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    Sun May 23 2010

    Moving with Elephant Moving and Storage was very pleasant - they were very helpful and accommodating. Due to closing problems we had to change our moving date a couple of times and then move out of our home on short notice. The staff in the office was very communicative and helped reduce a lot of stress. They said they encounter closing difficulties a lot during moving and were very flexible with rescheduling our move according to our needs. Even though we gave them a short notice we received the large team of 6 movers as originally agreed upon in order to finish our really huge home in one day. All of our belongings were transferred carefully into our new home with maybe one minor ding to one piece of furniture. The crew in our home worked hard and efficiently and finished the move as estimated. Highly recommend Elephant Moving - they are nice, helpful and deliver the service they promise.

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    Sun Mar 21 2010

    I thought Elephant Moving did the best job moving me. We used them to move and store our stuff for about 6 weeks while our new home was being finshed. They came and packed up everything so nicely and hauled it off to their warehouse for storage. They took great care of everything that they put in the truck. I wasn't worried at all about how the stuff would come back to us because they were so nice and careful during the first move. When it came time for delivery they showed up right on time and got to work setting up the new house. They put everything where we asked. All the furniture looked just as it did when they took it away. Nothing was damaged or destroyed (which is a pretty nice accomplishment when moving a whole house, twice). It was raining the day they delivered but that didn't seem to slow them down and the guys were really careful about not tracking mud on the new carpet, which was good to see. They laid down some floor runner things that kept everything looking great under... Read more

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    Wed Mar 17 2010

    Elephant moving moved our family last weekend and we had a very good experience, especially with their moving crates rental program. It save...

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    Thu Feb 25 2010

    Moved last week from Austin to Houston – decided not to u-haul myself this time, and a friend recommended Elephant Movers. They made my move so look so easy: 5 guys, 2 moving trucks and I was done with my move in one day, no weeks off from work, rental trucks and back and forth mess. Thanks Elephant Moving! Highly recommended!‎

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    Tue Feb 16 2010

    Best movers anywhere, I am sure of it! These guys were so great on my move to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. They were polite, professional and so fast. They picked up my stuff in record time, and got it to Vegas in less than a week. The movers packed all my stuff in Austin and did a great job. Nothing was damaged, and all the boxed stuff was packed perfectly. My big flat screen TV was the most expensive thing I moved and I was really worried about it, but they made a really nice crate for it and packed it in there with foam and blankets. After all was said and done, I was extremely pleased with the service Elephant Moving provided. They did what they said they would do and the price was as they said it would be. I would use them again in a heartbeat! Highly recommended!

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    Mon Jan 04 2010

    Used elephant movers to move our family from Austin tx to CA. I have to say they were really good, smooth move from the initial quote to the delivery . The crew in Austin did fantastic job preparing our shipment. they disassembled all the furniture that needed and wrapped every piece in blankets, made sure that every thing will make the long trip, and we got an inventory list of our shipment. Besides one flimsy mirror (from target) everything arrived in great condition. the crew in CA had to shuttle our shipment closer to the building, they did that with minimum stress for us. they carried every thing to the second floor and reassembled every thing that the crew took apart in austin. I really have to say thanks to the crew on both sides for being helpful and patient.

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    Sun Dec 27 2009

    Elephant Moving really saved my a** last week! I was supposed to move at 8am on Dec 24th with another company and they didn't show up! I called them and called them and the bums never answered the phone. I started calling around to other moving companies in hopes that someone could help. Some were closed, some were full for the day and because of the holiday were closing early. I didn't have a lot of stuff to move, but I had to get it done so I could go out of town in the evening to see my family for Christmas (my lease ends while I am out of town and I had to be out!). Elephant Moving was able to fit me in that day, they didn't apppear to charge any extra fees or jack up the rate really high, and the crew that showed up to move me was really nice even though I suspect they were supposed to go home earlier and got stuck with my move instead. They did a great job, they did it really fast, and there was no complaining or anything despite the holiday that I was delaying for them. I was so... Read more

