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    Tue Jun 28 2011

    Rented from the Montpellier airport. Car pickup took an hour while they did the insurance hard sell and contradicted the policies as stated on their web site. Even though our research deemed it unnecessary, we purchased the extra insurance just to get out of there and started on our vacation. They insisted on outrageous security deposits and would not give us our prepaid cars until we agreed to them. Even after being given notices in writing that both the cars we returned were not damaged, one of us discovered later that he was charged over 400 Euros on the day the car was returned. This was for a prepaid rental on a car for which insurance was taken and was given an "OK" when returned!!! I think we will be fighting this forever. Do not use this company and certainly never give them credit card information. Based on this experience and things I've since read online, I can't believe this company is allowed to be in business. Outrageous.

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    Wed May 18 2011

    Getting major run around from the Europcar Cancun location. They go over every car being returned until they find some minor prior ding, scratch or windshield nick that was not caught by the renter and specifically noted on their paperwork during the rental pick-up process. They do this on every car even if the renter bought their insurance because this location of Eurocar has a deductible on the insurance they sell at the counter (typically a deductible of 10% of the value of the car). My advice is rent elsewhere with a more reputable company even though it will appear to cost more upfront. Bottom line, there is no free lunch and it is impossible to identify every super small area of damage on these vehicles (inside and out). The in between strategy is to decline the insurance they sell to you at the counter (only if you first know that you are covered by your credit card company). The advantage of this strategy is that your credit card company will then take-up the fight for you inst... Read more

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    Tue Mar 29 2011

    Europcar Cancun-Absolutely horrible! Do not ever use them. The car was old, beat up and had engine trouble the whole time we rented it. The service was slow when we went to pick up the car it took us over 1 hour to get the car. The spare tire was stolen out of the back of the car and they charged us 200 USD for a tire that was worth 40 dollars at the most! We have used other rental agencies in the past and have not had any problems. Please use anyone but Europcar. The fee that you see them charge on the internet does not include the mandatory liability insurance which drove the cost of the rental up 4 times the quoted price. Dorian

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    Sat Mar 19 2011

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    Sat Mar 19 2011

    don't rent from them. they charged me almost 300 Euro for damage that was done while they were on holiday. they told me to park the car in the parking lot and put the keys in the drop box when i got back, because the next day was holiday. then they took the money out of my account, and now they tell me it's because they saw damage on the back of the car. this damage either is them lying or was done by someone else. the office had even been vandalized and broken into the night before we picked up the car. they are charging me for someone else's vandalism. they're criminals. i agree that it is a credit card scam behind the front of a car rental place, absolutely.

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    Fri Feb 11 2011

    if there were an option for no stars, they would get it. they scam you with the rate. $300 a week less than the real price. Then when you arrive on vacation, they tell you insurance was not included in the price, and its $300. so what you booked for $233 for 9 days, plus a $300 damage insurance deposit supposed to be returned at end of rental, no. Will never use again. What a scam. please tell everyone. I rented at punta cana airport feb 10 2011 for 9 days. I needed a car so i got screwed.

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    Fri Jan 14 2011

    The rating should 1 star not 3 stars. The deal was terrible and unacceptable.

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    Fri Jan 14 2011

    I rented a Renault Koleos at the airport in Mexico City last 12 January 2011. I asked specified a 4x4 and I asked repeatedly for clarity. The guy who entertained me told me that a Koleos 4x4 is available. So I rented it. I found out the next day (when I already need it) that the vehicle is not a 4x4. The guy lied to me in order to get the business. In addition, the fuel gauge was broken and the tank was almost empty. When I got the vehicle, they told me that it was half full. But when I brought it for re-fueling, I filled 502 pesos. The tank was empty. Glad that I was not stuck on the highway. This is not acceptable. Sonny Bernales 3 stars

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    CANNOT PUT A ZERO Con merchants who charge your card for damage after you've left. When you ask for garage bills to support SUPRISE SURPRISE these cannot be produced and you are not covered by your credit card AVOID UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE CONNED

