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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    Enjoi wuz ok while it lasted but i advise not to get it if you are really good at skating. Only get it if yu are a beginner. dud a tre flip off the curb of my drive way and it got a pressure crack. other than that it has good pop. only for beginners

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    Sun Nov 01 2009

    enjois r good

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    Sat Oct 31 2009

    enjoi sucks, i got a razored tail in about 3 days and a pressure crack from kickflipping a 3 foot ledge. it lost all the pop it had in the first month and also has no flick at all. it was like skating with a wal mart board i hate enjoi never going back boards i do recommend are element and toy TOY FOR LIFE

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    Fri Sep 25 2009

    its severly razor tailed and chipped after like 3 weeks and it has almost no pop DO NOT BUY THESE PEICES OF DONKY SHIT

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    Ok let me start of by stating that Enjoi has awesome graphics on the decks the sell...but like some people have stated the paint chips off pretty quickly. If you want a nice pop in a board for a while dont purchase an Enjoi deck. I bought an Enjoi Whitey deck and it had nice pop for about a month or two. After going to the skatepark and doing some board slides the logo was almost gone...all that was left was a Panda body (about the location where the trucks are). so to sum it up they look cool but aren't very good from what I've had A good thing about them is they come with Royal Trucks if you get the whitey deck from amazon.com and they are very nice.

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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    they rock my friend loved his

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    Mon Aug 03 2009

    I have an enjoi and it is awesome, amazing pop, awesome concave, and great lips. I got the enjoi Rasta deck and it is amazingly smooth, you can do slides on pretty much everything. You can slide on wood boxes without wax, or anything. And some of there designs are awesome, just dont buy the sponsor boards really, get either a whitey or a rasta, or just one the ones that enjoi or the enjoi candy deck. amazing boards!

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    Mon Jul 13 2009

    They're good while they last, but they are pretty easy to snap >.<

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    Sun Jul 12 2009

    To be honest im a girl skater and i swear by enjoi. iv had all top brands boards element, plan b and whatnot but enjoi and speed demons still top my list. enjoi does get the razor tail pretty easily but only if your trying to slow yourself down by tain concrete grinding.. i had my enjoi [white with ENJOI writen in stack with multicolour letters] for months! amazing concave, pop was lush, super light weight and all positives.! i had bright pink KRUX truck because their super light so it would go well with the lightweigh og the enjoi deck, independent trucks and enjoi coloured bolts.. AMAZING RIDE GET ENJOI 7.5!!

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    Thu Jul 02 2009

    they lose there pop so quickly and have horrible concave. the team is really good tho

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    Sat Jun 27 2009

    i had the enjoi huber deck it was pretty good but the wood was really cheesy it chipped it wore out like crazy.then one day it snapped after like one month now im trying deathwish and i think its a little bit better than enjoi

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    Thu Jun 25 2009

    scotty35, you fucking poser! i bet you cant even kickflip a six step you poser. i can tre a 12 motherfucker, and ive only been skating for two months.

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    Wed Jun 10 2009

    I have a enjoi 7.75. I regret getting that size board since i have massive feet. But the board is perfect other than size. Buutttt. my cousin got a Enjoi and it felt so FUCKED up! it had no concave. It felt like skating a board that has a broken tail.

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    I had mine for about 3 months and it has good board feel and pop but they snap too easy

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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    I started off with the Enjoi line when i bought a whitey panda deck from a friend, cause i had snapped my Element the day before. The deck was already old, but had not been ridden a lot, so i decided to get it. I haven't gone back to any other company. The second i got it, I was landing tricks I never landed clean before. Shoves, Kickflips, Nollies, Nollie Shoves, Everything. The deck was really light, had some really good pop which lasted a while for me. I had the deck for a year, razor tails and everything, still intact and really to ride. I gave the deck to my friend, and now Im riding an Enjoi Ink and Paper deck. Very Nice.

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    Thu May 28 2009

    I love enjoi! I love the shape, the pop, the everything. If someone tells u they suck, then they suck. If you have a choice, get fukin enjoi.

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    Sun May 24 2009

    they are mad light boards and have fair pop for about a month but after that they just get all flat and the suck. good for a beginner!

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    Sat May 02 2009

    Enjois are great i've had mine for bout a month but the graphics gone from boardslides (what do you excpect) alot of pop and really lite i hav the plaids panda 7.5 and its really good. Thinking about getting a new enjoi pretty soon probably goning to wait until i snap it. Overall enjois are one the better skate decks out there and I highly reccomend them

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    Thu Apr 30 2009

    DONT GET A ENJOI. It fails . Rodney Mullen left Enjoi because the decks sucked. I have one and the pop sucks, feels just like a blank or minilogo. Graphics gone in one boardslide. It has massive razor tail. YEah all boards chip. This deck Chips like sh*t

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    Mon Apr 27 2009

    an enjoi is amazing. But i have an enjoi and when u razor it it chips pretty eazally.And i only had it for 2 weeks

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    Sat Apr 04 2009

    enjoi's are good decks. i like them alot. they have good flip and pop. what sucks about them is they are weak and snap easily. i had mine for 3 weeks and it snapped when i 360 flipped on flatland. and chips of it had come of from flipping and popping it

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    Fri Apr 03 2009

    Lightweight, doesn't chip much, amazing flip. Tends to get razor tail, pop wont last forever. Great deck for its price i reccomend it to any skill level.

