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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    Eric Trabert's jewelry is one of a kind. Gorgeous rings with detailing unmatched by other jewelers. He does not create the typical cookie cutter rings. My fiance purchased a ring from his shop for me and it is the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. Modern with an antique twist. I have received numerous comments that my ring is the prettiest engagement ring my friends have ever seen. Eric is able to provide you with what you desire, in your budget and is even willing to ship the item if you don't live nearby. Thank you Eric!!

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    Sat Dec 06 2008

    I signed up for both Citysearch and Yelp just to write this review. I went to a number of places - from other higher end boutiques to the expensive union square staples to the diamond wholesalers - and Eric Trabert was by far the most helpful and lowest pressure place i visited. Eric answered all my questions, related well to me, and never once made me feel obligated to purchase anything from him. As a Pac Heights jeweler, Eric's diamonds are pretty high end, but I didn't see anyone out there with comparable diamonds priced any lower. His custom ring choices were extremely delicate, and he was able to customize my ring for a little personal touch. The whole staff was friendly and attentive, and they all remember me in the 3 or 4 times i've been in the store since i bought the engagement ring. I couldn't have been happier with my experience with Eric Trabert.

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    Wed Jun 25 2008

    Experts in the world of diamonds. Excellent diamond, quality/siz. Extremely impressed by the final product. I highly recommend Eric's store.

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    Thu May 15 2008

    We came all the way from Philadelphia to buy the engagement ring at Eric Trabert. He was kind enough to talk on the phone with my fiancee multiple times to discuss designs, options, and prices. My fiancee bought the diamond separately and proposed with that, then we went to Eric Trabert together to pick the setting. Devon was awesome and helped us pick a beautiful platinum setting, offered great suggestions, and helped us customize it to exactly what we wanted. She was in touch with us every step of the way, and we'll definitely be making the long trip back for our wedding bands. We couldn't be happier.

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    Tue Dec 25 2007

    When my fiance and I were starting to look for an engagement ring, we visited Eric, mostly because of the great reviews on this site. I was skeptical at first, the shop is so small that I figured it was unlikely we would find anything we liked, as we had been visiting larger jewelers without much success. After talking with Eric for a few minutes, though, I knew that this was a great place. Eric made us feel comfortable and relaxed as we talked about rings, which helped us focus on what we wanted. Designing the ring was important to both of us, and we knew that our ideas for the ring were non-traditional, though Eric quickly got the picture. He was able to translate our ideas into every aspect of the deisgn, from the overall arrangement down to the smallest details. Eric and his staff were very knowedgeable, helpful, friendly, and understanding. It can be difficult for a guy to walk into a jewelry store with his girlfriend and talk about engagement rings before being engaged, though... Read more

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    Sun Dec 02 2007

    I have visited the jewelery store several times this year and each time I walk away feeling like I was their only customer. Eric provided me such personalized service I thought the store was there for me only. He took the time to get to know me and was able to create the perfect custom design for me (and I would have never found anything close to it at any other jeweler). His knowledge of stones and designs is impressive. The quality of his work is amazing and impeccable. I will continue to go back to Eric Trabert Goldsmiths for all my jewelery.

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    Sat Dec 01 2007

    I had done a lot of shopping around from online to on foot and but when I walked in and was greeted by Devon and Eric I felt right at home. Eric had a small selection of very nice stones in the range I was looking for. Every one that I looked at was high quality and after previously comparing prices versus internet sites like Blue Nile I found they were very well priced relative to online and much better priced than other local stores. Plus after seeing of variety of stores and seeing stones of all sorts of different ratings I can tell you seeing a stone in person is important. Additionally he has amazing selection in bands so really your options are huge there. For me though the most important part was how I felt with he and his staff were amazing and really made this purchase simple for me. I'll be going back there again for wedding bands and any jewelery onwards.

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    Sat Dec 01 2007

    I was researching for over 6 months while saving my dollars. I did everything from blue nile to jewelry exchange, with many others in the middle. After all of that research I discovered Eric's location. I went by a few times and asked people after leaving the store about their experience and items purchased - everyone had positive and encouraging things to say. Finally, I went in with a ready to buy mentality. Eric still took his time to educate and help me make my decision between round and ascher cut and crafted me the perfect band with pavee diamonds. I walked out spending the exact amount i wanted to spend. He even rushed the order in 2 weeks to ensure I was able to follow through with my engagement plans. All in all incredible! I have referred a few friends, but told them they cant get the same ring i got -- it is custom and only for my girl :) Thank you Eric and team...his assistant is another great asset and helped me out and was a special part of this once in a lifetime exper... Read more

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    Wed Nov 14 2007

    It felt like switch & bait at Eric Tabert's. I have been shopping for a unique custom made engagement ring and saw the reviews about custom designs and thought this would be the place. When I went on their web site "all" their links take you to mass produced brand names. Still believing the reviews about custom work I went to the store thinking there would be more to select from in their store only to find a "very tiny" store with the same jewelry I have seen in other jewelry stores but with a somewhat smaller selection. This was a waste of time.

