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    Fri Jan 28 2011

    The heart of God must be so grieved. The church He began with His Son’s own sacrificial death to show how important covenant is, now welcomes back to the pulpit those who have broken covenant with the wife of their youth (Malachi 2:15). And the world laughs, and justifiably so. Scandal happens in the world and they spin it, twist it and go on as if nothing ever happened. The church is called to a higher place. When sexual scandal happens, grace is poured out into that situation; we gather around and help in the restoration of the marriage if possible. The wounded sinner is challenged to repent and align themselves once again with the holy standards of our creator God. But if that person is a pastor when this happens, they must not be in that most sacred role of primary leadership again. That is not a lack of forgiveness; it is a consequence of sin. It helps maintain that most holy role of key representative of the originator of the covenant relationship, God the Father.

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    Sat Oct 31 2009

    Hello, I kinda shocked to hear all this..it seems all my old friends have fallen in some ways, I know I have. You know me Angel, remember the trip to cali on the bus? "we luv L.A." eh? Yup, Mark J. That's me. You two really affected my life and I'm blessed to have known ya. I'd had many private talks with Eastman and Angel when we were back at Open Bible in the 80's and they were youth pastors there, and they are good people. I'm sad to see this state of affairs though. I remember how insanely much Eastman loved you Angel, it's hard to believe what has happened in these long years since. Perhaps he could've learned from John Jacob's mistakes... You know, I'd love to talk to Eastman again..perhaps he needs to remember some things he taught me back at summer camp....where he led me to Christ personally. I could look him in the eye and tell him with conviction the things he told me those many years ago. I know that Eastman, the one with the funny car and the always on smile...eve... Read more

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    Sat Oct 24 2009

    I say screw you all. Screw everyone defending this lech on this board. And... Screw: Eastman Curtis Ed Gungor Carlton Pearson Richard and Lindsay Roberts and the Tulsa list goes on. Screw all of the past and current Tulsa ministers, known and unknown having affairs who are fooling themselves into thinking they have a place in the Kingdom. The body of Christ would be more pure and better served if we'd round up most of anyone connected to most mega churches and ministries in Tulsa and burn them all at the stake. Money, recognition, glory...not God. Idolaters and self worshipers are what they are. Tulsa needs a purification by fire. It's putrid, rotten, and useless in it's current state. It started strong, but through becoming lazy and fat with blessing it has lost it's first love. God doesn't let that stand for long before he judges it. I can't stand going to church anywhere in Tulsa anymore. The stench of rotting corpses greets me with nearly every visit ANYWHERE. The... Read more

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    Sun Jul 19 2009

    I sure hope this is the Angel I knew. I just got on Facebook and was surprised (to say the least) that you were still not married to Eastman. You may or may not remember me from those early days here in Lakeland with the 1st AG and "Word of Life Fellowship" with Wade and when John was just starting out in the early 80's. I am so sorry this happened. I have heard that we marry for love but we divorce not over hate but hurt. I trust God you and your children will be fine. Your fellowship is a great and loving group. I went to school in OK with Reggie and grew up near Larry down here. I recall you always being very kind and had a heart for those who were much in need. I pray your wounds heal. God speed to you.

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    Wed Mar 11 2009

    Wow, you know I will tell you this. I do not look at Eastman Curtis as a God or someone I am not worthy in front of. I don't know what happened exactly in his personal life. However, it truly is not our business. He was a leader of a church, he is also a man and Angel is a woman. Amazingly enough we are all human. Some of you on here are exactly why I havent been back to church. You are judgemental, better than though, hate filled Christians. You probably hate gays, and find anyone who smokes or drinks as someone you would rather not have in your church. The way I understand the bible is that we are not to Judge or to be judged. We are to love one another as Christ loves the Church. So, back off this family. He has moved on and Angel has moved on and they are healing in their own ways. Maybe you should look into your own lives and start healing yourselves. We plan on attending his new church...NO why because of his non judgemental way of teaching.

