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    Mon Oct 05 2009

    My boyfriend and I went to the restaurant around 10 pm on a Friday night. Although it was a cool night, we decided to sit outside because the music inside was absolutely blaring. I can't imagine being able to hold a conversation inside. We each got an appetizer and dessert. The food was pretty straight forward - we got what we ordered and it tasted as we expected it to. The staff was kind and the service was average paced. Overall, it wasn't a bad experience, but it wasn't a memorable one either.

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    Fri Sep 18 2009

    Yes, the food is great - no question there. But we went last night -- a pretty mild evening in NYC weather-wise -- and there was no A/C on, no fans, nothing. The entire restaurant was hot and still with no air circulation at all. We met there at 7pm for dinner, and apparently that's when the DJ starts? It was so f'ing loud that, sitting NEXT TO EACH OTHER, we still couldn't hear each other speak. Imagine you're having a lovely dinner at Twilo. Cuz that's what it was like. I've been going to this place since it was Claire's, but not anymore -- it was a really irritating experience, and with poor service to boot.

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    Mon Apr 13 2009

    This place had crazy drunk people running all over the place while we were trying to eat! The art on the wall is funny to look at so it caught our eye and went in. Our waiter was so slow and having fun, but my party wasnt. Our food took forever and the chicken was dry and calimari was like rubber. I will never go back to this place again.

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    Tue Mar 03 2009

    my buddys and I went for lunch yesterday! the truffle fries are pretty amazing. my sandwich the chicken was kind of dry but the fries were great! The waiters were so cute too! Not great service but very friendly! My drink was yummy too although a bit pricey.

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    Sun Mar 01 2009

    I went to Elmo for brunch on Sunday. It was terrible! The silverware was dirty, the food was really bad! My burger was aweful and my boyfriends eggs were dry and tasted like "vinegar" he said. The drinks are expensive and every other brunch spot at least gives you unlimited mamosa's. My Vodka and Mix "mary" tasted like a taco mix. GROSS! You wont find us having brunch at elmo, I would much rather yummy pancakes at Cafeteria!

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    Tue Feb 17 2009

    Good ambiance and excellent menu selection. Drinks are strong but a little overpriced. The crowd can be a bit loud and annoying so definitely don't go on a first date unless you don't wanna talk to your date :) The Steak Frites is excellent as is the Mac & Cheese (although not as good as Cafeteria)

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    I went to Elmo with my friends tonight for dinner. The service is ok if you dont mind prancing theater queens, but each of us hated our food! The turkey burger was DRY, the salmon was fishy, and the appitzers were not better than fries from the bodega! My boyfriend got the chocolate cake, from a box. mmm mmm good! Not to mention its too loud. Id rather have yummy mac and cheese from ate ave!

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    Tue Feb 10 2009

    This has become one of my favorite spots...great tasty food, desserts, and drinks! Very friendly waiters, nice atmosphere, and very nicely decorated. The mac and cheese is awesome! (just when I didnt think anything could beat the one in Cafeteria). And the key lime pie is to die for...I highly recommend this place. Always have a good time with my friends here.

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    Sat Feb 07 2009

    ELMO IS A DUMP... Over priced and terrible tasting food! The staff is friendly, the art is horriffic and the food is the worst. If you are looking for a gay joint, then pile in! Because the only thing you will be served is a homo-tude. Dont ge tme wrong I love a gay man, but when I want food, Elmo will be my last stop. McDonalds makes a better burger! And if I have to look at bad art, I can go to the childrens museum.

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    Tue Jun 24 2008

    I have been patronizing Elmo for about 6 years. The food has always been tasty and it was a great place to have a casual business lunch. Unfortunately, it has changed...the last two times I went there for lunch I was appalled by the lack of service. On one occasion we were ignored by our waiter for 30 mins...on the second we were ignored by the host for 15. He was 'arranging' flatware on a table in the back and never came to seat us. The various servers all took note of us standing at the front of the restaurant, but never asked us if we would like a table....it is a shame because I enjoyed the place.