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    Sun Oct 21 2007

    I spent a long time researching rings and looking at the well known retailers (T, C & HW) for my then girlfriend (she said yes!). Let me start off saying that the #1 thing you need when building a ring for your loved one is someone you trust to help find the right diamond. It is not just about the 4Cs (believe me, I had a spreadsheet to analyze pricing versus 4C characteristics). You need someone to help you assess which diamond is high performing and simply looks amazing. And that is hard to quantify. So that leads me to this - Eric is that guy. He is trustworthy, has great judgment and excellent taste. He is never pushy, listens extremely carefully, and will look very hard for the right diamond. I was very specific and he found an absolutely amazing stone. But gentlemen, that is only half the battle. You need to trust someone to craft a beautiful ring that highlights the stone and would look just right on your fiancee to be. And that is the other thing that Eric deliver... Read more

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    Sun Oct 21 2007

    My fiance worked with Eric on my engagement ring and we could not be happier!! I can hardly do my ring justice with words. **I hear almost every day that it is the prettiest ring people have ever seen, and I have to agree. ** We looked for months and months all over New York and San Francisco at rings, and my ring is more beautiful than anything we saw at any independent jeweler, Cartier, or Tiffany. I honestly felt my fiance almost did too much, as it most closely resembles a ring I loved at Tiffany that cost over $100,000. The stone is truly gorgeous and hasa quality to it that surpasses what you would expect from simply knowing the 4Cs - it has a radiance and "whiteness" that I've never seen in even a perfect D color diamond (and this one isn't a D, although girls will ask me if it is because it's so amazing), and the ring itself is set so gorgeously, in a dainty, classy way (it is a pave setting, with little diamonds in the platinum band). Eric completely understood what we ... Read more

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    Wed Aug 15 2007

    If you are a guy out there looking for an engagment here first. I was the typical guy who wanted to surprise my girlfriend with an outstanding engagement ring. You know, not too bling, but not a ring that people would look at and say, "oh, that's cool, congratulations." Eric Trabert is ABSOLUTELY the place to start and end and here's why... I had read many online reviews, sites, and information pages on diamond rings. Everything was different and confusing, but they all had one common theme - DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I can't stress this enough with the 4 C's. You won't become an expert, but with some knoweledge, at least you won't be afraid to go into a store and start asking questions. With all the different kinds of rings, I came to the conclusion that my girlfriend would have to have a say in her preferences. Was the surprise out the, and I'll tell you why later. Getting back, we visited Eric on a whim one day and started talking to him about different style... Read more

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    Sun May 20 2007

    My fiancee and I found Eric Trabert on Citysearch thanks to other positive reviews. We were not disappointed. Eric listened to what my fiancee was looking for, provided excellent recommendations and then designed a beautiful engagement ring to match an heirloom wedding band. The attention to detail throughout the entire process was exemplary. Eric listened to our budget and desires in terms of the center stone and provided us with a wide range of beautiful choices at competitive rates. Once we chose the diamond, he then prepared a wax casting of the new design which we were able to view and approve in advance. Eric was able to put a slight rush on the construction for us; I had a particular proposal date in mind and he delivered on time. The final result was stunning and pairs perfectly with our existing piece. Overall, we were extremely pleased with our experience with Eric Trabert Goldsmiths and highly recommend him to others!

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    Thu May 03 2007

    My fiance and I found Eric through the internet when we were looking for a jeweler who could create a very specific design we had in mind. We had worked with a custom jeweler before and the experience left us a bit nervous because the ring had come out 80% the way we wanted but we reached a point with the jeweler where he just insisted what we wanted couldn't be done. When I asked Eric about his revision process he told me he did not have one, "I get it right the first time". I had trouble believing this but after picking up our new ring yesterday I can say with complete certainty that he does indeed "get it right the first time". Our ring looks amazing. My fiance is very detailed oriented and knew exactly what she wanted and Eric delivered perfectly. Before undertaking the project we were able to sit with Eric for quite some time going over every single detail. He really listens if there is something that is difficult or can't be done he doesn't just leave it at that. He reall... Read more

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    Fri Mar 16 2007

    Our first experience of Eric Trabert Goldsmith's was dropping in on a rainy Sunday to browse the display cases. Eric was there and was very friendly and welcoming. When I needed an engagement ring, I immediately thought of that visit and went back to Eric for a consultation. He had some really great ideas and was very flexible, taking into consideration our design ideas. The whole experience was a real pleasure and was the start of a great relationship with ourselves and Eric & Kristy. We went back for our wedding rings, my bridal gift for my wife on our wedding day and subsequently, other gifts for family members. Eric and Kristy's friendliness and professionalism make for a wonderful experience, whatever your jewelry needs may be. 1000% recommended!

