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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    I do NOT recommend Eros Boutique anymore. Had one of their banners on my web site promoting them since 2005 and after my recent purchase and not receiving it...and not being able to reach them by phone, I've decided to YANK them from my site and be sure my friends know that they are NOT good business folks anymore. I've tried getitng in touch with them for several months now. Their mailbox is always full at the end of the number I call. I wanted to give them NO stars, but Citysearch requires at least one.

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    Thu Jul 16 2009

    i placed a order with them just a small one to try them out (shoulda looked up reviews instead ) 1 month later still no item payment was processed in a few days tho i tried calling several times only to get voice mail now when i call there box is full sent multiple emails only got 1 responce there saying my order was shipping that week and 2 weeks later no item so i filed a complaint with Beter Business Bureaus and found 101 These complaints concerned: 2 regarding Contract Issues 2 regarding Failure to honor a contract or agreement 3 regarding Credit, Billing or Collection Issues 2 regarding Failure to correct billing errors 1 regarding Unauthorized credit card charges 18 regarding Customer Service Issues 2 regarding Failure to provide promised assistance or support for products or services 16 regarding Failure to respond to phone calls or written requests for assistance or support 75 regarding Delivery Issues 1 regarding Delivery of unordere... Read more

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    Mon Mar 23 2009

    I ordered in January and by end of February still had not received my item. I was told numerous times the item was on back-order, then I was told it shipped, then again the item was on back-order. I do have to say the only positive was that I did get all my money back!! YEAH!!! Look elsewhere for the same product is all I have to say. I did find a place that sold the item I originally ordered and I received it with 2 wks of placing my order! WAAAHOOOO!!!! Stay away from this site, you will never get your order!!!! And trying to get a person is next to impossible.

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    Mon Feb 02 2009

    this place is unreal....2 months later & still no sign of order or refund- wish i had read these reviews before wasting $100 with these clowns.....

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    Thu Jan 22 2009

    I placed 1 order, a little over $500 worth of merchandise with 2 day shipping over a month ago and never received it. I've written and called the number listed on the wesbite many times. I, like almost everyone else either gets a voice mail which is always full, or a message. I haven't received a single response from Eros Boutique concerning my order. Again, I called today at 11:00AM on 1/23/09. >We at Eros Boutique apologize for the delay in shipping our orders. After some amazing press (radio interviews, print ads, celebrity photo shoots etc.) our orders increased by over 60% - because of lack of staff and overseas vendor ordering we unfortunately fell behind. We have refunded our customers that wanted to cancel their orders and have discounted those customers that wanted to wait for their products. After reorganizing our management team, hiring new employees, expanding our warehouse and updating our computer systems to keep up with our high customer volume, we at Eros Boutique are... Read more

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    Wed Jan 21 2009

    We at Eros Boutique apologize for the delay in shipping our orders. After some amazing press (radio interviews, print ads, celebrity photo shoots etc.) our orders increased by over 60% - because of lack of staff and overseas vendor ordering we unfortunately fell behind. We have refunded our customers that wanted to cancel their orders and have discounted those customers that wanted to wait for their products. After reorganizing our management team, hiring new employees, expanding our warehouse and updating our computer systems to keep up with our high customer volume, we at Eros Boutique are ready and equipped to help make your shopping experience pleasurable. Eros Boutique?s mission is to be the number one importer and retailer of cutting edge adult clothing and accessories ensuring that we are an unparalleled boutique where one may make a bold statement about one's private life without sacrificing dignity, or elegance. Our products represent something beyond indulgence and more of a ... Read more

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    NEVER SHOP HERE. EVER! It's been about a month and I have received nothing. When I email, I get no response. When I call, every number listed on that darn website, each number says that the voicemail box is full. I'm pretty upset and angry and implore anyone that is reading this, NEVER BUY FROM THEM.

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    Wed Oct 22 2008

    I really wish I'd read these reviews before placing an order with this company. Hopefully (though doubtfully) I will not have the same terrible experience... especially (1) they?ve not yet charged my acct and (2) i've requested the order be cancelled (via email b/c i cannot get a live body on the phone--though someone did pick-up and hang up on me!) within a 24hr timeframe. Note the reason for cancellation: I found the same item (which they priced @ $38) for a $9.97!! Over price, much??