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    Mon Dec 07 2009

    Moved me in Austin. Just a local apartment to apartment type thing. Crew showed up on time and got down to business. They had my apartment wrapped up and ready to go in no time and the stairs were no problem. The delivery was super smooth since it was to a 1st floor, and the guys got it all done in less than 2 hours. They were friendly, didn't complain, and got the job done. I appreciated how fast and efficient they were, and the price was as promised. On a side note, my girlfriend told me I should tip the movers - I had no idea that was like a standard thing - so I asked the guys and they said they do get tipped by a lot of their customers (so I did as well since they did a great job). Just thought I would pass that on since I had no idea. Great crew, great move. Will use them for sure next time I move.

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    Sun Dec 06 2009

    Had a good experience on my recent move to NYC. The pickup crew was friendly, the office was nice. I had an on-site estimate and asked for a binding price. The total cost was as expected but I needed a shuttle which I was hoping to avoid since the truck was too big to turn down my street. I kind of figured it would happen though so I wasn't surprised. The delivery driver was nice and patient even though the stairs were narrow and he had to work pretty hard to get my sofa upstairs. The delivery came in about a week so I didn't have to wait too long for my stuff. Would use them again or recommend them to friends. Two thumbs up!

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    Sat Dec 05 2009

    Local moves maybe fine, but I had a horrible experience with an interstate move from Austin to Irvine Calif. The initial quote was $2000. Then, after a representative visited my Austin apartment at my request, the quote went to $3000 because of furniture I had in storage. By the time the furniture arrived in Calif (the movers kept my items on the truck until I paid in full and signed all their documents), I was charged about $5300. Make sure you get all the documents you have to sign in advance and get a fixed price for your move. Otherwise you WILL get screwed. The movers lost material, returned the following day with the missing components, but wouldn't complete moving and assembling all items unless I paid more money. If you are moving out of state, don't use Elephant.

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    Sun Nov 15 2009

    Elephant Moving moved us from North Austin to Dripping Springs last week and swear I will never use other movers again - they were FANTASTIC! I cannot praise them enough. The move went so smoothly and the crew was so wonderful through the whole process. Our estimator told us up front that we definitely had 2 truckloads of stuff, which I know already since our 4 bedroom house is pretty full and used 2 trucks last time we moved. We decided to pack ourselves and used their rental crates that they delivered a few days before the move. We tried our hardest but there were some last minute items that we just did not have time to pack up - no problem when I called the office and told them I would need help with that the next day. They were flexible and pleasant about it and they made sure the movers brought some extra crates just in case. The crates are awesome! I don't think we would have managed to pack nearly as much as we did without those crates. They made packing a breeze compared to t... Read more

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    Wed Nov 11 2009

    I chose Elephant Moving because of the high ratings they received. However, we soon realized the ratings may not tell the whole story. I have moved a number of times in the past and this has been, by far, the worst experience of all. This is the first time I had such bad service that I felt compelled to complain. Elephant Moving, Inc. moved our furniture and belongings earlier this year. In preparation I contacted Elephant moving and had them perform an onsite walkthrough of my house before the move in order to receive an accurate estimate of the move, allow them to gauge the amount of items needing to be moved, and in general to help the move go smoothly. The day of the move Elephant Moving brought a truck that was too small to hold all of my goods (they claim it was the largest they had, which I wish I was aware of BEFORE I chose them to move us). I was surprised because they had come to the house to do a visual before the move and there was no reason to have brought a truck... Read more

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    Thu Oct 22 2009

    Just had our stuff delivered in New York and thought the whole thing went really well. The crew who picked up in Austin was really friendly and professional. They made sure all our stuff was packaged super well for the long journey. We have 1 antique piece that I was worried about, but they wrapped it perfectly in blankets and cardboard and plastic and there was not a single scratch when we received it! The guys who delivered did a good job also. We moved upstairs but they didn't complain at all despite the fact that we have some heavy pieces (especially the aforementioned antique piece!). Everything we shipped made it to the new place in great shape, - only found 1 small dent on a chair. The staff at Elephant Moving took great care of us through the whole process and was very patient with all my questions and concerns. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