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    Sun May 11 2008

    I had been to Elmo for dinner about a dozen times. I always enjoyed my food and had good service. I took a friend for brunch in April. To my disappointment, we saw our waitress twice - once to take our order and once to bring us the check, which we hadn't requested. (and it wasn't busy at the time we were there.) The food was great and my girlfriend and I were looking forward to a drink or 2 after brunch. (We wanted to eat first, before drinking.) I was so disgusted when she brought our check. I paid the check and took my business elsewhere.

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    Sun Apr 20 2008

    I ordered seseme crusted tuna and seaweed for lunch and I ordered tuna rare. The tuna was totally overcooked and the entire dish was incrediably salty. the wait service was bad and kept giving me the wrong thing. they even packed wrong food for me to go.... I wouldn't go there again or recommend anyone to go there... the only good thing was the host was very friendly... but the rest everything is just aweful....

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    Sat Feb 16 2008

    My boyfriend actually introduced me to Elmo, and I have been hooked ever since. Even at it's most crowded, you get prompt bar service with a friendly and good-looking (not that that's *too* important) staff and a great atmosphere. It really is just a chill, cool place to start your evening. I have to admit, I have not had the food there with the exception of some delicious desserts, but if their food is anything like their drinks, then it must be good. The in-house DJ plays awesome top 40 while the entire place bustles with energy. Definitely recommended for anyone looking to start a fabulous evening in best city in the world.

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    Sat Jan 05 2008

    Traditional American is their specialty. The exec. chef perfected common breakfast items like poached eggs and home fries. My friend has been here twice has only ordered steak and eggs, someone's getting it right. Love the home fries! Service was quick and easy on the eyes. New media art completes the experience.

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    Sun Dec 16 2007

    After reading a few of the reviews here I approached elmo with cuation. I gotta say we had a blast and I am kind of mystified by the negatives. If you're looking for five star food and Jean Georges service defintely go some place else. But if you'll be happy with good, solid comfort type food--with the occasional excellent dish and competent service by the best looking staff in New York, this is the place. (and you'll be in good company 'cause the crowd is killer) The music is loud, the cocktails are great-and bigger than most restaurants- everyone was smiling and the room is gorgeous. I went back for a second visit with a party of ten for a birthday and they treated us like gold. We loved the place.

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    Sun Aug 26 2007

    After wondering around Chelsea for about an hour trying to decide on a place to have lunch we finally settled on Elmo. This place place had the modern yet cozy atmosphere and the food sounded great. We ordered eggs benedict and the blueberry pancakes that were supposed to some with lemon whipped butter which sounded great. When the food came out our waitress didn't come up to us even once to ask how everything was instead I must have called out her like 10 times while she zoomed past us. Finally we asked the bus boy for some butter, his responce was "what are you talking about?? and made us point it out on the menu that indeed it was supposed to come with it!!" Then when we were attempting to eat the cold pancakes on which the butter wasn't even melting because they were so cold. the waitress finally came over to ask if things were ok. I told her that we were waiting for the butter for so long hat now our pancakes are frozen she said oh sorry and walked away the only time she was sm... Read more

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    Sat Jun 23 2007

    I had the cod in a dill sauce with golden beets. The cod was over-cooked, rubbery and the sauce gave no taste of dill. My friend had the lobster roll, and said -- with great disappointment -- that it was lacking in any flavor. The waiter had big arms and manicured eye-brows, and maybe thought this put him above the need to offer table service. He simply wasn't around. Feeling unsatisfied, we splurged on the coconut layer cake. It was dry. The folks sitting next to us were brought someone else's food, and never actually got their own. They were issued an apology from the management, although not in person.

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    Wed Jun 13 2007

    When Cafeteria seems too "cool" for me... I like to head over to Elmo's. The service may not be up to par but they are always friendly. Outside seating is also a plus and the decor inside, a bit ecclectic, works for some crazy reason. Frozen margaritas are to DIE for! The mac' and cheese is just as good as Cafeteria's. The salad nicoise is yummy, but slightly overpriced for the amount. But if you go... You MUST get the yellow fin tuna sandwich! YUUUUUUUUUUUUMMM!!!

