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Landlocked country in the Horn of Africa Website

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    Wed Feb 21 2007

    Today is February 21. On this date in history, in 1543, we witness the Battle of Wayna Daga, in the Horn of Africa, that secured the independence of Ethiopia and the Amharic and Tigrean peoples from Mohammedan rule. I know, I know, this is obscure, but it is important.A local Mohammedan ruler, Gran, was spreading the "Religion of Peace" by fire and sword. If you wouldn't convert to Islam, then you died.The Ethiopians called for help and Christopher da Gama brought a gallant little Portuguese army from India. The help landed late, but not too late. The combined Portuguese and Ethiopians administered four defeats on Gran. Da Gama, unfortunately, was captured. Gran tortured him to try to make him convert to the, yes, you guessed it, "Religion of Peace." Da Gama refused and died a martyr.Finally, led by the young Ethiopian Emperor Galawdewos, the combined army of Ethiopian and Portuguese troops defeated Gran who was killed by a lone Portuguese musketeer, who had charged alone into the Moha... Read more

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    Fri Nov 07 2003

    It's where the majority of our coffee comes from.

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    Wed Oct 24 2001

    Ethiopina food is surprisingly good.