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    Thu Oct 09 2008

    I placed an order in 2007, and to this date, I have not received the money they charged to my account. Never received the product or a response to my 20 emails. I got the "voice mail is full" response after they answered (accidentally I think) because the person kept trying to hang up. I heard the TV in the background.

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    Thu Aug 14 2008

    I see that someone else is having the same horrible service as I am. I made my order on July 30th, it's now Aug 15th. As the other gentleman said, I have email (every day for the last week) and have never received a response. When I went to their site tonight, they claim they are having problems responding to emails because they are getting fake addresses or it's going into the customers spam. Well, that's just not the case for me. I check my spam mail several times daily & NOTHING! I tried to call both of their #'s & just like the other man said, you get a stupid message claiming the vm is full @ to try back! What kind of bs is this? The only good thing I can say is at least they haven't taken my money. WTF? I just want my product! Or at least a response! Is that too much to ask of company claiming to have customer service and products you want to buy????? I just don't get it

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    Wed Aug 13 2008

    This is a total rip off and these people should be prosecuted for mail fraud. Order placed; never received; they refuse to respond to emails and the two phone numbers (which you have to dig out of their web site) always report "full mailbox."

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    Mon May 12 2008

    Update: Bwaahahaha! I didn't see the first review by Eros Boutique's number one sock puppet, Robyn. Robyn, for those of you not in the know is an Eros Boutique employee. Google searches will find several helpful and overwhelmingly positive reviews of Eros Boutique by the same person. Please take what she and E. Gaskell say with a gigantic scoop of sea salt, because they're congenital liars. Avoid this store and especially its web site. The store, while underlit and rather overpriced at least allows you the opportunity to see if an item is in stock, but the web site is notorious for non-delivery! I suspect they drop ship items as they're ordered as they have no credit with wholesalers and manufacturers. Thing is, most of the suppliers have their own online stores. Simply do a little research on the product you desire and contact the source!

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    Tue Apr 22 2008

    I've been shopping at Eros for a few years and I've noticed lately that they have added some new great rubber outfits - I love the rubber cheerleader set =) I reccommend this place for rubber clothes, lingerie and naughty toys =) The sales staff has always been knowledgeable and helpful whenever I've gone into the store and I found that they have even more of a selection on their website. Definately check this place out!

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    Tue Apr 15 2008

    I placed 2 orders (approx $600 worth of merchandise + next day shipping) over a month ago and never received any of it. I've written all email addresses and called the number listed -it goes straight to voice mail which is always full. I haven't received a response from Eros Boutique concerning my order and as they are located out of state I have no other way of contacting them so it looks like I'm out the money. The irony is I picked them above another store due to their professional looking website. I've seen lots of advertising for them so expected them to be legitimate.

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    Sat Apr 12 2008

    After driving to Boston to visit my girlfriend, I walked into this shop on 4/12/08 with intentions on making an expensive purchase and was turned around immediately and told to leave simply because I had a Pennsylvania drivers license. I am 21 years of age and tried to explain it was a legitimate license, but this lady was extremely irrational and I was treated with a major attitude like I was a criminal. note to younger enthusiasts....unless you have a full beard, gray hair, and/or balding, don't attempt to walk into this shop if you are out of state. I wouldn't even purchase anything from their online store simply because of the way they treat their customers.

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    Tue Mar 11 2008

    Do NOT order from these people. Check out what their site says about shipping, then read the reviews here. They SAY "next day shipping." Actually, they never ship anything. In fact, do a google search on these jokers and you'll find that this is how they make money. They take your order, ship you nothing, and can't be contacted. It's FRAUD. It's a huge RIPOFF. I sent multiple emails to multiple addresses with no response. I called every number I can find for them with no response. I even faxed them letters without a response. DO NOT---REPEAT---DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY ONLINE

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    Wed Feb 27 2008

    I went online looking for some items for my wife. I found this place on the net, and they had exactly what I need. I highly recommend them for hard to find items and secialty items online. Most places have the same toys and items and are normally very high in price. Eros Boutique is excellent for service and support. I would and will order from this online website again. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EROS BOUTIQUE !!!!! EXCELLENT. 2 thumbs up.