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    Thu Jan 11 2007

    Okay, so it's a bit ridiculous, and a bit too clever/cutesy for its own good, but beneath the facade of cool (and the waaay overpriced house cocktails) is a surprisingly good restaurant. I went with a large group of friends and the wait staff was courteous to a fault (even when all my friends decided to show up late). Everyone enjoyed their meals, but I will say that dessert is passable. Oh, and I second the opinions regarding the hot waiters. :-)

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    Mon Dec 11 2006

    The Scene Oversized rainbow-striped banquettes, mid-century-inspired chairs and bright mosaics do justice to the bubbly, urban take on comfort food served up nightly at Elmo. The bar is bustling most nights with visiting diners and Chelsea locals. The Food The menu is one part Mom's table and two parts chic--a recipe that turns out fun interpretations of old favorites. Start with a bowl of alphabet soup with dilled chicken dumplings, or appetizers like fried calamari with tartar sauce or gorgonzola-topped garlic bread. When it comes to entrees, the chef shines with perfectly seared tuna and good old meat and potatoes. And save room for dessert, which includes cheeky Duncan Hines devil's-food cake.

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    Wed Nov 01 2006

    I went on a first date here and had a great time. Food was outstanding. (He had tuna, I had salmon). Service was fantastic. Ambiance was wonderful. (We sat outside). We weren't rushed at all, our server was very nice and I think we even drew something at the table without any weird stares..... and, we're still dating. ;)

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    Wed Sep 27 2006

    The place is in a really trendy part of town so you expect to pay more. The drinks are a min. of $10 (my mojito was very good but I don't think it's $10 worth of goodness). The food was excellent--I'd definitely recommend coming here at least once. The athmosphere is very modern and relaxing. I'm not quite sure how it is on a regular basis since I live uptown but it was pretty busy when we were there on a weekday. P.S. Hot and very nice waiters.

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    Wed Aug 16 2006

    My partner and I went there on a Thursday night and had a great time. The music was good and the food was fabulous. My recommendation, if you like spicy, try the Island Tacos. These should be a signature dish if they're not already. The food from beginning to end was great and the service was good but not exceptional. If you want hip and trendy at an affordable price without the attitude, Elmo is the place to go.

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    Sun Jul 30 2006

    I am APPALLED by the service I received at Elmo. We were the only two people sitting out front and the waiter was unable to provide us with attentive service OR our dinner. We both ordered something very simple off the menu & we NEVER received it. After 45 minutes, we asked our waiter where our dinner was... like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he could barely answer the question and stood there stupified. He provided us with a free appetizer and asked us our order again (he forgot to place the order). After another half hour, we called it quits. Again, we NEVER received our dinner. We asked for our check (to pay for our drinks and leave), and received the quickest service all evening. Again, I am appalled by the service at Elmo. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this restaurant. Again, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this restaurant. There are plenty of other restaurants in this city that cater to the guest. Elmo is not one of them.

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    Thu May 04 2006

    I was entertaining a few guests this weekend who are used to the trendy places with good food/atmosphere, so i decided on Elmo.. Great idea!! We were all very pleased with the friendly (and i must mention good looking) staff who didnt think they were too fabulous like in some other chelsea spots, the new menu was delicious, and just the overall vibe was fun. My friends were very satisfied especially since there was great music playing and art hanging(they are in the entertainment biz). we will all definately be going back there.

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    Tue May 02 2006

    I have had several great nights at elmo which somehow manages to be super trendy without having the attitude. The food had improved dramatically since it first opened and there a many itmes on the American bistro menu that I actually crave. Sure, it's noisy and the wait for a table can take a while but that's the price you pay in New York for being in the right place. For the price there's no better place for good food and a great scene.

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    Mon Dec 05 2005

    A lot of staff walking around, looking around. First, we were seated at a blistering hot table in the back. Then, we were approached by a completely pretentious waiter who cared more about his Chap Stick than his tip. And finally when the food arrived it was wrong, and apparently my fault! Mr. Chap Stick didn't bother to write anything down and when the food came out from the kitchen incorrectly, he had the audacity to tell me that I had ordered what was now in front of me. He never bothered to return after my food came out a second time, nor did he make any apologies for his mistake. He then applied more Chap Stick. Perhaps he was overwhelmed with the 3 tables he had during the lunch rush!