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    Tue Oct 20 2009

    I’m just a few days off of a move completed by Elephant Movers and felt compelled to chime in about my experience. It was terrific. Every step of the way was handled in a professional, timely, and flexible manner. I really felt catered to, which is amazing to feel when it comes to something like moving. A representative came to our business and conducted a very thorough Q&A with us (free of charge). She then worked up an estimate that very day! It was very reasonable and once we decided to use their services, I was given a contact for my move and felt comfortable calling to ask questions, no matter how small. Crates and boxes were delivered to our office. We were walked through every step of the process and Elephant Moving was very responsive and accommodating when we were thrown a last minute curveball and had to change the move date. They were able to handle such hitches as having to move after hours, provide insurance certificates with little lead time, and having to compl... Read more

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    Fri Oct 02 2009

    I moved recently with Elephant Moving during a terrible thunderstorm. I thought the move would have to be cancelled due to the awful weather, which would have really put me in a bind with my house closing since I had to be out. I called the office to see if they were still going to move me and they said unless I wanted to reschedule the crew would be there as scheduled. They warned me up front that the move may take longer if the rain was really pouring hard enough to slow down the crew, so I was prepared to pay extra. But the move went better than I expected! The crew worked really well and pushed on through the rain, even kept chatting and joking with me even though they were all wet. They managed to keep the carpet at my new house from getting really dirty. And they didn't take longer than the estimate which was awesome. I am really grateful that this company showed up despite the bad weather and did such a great job.

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    We hired Elephant Moving to move us to Washington state and were generally pleased with the service we receive. The office salesman was informative and helpful and gave us good price quote for whole house based on the list I gave. The movers who came to pick up were friendly and make sure we know all the charges like when they need to use extra materials to protect glass pieces we have. We use the free storage that comes with moving because we had no place to move into for couple weeks after flying to Seattle. Only drawback is that once we have a place it takes some time to ship everything to Seattle. The delivery driver call us to tell when he was coming and was very nice and put all the furniture back together like they said and made sure he have enough help to bring piano up the stairs. Only one piece got a scratch on it, and the office salesman help me submit my claim. Overall very pleased and would recommend the service for out of state moving.

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    Sun Aug 23 2009

    I was really pleased with the service I received for my move from Pflugerville to Groesbeck. I had a 3 man crew. They were polite, careful with my stuff, and worked hard. The guys wrapped all my furniture, took great care of some of the fragile stuff, and even reconnected my washer and dryer. They came in half an hour under the estimate, which made me very happy. I was very happy with the service I received from Elephant Moving and I will be sure to recommend them to friends still in Austin. Five stars!

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    Sat Jul 25 2009

    My realtor recommended them, so I called them first. They sent an estimator who went through each room of my apartment and made sure we didn't leave out any furniture from the quote, and they also asked about the stairways, etc. The estimator told me the move would cost about $560 based on an hourly rate for a 4 man crew. I called two more movers both of whom were short and rude on the phone. One of other movers just kept telling me the hourly rate and that it would take as long as it would take, without asking me about the funiture...yikes! So I made the appointment with Elephant. The movers showed up exactly on time and got right to work. The move wound up costing $500 exactly as we had moved our own clothes and wedding gifts as suggested by Elephant when I asked for suggestions on bringing the cost down a bit. The movers were polite and very helpful, and there was no damage, so it was a pleasant experience.