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    Sat Jan 17 2009

    Hey everyone, This is Angel Curtis. I appreciate all of what you had to say. Your concerns and support. I actually agree with you all in many ways. Eastman is doing well and seems to be happy. He did marry a former staff member and is moving on. As for me, I have just focused on being mom. And I could not be happier!! Sumner is now 17 and Nicole is 13. We are all very involved in our church Family Worship Center in Florida. I have heard so many things that are maybe somewhat true and really do not matter. You know the Word says you can judge someone by their fruit. The fruit of my life is my amazing kids that are the rock and joy of my life, and my continued serving in my church. I am not saying that I have been perfect or have not screwed up, I certainly have. No divorce is one-sided. But the real fruit of my life is that I saw it and made the choice towards a difference. So please just pray and support my kids. That would be the greatest thing you could do for me. And ... Read more

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    Sun Dec 14 2008

    Let me aslo say this:I do believe that Eastman truly believes what he preaches, and for some people it might be a good thing. I still see him from time to time and hate to smear his character in anyway, however, I'm not one to continually be fed false hopes.  Eastman's prosperity gospel is just an opiate to the masses, the poor devour the hope of their god one day making them rich and the rich thank their god for keeping them rich (I saw how much money went in the church, and it was substantial).And let me add, Eastman is human. He has no divine powers, no divine intervention. There is no force within him making his life perfect. And trust, the same goes for us all. We are human, homosapiens, animals who have a conscience yet still uphold some of our animalistic instincts; for example, how many men lust when we're told it's a sin? It's not something we can stop, it's a natural chemical reaction. The same goes for Eastman and Angel. We put them on a pedestal when they merely give you th... Read more

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    Wed Dec 10 2008

    I remember going to Destiny in the late 90's and early '00's. I was around 8 or 9 when we first went there. I would have to say that was the best church I have ever attended so far in my life. When I sat in the church with my parents I would remember his funny stories and how everyone would laugh. He was able to get the message across. And of course being in J4K was SO fun too. My family and his family were pretty close, and my brother and his son were friends. I wish him and his 2nd wife the best with the new church and I hope everything is well with Sumner and Nicole. He was a great preacher then and, despite all that has happened, Im sure he is a great preacher now.

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    Wed Dec 03 2008

    Hello, I'm kind of in shock right now, I worked for Eastman & Angel in Lakeland, FL back in the early 90's and just looked them up on the internet and read the news of affairs, divorce, and remarriage. The only thing I can say is that while I am greatly disappointed to hear about the break-up of Eastman & Angel, who are we to cast judgement? We do not know the knitty details behind their lives. The Bible says, "ALL have sinned and fallen short" and "He who has NO SIN, let HIM cast the first stone." That leaves ALL of us out!!! My question is, Does anyone know what has happened to Angel? Where is she? Still in the Ministry? Be careful: Judge not, lest ye be judged!

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    Tue Nov 11 2008

    For Roeh:  He did step down as a spiritual leader and took time off to build his confidence and rediscover who he is in God.  God still has the same plan for Eastman.  Just because YOU don't  think so doesn't make it wrong.  Who are you anyway to suggest that he takes grace for granted.  He has repented of the things he did in his last marriage and his x wife had an affair as well.... before he did.... so unless you are 100% sure of the information you THINK you know, you have no business even speaking about this issue.  You are just another person out there wallowing in the gossip and strife as opposed to accepting the truth, forgiving and moving on.  Why live in the past and feel as if someone needs to be punished forever.  Enough is enough.  Let it go!!!

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    After reading all the postings, it is clear to me that the divorce of Eastman Curtis and Angel has caused dissension among those who wallow in the freedom of grace and those who after receiving grace; begin to strive for Godliness/holiness as part of progressing and growing their faith. My question is: Why is it that Eastman Curtis is not censured and held accountable and removed from ministry until a body and board of believers are assured that he is restored. After all, he had several affairs before he divorced and remarried. Maybe he will do this again. Why is it that so many are "hell bent" on giving him a hand wave to the damage he has done? Is it because in doing that, people can feel more comfortable with their own sins and just rationalize that grace covers everything...nothing to worry! My final question is: Why is it that Eastman Curtis does not have the integrity to step down and remove himself as a spiritual leader?

