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    Mon Feb 08 2010

    I went in after getting a Groupon for Dynamic with minimal expectations. Though I was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, it is only because I generally get my naturopathic care in some place that reeks of patchouli. Once past the weird clinical setting I was fine. The supporting staff is fantastic and helpful, and Dr. Chad Johnson is really cool too. He worked with me to get me in and out in a timely manner, and the hours are pretty flexible. They take insurance and even their cash prices are pretty good. Get there and get your spine healthy.

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    Thu Jan 21 2010

    As a former rugby player I have a lot of aches and pains in my neck and back. As a salesman, I have a ton of stress and it shows in my body. Dr. Carr and Dr. Lee helped me find ways I can reduce stress at home and at work and have helped me reduce stress by easing some of my back and neck pain. I have been to several Chiropractors over the years, and all of them were good but this is the best. To the point, wholistic in their approach and it proves results. To top it off, everyone is super frindly and helpful. Can't say enough great stuff.

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    Thu Oct 22 2009

    I have been seeing Dr. Carr for over 7 years and I hope to be treated by him for as long as he’s around. Dr. Carr has helped me through many physical/emotional hurdles through the years and I am so grateful to him for being such a wonderful human being and friend. He always goes above and beyond anyone’s expectations. Dr. Carr has such a passion for life and helping others it's wonderful to just be around him; his exuberance for life is contagious. If you are looking for a new chiropractor or have never gone to one before and would like to see if it could help you Dr. Carr is who you need to see. Andrea M.

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    Wed Oct 21 2009

    Dr. Carr is AWESOME! He knows how to get rid of my migranes in a signal session. Anyone that goes to see Dr. Carr will be taken care of will encounter a great personality. Makes you laugh and when your feeling down and out! Jane W.

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    Sun Oct 04 2009

    I have been seeing Dr. Carr for over a year and he has been a life saver. When I started seeing him, I had constant back pain and could not walk without pain. Dr. Carr explained and educated me on how to take care of my back. He explains things to me in a way I can understand them but does not talk down to me like other chiropractic have. I recently started having pain in my chest, when I when to my primary doctor he told me to go take some aspirin. Dr. Carr saw me and gave me a rib adjustment and the pain has gone away. I recommend Dr. Carr to everyone! He is the best in Seattle. Dr lee is also excellent and has seen me when Dr. Carr is not available. Massages are wonderful too.

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    Thu Aug 13 2009

    I was living with continuous pain and fatigue for years. I had been seeing a chiropractor, but switched to Dr. Carr. After four treatments the symptoms that had plagued me for years were nearly all gone. I had been diagnosed with fibromyaligia, among other things. I still can't believe it in the morning when I wake up. I had been preparing myself to accept the possibility of being semi-disabled within a few years at the rate I was going. Guess not now, thanks to Dr. Carr.

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    Tue Jun 23 2009

    I went to Dynamic Chiro on the advice of a friend and the great reviews on City Search, but always failed to get Dr. Carr (although this was never made clear to me when I made the appt) and always got Dr. Lee. Fortunately, Dr. Lee totally knows what he's doing and talking about and will explain everything thoroughly. What I did not like was the upsell - apparently I have a horrible spine (will probably look like Hunchback of Notre Dame in a few years' time, according to xrays) and need to see Dr. Lee 3x/week for 3 weeks straight then maintenance. Dr. Lee could have easily gotten 4 stars (the no validation parking is a big turnoff too -- and they expect me to do this THREE TIMES PER WEEK?!) if it were not for the upsell.

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    Mon Mar 23 2009

    I was extremely skeptical of chiropractic but pain medication was no longer helping me control the severe pain in my neck and shoulders caused by a horse related accident. I decided to go into Dr. Carr's office for the initial exam. I was very impressed by his knowledge and the fact that he x-rayed the painful area before treatment instead of just jumping in and trying to fix it. He went about the process thoughtfully, professionally, and skillfully. I no longer have those painful episodes or headaches, and am a firm believer in chiropractic.