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    Sun Jun 14 2009

    We moved a two bedroom appartment into a three bedroom house. We have a lot of stuff and easily filled up the whole truck. Despite this, it was an extremely quick operation - a little over four hours total. I chose Elephant Moving because they said they would send four movers instead of the 2 man crew quotes I was getting from other movers. The 4 man crew was on time and they worked amazingly quickly. They were very professional and courteous. Everything got wrapped in blankets and tape and was handled carefully. It was tighly strapped into the truck. No damage at all. It was a great service. I've now moved three times within Austin and this was by far my best experience. I would recommend Elephant Moving to anybody. Also, the person who handled the reservation over the phone was very polite, sweet, unrushed, and tolerant of me changing my mind a couple of times. It helped make it a pleasant experience. You can also tell that everybody in the business is concerned about maintaining the... Read more

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    Sat May 16 2009

    I thought the service that Elephant Moving provided was absolutely wonderful. I used them for my move from Kyle to Austin. The crew that mov...

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    Wed May 13 2009

    I recently moved from Austin, TX to Baton Rouge, LA and utilized Elephant Moving Inc. for the interstate move. My entire experience with the staff was excellent. The people I worked with to book the move and procure moving supplies were very helpful and pleasant. The moving teams in Austin & Baton Rouge were fast, courteous and pleasant. They took great care with my belongings and my boxes and furniture all arrived with clear care taken to indicate which were mine for a smooth delivery. Overall my experience utilizing Elephant Moving Inc. was fantastic and I recommend them highly. They were a breeze to work with during what can be a very stressful time.

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    I called Elephant Moving after I found out from the company I originally hired that they no longer do moves in Austin. What a hassle from those guys - I booked online and I even paid them a deposit on my move and they waited until the day before to tell me they couldn't move me (who knows if I will get my $$ back). So I panicked and started calling movers on Sunday (almost no one was even open) to try to get moved on Monday. Elephant Moving was open and willing and able to fit me into the schedule for the next day. They didn't even require a deposit. The movers who came were polite and professional and it cost me less than the other guys were going to charge me. Lucky me that I found this company - I should have gone with them to begin with. Next time I move I will definitely call Elephant Moving first to avoid the stress I had this time around.

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    Wed Feb 18 2009

    I used these guys for the second time recently and I thought they did a fine job. The were on-time, the crew was friendly and they worked fast. I like how they wrap up my furniture every time even though my move is always such a short distance. No complaints, and next time I move I'll go with them again. I have recommended them to friends who also thought they did a good job, and based on my recent experience I will continue to recommend them. Good job guys!

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    Wed Jan 14 2009

    Wow! I cannot say enough about how professional and all around wonderful this company was. We used Elephant Moving to move our business last week. We went from a high rise to our own 3 story building. These guys made it look easy! Our old building had a lot of requirements for moving out (restricted hours, freight elevator, floor protection, insurance) and our move coordinator made sure that everything was taken care of to avoid getting us or them in trouble with the building. They didn't damage a thing in there, and were so thorough with the floor and wall protection that our building management actually complemented the job they did. Our move coordinator came to meet with us before the move and helped us work out a color coded layout for the new place. She made sure the movers had printouts and knew the colors and were clear on everything when move day came. I thought there would surely be a big mess at the new place while we tried to sort one floor of offices into 3 new floors of of... Read more

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    Sun Jan 11 2009

    I used Elephant Mving to move me in town last week. I decided to move all the small stuff myself and leave just the big items for the movers. I kind of wish I had let them move it all after seeing how fast they were. I spent 2 weeks carting things to my new place because I wanted to save the cash, but I think all the gas I spent (not to mention all my time) ended up costing more than if I had them move my whole apartment in one day. Movers were great, fast, didn't complain or waste time. They even reconnected my washer'/dryer. I'd use them again in a heartbeat. Two thumbs up!