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    does anyone know where mike ecks is these days? he was the best.

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    Tue Sep 30 2008

    Is there anyone out there who was an intern with Eastman in 1997-1998? This is Amy W. & I'm looking for all of you out there!!

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    Wed Sep 17 2008

    To those who are bashing Eastman, I wonder what you would have written if the internet and you were around a few thousand years ago. Did you hear about the false prophet, King David? He had an affair with a woman named Bathsheba, lied about it, then had her husband killed in battle! Don't forget that, despite all these things, God loved David and actually said that he was a man after God's own heart. Let God be the judge here and don't be so quick to kick a brother while he's down.

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    Sun Aug 10 2008

    So, chosen14Him, just because Eastman had some issues in his life and family, he's NOW a false prophet?!  You have a lot of nerve! Let me just add as someone who really has been in 'leadership'  at Destiny (and I question what that really means to you), I know a lot more than the average layman because I took the time to talk to all people involved in this situation and come to a wise and educated decision about who and what these people are.  My conclusion... THEY'RE PEOPLE! No better, no lesser in God's eyes than you! I also must add that I've seen a lot of people come to some really freaky conclusions 'in their spirit' so if these conclusions are leading you to condemn a man, you probably need to go back and ask again.

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    Sun Jun 22 2008

    I don't know what to say about anything anyone has put on this site, but I know as a former member of Destiny Church from 2001-2003, the Lord showed me what was going on before anything ever came out publicly about Eastman. After a while of attending and being heavily involved in leadership, I had a rupture in my spirit. And after much fasting and prayer about why my spirit was so grieved for Destiny, the Lord lead me to II Peter 2 to let me know what was going on and how to pray (For those of you that have known Eastman, take the time to read the scripture...if it checks right with your spirit, pray without judging, if it doesn't, I am not God). So, by God's grace and strength, I sat under that ministry for a year and a half praying against the spirit the scripture spoke of.   I encourage you to pray and not gossip.  Lastly, be careful what you speak to the fellow believers on this site to one another. Digest Galatians 5:13-15,25,26.

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    Thu May 08 2008

    Citychurch, you are correct in that we must stop putting preachers/pastors/ministers on a pedestal because they are only human. The only problem is that the leaders of the church are to be held to a higher standard because we are supposed to follow their example. God was very clear when He said how they were to conduct themselves. If any leader finds themselves in an immoral/ illegal situation, then they need to step down before they either tear the church apart or give the nonbelievers more fodder. I attended Eastmans church (and served in several Helps ministries) when it was on Aspen in BA, but I started seeing many things that were spiritually upsetting.I think it was many of those things that wound up being the reason he had to give up the church he had tried so hard to build. It was sad but not surprising when I heard he had left. I hope he understands why it happened.

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    Tue Mar 18 2008

    Regardless of man's opinion, God always longs for restoration with his children, and He is always faithful to forgive.  Eastman is a man, vulnerable to sin, just like all of us. We should be careful not to judge the status of his relationship with God, because only the two of them know the real truth in that.

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    Wed Jan 23 2008

    Would someone please let all of us in on what happened at Destiny Church.  This does not only affect those at the church, but people all over the U.S. who have sat under the teachings of Mr. Curtis and have sown money into his ministry.  Just this past week we found out that Mr. Curtis had divorced his wife.  It came as quite a surprise.   Why does the church continually sweep these things under the rug?  I understand that Craig Hagin also divorced his first wife.  Does no one see how destructive this is to the church?  We can forgive, but do we need to allow these people to continue to weaken the Gospel?  I see that Mr. Curtis has started a new church.  He claims it is the most relevant church you can attend.  Relevant to what, okaying your sins and watering down the Gospel?   Those of you who know the truth on this matter and hide it should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this man to continue to prey on the innocent.