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    Mon Oct 18 2010

    I am currently on assignment overseas and work in the private yacht sector as a navigation officer. I had to return to the UK in April 2010 and wanted to hire a car. I booked for an economy vehicle through the company "Auto Europe" for the period 1st May 2010 to 1st June 2010 and this booking was then subcontracted to Europcar. The collection and drop off point was set to be Leeds Bradford International airport. For this rental, I was charged 510.38 GBP which shows on my credit card 29th April 2010 to Auto Europe. Upon collection for the vehicle I was charged 55 GBP for the full tank of fuel in the car and was told to bring the car back with as near to an empty tank as possible. (Which I did) Towards the end of the rental period I decided to extend my stay in the UK. I called Europcar to ask how much it would cost and they quoted over 400 GBP which was totally ridiculous considering the extra time requested was only 2 weeks and the initial rental period was 4 weeks. I therefore went b... Read more

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    I only wish I could give them 0 stars. Europcar has among the most fraudulent business practices I have ever seen. I recently rented a car from them in Zihuatanejo and the fact that the online quote I received from Europcar was by far the lowest should have tipped me off. When I showed up at the counter they refused to accept the online rental rate I was presented with AND they insisted I pay for insurance INCLUDING CDW despite the fact that CDW is clearly covered by my American Express card. I was told that CDW could not be separated from the liability insurance on the day I rented the car yet on the day I returned the car they were clearly spelled out as separate line items. I ended up paying 3 times the originally quoted price for this rental and am in the process of disputing with Amex. Europcar is a complete fraud and I will never rent from them again.

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    Tue Sep 14 2010

    No stars, that's right! Beware Europcar Aachen station office in Germany. Worst customer service ever! Rude, incompetent and very arrogant. As soon as they spot you're a foreigner, they think they have you by the b&ll$. This company is a scam. This time I made a reservation over the internet (4 weeks in advance) on a middle class Audi Avant. Three days prior to the pick up, I receive a phone call from one of the clerks, almost in a warning tone, notifying me that the middle class wasn't available and that I either upgrade to a luxury class or downgrade a compact class (VW Golf Variant). Not that there is something wrong with the car. Just not big enough for four passengers plus luggage. And the luxury class, way too expensive. After almost begging over the phone for them to fix the problem, and with no positive outcome, I told them that I would have to give it a thought and that I would contact them back. 30 minutes later, I receive an email cancellation. Just like that! I guess I di... Read more

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    Wed Jul 14 2010

    1 star (or 0, if it's an option) For our family vacation to France, my family and I had planned on driving from Paris to Nice, so we called Europcar to rent a large Mercedes. But the day we went to pick it up turned out to be the worst experience we had all trip! First, the lady told me in a stern voice, "If you are not in our office within 15 minutes of pickup time we will rent your car to someone else." I got there on the dot at 8:00 and waited, while my family waited at the hotel's lobby, packed and ready to go. After waiting a while, the woman strolled in at 8:45 not even apologizing for the delay. After making me wait a while for the car to be ready, she told me i would need to stay another 20 minutes for the car to be washed. After that I went to see that it was still completely dirty. I wanted to get on the road, so i just turned it on and realized the gas tank was nearly empty. When i informed the woman, she told me, " i would do it myself, but then it woul... Read more

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    Wed Jul 14 2010

    I have booked a premium car in Feb 2010 for late summer. According to Europcar's website, everything went well. After 4 months I've got an email asking me to provide in 48 hours credit card info (2 pieces) and employer data, threatening me with reservation cancellation. Even though I provided everything, they still cancelled my reservation pretending that my employer did not confirm, which I later found that they didn't call the HR department. When they got an email from the HR person confirming my employment status, they refused to reinstate my reservation, directing me to make another reservation on the website (which is now going to cost me twice as much). With all the reviews I found about Europcar I am almost happy they cancelled my reservation, as I am now free to use other car rental agencies. Best of luck to everyone!

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    Wed Jul 14 2010

    I booked a car online several weeks in advance and having chosen the small car option was pleasently surprised to be given an Opel Corsa 1.3 diesel. The desk assistant at Rodez was efficient and helpful and arranged a booster seat on the spot that was not immediately available online. The car was a dream to drive, in spite of being given a nearly brand new model with only 750 odd Km on the clock. The payoff for the car came after driving nearly 750 Km over the holiday and ending up with over 90 Km/Gal, approx 60 MPG. The total cost of the car was massively advantageous when you factor in the cost of the flights to nearer airports to my destination. In addition, considering that over two weeks with no mileage limitiation, my car ultimately cost me only 380 euros, I will definitely be using europcar again. Highly recommended