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    Sat Feb 14 2009

    Like many others who seek chiropractic services, it can often be a bit of a hopscotch finding a doctor who is the right fit for you. I have tried it all: the chiropractor with the scary tools, the sadist who seems to do more harm than good, the uncaring professional who counts the seconds. When I walked into Dr. Carr's office, it was with hard-earned skepticism. However, the experience was immediately different. Stacy, his receptionist, greets you like she cares. I was quick to learn this was a reflection of Dr. Carr himself - he truly cares about his patients. He will go out of his way to make sure he sees you, he will take time to ask questions, he won't rush through his adjustments. All of this, of course, would be a moot point if he wasn't any good. Fortunately, he's wonderful! He has a holistic concept of good health combined with refreshing techniques that break from the stodgy traditions often found in his trade. Obviously, I am a whole-hearted advocate of Dynamic Chiropractic a... Read more

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    Thu Dec 18 2008

    Dr. Carr has like 3 times the number of reviews here, and isn't listed first. Why? I thought the care was everything I was missing: personal, easy, efficient, and effective. I chose him because I did alittle more researching and found him here and gave it a shot. A more personal doc would be hard to find. His jokes: not so funny, but but me to ease. i go a nd have gone for about two months. I see and feel the changes. If you are looking for change, do it with Dr. Carr.

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    Mon Dec 01 2008

    So I was a LOT apprehensive about going to see a chiropractor, and that's why I looked through all these reviews, turns out the best is often the hardest to find. My apprehensiveness was put to rest upon entering the office, which is really nice, and the staf, (ditto). Dr. Carr did an exam, which seemed more like a workout, honestly, and then told me what I had.. he tookminimal pictures of me, and then explained everything, and got to work. He was confident and sure, and I let him adjust me. Holy Moley! I felt immediately better. I would recommend him to anyone. I've been going off and on for tune ups for a while, and always feel better when I leave.

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    Wed Oct 29 2008

    It's not a huge exaggeration to say Dr Carr has changed my life. I work from home, spend long hours in front of a computer and as a result had developed terrible posture... Eventually my slumping and stooping led to two bulging discs in my neck which were excruciating. Couldn't sit, stand or lie down for very long without pain. So, on the recommendation of a friend, off I went to see Dr Carr who assessed me for free, sent me for an MRI the next day, and saw me the day after to follow up - his day off! The pain was noticeably less after my first visit and six months later I am pain-free. It's been a long haul: I've had to change bad habits, adjust to sleeping on a special pillow (which I now love but it took a while), do daily exercises, and visit Dr Carr for weekly adjustments, but all so worth it. My posture is visibly improved and my pain is gone. I can't recommend Dr Carr enough - plus he's funny and knows his stuff. I'd like to add that my youngest daughter adores him and... Read more

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    Tue Oct 21 2008

    Dr Carr has sorted out all my back woes in just a few visits. Rates are good, service is great - go and see him.

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    Mon Sep 22 2008

    Dr. Carr saw me the same day for my back injury, something I've been struggling with since grade school. I was impressed by the neat decor in the office first: you can tell Dr. C likes his job. Everything he said, everything he talked about was the nervous system and the spine. He even has a real one or two in the office. He simply sat and listened to me during my interview... It was so weird, since my experience at Swedish was so different (see my review). I actually felt uncomfortable talking so much, but Dr. C just listened, then summarized what I said, and then got to work. He explained my issues as he saw them, did some tests to see if he was right, and then we started into care. He walked me through the adjustments, then did them... I don't think I'd ever felt better! I then walked back to work, and I've NEVER imagined what it would be like to be free of pain. I felt like dancing!!