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    Mon Jan 07 2008

    If anyone of those people was ever condesending it was Angel Curtis!

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    Sun Dec 30 2007

    I am definitely a goofball. You got me there. What I am also is someone who loved the Curtis family and still does. And it's not based on things that have or have not been done as claimed here. I am forever grateful to them for seeing something of worth in me that I didn't see in myself. I continually find myself quoting wisdom that Angel shared with me that I didn't recognize as such at the time. Eastman also spoke many amazing things into my life that I am only now beginning to recognize their true value. The gifts that they both have far surpass anything I could claim and I was blessed to have been taught by them while I was. I wish I could say that I was mature enough to learn some of what was being taught as it was being given, but unfortunately that is how the growing process goes most times - you only get it later down the road. I am who I am - and I am definitely a work in progress. I owe many people debts of gratitude for many things - and the Curtis's are high on that list fo... Read more

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    Mon Dec 17 2007

    Guys, we really need to pray for A WHOLE LOT of these people who have posted on here.  These people have obviously been hurt and offended by what has taken place, and God has placed a burden on my heart to intercede for these people.  Their hearts have been broken, their faith shaken, and they have turned away from God because of bad experiences with other Christians.  This is really serious, and we need to step up in typical Destiny style and show these people what our family is all about: "Loving People".  We might not have been the ones that offended them, but we are the ones who are called to bring them back to God.  God will leave 99 for the 1 that is lost, so stand in agreement with me, and let's pray that these people receive healing for their hurts and that they would come back home and come back into the promises of God.  They are judging us by the past, so let's show them the love of God in our present.

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    Mon Nov 26 2007

    Hello, I want to say first we as Christians MUST quit putting ministers, pastors, evangelists, etc up on a pedestal and making them act high and mighty when they too are human. I am 31 years old and have been directly effected by 3 minister marriage splits. One of them was a good friend. I am here to tell you that first, sin is sin, what was done has been done and was wrong. BUT, after going through what I have I have prayed and asked God to help me understand why He continues to lead me to churches with this issue. His answer was this, ministers need to be able to be real and open about their personal temptations, and trials. Even Jesus was tempted. But we as the "church" have decided that a "man of God" should never be tempted and should always be perfect. IF you don't believe me read the posts below. If your current pastor stood up this Sunday and said he has been tempted with pornography this week you would stone him. Oh, you might say you wouldn't but I have been around... Read more

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    Fri Oct 19 2007

    Hi, I am writing to this site to see if anyone knows Eastman's sister, Connie? I grew up with Connie, she was my best friend from K-6th grade. Eastman was her big brother. I did not know him that well, I just want to get in touch with his sister. Her name now is Connie Sperrs.

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    Tue Oct 16 2007


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    Tue Oct 16 2007

    I saw some girl saying she knows eastman's son and he's in south carolina. Did Angel and both of the kids move there? this whole thing does make me sad. I'm not judging anybody but I am sad for everyone.has anyone been to his new meetings? if so how is it? I just found out and I am so excited ot check it out!

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    Wed Oct 03 2007

    eastman is a great guy and all this stuff must be hurtful to his entire family including angel. lets learn to respond in love as Christ would expect us to. Mistakes may very well have been made but lets pray for all concerned. Love is the greatest tool we have and it covers! a multitude of sin. Im so glad that God has chosen not to expose the wrong in my or even your life arnt you. Pray for all those who by the looks of this site have been sadly effected. Let love be the dominant force not anger,bitterness, jealousy or spite non of these are Christ like attitudes. With Christian Love Tomo

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    Thu Sep 20 2007

    Ummm....I'm reading some of these posts...what happened? I keeping seeing scandal and "I feel for Angel" Could someone give me a clue?