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    Wed Nov 23 2005

    This place is much like its waiters, just eye candy. We were there for Sunday brunch. Ordered the hot home fries but it was nothing but roasted potatoes. We thought the waiter mixed up the order so we sent the potatoes back, but the waiter came back and said that was the spiciest possible, I had a taste and it was still bland like oatmeal! But as consolation we were offered tabasco sauce to remedy the situation. Also when we asked for water refill no one came, but I guess this is just typical. Bottom line is: come here for the drinks, decor and ambience. I'm sure some people will think this is a hip place. But foodies need to stay away.

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    Sun Nov 13 2005

    My friend and I went for lunch the other day during our lunch hour. The staff there are not attentive at all. In fact, when we asked for help, we were ignored! When our food was delivered (eons later) it was warm. Our waiter never came back to check on us and we had to ask to get our water refilled. We again had to ask for our check (eons later) and had to rush out of there to get back to work. We didn't feel welcome there and won't go back.

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    Sun Nov 13 2005

    Stopped in here for an afterdinner drink with friends the other night. The place is pleasant enough, and the music's solid. But stay away if you're serious about your beer. Ordered a pint of Guinness, and the bloke simply filled up the glass as if it were a Budweiser. I asked for a pint pulled the real way, and he gave me a blank stare. "Well, most people don't like to wait," he shrugged. After a little cajoling, he agreed to pull me another pint--which he again mucked up. Mr. Elmo, if your bar is going to carry Guinness, and charge $7(!) for the pleasure, please teach your bartenders how to pour it, okay? Sheesh.

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    Sun Aug 14 2005

    Elmo looks cool from the outside and the DJ beside the bar is an unexpected treat. Loud, but not obnoxious. Dress is very casual, your tank top and shorts will fit in fine here (my date and I were way overdressed). Menu is American comfort food, they make stuff here that you're too tired or pressed for time to make at home (Fried chicken, meatloaf, etc). And it's quite reasonably priced. Overall, a good place to go with friends but not a date.

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    Thu Jun 23 2005

    I love elmo for brunch. They have seating outside in the sun where you can just relax and watch the world go by. The ceaser salad is amazing and the scrambled eggs are awesome. Don't forget to order a raspberry lemonade or your brunch will not be complete!

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    Sat Apr 30 2005

    My friends and I came here last night, and it was fun. We were seated promptly, but the waiter was a little slow to take our order. The food and drinks were good, and the prices were even better. Come here if you want to see good-looking waitstaff. Of course, looks aren't everything, but it doesn't hurt to have eye candy serving your food. The ambiance was very nice. Overall, a good experience.

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    Fri Jan 07 2005

    The food at Elmo was OK. I had a 12 dollar cheeseburger with mediocre fries. It is convinient and did not have a wait, which is why we choose it over other resturants, I feel that I now know why there was no wait.

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    Wed Aug 25 2004

    I've eaten at Elmo several times, and each time it gets better and better. The food is good and the prices are great. The staff is mostly friendly and helpful and of course, like most people in chelsea, beautiful. Great for parties or a date.

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    Sun Nov 23 2003

    We were a party of 4 on a slow Sunday afternoon for brunch. It was not crowded...no excuse for bad service. One meal did not come at all - he never put it in the computer. The pancakes were good, but don't have blueberry pancakes on the menu of you are not able to produce more than three tiny blueberries in each pancake. The french toast was delicious. Service too slow

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    Sat Nov 22 2003

    Passed by on the street and saw a nice burger, but it was crowded, decided to come at 4PM. At 4PM, just a few customers, got a table inside. The door was open, it was COOOLD! After a 5 minute wait, got them to shut the door. Another 5 minute wait, they took my order. 25 minute wait, the burger arrives, luke-warm, with luke-warm, salty fries. Asked for a slice of pickle, another 5 minute wait. Couple sitting next to me going through the same thing. Very cute staff, obviously professional models, obviously amateurs at the restaurant game. When the staff decides to put on a modelling show, I'm there. For my next burger, I'm definitely gonna be somewhere else!

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    Thu Nov 06 2003

    Normally its a good place to meet for drinks. Not much in the way of food though. Good atmosphere, bad music, large martinis. It all depends on when you go. Some nights it feels right at home - a combination of Chelsea boys and good looking straight couples. Last time we stopped by for a drink the bar was full of chubby drunk girls with low cut jeans and thongs. You just never know...