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    Fri Mar 02 2007

    Before he proposed, my fiance and I did a little ring browsing. I had an inkling that he was thinking of proposing, but didn't really know, so it was just a casual stroll from time to time when we happened to see a jewelry store. We browsed through many different jewelry stores in the city and when we visited Eric's store, my fiance knew he found the right one. The store has a wide array of rings to choose from no matter what your style or preference. I like the antique look, but wanted something new, and didn't find too many stores that carried that style, however, I found a ring I fell in love with at Eric Trabert's. Not only are there rings, but also other custom made jewelry, like necklaces and earrings. I must say, the stuff in that store is gorgeous! Kristy and Eric are both very helpful, friendly and down to earth. They made the experience of just browsing fun and easy. No pressure. Two weeks after our browse through Eric's store, my fiance popped the question. I was ... Read more

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    Sun Feb 25 2007

    My advice to any guy getting started in the engagement process: Do your homework on diamond characteristics/prices, have at least a vague idea of what you want for a band, know what you're willing to spend, and go talk with Eric. He is very straight about what he can do for you. I ended up buying a diamond from ET, but he was equally willing to help me through the process had I brought one in from elsewhere. After discussing the option of ET fabricating a custom band for me, I ended up finding a great band in one of the collections that he features. You're in good hands with ET and his staff. Eric is a very nice guy, and makes himself very available to his customers. His staff is also great to work with, and always made sure I was feeling good about the process. The focus on customer service and quality of workmanship made the process of "getting the ring" suprisingly fun and memorable for me.

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    Wed Feb 21 2007

    Eric will work with you to design and hand-build the most beatiful rings and jewelry you have ever seen. Given that for most the purchase of an engagement ring is one of largest and biggest decisions of your life, you really need to know you are with an expert and artist you can trust. I first visited Eric with my wife about 5 years ago. Eric patiently worked with us for months to design the most beautiful engagement ring. Not one detail was to be missed, nor any to small for Eric (and trust me, we were high maintenance!) Eric takes a pride in his work that we rarely see these days, and his ultimate objective is to design and create something that you and your significant other will treasure forever. Eric's smile-upon-delivery approach will give that secret away in an instant! The proof is in the pudding! I can not tell you how many individuals have commented on my wife's engagement ring and wedding band. The real proof though is when these same individuals put their money whe... Read more

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    Wed Feb 07 2007

    My fiance and I went into Eric's store with no idea what to expect. It was the holiday season and we had somewhat unrealistic expectations in terms of timing. Not only did Eric graciously work within our timeframe, he was able to make the entire experience intimate and thoughtful. We knew virtually nothing about ring buying but he put us right at ease and walked us through lots of options and gave us a crash course in stones. His knowledge was first rate and as someone else mentioned, it was like working with a friend. He was genuinely interested in us and wanted to ensure we had exactly what we wanted. We now include Eric and our experience buying the ring every time we share our engagement story with people. We can't recommend Eric highly enough. If you're in the market for jewelry of any sort, for any occasion pay him a visit. It will be well worth it.

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    Sat Dec 16 2006

    My fiance and I highly recommend working with Eric and his staff when looking for the perfect engagement ring, they made it a wonderful, very enjoyable experience. Eric was referred to us by multiple friends, so after checking out one or two other stores (to have a point of reference) we knew for sure we would take our friends' advice to work with Eric to design a custom ring. Eric's knowledge, creativity, and passion shined from the moment we began our interactions. He and his staff made sure to understand our style and asked the right questions to nail down the exact design "fit" for us. We felt at home and like we were working with a friend. The whole process was highly interactive, fun, and took much less time then we had anticipated. The ring is absolutely perfect and SO BEAUTIFUL! I can guarantee anyone who is fortunate to work together with Eric and his team to pick out or design the perfect piece of jewelry, an engagement ring or something for any occassion, will be pleas... Read more