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    Tue Jul 13 2010

    I rented a car for 3 days from Europcar in Tours, France. As we were waiting in line we heard the Europcar agent tell the person in front of us that his car took diesel. Neither me nor my friend had ever driven a car that took diesel so we specifically asked the agent when it was our turn if our car took diesel. She checked something and said "yes, the car runs on diesel." We refilled with diesel as instructed right before returning the car and it was immediately obvious that something was wrong. The key tag had a spot where they were supposed to indicate the fuel type but it was blank, and the car manual was in Spanish. When we dropped off the car at CDG, the agent checked her records and told us the car runs on petrol, not diesel. I explained the situation to the agent and wrote a formal complaint, nearly missing my flight in the process. Two weeks later, I received a mystery charge on my credit card from Europcar and could not reach anyone at the company. After I explained ... Read more

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    Mon Jun 28 2010

    june 28, 2010 We are currently being scammed for damages we did not put on the car. We never were given a walk around (sight inspection) prior to getting the car. Big mistake. The attendant just gave us the keys after signing and we took the car on good faith. BEWARE of Europcar. There was a 1 inch scratch/crack in the passenger side mirror, on the exterior, that was already on the car prior to us every getting inside the car and driving. It is very easy to miss it, if you are not looking for it. Very easy to not see it. Almost as if it was slightly hidden, on purpose. A half of an hour later, after signing for the rental car and heading out of prague, we noticed it. We were at a gas station and I noticed it while cleaning the front windshield and wiping the mirrors. We took a picture of it and we talked amongst ourselves what to do. We were enroute out of town for a 3 hour drive and time was limited, we couldn't head back to Prague right that second and what's more it was just... Read more

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    Tue Jun 08 2010

    So bad that the score would be a minus 5. No-one in their right mind should use this company.

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    Thu May 13 2010

    We reserved a car over Internet using Europcar web page and received a reservation that explicitly listed the total price. However, when picking up the car at the Europcar station in Mexico, the employees demanded us to pay additional Liability Insurance Supplement, saying it is mandatory. The official Europcar reservation clearly listed this Supplement as optional. We ended up paying almost 50% more than was the total price in the official reservation. The Europcar customer service agent Amar Waraich was intentionally dodging the response, responding to something else, and never responded to the subject of our complaint.

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    Sun May 09 2010

    BLUF: DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY 1. This company is dishonest and will rip you off 2. They have NO costumer service 3. Absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with With the volcano grounding all air flight I rented a car in Frankfurt to Madrid. I was off for a 24 hour drive with the GPS and a Germany map as my only guide. All was well until in the middle of France when I stopped for gas the car would not restart. I had three people try and dial the emergency number with NO success. I had the gas station call a mechanic who got the car started. He also tried to call the number, but did not get through. I paid so I could get out of there but when I arrived in Madrid not only were the people completely rude they would not reimburse the repair cost to me because I did not call the number. I said the number did not work and they said that was my problem. They told me if I wanted to talk to anyone I had to get back in the car and drive to another terminal they would no... Read more

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    Sun Mar 21 2010

    TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE there is not much more to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TERRIBLE the worst company I have dealt with, all the other bad reviews on this website is the same crap I am dealing with. You cannot ever rent with these people. I cannot believe this. TERRIBLe TERRIBLE TERRIBLe

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    Fri Feb 05 2010

    Dealing with Europcar is like dealing with a Soviet style bureaucracy. They just don't care and I suspect they are dishonest. We had a dispute with them, because the car was returned a couple of hours late and they tried t gauge us for a full day renal and the full rental rate wiht no notice or warning. After filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and threatening litigation, we finally get it resolved with their US operation that made the booking and it was adjusted. So far, so good. Then they have their goons from some firm called intrum justica write a demand letter and demand payment all over again, even though I thought the matter was settled. Europcar is just a creepy, rip-off company, and no one should rent from them. All I was trying to do was have a vacation, and the harassment keeps on going. Still trying ot figure out what is owed if anything. Do NOT rent from EUROPCAR.