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    Wed Sep 19 2007

    oh my eastman curtis is the best speaker i have ever heard in my life woow and he came to my church in england at grace acedmy woooow thank you eastman curtis you truelly changed my life Jody 14, england

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    Mon Sep 17 2007

    Destiny church is not the same.  It's better.  I'm actually ok with the 'real' Destiny being gone.  I may not have the financial facts.  But, any member can schedule a meeting with the financial administrator and find out.  There is accountability in the church now.  They keep their staff.  The bond money decision was the best decision for the church.  Or else, that decision wouldn't have been made.  This church completely trusts and loves it's pastor now.  Check out the media section of the website for what was done on his birthday and for weekly services.  www.destinychurch.comDrive by, check out the building.Leave Destiny out of this.  They're fine.

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    Thu Sep 13 2007

    I knew Eastman in High School in Lake Wales.   He doesn't over-dramatize when he tells others about his wild and crazy days - he was the party man.  A spoiled rich kid (we all thought) who had all the connections, and knew where the parties were.  Most of us were sure he'd end up in prison.  I turned on late night TV one night and saw his teen program.  I was amazed, and touched by his words.  Let me tell you that the 'good' he did for others when he turned his life around will long outweigh any controversy.   My opinions here will no doubt be discarded, as I turned away from the organized Christian community when I realized that I could not muster up the intolerance, judgement, arrogance and hatred that is required to be a 'good Christian' by today's standards.Eastman has inspired many kids to turn their lives around, and whatever else he is accused of or judged for by mortals, it is God who has the final say.  That's the only standard Eastman and Dawn need measure themselves to.

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    Wed Sep 12 2007

    I doubt you really know the truth about the financial condition of Destiny Church today....healthy it is not.  If healthy means not paying your debts and covering it by blaming others. Then maybe.  Get the facts before you are so quick to spread the lies that you have been told.  I would advise you not to judge the spiritual condition either.  If you have truly moved on then go on and move on, but do not repeat the lies you have been fed by the current leadership.

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    Sun Sep 09 2007

    you know it would be awsome if my posts would SHOW UP. at least they do on soaps. com.if you read the last one,you missed about 4 other ones.thats the ones you should have read.any way i thought christains ARE suppose to be HONEST.its the u.s.a. they dont burn people at the stake anymore. if they did I would be the first to go! as for a repeat. dawn is nice. eastman preaches good .brent s voice is awsome. hey do you THINK it will show up this time!!!

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    Fri Sep 07 2007

    This guy needs to move on down road.

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    Fri Aug 31 2007

    For the record: I do NOT dislike Eastman or Dawn. I do, however, dislike the fact that he has abused his leadership role as a pastor for selfish reasons and he has done so more than once. His decisions have impacted a lot of families. As you all know, it is very difficult to get some people to even step a toe inside of a church. And yet, Destiny Church was a place for those people to start their journey with Christ. Then once the poop hit the fan with Eastman, they began to question themselves. They began to wonder if everything that man that was teaching and preaching was all a lie. Some have went on and found a place to worship and to learn and to continue their journey. But so many others are still wondering. Yes, I believe that Eastman will be forgiven- if in fact he is truly sorry. After all, God is a forgiving and loving God. God has given us a head on our shoulders and he expects us to use it for something more than a hat rack. I believe it is important that the people of this... Read more

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    Mon Aug 27 2007

    Eastman is a wonderful man of God. He is doing what God called him to do. He has been through a lot of hardships so that means he will have the VICTORY!