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    Fri Oct 03 2003

    Good food, medium trendy, very "chelsea". Much better than Cafeteria. I had the Elmo salad and a monk fish special, both of which were quite good. My husband had the macaroni and cheese appetizer which was delicious! Dessert is a bit of a weak link, I'd definitely go back. It's a good value.

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    Thu Sep 04 2003

    Went there for brunch last week, and I had a very nice meal, and two great bloody Marys. After reading the reviews here I was wondering if they were talking about the same restaurant. Then again, maybe the people at Elmo read the reviews and decided to clean up their act. Or maybe the brunch staff is better than the dinner staff.

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    Tue Aug 26 2003

    A friend of mine recently chose this restaurant for her birthday dinner, and after reading the reviews here, I was dreading going. But when I got there, the food was excellent, the prices were reasonable, and the service was good. I would definitely recommend it, and I'll go back

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    Wed Aug 06 2003

    All I have to say is that looks can be very decieving!!! The place looked great but it was the worst dining experience that I have ever had. The drinks had NO alcohol, the service was slow, and worst of all, I got a MINI-ME sized portion of filet mignon (seemed like it was no bigger that a quarter) that came with burnt potato chips!! They need to put more into their food and service rather than the decor. Never again...

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    Tue Aug 05 2003

    Let me first say, I went into this establishment with an open mind. However, I was highly disappointed. The drinks were below avg and overpriced. The menu had about 5 items and overpriced. The service was not attentive. The only positive aspect of this place was the ambience.very trendy. Albeit, I thought I was in a village people's video shoot. Overall I would never go back.

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    Sat Jul 19 2003

    I had the salmon which was pretty good - the corn salsa that came with it was nice and spicy. The drinks were definitely very colorful - I had a raspberry lemonade which was very delicious. The worst part of the meal was the dessert - I tried the chocolate mousse and it definitely was not edible - it was super sweet and the chocolate didn't taste good and I'm a BIG FAN of chocolate, so it was kind of disappointing. Our waitress was super nice. She was very attentive.

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    Wed May 21 2003

    The Miami modernist look of this place is cool and comfortable. Do do something about the acoustics, I couldn't hear the person across from me. The service was attentive. I did have to return my martini twice, because it kept on arriving dirty and I like mine clean. My bass on risotto was very well prepared, and so were my friends' tuna and mussels (fat and flavorful, better than the mussels I recently had at Markt and Florent.) The fish portions were too small and overpriced, but still delicious.

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    Mon May 19 2003

    Is it the scene or the chow? Elmo is definitely for the scene and the food LOOKS good, but tastes average. Buy some new clothes and enjoy putting your narcissist self on display. Cool is an invisible currency meant to put others back into the corn fields from which they came and Elmo is the bank of Cool du jour. So if you like hollow conversation, empty sex, and window shopping, Elmo is the Hall Of Mirrors you've been looking for in a restaurant.

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    Wed Apr 30 2003

    Was walking in the nabe one Saturday & stumbled upon Elmo. Looked cool from outside so we thought we'd check it out. Glad we did! The food was good but it was the decor that really did it for me. Love the mosaics. The tables are really close, but that just meant we got to chat with the people beside us & they told us what to do while we were in the city.

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    Thu Feb 20 2003

    Beautiful setting,, good looking people,, but are you willing to pay premium for a chicken leg for US$26? So I guess its ok,,

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    Wed Jan 15 2003

    This place is pretty lousy. I saw some good reviews about elmo posted here, but I am sure they were written by the nasty servants of this restaurant. I brought friends here and was completely embarassed, the food was awful, the service non-existant (I guess they were all filling out the citysearch review form trying to trick more unsuspecting people into this trap). Maybe the staff of Elmo will read this and instead of posting a lame review they will do something to correct the problems, otherwise you wont have anything left to review. LISTEN TO AN HONEST IMPARTIAL OPINION; this place is not worth the effort you will have to make to have a halfway ok time. Go someplace else!

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    Wed Jan 15 2003

    The meat loaf was as dry as a hockey puck, the fried chicken was flavorless but greasy, the spareribs were dry but the glaze was tangy, The only dish that was good was the calamari but the ketchup / cocktail sauce could be improved. The mash potatoes and vegtables were nicely prepared. Service was competent but they need to turn down the music.