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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    Recently rented a car from Europcar in the UK. First mistake. We noticed a burn to the rear seat a day or so into the rental which we didn't cause (we don't smoke!) We hadn't been given the opportunity to check the interior before signing the rental agreement, and the burn wasn't mentioned on any paperwork we were given. Mind you there was no section on the check out sheet for checking the interior anyway. We tried to contact the company to notify them of the damage we had found but couldn't get through. Perhaps foolishly we made the assumption that they already knew about this damage since it was pre-existing, and we didn't have time to drive back to the office to show them, so we just drove on. We didn't worry too much in any event as the price we paid included a damage waiver built in. Of course Europcar doesn't tell you that the excess in this included cover is GBP600. That fact is buried in the pages of small print on the rental contract itself which is so wordy that not even a... Read more

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    Booked a car at Cancun, Waited for 2 hours to eventually get shuttle to Office and wait in Queue Staff very unhelpful and looking for ways to rip you off Never use EuropCar unless you want to experience this poor service

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    Sun Oct 25 2009

    I come to visit La Paz Mexico frequently. I usually rent a car to get around from any of the American Rental Companies located at the airport. This time I saw a bargain on Orbitz for Europcar. I made the booking. Picked up the car at the airport, went over the car with the attendant and a check list of damages, as I pointed out the multitude of dings and scratches I assumed the guy was writing them all down too... After 3 days I decided to return the car because the cigarette lighter quit working, I need it for my GPS. They exchanged the car but tried to collect money for "damages" to the car. They reffered to a rusty old ding on the fender...Deep rust in 3 days??? and a microscopic little scratch on the windshield UNDER the wiperblade!!! I did not even use the wipers! I argued and finally the manager said OK, no problem. I took a multitude of pictures of the new car and had them mark 84 dings and scratches (they want to play that game...). I kept a copy. When I left and returned t... Read more

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    Fri Oct 16 2009

    Unless you are planning on taking a lawyer with you when collecting the vehicle then do not even consider renting from Europcar. Quoted rates are of no relevance as a rule of thumb would be to double the rate you have been given and then add VAT. Being an auto insurance assessor would also come in handy if you hire through this company, you really do need to check everything on the vehicle and carefully tabulate, record and have verified any damage before you even think of signing the contract. Under no circumstances should you authorise a security deposit on your credit card, Europcar will charge this and your account subsequently remains debited for a considerable amount of time as they will just ignore any telephone, email or other written complaints, charming people! Scams of the month include not only the usual suspects such as insurance and fuel but also some with interesting twists like the punctured tyre routine or how about the, you will be invoiced later Read more

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    Mon Jul 13 2009

    We booked a car (in April) for the weekend of 17-20 July to be picked up from the Taunton branch. We went to see the local branch last weekend as there were one or two questions we wanted to ask but we found the branch had closed. We had not received any notification from Europcar to inform us of the closure which apparently happened in May. When we called customer service they said that our pick up was now to be from Exeter Airport (totally the wrong direction for where we were travelling). We complained that this would not be possible and Europcar said that we could pay a further £22 to have it delivered to us - we argued that as we had not been notified of the closure they should waive this charge. They did not agree to this so we have cancelled the booking - we will not use them again and are in the process of writing an official complaint and raising the matter with our trading standards. I hope no one else has had an experience like this.

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    Tue Jun 16 2009


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    Mon Apr 06 2009

    Amazing to me in today's world is how a company like Europcar can get away with its aggressive arrogance, appalling service, blatant thieving and general gross dishonesty. If you've never rented from Europcar, don't. Because you will be treated like s**t whilst they're robbing you.

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    Tue Mar 24 2009

    This company is full of @##@%@%. They did not provide the car rented. Instead gave me a downgrade (but charged the same for this time) that had a broken gearbox (5th geard did not work). Two days later they game me a better car that broke during the trip. Finally at delivery, they wante to charge me for dents which think God I had pictures of being on the car at delivery to me. Once I was able to proof they were existing, they held me hostage by saying that the spare tire was damaged. Note, I never used the spare tire. As if this was not enough, after i was forced to pay for the tire damage, the amount of the rent that i signed on my credit card charge is not what showed on my statment. NEVER RENT FORM THIS COMPANY. BE WARNED.

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    Mon Jan 26 2009

    Ripoff! Don't rent from them. We rented a car in Cancun and they tried to pull every fraud in the book. They charged car rental insurance when we didn't want it, we get it through credit card, they wanted to charge for automatic transmission, even though we reserved automatic, (we actually talked them into giving it to us free, they acted like they were doing us a favor), only to later claim that we damaged the spare tire. They went straight for the trunk when we returned the car. We didn't think of checking damage on the spare tire, we saw it was there and that was good enough... They ended up charging 1500 pesos for the tire.