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    Wed Feb 20 2008

    Well, I'm glad I went looking for this. I placed an order with them and requested 3 day shipping, hoping it would arrive in time for the weekend after Valentines Day. The order was placed on the 10th of February, it's now the 22nd of February (2008). It wouldn't normally have bothered me at all that it hadn't shown up yet, since orders can take time to be filled and shipping can often become problematic. I did receive an order confirmation email, but it was actually the first thing to trip my alarm. The confirmation email doesn't give any of their contact numbers; it tells you to find them on the website. Why would there be any need for this unless you didn't want people to contact you? The contact numbers were well hidden in an unrelated section and not given a heading. I of course didn't go looking for them until I realized something was amiss: a few days after the order I noted the complete lack of an email with tracking information. No tracking information has arrived to date. I c... Read more

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    Fri Nov 30 2007

    Like several others, I placed an order in early October 2007, and never received my merchandise. They charged my credit card quite promptly, but here it is in December 2007 and I am still trying to get the matter resolved. I too sent several email inquiries, none of which were ever responded to! I then attempted to contact the store directly, and the telephone may as well be disconnected because the voicemail box is always full and you never actually get anyone to answer the phone during their "alleged" business hours. IF this is even a legit store in Boston, DO NOT patronize them! I'd only wished I'd looked them up on the web and found this website prior to placing my order.

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    Sun Nov 04 2007

    I Placed my order on 10/09/2007 13:53:38 PDT and Here it is Nov. 5th 2007 and i still haven't recieved anything and that means no response to my emails, i am wondering what happened to my merchandise. I have tried to call the phone number listed on the website and it tells me there mailbox is full? If this is there customer service dept. I Might as well just take my business somewhere else the next time i decide to order costumes, i will make sure i check out websites and reviews next time to make sure this doesn't happen again i think that this is ridiculous and i still cannot find an 800 number for there store, false advertising seems to be the name of there game and i cannot believe with this kind of service that they are still in business. I hope this isn't the way they will continue to run it??? who Know's?

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    Thu Nov 01 2007

    My girlfriend ordered some body stockings and a Halloween costume for a party. The order was placed on o10-12, it is now 11-2. The body stockings arrived and were the wrong ones from which she ordered. The costume hasn't even shipped yet. They send you a confirmation when it ships, which is how we know it hasn't shipped. Here is the bad part of this LAME company. I've called the numbers numerous times and the message box has been full every single time and emails are not answered. If you don't believe me try calling the number and see if anyone answers. YOU WON'T GET ANYONE!!!!! Now I am left trying to get the charges reversed from my credit card and it may take a few months to get corrected. My advise is to AVOID this place and order somewhere else. Don't let the website fool you as they are LAME. Maybe, the reason the phone mailbox is always full is due to all the disgruntled customers whom haven't received their orders or this company is a scam. I hope the store operators ar... Read more

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    Tue Jul 17 2007

    I've lived in Boston for years. Sheila, the one that I've known, is the only good thing this store has going for it. I remember days when the workers were friendly and helpful and knowledgeable. I live on the same street that Eros is located, so I stop in on occasion. I went for the last time today. Girl #2 was even worse than Girl #! - the absolute worst retail customer support, hands down....Sheila where are you? I wish I could say something good. I give up on this place. Google Eros Boutique Boston

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    Sun Nov 19 2006

    I have been shopping in this hot little boutique for around 9 years and have got to say they ROCK!! I love the selction at their online location but also enjoy going into the store for gear, last minute stockings after I got a run at 9:30 at night (they are open till 10 ) thank god!!! The clothing that they carry is the most amazing it takes a few to get because everything is special ordered but it is worth the wait!!! I also must say they have a great selection of toys that make my toes curl and my lovers as well. I'm glad I found this little oasis of kink! The store is small but packed with everything you could wish for and their list of titles is pretty impressive I have bought quite a few I'm not ashamed to admit.

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    Wed Jun 28 2006

    South End sex shop sets the standard for those looking to experiment or to restock the bedside toy-chest.