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    Sun Dec 28 2008

    This company was very professional and knowledgable and I would recommend them to anyone who asks. The salesperson made me feel very comfortable about using her company, and informed me of a lot of charges that other companies never mentioned. I was glad that they tell you up front what might be, instead of hiding those things and surprising you with extra charges and fees. Because of this I decided to move with Elephant Moving. A day before my move their office called to confirm my pick up for the next day. They arrived on time and wrapped all the furniture and got it all moved out quickly . I had some extra boxes, which I knew, and I was happy they told me before taking them so I could decide if it was worth the extra $$. There were no other extra charges and the extra space I took was at the same price as they told me orginally - when i was researching movers I read a lot of stories about how some will charge a higher rate at the pick up when there is more stuff. They assured me tha... Read more

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    Thu Dec 18 2008

    They moved me to Phoenix - did a great job. The crew who picked up my stuff in Round Rock was so nice and professional. They worked fast and made sure everything was totally wrapped up so it wouldn't get damaged. I did most of my packing, but they needed to box a couple of things that I wasn't sure what to do with, and they did a wonderful packing job on those things. The price was one of the best I found and did not increase from what I was quoted. The delivery driver worked really hard (he had only 1 guy to help him and there were 4 guys on the pickup...) and didn't complain at all even though my bed was hard to put back together and took some time. Overall I am really pleased with the service I received. The office people were always nice and kept me up to date on the status of my stuff, and the driver called the day before so I knew just when to expect him. The only downside was a damaged night stand, but it was that cheap Ikea type furniture so no big loss (especially considering ... Read more

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    Sun Nov 16 2008

    I like this company and am very happy with service they give to move apartments. I have trouble with english but they help me a lot to make sure I understand evrything. The sales person was nice and helped me. She sent many emails to answer all of my question becuase i can read better than speak to her on the phone. Good estimate and good price for move with full services disassemble and wrapping. All the movers were very good at the move. They move fast and very patient with me even though I can't understand all the things they say to me. I will use again when I move from apartment to house and tell all my freinds how good this company moves.

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    Sun Nov 16 2008

    Introduction: First things first, I will admit that I was worried about them writing their own reviews on this site since I saw so many maxed out ones. I decided to ask both Elephant Moving and Blue Ribbon Moving (the company that my previous apartment, The Gables at Town Lake, recommended) for quotes. I figured that I'd go with Blue Ribbon because they didn't damage my stuff too badly during a previous move, but to my surprise... Within two hours of sending the quotes out, I had both a confirmation email with price estimate and call from one of their representatives named Travis. I never received a confirmation from Manny at Blue Ribbon despite multiple phone calls and emails over the course of a few weeks. The Action: Elephant Moving apparently starts their days at 9:00am and requires their movers to be at the office an hour beforehand. I requested that they show up at 8:00am instead because I wanted to avoid having the Texas sun exhaust them too much too early. Even though I ... Read more

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    Sun Nov 09 2008

    Since moving is incredibly stressful it is nice to know that Elephant actually is very professional, friendly, and quick. Most moving companies that charge by the hour you would think that they would take their time. I was pretty nervous about the hourly rate thing, however, they are very quick making your time valuable. The foreman was very accomodating to our needs and the crew worked fast and didn't waste time. I highly recommend this company for moving. Also, we changed our move-in at the last minute and they had no problem with it... thanks Elephant for making such a painless move.

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    Fri Nov 07 2008

    What happened, you ask? First, the men who came to move our boxes were very rushed and didn't invoice all our boxes carefully. They took several boxes to the truck without recording them (which means those boxes could disappear and we wouldn't have a record of them). They dropped my most expensive possession, an electric piano, 3 feet onto the floor. The foreman was defensive when we asked him questions about the moving process and protocol. When they drove off with our boxes and furniture, we had a bad feeling we'd never see any of our things again. Luckily, we did, but there were still more problems. For example, Elephant called to let me know our delivery was coming, so we stayed inside several days waiting for everything, but it never came. This happened 3 times!!! When we finally got our delivery, we discovered that a wooden leg was broken off our antique chair! It was hastily taped onto the chair with moving tape, but it was completely not attached anymore. Then we noticed that... Read more

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    Sun Nov 02 2008

    I hired them to move my baby grand piano from Pflugerville to Round Rock after the first company I hired to move my house including piano sent out 3 guys who clearly had no idea what they were doing. Elephant Moving did a great job and definitely knew how to take care of my piano. There were 4 guys on the crew, they had all the equipment for moving a baby grand piano, and they wrapped it up in 2 kinds of blankets to protect the glossy finish. I was worried about the piano going down the stairs at my new place (weird split level thing so there were like 9 steps), but the movers had everything under control and it was well worth what I paid. I wish I had used them to move my house a few days before (instead of the 3 clueless guys I ended up with). Next time I need to move anything I will call them, because I am confident that they can handle it in a professional manner.