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    Mon Jul 07 2008

    I went to Dr. Carr because I couldn't figure out what was going on.... I read the reviews here on Citysearch and thought they might all be hooey, but I went anyway. Dr. C ran me through some weird tests that resembled calisthenics, and looked at me quizzically. He said that some things made sense to him, some things didn't. My MD visit immediately defaulted to and MRI, but Dr. Carr explained why he thought it was necessary. He filled out the referral immediately and I got the MRI in a day. You have to understand that I was scared.. I am a very active person, I run, I walk, I swim, I golf. Dr. Carr called me back that night after hours and said he was worried whether I had gone, asked about my experience. The next morning, he took almost an hour with me, a new patient, and I watched his waiting room fill up. Dr. Carr closed the door and sat down with me and explained the results. Turns out my low back was literally broken and the disc that holds the bone together was goopi... Read more

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    Sun Jul 06 2008

    I've been to chiros, some quacks, some gods, some well most in between. I think Dr. C is among the top guys I've been to. My background is neurology and I challenged Dr. C on a couple of things, everything he said was backed up. His adjusting is first rate, and I'd trust him with children. I certainly have chosen him. He's the best reviewed here and I can cetainly see why!

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    Dr. Carr is an awesome chiropractor. He is a great person and always stays on top of the best and newest possible methods. After seeing him for 6 months I have seen a DRAMATIC difference and feel great. My neck actually has a full range of motion now. In the past I had seen another chiropractor and after seeing them over a year and not seeing any results or feeling better with have weekly or bi-weekly appointments I decided it was no longer worth the money. I'm SO HAPPY I found Dr. Carr and wasn't turned away from chiropractic after having a bad experience. Dr. Carr and his staff are great and I recommend him to anyone and everyone!

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    Sun Mar 09 2008

    I've been going to Dr Carr for nearly a year now. I had never been to a chiropractor before. During my first visit to his office (after being given his name by a co-worker), I was in such pain - lower back - that I was sure my days of sea-kayaking were over. Dr Carr very carefully assured me that that was not the case, and then explained to me what had happened, and why. Over the course of my office visits, he took the time to answer all of my questions, complete with diagrams and explanations; visuals; and analogies that I still haven't forgotten (the jelly donut!). All of it was presented in a way that clearly demonstrated his interest in my recovery and my own well being going forward. With an easy-going demeanor; a friendly, yet professional, style; a sense of humor that helps get you through whatever the treatment, Dr Carr has seen to it that I'm back to my old self, kayaking to my heart's content! My thanks go to him; yours will too!

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    Thu Mar 06 2008

    I've been seeing Dr. Carr for over a year and can happily report that he has changed my life for the better in more ways than one. I don't think I've reviewed anyone, or anything for that matter, before. But Dr. Carr is unique and I feel strongly that he should be acknowledged. His personal touch and genuine care is refreshing in today's world of doctors. It feels good to have so much individual attention and to know that it is not contrived and self-serving, but rather from the heart. It is apparent that he truly wants to make others the happiest and healiest they can be. My back pain is nearly non-existent now and my quality of life has increased immeasurably. I'm thankful for the treatments, advice, and care he has shown me. Simply put - he's the best! Life's too short to miss out on folks like Dr. Carr who can contribute in so many positive ways. Feel better and be more radiant.

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    Mon Dec 17 2007

    Dr. Carr combines adjustments with great advice, I wouldn't just call him a Chiropractor, but I also count him as a friend. The adjustments are great, but the stretches and the exercises he recommends makes everything work better! Thanks Dr. Carr for the great work, keep it up!

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    Mon Dec 17 2007

    I have been receiving chiropractic care for a few years. I recently began experiencing fairly severe lower back pain along with my usual neck issues. I felt that the chiropractor I had been seeing wasn't proactive enough in addressing this new pain development and I began seeking a new chiropractor. I stumbled into Dynamic Chiropractic due to its close proximity to my workplace and I am sure glad I did! Dr. Carr displays the eagerness to improve my current predicament that I had been searching for. He actively works toward our shared goal - improved movement, posture, and pain relief.