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    Wed Dec 13 2006

    I wanted to find the right person to make my engagement ring. After my first meeting with Eric there was no doubt he was the best choice to make this important piece. I immediately had a sense that I was in experienced, knowledgeable hands, and I was strongly struck by the atmosphere of his store and the unique style of his work. In hindsight I realized that I wanted my fiances engagement ring to not just come from anywhere, but from somewhere really special. Eric has created that kind of personal and enjoyable experience. I chose to work with Eric even though I had to drive 3 hours round trip each time I met with him to work on the ring. Eric was happy to accommodate my schedule and meet with me personally each time. He was extremely open about working with me on a custom design I had in mind even though I had no experience with jewellery. I visited Eric 4-5 times over a period of four months. He took the time to assemble each portion of the ring with the outmost care and atten... Read more

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    Thu Nov 09 2006

    I didn't have much money and I was dreading the idea of spending what I did have on an engagement ring I didn't love. After going into a few jewelry stores, I found out there are a lot of ugly expensive rings out there. When I walked into Eric Trabert's store on Fillmore, I told him I knew nothing about jewelry, but I wanted this ring to be timeless. He didn't look down on me because of my financial situation. He asked a few questions that helped the both of us figure out what I was looking for. He didn't have exactly what I wanted on hand, but I gave him some time and one day he called me up saying "I found your ring!" It was a beautiful antique ring with amazing detail with a diamond that sparkle's like crazy. I couldn't believe it wasn't worth 3 times as much as he charged. My fiancee fell in love with the ring and it has become the heirloom I always wanted to give her.

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    Fri Oct 27 2006

    When I started purchasing fine jewelry, I quickly learned how hard it can be to buy from someone you really trust. To get the price right, the quality right and all in a flawless design is no simple task. After a few bad experiences, I became overly cautious, skeptical and generally distrustful of the whole process. Then a good friend recommended Eric Trabert, and all that came to an end. After initially buying my wedding band through Eric and having a great experience, I purchased over time a series of items for my wife, ranging from modest to more expensive, from casual to elegant. Each time, he patiently paid attention to what I was generally looking for and why, and then expertly guided me towards what ended up being the perfect gift. He answered any question I had and worked with me one-on-one, all in a no-pressure, no-nonsense environment that kept me coming back. My wife loved each of his pieces so much that she would stop wearing anything else. They became timeless mar... Read more

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    Wed Aug 16 2006

    Given that my fiancee is a metal smith, I was slightly terrified by the idea of shopping for her engagement ring. How do you buy a ring for somebody that makes rings?! Luckily, she felt sorry for me and offered to shop for the ring with me. Actually, she had a pretty specific idea of what she wanted, so we had to find someone willing to accommodate her requests. After a few false starts, we visited Eric. He was extremely accommodating, and insisted on designing the ring collaboratively with my fiancee. Other jewelers we talked with felt that my fiancees specific requests (type and cut of stone, type of setting, type of metal, style, feel, etc.) cramped their style. Eric, on the other hand, considered the task a challenge and took right to it. Within a few weeks, he acquired the perfect stone. A few weeks later he had a wax prototype for us look at. And a few weeks later, we picked up the perfect engagement ring! My fiancee gets compliments all the time! Eric never talked down to us or... Read more

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    Sun Aug 06 2006

    Not sure if Im typical, but before I got engaged, I knew very little about rings. I visited a lot of shops and never saw a ring that I truly liked. I couldnt really describe it, but I wanted something classy, but unique. In addition, I really wanted to surprise my girlfriend (I know very risky). On a recommendation, I went to Erics shop and showed him a bunch of magazine photos of rings with notes about what I liked and didnt like. He took these notes and together we came up a beautiful design for a custom ring. Around the same time, I took a new job and ended up with a couple of weeks to travel before I started. We had only a week of notice, but my girlfriend and I were able to plan a last-minute trip to Italy. Eric didnt have enough time to make the custom ring before we flew to Italy, but he helped me to pull it off anyway It started with the diamond. Eric had the perfect stone waiting for me a beautiful antique cushion-cut diamond. In the space of one day, I bought the... Read more

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    Mon Jul 24 2006

    I recently bought my fiance's engagement right from E. Trabert and I've never seen a piece of jewelry get so much praise. People stop her every day and rave about her ring. It's so great, we went back to Trabert for our wedding bands. People constantly compliment us on them too!

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    Sat Jul 22 2006

    If you like jewelry but most of what you see bores you to death, don't waste your time going elsewhere. Go to Eric and Kristi Trabert's shop. Tell them what you like, and bring examples. Show them a few of your favorite pieces, whether they're precious or not. Give them a budget. And let them do the rest. You will be more than satisfied. My husband is not a jewelry lover, but he wanted me to have a wedding ring. He took one look at the ring Eric made for me, and said: "I HATE jewerly. And I LOVE this ring!

