on the phone answered my question (vaguely and unconvincingly) then did the hard sell to get me to book it. I declined, said I might call back and ended the conversation. About 3 minutes later an email popped up saying "Your car rental reservation has been made at National". WHAT???? I never even mentioned a car rental - was talking flights and hotels only, but sure enough it was a real reservation on the dates I was considering to travel, in the place I was considering going. Luckily I was able to cancel the reservation but when I called Expedia to question how this happened I got a COMPLETE run around for 35 minutes!! I was furious. Still no legitim... Read more

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    Fri Dec 10 2010

    Went to book two flights. By the time i finished filling out the application and hit accept charges it bumped up the price $60.. Scam? To make sure it wasn't a scam I called up customer service only to talk to a women with a bunch of um's and o's..20 minutes later "um it looks like theres nothing we could do." Clearly they didn't care for our business. well, take care expedia, dont see your business lasting long.

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    Fri Dec 10 2010

    Bottom Line Up Front: Tricked me into spending an extra $300 by never delivering promised refund for a cancelled flight in my itinerary. Slow and unresponsive customer service that required hours of arguing, badgering, and waiting on hold before making any progress. I used Expedia to book an itinerary from Atlanta-Casablanca-Beirut-Atlanta. I booked the Casablanca-Beirut leg so I would arrive in Beirut on the evening of the 31st, in time to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends there. Air France cancelled the Casablanca-Beirut flight and the Expedia representative I spoke to told me, in nearly unintelligible English, that Expedia could replace it with any other Air France flight. Unfortunately, the only remaining available Air France flights would either force me to miss New Year's Eve or to leave Morocco so early that it would seriously disrupt my travel plans there. Other airlines had flights that fit my schedule, but the man on the phone insisted that I could only get an Air Franc... Read more

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    Thu Dec 09 2010

    I called this morning to check my policy to see if I could cancel my hotel without cancelling my airfare. They confirmed that I could indeed cancel my hotel and get a $220 refund without disrupting my flight arrangements. So I booked an apartment in another area through another agency, received the confirmation, and then called Expedia to cancel the hotel. It was at that point that a new Expedia agent told me that I couldn't cancel the hotel without cancelling the airfare, and the airfare was non-refundable! The subsequent chain of customer service reps were completely unhelpful, and the supervisor at the Corporate office was condescending and discourteous. If the package is nonrefundable, then make sure your customer service representatives communicate that information to consumers. If your agents misinform the buyer, don’t be surprised when they are a bit frustrated that they are now forced to pay for another person’s oversight.

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    expedia is terrible published a hotel and said it was by the airport it was no where near. Terrible company terrible management and i just found out they overbilled me.. terrible terrible experience do not use this company will be reporting them to the attorney general and BBB. not willing to provide any customer satisfaction

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    Mon Nov 15 2010

    I have to agree a negative number of stars is in order. 20 emails and 3 phone calls (with 30+ minutes on hold per call) and they still haven't sent me a current copy of my itinerary. That's all I need! They changed it, they called and told me they changed it (in english so bad I could understand about 20% of it, they reading from a long script... and then they read my ENTIRE itinerary to me, not just the part that changed. Then they failed to answer ANY questions and were unable to transfer me to a supervisor). So they will call and tell you your trip has changed... but they won't actually email you proof of that. Nor does their website actually show my updated itinerary. The only responses I have gotten to my 20 emails? An ocean of form letters, and 3 copies of my original wrong itinerary. Thanks!! Seriously do yourself a huge favor and learn from our mistakes and run to some other travel website. The service here is WORSE than the IRS or Verizon!!!

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    Wed Nov 10 2010

    THIS IS THE WORST TRAVEL AGENCY EVER!!! THEY DESERVE A NEGATIVE, NOT ONE STAR, NOT A ZERO. All they do is LIE so they can make the sale!!! TOTAL FRAUD!!! I've been traveling for more than 15 years and I have never had a case like this. I purchased an international airline ticket for a round trip. I called before paying and I specifically asked if this exact ticket is exchangeable. I was assured that it is and I bought it. What a surprise later when I had to postpone my trip and I needed to move my flight for a later date - the ticket ended up being very restricted, not refundable and not exchangeable. The funnies thing is that when I called last night they assured me again that there is no problem, the ticket can be exchanged and there is no fee to that. Because it's international flight and I have already used part of my ticket I needed to call the airline company which I was traveling with to make the change. So they gave me the news and when I called Expedia back to ask why I was l... Read more

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    Fri Nov 05 2010

    I used Expedia to book a short excursion to Palm Desert for my wife and I. At the time, they were offering a special of a creit towards my next hotel stay as well as double THank You points. But when I booked the reservation on line I noticed that these perks did not show up credited to my account. So I called Expoedia immediately to rectify the situation. After being passes around from Expedia to Citi Bank (this is who runs the Thank You Points for Expedia) and then back to Expedia, I was told that it would take 4-6 weeks for the perks to show up. Needless to say, this did not happen. And when i cdontacted them they refused to do anything about it. For now on I will book my destinations directly with the hotel and / or airline whenever possible. And if I need to use a travel site to make reservations I will use another site other than Expedia as they are all very similarly priced.

