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    Sun Mar 18 2007

    E.D. is horrible.  Kudos to Fox for demoting her.  She once was very beautiful - and always wore short skirts.  Now, pants and more pants.

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    Wed Jan 18 2006

    Fair and Balanced and beautiful too!!!

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    Fri Sep 30 2005

    e d hill

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    Wed May 11 2005

    Has more mileage on her than a 1948 Nash. Looks used and washed up, and her act has worn thin over the years. Gives her opinion like she was a Rhodes scholar, but comes across as nothing more than trailer park trash. I wish Fox would wake up and get her off the air - she is the weakest link of the Fox and Friends show. Who cares what she thinks?

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    Sun Apr 10 2005

    silly old moo

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    Fri Mar 25 2005

    I used to be a fan, but seems like since she got remarried for the ?th time she's gone downhill. Time to put her out to pasture and let Juliett Huddy take over.

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    Thu Mar 17 2005

    I don't know E.D. from O.D. but she and her crooked smile, chunky knees, constant babble and loser co-hosts can take the show and rename it Freaks and Flubs.

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    Mon Mar 14 2005

    Is it just me or is E.D. looking incredibly sexy these past few weeks? Seems she has decided to turn it up a bit.

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    Tue Feb 15 2005

    E.D. is the best. From viewing some of the comments posted here - I'd say you have some rabid fans of one who sits in her chair a little too often spouting out negativity in hopes of gettng rid of her. Too bad. E.D.'s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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    Wed Feb 02 2005

    She has in recent months been dressing like a grandmother at times. But recently she seems to be looking a little different. The skirts are a little shorter and the legs are showing a little more. The calves are looking in pretty good shape too. She's also been wearing boots more recently. On her worst day still better than Katie Couric.

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    Fri Jan 28 2005

    i too remember E.D (edye) from her ol' PIttsburgh days. first time i ever jerked it to the news was watching her. what a challenge that was. anyway, i dug her at first on Fox News. E.D. wore a lot of short skirts and showed good leg, pretty much confirming everything I thought from when i was younger. but now, she dressed like a Joanne Worker Marm. she needs to get those calves working again.

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    Thu Jan 27 2005

    Someone please shut her up! Dresses like an old grandma, acts like a moral know-it-all (how many marriages and kids is that E.D.? How about being pregnant before marrying husband number whatever-it-is-by-now?) and a sugared up kid when it comes to Dub - sure is different from the old WPXI days - bandwagon jumper! Please get her off the air and bring in Juliet full-time.

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    Thu Dec 02 2004

    Dumb as a post. Couldn't spell CAT if you spotted her the C and the T. Another Fox bimbo, what else is new?

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    Mon Oct 04 2004

    I use to love E.D. I still think her opinion's are right on, and I think she is very bright...but, is there no dress code, or person in charge of what she wears? She dresses like a grandmother. She has fantastic legs and it wasn't too long ago that you could watch waiting for the upskirt shot that the camera crew provided each morning. Juliet needs more air time, her legs are great and she has the same opinions and takes that E.D. has and it is more enjoyable to look at her. (Although Juliet's legs are locked at the knees.)

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    Tue Sep 28 2004

    I am in Australia, so had never heard of her, until I started watching Fox News after the events of September 11. I'm totally smitten by her looks, her voice, her mannerisms and by many of her points of view.

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    Thu Sep 23 2004

    garbage trade her to cnn for robin meade

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    Thu Aug 26 2004

    Air Head.

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    Wed Aug 04 2004

    I liked E.D. a few years ago. She was fairly-good looking and fun to listen to. Ever since she began pumping out the latest set of kids, however, she's gone downhill quick. I agree with the previous poster on this point. She looks so matronly now, and her views remind me more of a suburban soccer mom. It's time to give her spot to Kiran or Juliet permanently and let her go off to tend to those 8 or 9 kids she's got.

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    Tue Aug 03 2004

    Was a LOT better (and hotter) before she started pumping out the munchkins.

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    Fri Jun 11 2004

    old outdated fox needs to get her off that morning show and replace her with huddy

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    Mon May 31 2004

    She is one of those people who makes Fox look bad. She is extremely rude, she interupts every guest that comes on the show. She thinks that she is always right and no one else is intitled to their opinion. She is the absolute worst woman at Fox.

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    Mon May 10 2004

    Without question, the most annoying of the Bush News Channel roster, which is saying volumes. For a woman who rivals Liz Taylor in marriages and has enough children to field her own baseball team, her morality takes are part tragic and 98% humorous. I honestly cannot see the attraction there....on a good day she's average at best. Gents, there's more to life than a great pair of legs and while hers are OK, it doesn't justify having to watch the tripe that comes out of her holier than thou mouth. Her conservative cheerleading is embarrassing and another reason why FNC is only deluding themselves with it's tired Fair and Balanced mantra.