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    Tue Aug 07 2007

    Hi bestbud,I read your review on Eastman Curtis...Wow you hit the nail on the head..I am a former member of his Destiny church  and was a dedicated worker in the guest room....Oh how Iv'e been searching for him and well as praying for him. If it wasn't for him, alot of lives would still be lost...thank you for sharing all the good about him as well as his new location of worship. He is a wonderful man and rumors will be rumors as well as critical people will still be.This world is made up of unhappy people...thanks to the Devil....But those who honestly love god and trust his word will  not judge anyone..at all...And most of all I guess all the judging people lived with eastman curtis and knew every move he made , every snort he made and  was like a little fly on his shoulder to know soooooo much truth huh..oh well,,so sad,,,but we are happy....YOU GO EASTMAN CURTIS....YOU GO....GOD IS SO PROUD OF YOU, AND DON'T YOU FORGET THAT........LOVE, BEFREE1

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    Tue Jul 31 2007

    2007 Hello! I am new to this site. I am a teen and i do not know Eastman Curtis at all. This may seem strange to you that i am on this site. It is to me too. I am best friends with his son Sumner in South Carolina. Sumner has such an upbeat attitude towards his dad after all that has happened and so after he told me his dad was a pretty well known speaker i decided to check online. This is when i found tihs. Sumner had opened up to me before about some of this stuff, but i am not here to judge b/c i do not live in Oklahoma and i do not knwo the full situation. However, i do no that Sumner did not deserve that. I hope that mr.curtis feels very remourseful for this. I have a feeling he does not but once again i cannot judge. He came to visit Sumner only once this entire year and when he did so he drove up for one day in a sporty hot rod car and asked our principal for donations or to speak at one of our events. I was appauled. I love Sumner...alot. We are not dating, but I care for Sumn... Read more

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    Wed Jul 11 2007

    I really don't like it when people like Mr. Curtis try to act like a teenager (when he's obviously not) in order to try to appeal to teeangers and convince them that Christianity is "rad" and "cool" and Jesus can become your "homeboy." It looks silly. It sounds ridiculous. And the world looks at things like this and are even more convinced that Christianity doesn't have anything appealing in and of itself since it must constantly monitor what's going on in the world (e.g., what's on MTV, what's the newest flick from Hollywood, etc..) and mimic that - trying to give it Christian overtones. It makes Christianity look carney. Stop it. Please. Just preach the truth. In season. Out of season. What's so hard about that? If you have to compromise to get people in, you'll have to continue to compromise to keep them in. And just who are these people that are responding to this "new brand" of "Christianity"? Sinners. Unregenerate sinners, at that. Before you know it, you have scandals in the chu... Read more

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    Mon Jun 25 2007

    Hello! I am new to this site. I am a teen and i do not know Eastman Curtis at all. This may seem strange to you that i am on this site. It is to me too. I am best friends with his son Sumner in South Carolina. Sumner has such an upbeat attitude towards his dad after all that has happened and so after he told me his dad was a pretty well known speaker i decided to check online. This is when i found tihs. Sumner had opened up to me before about some of this stuff, but i am not here to judge b/c i do not live in Oklahoma and i do not knwo the full situation. However, i do no that Sumner did not deserve that. I hope that mr.curtis feels very remourseful for this. I have a feeling he does not but once again i cannot judge. He came to visit Sumner only once this entire year and when he did so he drove up for one day in a sporty hot rod car and asked our principal for donations or to speak at one of our events. I was appauled. I love Sumner...alot. We are not dating, but I care for Sumner mor... Read more

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    Wed Jun 13 2007

    Pastor Eastman if you get the opportunity to read this i would like to tell you thank you. I was a member for two years before I moved. I enjoyrd every service miss those cappucinos. I dont know what happened and all i do is keep you lifted up. My family and I loved to go to church, we saw God in a different light because of you. God is a good God and you did a great job. You need to keep your head high and keep God before you. I still care for you and I have no regrets to say that you are still my pastor. Alot of people who are criticizing you that used to attend your church were there for the wrong reasons. Those people were there to get a thrill or to watch the show. I believe you have Gods intentions and that you truly believe Gods word and are willing to fight the good fight of faith. Iam behind you so keep on keepin on!!!!