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    Thu Oct 30 2008

    I used this company to move me twice. Once was in town and the second move was to California. I had a great experience both times. The local move had a really professional crew who took less time than estimated, so it cost me less than I had thought it would. That was pretty cool. The move to California went well too. The crew that picked up the job was awesome, and they packed a few things for me really well. I was impressed with the job they did. My stuff was delivered when they said it would be, and I got updates from them whenever I wanted to know where it was or what was going on. I disagree that people only write reviews when they are mad. I have moved before and had pretty bad times with other companies, and the fact that this company did so much better was noteworthy enough for me to come back here and share how my move went (the positive reviews here helped me choose them). I had a small end table damaged, but when you move so far I expect that something might break. My nice f... Read more

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    Thu Oct 09 2008

    I used Elephant moving 3 times in the last year - twice I called them with a request to help move something the same day and they found a way to work me into their schedule. Every time they came they sent courteous, efficient workers who showed concern for the property being moved and the location. Thank you Elephant Moving.

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    Thu Sep 11 2008

    We used this company to move our things from TX to CA. We've moved interstate a few times, and usually it has been a pretty awful experience but Elephant Moving did a great job. The sales person gave us a lot of information and made sure we would be aware of all policies and possible charges ahead of time, so there were no surprises like with some of our previous moves. The crew that picked up everything from our house was really great and wrapped and packed everything very well (no major damages and no missing items). The office staff was helpful and we received email updates when our stuff was on the truck. It took the amount of time they said it would to get our things and the driver who delivered was very nice. Overall, we are extremely pleased - our move was definitely a positive experience and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to move in town or out of state.

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    Thu Aug 28 2008

    I moved about two weeks ago with Elephant Moving. They were very professional and knew what they were doing. Very good moving company.

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    Tue Aug 26 2008

    Elephant Movers offered hassle free, on-time moving experience. They were very careful packing, unpacking and extremely courteous. Would absolutely recommend to anyone moving.

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    Fri Jul 11 2008

    I used Elephant Movers about 3 weeks ago and was very pleased. I was very worried about choosing good movers after being burned several times in the past. I carefully reviewed many websites and reviews, and most seemed like fake reviews (it's kind of obvious when there are multiple reviews around the same date!). The estimator came the day after I called and quickly checked out what I needed to move. She was very professional and brought a folder with information about the company and their policies and procedures. The movers were also very professional and they completed the move in the time that was estimated, and even though they were paid hourly they didn't drag their heels. The price estimate was also very accurate. Nothing was damaged and everything they moved was wrapped. I highly recommend these guys as good movers are hard to find!

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    Tue Jun 03 2008

    I hired Elephant moving to move me out of my apartment about a month ago and I was very happy with their work. They called the day before to confirm, a hour before they got there, and they showed up on time. They were done moving my one bedroom within two hours, and they had brought 5 guys to help. The price I paid was the same as my estimate, and it was the lowest price I found anywhere. They were really friendly and great to use!

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    Sat May 03 2008

    We hired them for an in town move for just our heavy item we couldn't move ourselves. They were on time and quick. Two nice guys also. The stand up washer/dryer did take some bangs moving down 3 stories in from an apartment but we knew it would be tight. I'd use them again.

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    Sun Jan 13 2008

    I moved at the end of December and had called about 10 different companies to schedule a move. Elephant was able to schedule a move just a couple days before my move-out date. The crew did show up late, but once they got there, they more than made up for their tardieness. The company even sent out an extra man because they were late. They wrapped everything carefully, and nothing was damaged because of it. They took great care, but also hussled. Each man in the crew was courteous. No shouting or cursing. And for the price, it was well worth it. They include the truck, gas, blankets and tape in their hourly rate. They were able to move everything in 2 hours - couldn't believe it. They did a great job and when I move, I can't wait to use them again!