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    Sun Dec 16 2007

    I've been a patient of Dr. Carr's for over 6 years and he is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. My body has improved so much that I really only go occasionally now for a little tune up. There was a time I could hardly move my neck and now I can turn it all the way to both sides. Whenever I start to feel pain or get headaches I go see him and he always explains what is going on and not only treats it, but also educates me and tells me other things I can do to prevent it in the future. I was never a believer in how much chirorpractic care can help your body and also provide long term health until I started to see him. He is so friendly and funny and really loves his job and cares about his patients - I immediately felt comfortable with him and trusted him. He has the best personality of any chiropractor I've ever been to. I've been treated by other chiropractors in the past, but the adjustments didn't feel as effective as one time with Dr. Carr. I alwasy refer him to friend... Read more

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    Thu Dec 13 2007

    I've been seeing Dr. Carr for a few months after getting a recommendation. He is the best! There's a reason he's rated number one on citisearch. He is funny and entertaining, and he really does care about his clients. I feel safe in his care.

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    Tue Nov 06 2007

    Whenever I have a headache or a still neck, I know exactly who to call. Dr. Carr performs a careful examination every time I visit and provides treatment customized to my problem that day. He explains everything he is doing, and the treatment never fails to make me feel better. Also, the relief lasts. It's obvious that Dr. Carr really loves what he does and it shows in the quality of his service and the efficacy of his treatments. I give him the highest possible reccomendation.

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    Tue Sep 25 2007

    Both the massage and chiropractic services are exceptional. The doctor is thorough in his treatments and diagnoses, and I have never felt better than I have after treating at Dynamic. The massage, as well, is theraputic and the therapists are well versed in anatomy and the treatment of problem areas. I wouldn't recommend anywhere else!

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    Tue Sep 25 2007

    I have been to many chiropractors over the years and Dr. Carr is amazing. He offers the best traction for one's neck. I always leave feeling much better. His humor and kindness always make the visit more enjoyable. He has a great staff and if you go on Satudays, you get to talk with his lovely wife. I would highly recommend Dr. Carr to anyone. He even directed me to a job that I love.

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    Tue Aug 28 2007

    I initially went to Dr. Carr because of his ridiculously fabulous reviews on City Search. You seriously think that he bribe or encourage people to write the reviews based on how people rave about him. After my first visit, I know that the reviews are completely true and people write from the bottom of their heart. I don?t usually write reviews but the experience was so awesome that I felt compelled to get the word out about this incredible place. Dr. Carr treated me for neck and shoulder pain after a car accident. He not only preformed the adjustments, but also took the time to explain every thing so I felt very comfortable with the whole situation. I was very skeptical of the chiropractic industry because of my lack of understanding before my accident but am now transformed into a complete believer of the healing ability of a good chiropractor. My improvement came with each session and his extraordinary chiropractic technique restored normal range of motion for my neck. I also have ... Read more

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    Sun Aug 26 2007

    If you have never seen a chiropractor before and are considering visiting one, I think Dr. Carr would be your very best choice in Seattle. He puts new patients at ease. The idea of chiropractic treatment can seem daunting if you've never had it done, but Dr. Carr knows what he's doing, and he's very skilled, patient, and professional. He's also exceptionally friendly and can put anyone at ease. Dr. Carr took an x-ray that showed I had the beginnings of degenerative disk disease and osteoarthritis in a hip, and I wouldn't have had any idea that was occurring if I hadn't gone to see him. Originally I saw him for low back trouble, and I haven't had a recurrence of the problem since. I go to see him in spite of the fact that my lower back pain is gone because I can tell that after chiropractic adjustment, my body feels a lot better. It moves better and performs better. Dr. Carr takes all of the mystery out of chiropractic treatment, and you'll wonder how you ever went without it before. Th... Read more