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    Tue Apr 04 2006

    I recently received a family heirloom diamond ring from my soon-to-be fiancee's family to use in making a new ring for my proposal. The heirloom ring had 2 larger stones and 2 smaller chips, and Eric & Kristy helped me find the PERFECT band and the PERFECT center stone of matching quality, shape, and color. And the price was well under the budget I had in mind (which I greatly appreciated). Best of all -- they're both truly great, kind people -- a couple you'd want to invite over to your house for a glass of wine. I highly recommend them and wish Eric & Kristy nothing but continued success!

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    Tue Mar 28 2006

    What makes Eric's store great is not only the beautiful, one of a kind jewelry but the friendly, approachable staff! I don't go anywhere else for my jewelry!

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    Thu Mar 16 2006

    Eric Trabert delivered beyond our expectations. We'd traveled from Bangkok to Athens, and NY to SF looking for a fantastic ring design. In SF we were either bored of mistreated by every major jewelry player in town. Then we found Eric Trabert with the warm, talented, high end, creative, classy, elegant, fun sensibility that we were looking for. There was excellent service, impecable standards, vast array of ideas, top quality stones and settings, collaborative attitude and very sane pricing. We came to spend serious money for a serious wedding set, and Eric's delivery exceeded all of our expectations.

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    Sat Mar 04 2006

    before going to see eric, i had the misfortune of having a diamond set in a custom setting that was not well designed and allowed my stone to fall out and never be heard from again.... it was difficult to find someone in sf who did custom work. when i found eric, i was nervous about having someone redesign a new setting. eric, however, did a great job designing a new setting that reflects my style and shows off the diamond. i would definitely recommend going to him, especially if you're contemplating a custom setting.

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    Sat Dec 31 2005

    My fiance and I stopped by at the beginning of our search for a ring. Eric showed us a sapphire that we fell in love with, and even after comparison shopping we found that this was the best value, and the most beautiful sapphire we could find. We are extrememly happy with the ring, and the entire experience. It can be intimidating to shop on Fillmore Street in general, but this shop is a cut above. We always felt important and well taken care of, including future vistits to the store for cleaning. Never a snobby attitude like many of the other jewlers we visited in the city.

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    Mon Nov 21 2005

    Eric Trabert Goldsmiths has an incredible eye for unique and incredible pieces. He pays attention to detail. Large variety of designs and price points to choose from. I bought my engagement and wedding rings there and my wife gets compliments everyday for them. Great prices for great quality.

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    Thu Nov 10 2005

    Eric Trabert Goldsmiths is just what one looks for in a jewelery store--knowledgable and very personal service, a wide variety of styles, fa...

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    Wed Nov 02 2005

    Everyone should have a neighborhood jeweler and Eric Trabert Goldsmith is the perfect place. The service is consistent and I am always greeted by someone knowlegeable and ready to assist me. I know that I can trust their work and that they will always give me an honest opinion. I know that the relationship I have built with them is one that will last for generations to come. Visit the store! It will exceed your expectations!

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    Mon Oct 31 2005

    Eric Trabert Goldsmiths is just what one looks for in a jewelery store--knowledgable and very personal service, a wide variety of styles, fair prices and a jeweler who really cares about his clients. This jewelery store is situated among the numerous boutiques of Fillmore Street. Eric takes a lot of care and pride in creating unique designs that range from modern to more traditional pieces. I have bought several pieces in the store and have always been pleased by the great service and attention to detail that Eric and his entire staff put into each item that I purchased. I highly recommend a trip to Eric Trabert Goldsmiths for your next jewelery adventure.

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    Sat Oct 29 2005

    Eric Trabert Goldsmiths is the type of operation which is a dying breed in the world of business. They offered me a personalized design, incredible follow through, all which was cost effective for what I was looking to spend. The end result for the ring I ordered was perfect. I have since told many people about Eric's great work and everyone I know has been thrilled with their shopping experience.

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    Wed Oct 19 2005

    In Short In the cozy, white rectangular room, owner and goldsmith Trabert and his trained staff work to make romantic visions into sparkling reality. Located at the northern end of Fillmore, shoppers are greeted with dozens of ring examples and design suggestions to get that diamond-encrusted ball rolling. They also do appraisals, repairs and also offer free ring cleanings to both non-customers and previous clients. The jewelers can also update an antique piece for modern wear.