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    Mon Apr 12 2004

    E.D. in the morning makes my day!

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    Sun Apr 04 2004

    I think she's way too opinionated for a morning show--I want to start off the day light rather than talked down to, as she often does. I'd like her spot to be given to Kiran Chetry, Juliet Huddy, or Alisyn Camerota.

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    Thu Mar 11 2004

    E.D. is very smart, although perhaps a bit too opinionated. She knows her stuff and is very nice looking.

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    Mon Mar 08 2004

    She puts the Ho in ho-hum. She puts the Bim in bimbo. She puts the Duh in Donahey. Should go back to VH1 as a VJ since they don't have VJs anymore.

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    Sat Jan 31 2004

    She thinks she's a morale goddess, and can do no wrong. When I'm sure there's only one way she could have got that job. Because her true talent, isn't as a news anchor!!!!!

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    Mon Jan 19 2004

    A great woman to wake up to. She can be opinionated sometimes but she is the antidote to boring morning newscasts. UPDATE: Please change her name to E.D. Hill, she has been using it for the last year and a half.

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    Sun Jan 18 2004

    Very intelligent, we just have to realize when she is reporting, and when she is giving her opinion. She is also giving all women hope for looking great after 30.

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    Fri Nov 14 2003

    Gotta love E.D. She's smart, sharp, and a (University of) Texas Ex, so gotta give her a high rating. I'm a little bit confused though. I mean, I don't keep close tabs on her except to watch Fox & Friends about 3 mornings a week, but FoxNews' bio on her calls her E.D. Hill but I know she was E.D. Donahey. Then I read on here that her maiden name is Tarbox. So what's up with that? Did she get divorced and remarried and CNN didn't report it!? I figure they'd relish the opportunity to report anything embarrassing about a FNC personality. Although...even if they did report it, who would really see it, right? Only loser fanatical left wingers watch the unfair and unbalanced CNN these days.

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    Sun Nov 09 2003

    If she opened her mouth only when she had something interesting to say, and concerning a subject that she actually knew something about,....E.D. would be considered a mute. This would be a true blessing to all, for just as her two monkey co-hosts obviously see and hear no evil in the mis-information they peddle at Fox,...she in turn would be unable to spew any. Please go away and learn something E.D,..about anything,..so that you don't raise your child to share in your own vacant, xenophobic opinions about the world.

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    Sat Nov 01 2003

    Her hair looks awful and she interupts too much!

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    Wed Sep 24 2003

    Hate to say this, but I can get my news anywhere. On the other hand, if I want an incredible LEG show, it's Fox and Friends for E.D.'s awesome thighs. Hey, that's why television shows PICTURES . . .

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    Fri Aug 01 2003

    you kiddin?..look at those thighs

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    Thu Jul 17 2003

    This gal is horrible, she dresses like a streetwalker, which makes unbelievable in her news 'reporting' and her asides and nasties about Clinton etc, make her show how truely ignorant and unprofessional she actually is. I can't stand her mouth, it is twisted and her jaw juts out, makes her look like she is snarling all the time. She and her co-horts all seem as bad as each other, but I can see where they would appeal to the unwashed and uneducated.

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    Wed Jun 18 2003

    Donahey is a lier and a pathetic communist left-wing radical sympathiser. (I was born and lived for the 16 years in the Soviet Union, so believe me, I know his kind)

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    Tue May 20 2003

    Please tell me there is more there than an adequate pair of legs.

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    Mon May 12 2003

    E D rocks

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    Fri Apr 25 2003

    Uninformed and ignorant. Cute show, definitely not a news show by any stretch. totally unprofessional both in style and substance. Can't believe the Friends show is still on the air.

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    Sun Apr 20 2003

    The worst she-witch I've ever seen. How do you know when she's spewing hate? When her mouth is moving.

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    Fri Apr 11 2003


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    Tue Apr 01 2003

    Finally, a morning show host who gets it right.

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    Mon Mar 31 2003

    I'm proud to say we both come from the same town...She tells it like it is....I watch her daily morning show every day...Keep it up!

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    Mon Mar 31 2003

    Don't like her personality and don't watch her.

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    Tue Mar 18 2003

    I think E.D.is a grat news anchor.She is smart,professional,funny and beautiful too.

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    Fri Feb 07 2003

    E.D. is a smart, incisive, sharp witted and very capable woman. She has both passion and perception.

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    Mon Dec 23 2002

    She is just stunning. It proves that 40 is not fatal.

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    Thu Dec 05 2002

    I think that E.D. is okay when it comes to being a television personality. To me, she comes acrosss more as eye candy than really someone who is knowledgeable about a lot of issues.

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    Wed Oct 30 2002

    YICK !