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    Sat May 12 2007

    Dr. Carr is absolutely excellent. He's got a terrific reputation from patients and other chiropractors alike. I mention his name and people say "Oh yeah, he's good!" And he is. I think this guy was born to do what he does, because the second he's in his element, you see his enthusiasm and deep professional knowledge shine through. He's got excellent medical intuition, and he cares about his patients and listens very carefully. In fact, he makes listening to you a priority, which is a rare and wonderful quality for a doctor these days. He's a great person to go to especially if you are a bit phobic of the idea of having people work on your back, like me. He's a very nice and fun guy to talk to, very mellow, and his staff are all wonderful. I trust them completely. I've suffered with Fibromyalgia for six years now and the pain has been truely unbearable and restrictive at times. A chiropractor was my last resort, and I'm glad I went. I've been seeing Dr. Carr for only a f... Read more

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    Sun May 06 2007

    Dr. Carr is thorough, personable and get results. His exceptional chiropractic techniques restored a normal range of motion to both my shoulders, after tradiitional physical therapy failed. Dr. Pete's positive attitude was a constant encouragement. I will continue to recommend him to my friends and family with the highest praise possible.

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    Mon Apr 30 2007

    I read the reviews and I mean I read all of them... I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor after all I'd heard (my dad's a doctor). I just coulnd't take my headaches any more. I was getting them every day. Dr. Carr did a full workup of my neck, poked me, prodded me, and even hurt me just a little, then sat down, told me I needed x-rays, and took them right there. We looked at them together, and he told me what was wrong. My neck was causing the problems. He even refered me to his website for an article he'd written about the condition. Despite my fears,he adjusted me, and then I was so shocked I ws kind of surised when he asked how my headache was, since I didn't have one! WOW! Talk about a believer. Dr. Carr is a god and persoalble doctor! Go see this guy.

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    Fri Apr 06 2007

    Dr. Carr has really helped my back and neck pain. Before visiting him, I couldn?t get through a day at work without liberal doses of ibuprofen. Now I rarely need it. Further, I can feel that the treatments aren?t simply a means of masking my pain but the correction of an underlying problem. To top it off, Dr. Carr?s friendly and professional manner make for a good experience all around.

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    Tue Apr 03 2007

    Ok, I do not usually write reviews, but Dr. Carr is wonderful! I met him a few years ago when he volunteered to give free chiro care to the Avon 3-day walkers, of which I was one. By the end of the second day, I was in so much pain I could hardly move. One adjustment and I was practically two-stepping. He is thorough, kind, gentle, educational.... everything you want a chiro to be and more. He is a very special chiro and a very special man. I have never been to a chiro as wonderful as he is... he sets the bar very high!

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    Wed Feb 28 2007

    First I must comment on how accomodating Dr. Carr's office assistants were. I was seen the day I called. The receptionist, Fardowsa, was friendly and cheerful . The waiting room had great books and I saw Dr. Carr shortly. Both Dr. Carr and Fardowsa kept me informed as to when I would be seen. Dr Carr was very friendly and prepared to meet with me. He had in advance search the net and provided me with information as to my condition and immediate needs to treat my Bell's Palsy. Dr. Carr brought information and a model and explained the condition to me. He took a friendly and caring attitude and asked questions and answered my quesitons. I felt he really was concerned and wanted to give me the help I need to recover. He could not improve my condition with chiropractic help. He referred me to a therapist. I would not hesiatate to recommend Mr. Carr to any and all my friends if they were in need of help. I wish I could have as pleasant whenever I meet with a health care profe... Read more

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    Thu Feb 22 2007

    Over the years I have worked professionally with enough Chiropractors to know that Dr. Carr is exceptional. His adjusting skills are superb and his manner is energetic. As an experienced Doctor of Chiropractic myself I highly recommend Dr. Carr. His practice is truly Dynamic Chiropractic.

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    Fri Feb 02 2007

    Dr. C and his staff are nothing short of amazing. I feel as if I am not just a client but also a friend. I have felt nothing but better since I have gone to Dynamic. I plan to continue my treatment with him until I can not seek help anylonger! The pretty smiling face of the office, and Dr C. always welcome me with open arms and fit me in at the tightest of moments; like when business is really tough and busy. Totally personal level!!! I have never been made to feel more comfortable as when I am with Dr. C. The sheer attitude of the office in general is more than worth taking a look. The improvement in my back situation that I have felt since seeking treatment has been nothing short of spectacular. If you go to another place you will be sorely dissapointed!!! Dynamic is my solution to avoiding surgery... GO Dynamic... you are truly rockstars in your own rite!!!!