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    Mon Mar 02 2009

    i think enjois are pretty good. maybe its cuz i am just starting but it is working hella good for me. i am not so sure though cuz i havent used anyother brands but from my view they are pretty good boards

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    i broke mine in just a couple months cool logos though lol

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    Thu Feb 12 2009

    D: this pieces of poo sucks a dick! Don`t buy these if your like me and a tech skater. It wore down in like 2 months. So I bought a girl deck and now I`m satisfied(: Srew enjois, good for beginers who are learning kickflips, hells, ect...

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    Wed Feb 11 2009

    Enjoi's are pretty good. They have mad pop, and stay nice and brittle even after like 6 months. I had mine for a GOOD long time, and I can ollie so freakin high with that thing. They are not the best boards if you're totally into ollieing sets because they're aren't too strong, but if you keep more to streets, then all the good! They are super duper light, and have the most freakin ridiculous spin...

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    Sun Jan 04 2009

    i dont acullay own enjoi but i have riden like 3 from my friends and i got to say they are SUPER DUPER light i really liked it. great pop,it has a super scoope for shove tricks, for flips it flips a bit to fast for my likeing but still great. i want one but i need help deciding to get a enjoi or a foundation. ... help me! :)

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    Sun Dec 28 2008

    enjois are pretty good.i had the enjoi whitey panda. it had a lot of pop when i first got them but it went away pretty fast. it has A LOT of concave.it was pretty light too. i liked it a lot but the inly bad thing about it was the size of the nose and tail.the nose iz huge !! and the tail is way smaller than the nose but other than that, its a good deck !

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    Mon Dec 08 2008

    Enjoi boards are sick. i learned how to do a kickflip in one. right now i have a wieger turtles deck and man its good. good pop and it still is not all beaten up after 8 monthes. Enjoi = awsomeness

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    Thu Nov 20 2008

    Awesome flip, easy to get razor tail if you suck at manuals. I wouldn't recommend for beginners. Very very light, looses its concave + pop after a while but its cheaper than most boards. Its very durable, i loved my chopsticks panda board!

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    Tue Nov 18 2008

    if u had a toy machine then u kno wat these will be likethey will last u a year and wont break on you!

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    Sat Nov 15 2008

    great pop, rather light, and durable

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    Sat Nov 15 2008

    enjois are my all time favorite boards super lite and unbreakable. but i did recently break mine but ive had it for a year cuz its such a good board.

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    Im excited im gonna get a Enjoi Cairo Allover Panda Deck contact me to tell me if its any good

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    Solid boards, I've never had an enjoi skateboard i did not like. Plus with skate elitest Jerry Hsu heading the team you know they don't suck. His pro model shoe from Emerica footwear was jaw droppingly good. Dwindle is the distributor of enjoi and they also make blind skateboards if you have ever had one of those you will know what to expect in an enjoi.   http://www.utilityboardsupply.com/get_list_131 .htm

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    Sat Oct 04 2008

    i recommend the cairo foster plaid deck i have it and its AMAZING! i have skated it for about 6 months an hour a day and it stills works great! enjoi is the bomb!

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    Tue Sep 02 2008

    I have the enjoi whitey deck and it rocks!  It's way lighter than my old board.  Pretty good flip but the pop is amazing!!!  This board has one stong tail because I skate every day and slide stop but it has the best pop out of all my friends boards.  Get this board!

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    Mon Sep 01 2008

    enjoi boards are amazing.my neighbor has had one for 2 years and he skates every day and it is HALF WAY SNAPPED AND STILL IS GOOD.it has tons of pop nice concave and still has good flip.GET AN ENJOI

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    Tue Aug 19 2008

    dude the cairo foster plaid deck is the best of all the enjoi lasts more than 4 months if you skate 3 hours a day im down to the 4the layer and with resin 7 you cant go wrong

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    OK. Enjoi. Amazing concave, spin, flip, pop, all that good stuff. Especially the Monster Mold decks. Yes, they do lose pop after a while, but the perfect shape makes up for it. They are light (I have the Cairo Foster Plaid Panda Deck) and again, perfect shape. I've been skating this deck for 5 hours a day, everyday for 2 months and it finally is getting onto the 3rd layer. GET AN ENJOI!!!

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    Tue Jul 29 2008

    long lasting and strong

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    Sat Jul 05 2008

    what r the best boards 2 learn ollies on?

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    Sun Jun 29 2008

    sweet graphics and team but idk about the quality.

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    Sun Jun 22 2008

    i have a 3 blind mice enjoi deck...7.8 x 31.5. great deck...very light, great amount of pop and has really good concave. only one thing, dont razortail it becuz it WILL CHIP. if u dont razortail it i can garuntee u itll last longer

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    i tried my neighbors whitey panda and it is SO light it has amazing pop and good concave but this board is a little much light for me and i am not trying to stop anyone from getting one by saying that i hust dont get any control over them

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    Fri May 30 2008

    Not all boards are the same... even within company's some have different shapes and that effects what you think of the company. So instead of reviewing the companys deck. THE deck i am riding is a Enjoi Whitey Panda deck 7.6 IT IS SUPER LIGHT, Got mean pop, Perfectly shaped concave. i am yet to try another enjoi .. the baker almost burned the element in the alien workshop but the girl saw.

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    Thu May 22 2008

    they get razor tailed and wear down quickly, they also lose pop very fast

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    Mon May 19 2008

    overall i think there great boards iv only been skattin for about a month and i can ollie kickflip casper popshuv it and all that good stuff and i got an enjoi. I LUV IT! listen the only reason people say they suck and they break easy is because THEY DONT TAKE CARE OF IT. when u leave ANY board out in the rain and sun and temperature changes and abuse it. ITS GONNA POP! so get one you will luv it just take care of it! lol :-) -PEACE!