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    Tue Oct 21 2008

    AWFUL AWFUL!!! Do not use this company. They overcharged our account for items we never asked for. When I then contact the company to try and get a refund, they give me an attitude that they have to actually help me. I then thought I found someone who could help me, sent them all the backup paperwork they asked for and never heard from them. I then went and called to follow up and the customer service agent said they knew nothing about the claim...and then proceeded to hang up on me!!! NEVER RENT WITH EUROPCAR...THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

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    Fri Sep 12 2008

    HORRIBLE experience. Booked a student car rental through Kemwel for a manual at $57...figured there would be some additional fees though... Arrive at the Kerry Airport and was practically refused a rental due to being 22. Eventually paid a young driver charge (equiv. 30USD)and extra insurance fee (about 16USD)limiting liabilities to 100 Euros in case of an an accident. Returned the car with a full gas tank and NO damage whatsoever...was charged $124 out of my bank account. So altogether it cost 181 USD for a one day student discount rental not counting about $35 we paid to fill up after a couple hours of driving...WTF?! The company claims that they applied the 57 towards our rental, but all their charges only add up to 120...not 180. What a ripoff. My bank tried to get the money back for me and is now telling me that there's nothing more they can do. This company does not care at all about its image or its customers.

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    Sun Jul 20 2008

    We reserved a car for a trip to the Dominican Republic (in July of 2007) and were quoted a rate of $400 and change for a week. We had booked the car on a major c redit card and thus declined the primary insurance. (Most major credit cards will cover this if the entire transaction is done on their card.) We bought the secondary/liability insurance. The company refused to honor the rate we had been offered when we ereserved the car, in spite of holding all the paperwork in hand at the time of rental. I argued and argued (with some langauge barriers) to no avail. I will never use this rental company again!

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    Thu Jul 10 2008

    We rented a car from HolidayAutos for a few days from Lyon Airport and they allocated Europcar as the local car hire firm. No problems or bumps with the car. We didn't even take precautionary photos when we returned it because a uniformed Europcar employee inspected the car in front of the five of us, accepted it as undamaged, told us there was nothing to sign and sent us off with a smile. Later Europcar sent us an invoice for "Damage Surcharge" (damage unspecified) and ripped an astonishing GBP975 from our credit card account. So they formally accepted a returned car as undamaged in front of five witnesses then later pretend otherwise. How do companies think they'll get away with this sort of scam? Anyone feel brave enough to hire from Europcar in future? An update to my review - finally they backed down. First Europcar France reduced the hit from GBP1000 to 200 then Europcar UK gave a full refund and apologised. The trigger, apart from online reviews, was The Guardian news... Read more

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    Mon Jun 23 2008

    We reserved a car for a week in june 2008 and payed for it in advance, we had an invoice which stated 'fully paid' including insurance. When we arrived in Malaga we had to pay for a full tank (you're supposed to return it empty, ever try that?) and 47 euros for what they called 'excess', since we had already payed insurance. Well, excess is exactly right, in the end we payed nearly 200 euro for a small Kia for one week i. We called Europcar in the Netherlands to protest, they would not let us talk and said they didn't care if we never did business with them again. Nice attitude Europcar.. it was a unpleasant start to the holiday, so I guess we're all agreed we'll use another firm next time.

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    Mon Jun 16 2008

    Used Europcar in Cancun Mexico and was subject to extortion by employee thugs when I returned the car. They claimed non-existant damage to the car windshield and held us hostage until we signed the credit card statement that included a charge for the so called damage. This company is like the mafia, avoid them at all costs, absolutely no ethics, horrible experience, I will never use them again under any circumstances!!!! I would rate zero stars if the website would allow it.

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    Fri May 09 2008

    paid by cash ,told debit card charges would be exorbitant.returned car with full tank of petrol.after emails and phone calls received refund cheque less 57.60euros stating tank empty.i filled it near to shannon would be physically impossible to have used a litre in the short distance to the airport.despite further phone calls and emails,i have still not received the curtesy of a reply,thank you richard at shannon airport,claudie and laura in accounts,i will definitely recommend europcar to all my friends ,

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    Thu Dec 27 2007

    This company is terrible. I was hit by a Europecar and have to pursue the driver (a nice young lady) for damages because of some fancy foot work on behalf of their internal vehicle insurance department. Do not use this company. They will charge you if you hit someone, or if someone hits you, and even after you get charged >$3000 you will be exposed to damages from anyone else you hit.