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    Fri Feb 02 2007

    Dr. Carr kicks butt! He is very knowledgeable and very capable, and that upper body strength that you need to be a truly exceptional chiropractor? He has it in spades. He is also very flexible and reasonable if you need chiropractic care, but are broke/out of work, as I was when I went to see him earlier this week; he is willing to make a payment arrangement with you that will allow you to get that sweet relief you need and make smaller payments on a schedule. I was so touched by that, I just had to let everyone here know that Peter Carr is the man! He's willing to accomodate on this because he doesn't want people living his office with the pain they walked in with, and that's the mark of a true healer!

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    Mon Jan 15 2007

    Dr. Carr saw me on the same day I called. I was feeling desperate as my attempts to alleviate the pain with accupuncture were only slightly and temporarily effective and I couldn't sleep. He quickly assessed my problem and explained why I was in pain. Then he expertly and carefully made my first adjustment and gave me instructions as to how i needed to improve my posture with some simple exercises. My improvement came steadily and after each visit, I felt better. Today I have more flexibility and the chronic pain is gone. I highly recommend Dr. Carr, and will probably return regularly myself for maintenance of my alignment and posture.

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    Sun Jan 14 2007

    My partner and I had tried several other chiropractors but were not completely satisfied until we met Dr. Carr several years ago. Although we have very different physical conditions, most other chiropractors treated us like we were on an assembly line and performed the same manipulation on both of us. Dr Carr evaluated us individually and provides us with the specific treatment that applies our conditions. Under Dr Carr?s care we have experienced amazing results. My partner has a disease that fuses his bones and with Dr Carr?s excellent treatment, my partner has mobility unknown to others with the disease. This mobility has kept my partner from aging prematurely. Dr Carr diagnosed that I had one short leg, and with treatment, the grinding/popping sound and pain in my hip disappeared. Dr Carr?s treatments have given me mobility in my neck and eliminated a sharp pain in my upper spine. If you are looking for a great chiropractor, try Dr Carr yourself. Dr Carr has improved our qu... Read more

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    Thu Jan 04 2007


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    Thu Jan 04 2007

    I have known Dr. Carr for years and his committment to excellence knows no bounds. He is a hard worker and cares for his patients. He uses the most advanced chiropractic techniques and would not do one adjustment more or less than necessary. He treats the smallest infants and the most delicate elderly all with care and compassion. I love the fact that half the time I call his office he answers the phones himself. He has a deep personal investment in his practice and his patients.

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    Wed Dec 06 2006

    I did enjoy my first few visits, but after an extremely rough adjustment (I was told it was normal to be very painful) followed by days of intense pain and an emergency room visit with a diagnosis of a cracked rib, I am skeptical whether or not my visits made my theretofore bearable injury worse. I do admit it was my first time going to a chiropracter and that the level of aggression in the adjustments varies, but I counted on his simple and quick diagnosis and projection that I would feel better in 3 or 4 visits, and now I am left with a bill for him, one for the hospital, and a broken rib that is far more painful than what I originally visited the clinic for.

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    Thu Nov 30 2006

    I found Dr. Carr through the internet. I read all 26 reviews before me. I believe it is worth trying since he has so many excellent reviews. After so many years of suffering back/neck pains, I tried other chiropractic doctors before. No one is as good as Dr. Carr. He has magic hands. He is very humorous, nice, considerate. Before I went there, my neck was only turning within very limited angles. I could not drive. Right after my first couple visits, I feel so much better. Now I believe I can walk out of the shadow of "back /neck" pain with full confidence. Thank you so much to Dr. Carr and his nice staffs. I'd like to recommend him to all of my friends who really need him.