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    Sun Jun 03 2007

    I saw Eastman riding a bicycle yesterday with his wife and young child, sportin'a big 'ol cheese on his face. He looked happier than ever. He's definitely a man of GOD and we shouldn't be passing judgement. How do you know that this wasn't the woman that he was supposed to marry in the first place and that he was never supposed to marry Angel? How come you all read PSALMS and do not criticize the one who commited murder to be with a man's wife? When you're called to ministry and you and your spouse are not equally yoked, it can be very hard. Regardless of the outcome, we shouldn't be standing around bickering and judging this man. We all stumble and in this case, no one knows the truth but those involved. All things work together for the good for those who love him (GOD). I attended Destiny as a young husband and father and miss Eastman. I too left before the building was finished. Regardless, Eastman is still like the rest of us.....HUMAN. In Christ I Live K.T.

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    Mon May 21 2007

    Hey, I have only one thing to say... Who annointed all of you to be the "christian" police? The word of God says certain gifts are given to people but I can absolutely say that there is no gift labeled "christian" police. For some reason some people feel they are gifted to point out peoples faults. I would guaranty we could find fault on everyone of these persons that feel their calling is to point out faults. (maybe pointing out the faults) Nuf said

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    Fri May 18 2007

    If you are as righteous as you apparently seem to think, you would have at least gotten your facts straight before immediately posting your judgment on the internet. You would also consider ALL the facts before answering in a matter considering his and Angels life, and now his new wife who is actually nice to him. And while I am at it, have all the people considered how they are potentially causing others to stumble by contributing and commenting to these rumors and partial truths and for the most part flat out lies. it would just be nice to see some Christians using their brains once in awhile. I am glad he isn't hiding from his past or in what he chooses to drink or do like the rest of the hypocrites who do it on holiday and at home, at least he is open and scriptual. He is re married, Happier and Healthier than ever & still called of God,

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    Fri May 18 2007

    If you don't know what you are talking about then you should not be making any statments whatsoever!!! Eastman has repented and is living a wonderful life filled with the love and grace of Our Heavenly Father! He has found real true love with his new wife and is happier in his personal life than he has ever been!!! I am his best friend so I KNOW what I am talking about (just an FYI)! He continues to be a great spiritual man and lets God work through him daily in his dealings with ALL people he comes in contact with. He desires to let the people of the world know that God is a God of love and that in itself will enable any person to overcome sin and shortcomings!!! His new church, Celebration Church @ Holiday Inn Select, I44 and Yale Sundays @ 10:30... (this is a commercial break), is based on acceptance, encouragement and family. It is the perfect place for any person who has ever felt that God has given up on them because of their past. God does not only forgive, but also restore.... Read more

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    Wed May 16 2007

    In Reference to tulsapersonanonymous We agree...furthermore We do not pretend that we know all that was involved nor really want to know .....Can someone tell us where it is in the Bible this new Sin Rating System that everyone keeps talking about. We are the ones who have rated sins as to what we think is or is not sin. (But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound Romans 5:20) That is in the Bible. I am so thankful that our names personally are not in that scripture, God is no respector of persons. Thank God that He deals with us on our level not on the "christian self righteous level". By the way look up the word Christian. Each of us run the race at our own pace, convictions are personal challenges and our personal guidelines. We were also very involved with Destiny church and Eastman and Angel. Regardless of how you feel, my wife and myself would not be where we are today if had not been for the teaching & friendship from them. We were at Eastmans first church serv... Read more

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    Wed May 02 2007

    I too attended Destiny back when Eastman was pastoring the church and even help to usher and greet for the Church. It was a priviledge to serve the Lord. Truly, Eastman is a charasmatic speaker who certainly hears from God and is annointed to do what God called him to do in life- that is to reach people for God and to help others to walk stronger in the Lord. Please, pray for him instead of standing around judging and criticizing him. If you want to make a difference, pray that he would stand strong as the man of God in the victory of Jesus that he was called to walk in. I would also pray that those who were caught up in that church situation with adultry that they would find forgiveness in their hearts and find strength to move onto another church body and leave that situation in the hands of the Lord.

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