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    Fri Dec 28 2007

    I chose to use this company partly because of the great reviews I saw here on Citysearch. Everyone had such great things to say about them (aside from the 1 person who apparently didn't even use their services), and I am very pleased to report that my move was excellent! The whole thing went very smoothly. I hate moving (don't we all!) and was resigned to the idea that it would be as much fun as having my teeth pulled. But Elephant Moving made it a lot less painful. I found the office staff to be extremely helpful. They were happy to answer all of my pre-move questions (and I had a lot of them). I like that they email a copy of the estimate and a confirmation with date and time once you schedule - I have been stood up by movers before and had nothing to point to so I could prove they really were supposed to move me. I had an afternoon time slot, so I was given about a 2 hour window when they would show. I thought it would be like wating for the cable man (you know, "he'll be there betw... Read more

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    Wed Dec 19 2007

    Elephant Moving Inc. is by far the best moving company that we?ve used in Austin! They showed right on time and got right to work. They were very careful with our belongings and wrapped the furniture better than I would have on some of the less expensive pieces. We had a crew of 4 guys and they were very professional and organized. Also, I appreciated that we were given a discount for being asked to reschedule our move, even though it was only one day later. I know how complicated scheduling can be an I?m glad that they offered us the discount when the conflict came up. Very great job!!

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    Thu Dec 13 2007

    I had a WONDERFUL MOVING EXPERIENCE with this company. The showed up right on time (actually a little sooner than scheduled, but I was hoping to move earlier so that was great for me!). The office staff was always courteous and helpful when I called. I even had to reschedule on kind of short notice because my new apartment wasn't ready yet and the office was very nice about it and squeezed me in on another day. My salesperson did a great job estimating my move - the final bill came in under the quote, which was AWESOME! The movers worked fast and took great care of my stuff. They wrapped it all and even had no trouble with my big screen TV down 2 flights of stairs! It was rainy the day I moved and the guys had floor protectors so nothing got muddy (I was worried about the light colored carpet in my new place...). Overall I was really pleased with my move and will be calling Elephant Moving again in a few months when I finally move into my house.

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    Sun Nov 11 2007

    Got a stressful day off to a great start! I felt completely taken care of. Everything from getting an estimate, to having boxes delivered to the move itself was smooth sailing, no worries. The emails leading up the move - checking in to see if I needed anything -- were very reassuring. The team was very professional, courteous, timely and all had a wonderfully helpful attitude. I definitely recommend Elephant Moving! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this a hassle-free move!

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    Sat Jun 16 2007

    Due to a business move, I had to move 3 times in 10 months. The first two times I had to use my company's moving service, which was not very good as I had a lot of stuff broken. The third time, I decided to choose my own moving company, and with Elephant Moving, I couldn't have been happier. Elephant was VERY professional, from the initial estimate to the thorough e-mail communication. They wrapped EVERY piece of furniture in padded blankets and my glass furniture was wrapped in pads and a thick layer of cardboard. They were exceedingly careful and didn't nick or scratch any furniture or walls. In addition, the team they had was very polite and respectful. And as an added bonus, they showed up when they said they would. I have moved a lot, both interstate and locally, and this was by far the best move I?ve ever had. You really can't go wrong with this company. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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    Mon Jun 11 2007

    I'm extremely satisfied with Elephant Moving. I had to change my move time at the last minute because the closing on my new house ran late. Elephant was very flexible and had no problem coming a few hours later. The estimated time and cost to move were accurate and everything was moved without any problems. I will definitely use Elephant Moving again in the future!

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    Sat Apr 07 2007

    Great service! Prompt delivery! Excellent customer service!! If I ever have to move again, I'm moving with Elephant Moving!

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    Mon Dec 11 2006

    Licensed and insured moving company based in Austin assists with residential, commercial, local or statewide moves.