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    Fri Aug 27 2010

    Edward Norton's only weakness is that he will always be Edward Norton. His voice and posture are the same in every film, but the man is seriously talented.

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    Fri Dec 04 2009

    Never turned in a bad performance and has had several memorable roles (Primal Fear, Rounders, Fight Club, and American History X) and many other great performances (The People vs. Larry Flynt, The Score, The Painted Veil, The Illusionist). One of the few I truly hope wins a Best Actor Oscar soon.

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    Mon Feb 16 2009

    Will win an Oscar in the next 5 years.

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    Sun Oct 12 2008

    i love edward norton. where is his oscar? primal fear edward norton vs. cuba gooding jr for jerry maguire and cuba wins> really> did you see these movies oscar voters>

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    Fri Aug 29 2008

    Good actor- has displayed a broad range of roles- some memorable like the Skin head in American History X.

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    Fri Aug 08 2008

    Freakin amazing actor and very hot. He is perfecton

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    Tue Jul 29 2008

    OMGOMGOMGOMG <3<3<3<3

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    Mon Jul 21 2008

    He's good when given the chance to play leads...

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    Wed Jul 16 2008

    One of the true talents in the Hollywood today.

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    Fri Jul 11 2008

    Love this guy!

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    Fri Jul 04 2008

    ok actor

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    Mon Jun 30 2008

    One of my top five actors. Of course, I love hot dorks.

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    Sat Jun 28 2008

    The best actor of his generation.

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    Tue Jun 24 2008

    One of my all time favorite actors. He is Priceless! Primal Fear is his best movie EVER! I suggest you see it if you haven't

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    Haven't really watched a lot of movies with him in it....

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    Sun Jun 01 2008

    Love Fight Club & American History X

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    Wed May 07 2008

    has such range

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    Tue Apr 29 2008

    The Score. That is all.

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    Sun Apr 13 2008

    I was blown away by his performance in "Primal Fear" and have been a big fan ever since.

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    Wed Apr 09 2008

    A good actor, i havent seen many of his movies yet though.

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    Tue Apr 08 2008

    A fine newcomer who has a lot of potential. I am keeping an eye on him. May move to five stars if he keeps up the good work.

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    Thu Apr 03 2008

    amazing work in Primal Fear.  he also plays a good bad guy in Italian Job.  I can't remember him ever playing a good guy in anything i've seen, but he's great at what he does.

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    Thu Apr 03 2008

    I like Edward Norton...haven't seen too many films with him but he is really good in the ones I have seen. Loved him in Primal Fear and Red Dragon

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    Mon Oct 29 2007

    my favorite actor by far. i love all of his movies and he can play any role as close to perfection as anyone can get.

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    Sat Jun 02 2007

    To me Favorite Actor, Bags of tallent, Love all of his work! Top guy! (Y)

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    Mon Apr 30 2007

    Exceptionally talented! Love his work.

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    Tue Feb 13 2007

    Exceptional actor. Whatever happened to him?

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    Sun Oct 01 2006

    My favourite movie of his is American History X

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    Sat Jun 24 2006

    this is one guy who know how to play a bad guy with smarts.

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    Sun Jan 08 2006

    One of my favorite actors, he can play just about any role. He's not typecast in my opinion.

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    Mon Dec 26 2005


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    Sun Dec 18 2005

    Fight Club and American History X

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    Mon Nov 07 2005

    A great actor who disappears into every character he plays.

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    Wed Oct 26 2005

    Very good actor. If you'vce never seen "American History X" you don't know what your missing.

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    Mon Oct 10 2005

    I've only seen American History X, but watching his performance I was blown away. I have too see his other films to rate him higher, but I'll give him 4 stars w/ American History X alone.

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    Mon Oct 10 2005

    I'm gonna be different (as I am very different) and bring up with Death To Smoochy, the highly entertaining rip on kiddie tv, as his funny side that you almost never get to see. Fight Club was also cool and I love the kicking his own ass thing. American History X will continue to be what people talk about, as it was a fantastic performance in some very controversial subject matter.

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    Fri Aug 19 2005

    A rising younger actor- very nice looking and reasonably authentic. Was riveting in 'American History X'.

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    Fri Aug 19 2005

    The man is some kind of acting genius. He basically made American History X, and then had a very believable and interesting performance in Fight Club. The 25th Hour was decent, but once again he manages to portray his character in a believable way.

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    Thu May 26 2005

    i really like this actor. he's very talanted and good looking......

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    Thu May 19 2005

    The best actor under 35 around today.

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    Mon May 16 2005

    Ed Norton is a good actor

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    Mon May 16 2005

    I have seen Primal Fear, Death to Smoochey, and Fight Club. He has played some weird and bizarre characters and has played each one extremely well. Definetley a great actor.

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    Thu Mar 31 2005

    Always liked this guy, his roles are so versatile and he always does an excellent job.

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    Tue Mar 01 2005

    He is good, really good. Have you seen him in Fight Club? He is good in every movie. American History X...wow I was so impressed.

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    this guy is without doubt one of the best actors of his generation.one only has to witness his perfomances in movies like american history x and primal fear to really understand the depth of this actor.his brilliance as an actor lies in the fact that he can portray such contrasting roles with such feeling and awe-inspiring emotion.to top it all off, this guy has a great work ethic and this further accentuates his all round brilliance as an actor.being a person of a slender build,his hard lean body in the movie amexican history x showed that this actor is willing to go all out to add credibility to his role. edward norton is the best,and i definitely see an oscar in his future, provided that he can choose the right role.as we all know,choosing the wrong movie to star in can cripple an actor's career, irrelevant of how good one is.

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    Fri Feb 04 2005

    Primal Fear, American History X, Fight club....one more, he'll be great.

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    Fri Jan 14 2005

    he's such a slut