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    Sat Oct 23 2010

    if u book ur flight on expedia , and if u cant travel for some reason u ll loose all ur money , isnt that amazing, they dont ve their refund policy visible when ubook ur flight , best way too book a flight is travel agent.

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    Sat Oct 09 2010

    0 stars if I could - No contact by phone or email pre-flight for check-in - which might have alerted me to the wrong flight date - missed my flight - no contact by phone or email to alert me to that fact - I learned on my failed attempt to check-in that my booking was canceled - horrific customer service - was eventually transferred to airline (AA) - who were "helping" me by not "canceling" my reservation but re-booking me at full current day-of retail price PLUS change-of-flight fees ON TOP of my original ticket price - my $400 flight is now a $1300 flight - the real kicker... found out after the re-booking that the same flight is currently available online for $450! I would have been better off canceling altogether and buying a new ticket online! SCAM RIP-OFF Never Ever Ever Ever booking anything with Expedia or American Airlines again EVER! Filed a complaint with my credit card company. I'll be filing a complaint with the BBB as well.

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    Sun Sep 19 2010

    If there was a no star rating I would have picked that....booked a hotel for 1 night, checked in and was given a reciept for $38.00 less than what I was charged by expeidia, so if I had just called the hotel I could have saved close to $50.00 including tax. Expedia would not give me a refund. I will always call the hotel before I book on any web site!!! Lowest prices??? What a joke

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    Tue Sep 14 2010

    Unfortunately I booked a 4-star hotel in Kelavik Iceland on 03Sep10. Upon arrival at midnight, I was told by the hotel that they were full and I was sent to a 0-star hotel with a bed (and no other furniture) on the 4th floor without an elevator. Expedia said that I was transferred to another 4-star hotel and could not get a refund. Stay away from Expedia

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    Fri Sep 10 2010

    Dear Expedia, On July 2, 2010, I began the first of four legs of a round-trip flight from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine to Des Moines, Iowa. My first flight arrived 40 minutes late at Kiev Borispol. I had a narrow window of time to get on the international flight to Amsterdam, the next leg in my journey. Astoundingly, my slug through security and passport control caused me to miss my flight. There was no one available at any counter to help me reschedule my flight. As soon as I could reach an internet telephone, I called Expedia. Bottom Line: I was told this ticket was now invalid. I was told that it was worthless. I was told there was no way to reschedule, even by paying a penalty. To add insult to injury, I was additionally told that my RETURN TICKET would now be invalidated. This was explained to me in the coldest possible way by the Expedia representative. I did not have the funds to buy a new ticket. I was in an awful mess - stuck with all my baggage in a strange city with... Read more

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    Mon Aug 23 2010

    I used Expedia for the first time this summer to book an all-inclusive package to ensure we got home if the ash cloud flared up. Never again. I found all my own hotels, flights, car rental, etc, finding their web site more expensive that booking directly myself, but thought the difference might be worth it for the ATOL protection. I checked the car rental company's terms and conditions confirming that there was NO additional payment for my spouse to drive =20 the car. However, the person booking said he had never heard that. I asked him to check with the rental company, and he said he would.When the car confirmation came through, it said that "additional charges would be payable on-site". As this was not true, I rang their customer service (who after many tries were helpful and understandable) and a girl said she would check with the rental company in America. They agreed there was no charge payable for extra =20 drivers or anything else. I asked that she send me a new confirm... Read more

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    Fri Jul 30 2010

    Booked two nights for a family vacation and needed to make a change. Called the hotel which told me since I booked through Expedia I needed to contact them. Went online just under a week from the date and the cancellation link would not allow me to modify. Only cancel the whole reservation which since I was 1 day inside the supposed limit I would forfeit 1/2 my total cost! So I called the 800 number and explained the situation and they said it was UP TO THE HOTEL MANAGER to allow a variance in my "cancellation" which was not a "cancellation but a change of dates... then as I waited the person who claimed to go by the name "Lily Bell" but was obviously in India, pretended to call the hotel manager, and told me they would not alter the 1 week penalty policy. I called the hotel back and the manager told me he never spoke to expedia and he had no recourse since expedia arbitrarily sets the cancellation policy to charge people as much as they can. So now I have cancelled the whole ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 20 2010