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    Sat Nov 18 2006

    I've been receiving chiropractic treatment for years, and Dr. Carr is one of the best I've found. He's even been able to loosen up an area of my back that hasn't moved for quite a while. His staff is very friendly and accommodating, and his sense of humor is one-of-a-kind. I actually look forward to my visits and leave feeling fantastic every time!

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    Tue Nov 07 2006

    Dynamic Chiropractic clinic provies top notch service and care with human touch and concern that is often lost in today's world. Dr. Carr's approach is friendly, concerned and not without his special touch of humor and uplift. One will walk out of his office feeling better physically as well as mentally, adjusted with utmost care and treated with diligent care and more than one smile from Dr. Carr. He focuses on prevention and self care which is most appreciated. Get to Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic and you won't be disappointed.

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    Wed Nov 01 2006

    I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hesitant to see a chiropractor. I was raised with medical doctors, and when I went they said I needed surgery. Dr. Carr said no. Thank God he did. I am pain free, and I think if I do what he says I'll stay that way. I hada disc herniation, and Dr. C was like he could predict the future... he knew what would hurt and what wouldn't, and by George I can actually move and play with my kids. He gave me the straight word on my condition, and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. He's passionate about what he does and I wouldn't go so anyone else. Now, I'm nervous about maybe seeing anyone else!

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    Wed Nov 01 2006

    Okay, this is my forst review, for anything. Dr. Carr is a super knowledgable geek who has been forced to deal with the public. He doesn't realte to me very well, and I understand this and don't care. I've been adjusted by dozens of chiropractors, some of them were great communicators, some of them were great xray techs, some were good in other areas. Dr Carr IS (NO PUN INTENDED) HANDS DOWN THE GREATEST ADJUSTER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. He actually moves bones, unlike other DC's who think that "upper cervical" or NUCCA adjustments, or energy adjusting, or even better, Network chiropractors. (I've been to lots) . Dr. Carr is the doc I'm staying with. Just ask!

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    Thu Oct 12 2006

    I work as a trauma/ICU nurse, and I had deferred seeing a chiropractor for some time now. I hesitated seeing a chiropracotr due to anxiety, hearing about other nurses bad experiences, etc..... However, after countless massages (deep-tissue, sports), which really helped me for maybe one day, I finally decided to go see Dr. Carr after reading the glowing reviews on Citysearch. I cannot even begin to thank him for his help in alleviating my constant aching muscle pain. The pain is gone, and I don't even think about it anymore. I used to obsess about my shoulder and neck pain, because the pain would always be there, and interfere with my job. Dr. Carr is such a professional, who actually LISTENS to your problems, teaches you about your problem, confers with you to work together to promote healing and alleviate your pain. He is also just really easy to talk to, and believe me, as a nurse who work with trauma physicians/surgeons all day, it is so refreshing to actually talk to a doct... Read more

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    Mon Sep 11 2006

    How i wish the citysearch rating scale went to 11! a few months ago i injured my back going for a seemingly routine run-- at first i thought it would heal, but when weeks went by and i still hurt i decided to see someone. i had never seen a chiropractor before, but when i read the reviews on citysearch i figured it was worth a shot. well, that was one of the better decisions i've ever made! dr. carr is hands-down one of the best doctors i've ever had, in any discipline (and i've seen plenty of doctors). he's friendly and professional, his office operates like clockwork (and kathy is the best), and most importantly he takes the time to explain your care to you. at all times i know what we're working on, why and how it will help me. not to mention that i'm complely pain free now and my posture gets better every day.

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    Sun Aug 27 2006

    I've been seeing Dr. Carr on a regular basis for about 4 years for degenerating vertabrae and some pretty severe neck pain. He knows his stuff, and I always come away feeling much better. He loves to share his knowledge and is always willing to educate his patients about what he's doing and why. Just ask him ANY question!! I confess I've cheated on him a couple of times (seen other chiropractors because I don't work downtown anymore) but he's forgiven me and taken me back! I will drive from the south end now to get the best care around. He really is worth the drive!