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    Wed Dec 05 2007

    HORRIBLE. Don't trust these people. Rented a car in Germany, returned to Italy and was told everything was fine and we were paid up. Our account was debited. This was in July. Now we have received replacement invoices for more money (written entirely in German, which we do not speak) and now have received a collection letter from an attorney on their behalf. We will fight this, smells like fraud, it appears they may either be recharging to take advantage of a higher Euro rate, or they are just adding an additional charge(s) months later, unbelievable.

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    Wed Nov 14 2007

    Arrived at airport and Van would drive by without stopping (TWICE). Had to take a cab to the rental building. Once there they didn't have the car I requested (Compact with Automatic Transmission). They were trying to charge me more than the amount indicated on my reservation.  EUROPCAR SUCKS

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    Thu Oct 18 2007

    Too bad I read the negative reviews for Europcar AFTER finding out the hard way that they are run by con artists! I rented a car through, paid upfront, and picked up the car in Malaga, Spain with no problem. The car was fine, clean. I drove to Madrid where I had arranged to drop it off at the airport before catching a flight. The drive took longer than planned so by the time my husband and I arrived to the airport we were pressed for time to catch our flight. Of course there was no attendant in the office, so I had to wait 5-10 minutes before turning in the key. The man asked me if there was any damage, which there wasn't, and I told him that we didn't have time to fill up the tank was all. So he took my credit card and made me sign a sheet. I noticed that there was a total of 155 Euros and I asked him why. In my nervous, rushed state I didn't realize that I was trusting him to be honest and didn't quite understand his Spanish, but I gathered that I would only be ch... Read more

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    Wed Sep 26 2007

    Horrible company, horrible service. They charged my husband's card an extra 270 pounds and didn't believe us when we told them it happened. We had to send them our statement and fight for about 4 weeks until we got the money credited back...and without so much as an apology! My husband had gone overdrawn because of THEIR error and so had to pay interest and penalty fees with his credit card company. They also lied to us repeatedly about policies and procedures. Their CUSTOMER SERVICE was the most horrendous thing ever. All they seem to want to do is argue with me and call me a liar!! Don't ever rent anything from them - go somewhere you can deal with honest people!!

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    Mon Sep 24 2007

    EuropCar is my favorite rental outfit. I rent from them in Belgium about twice a year. One time my flight was delayed - instead of arriving at 7:30 AM I arrived at midnight. I had called from Washington Dulles to tell that the flight was delayed -- we were supposed to arrive about 9:00 PM but we were three hours late on the already delayed flight. . In Brussels airport, all the car rental booths were closed -- EXCEPT EuropCar, the attendand(she should have close by 11:00 or 10:00PM) had waited for me! Only for me. This is exceptional service. Other passengers on my flight were wondering what to do ... This kind of service is unequalled and I am a loyal customers. Never disappointed so far.

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    Mon Apr 02 2007

    I recently used Europcar in Cabo, and they were pretty shady.  We got there, and the van that we had reserved wasn't there.  We were told that it was in the shop, and would be back soon.  I was later told by a mechanic who had to shuttle half of our group to our destination that it was because the van had been double booked.   They also forced us to buy some insurance that they said was mandated by Mexican law, although they couldn't produce any documentation about it.  Furthermore, the my friend's credit card company had explicitly told her to turn down any insurance offered by the rental agency.  We ended up having to spend an additional $13 per day because they wouldn't give the car to us unless we did. As a final act of shadiness, the Europcar agents tried very hard to pitch us a timeshare presentation, telling us for 90 minutes, we could get a $600 coupon towards the use of the rental car.  Even though this sounds like a great deal, it just felt shady to have a rental car compan... Read more

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    Sat Sep 30 2006

    Europecar/Kemwel This is very complicated but we rented a car through Kemwel here in the US which books Europcar in Europe. We needed car seats for our 2 and 4 year old so requested them in our online reservation. We paid our bill and received our invoice which stated that any special requests could not be guarenteed. Being the concerned parents that we were, we secured car seats from relatives in Brussels because we did not want our kids traveling without them. We got to Brussels, told the Europcar clerks that we did not need the carseats and proceeded on our merry way without them for the rest of the 3 week trip. When we got home and more than a month after we returned our car, there was a $1,200 charge on our car. What was it for? After much inquiry it was for renting carseats, not returning them and a theft fee! The office in Brussels acknowledges that we did not use them, nor steal them, corporate Kemwel refuses to credit our account. We are not rich, we cannot afforda $120... Read more