    Horrible experience on tickets cancellation and refund. Do not buy air tickets of foreign airlines on Expedia! Here is the story 1. I’ve bought tickets on www.expedia.com for the flight from Moscow to Novosibirsk scheduled for 06/19/ 2010 ( within Russia). The only reason I’ve bought tickets on expedia is that I did not want to deal with airline directly. 2. Expedia’s failure N1 – tickets cancellation. On May 26 my plans changed and I called to Expedia to cancel my tickets. On May 26th I was assured that my flight was cancelled and I will get refund within 1-2 weeks. After 2 weeks I still did not get refund and called Expedia on June 10th again to find out what is going on. They assured me about cancellation and advised to call airline. Even though the whole point of doing business with Expedia was to avoid dealing with airline directly , I made this international call to Russia’s local S7 airline to find out that my flight was not cancelled at all. Only after my 3rd call to Expedi... Read more

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    Sat Jul 10 2010

    I have been an Expedia customer for many years, but this was such a horrible experience with Expedia customer support. At the end of March 2010, I tried to book a reservation in Klamath Falls, OR for 1 night at the end of April. However, while trying to confirm the reservation, the website returned with a message that the reservation was unsuccessful and to try again later. I tried again 15 minutes later but had the same result. I gave up and booked the room through Orbitz.com. A few days later, I saw that the hotel had charged my credit card for 3 rooms for the same night – the 2 from Expedia that should NOT have gone through, and the actual valid room from Orbitz. The 2 rooms from Expedia didn’t even show up under "My Itineraries" in my Expedia account, most likely due to Expedia’s glitch that said the rooms could not be confirmed. I called Expedia and they referred me to the hotel since it was the hotel that charged me. I called and the hotel said it was because Expedia had sent o... Read more

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    Wed Jun 30 2010

    This was my first time booking a trip with Expedia.com. They charged my credit card 3 times, the staff was unreliable & had no idea what they were talking about. ALSO, we booked a Virgin America flight & hotel to NYC. First of all, Expedia probably has great deals because they only buy the very last row of seats on the airplane. The trip TO and FROM NYC, we had the very last row each time, next to the laboratory. The smell was awful. Secondly, Virgin Airlines RAN OUT OF DINNER/FOOD an hour into the flight. We couldn't buy anything to eat on the plane!!! Thirdly, the hotel we booked was a piece of crap. The paint in the bathrooms were peeling off, everything was dirty. I will never book through Expedia.com ever again...unless you want to sit directly next to the bathrooms because those are the only seats contracted by Expedia!!!!!

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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    I booked a room on Expedia.com and was charged $62 on my credit card before my trip. When I checked in the hotel, clerk gave me a receipt for $49. I then called Expedia and requested a refund since they always guarantee lower price for booking thru them and I don't see why I should pay them $13 fee for a $45 hotel room. Customer representative not only refused to refund citing that Expedia doesn't have a refund policy, but also told me to feel free to file a complaint. But when I asked him if Expedia is a BBB member, he said no. Gladly I found out that Expedia is a BBB member and I will file a complaint there as well. All in all, will never book anything from them again. I checked the hotel I stayed in and in fact, it costs a lot less to book directly with the hotel.

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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    While booking my travel, I was asked if I wanted car insurance for my rental car. I assumed this would be handled through the rental company. I then agreed to the better insurance with the rental company and called expedia to cancel. I was told that the term and conditions said I couldn't cancel. Yet on the voucher it said no such thing in the terms and conditions. They lied. I was told that to cancel I would need to fax a copy of my bill to expedia. Why? I then tried to cancel one night at the hole in a wall motel their website promised as at least 3 stars. I called a day beore and was told they couldn't cancel because the hotel company didn't allow it. I called the hotel and was told expedia set the rules and that there was nothing to cancel and that I'd have to do that through expedia. Lie #2 from expedia. Now I'm out $150

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    Mon Jun 21 2010

    Using Expedia cost me time and money. The hotel I booked through them, chosen at the recommendation of their representative, was under construction; the rooms damp, dark and moldy. It was not suitable or safe. The neighborhood was worse. I spoke to the hotel manager: he understood (since I was traveling alone with my three children) and released me from my reservations. Before I left the hotel, I got Expedia on the phone and let them speak to the manager as well. All was clear, my refund would be issued quickly, and I was free from these reservations that totaled over $400.00 for two rooms for two nights. Needless to say, I never got my refund. I spent the next year trying. Expedia is impossible to deal with and is criminal in their business practices. AMS

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    Mon Jun 21 2010

    Expedia.com is simply horrible! Not only does the website contain blatant misrepresentations, its customer service is totally incompetent. I just spent an hour with a represenative that didn't even understand English. The website had stated that the it was providing an "Expedia Extra" of "No additional hotel-imposed fees at check-in or check-out" if I booked a certain hotel for a certain range of days. However, when I tried to book it, it gave me a total based on the room rates and stated that there will be additional hotel fees of $20/day added on. So, I called customer service about it, and all they told me was that the hotel fees were mandatory. So, I asked what's with this "Expedia Extra?" The customer service rep could not provide an answer. He simply repeated that the hotel fees are mandatory even though Expedia.com plainly states "Expedia Extra! - This hotel has no additional fees imposed at check-in or check-out." At one point the customer service rep tried to pretend ... Read more