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    Thu Mar 24 2011

    I good Belgian beer with golden color. It is sometimes referenced as the most typical Belgian Strong Golden Ale style beer. It has great taste and texture. The name means Devil - maybe because it is strong, it contains 8.5% alcohol. It has a long lasting and firm head. Its taste is very complex, not an easy one and definitely not a typical woman's beer. It is one of the most popular Belgian beers, in my experience it can be third in popularity after Stella Artois and Jupiler. The quality is far better than these two. The taste is the best when it is well cooled. Duvel is brewed with Pilsner malt, Saaz hops and white sugar. They use some UK yeast.

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    Wed Mar 09 2011

    This Beer belongs on the 101 Delights worth enjoying everyday list. It has a strong Golden flavor to it and is a powerful Ale. If you drink beer, you need to try this at least once.

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    Wed Sep 22 2010

    Four stars for having one of these beauties. . .but I couldn't sit through two or three of them. . .they are stronger than average beers. For the solitary experience, though, it's a fine Euro-ale with some kick. . .

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    Wed May 12 2010

    Like most everyone else here at RIA, I also give Duvel five stars. To me Belgium beer is famous for that 'white beer' taste, that almost banana kind of flavor. Duvel has that kind of flavor but not overwhelmingly. It has a nice slightly bitter pilsener taste to it as well, which makes for a very nice combination of flavors and a fantastic beer.

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    Mon Jan 18 2010

    Duvel is pretty strong and pretty expensive. It does not really taste like beer perse. Drink one of these when you are pretty sure you want just one. You can feel it doin' you good!

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    Mon Jan 29 2007

    Golden clear. Enormous lasting head that creates funny shapes as you drink it. Estery, and very yeasty flavor. Nice, but not my cup of tea.

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    Sun Apr 16 2006

    San Antonio , TX Tried Duvel for the first time the other day. My wife and I split a 4 pack. WONDERFUL Beer! Had me buzzin after the first bottle, tasted great and lets just say I'll be stocking up. DC

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    Thu Jul 28 2005

    Sewwt rich and tasty, with a nice warming. I haven't had one in a while (More of a winter brew) so I can't fully describe it, but it's great!

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    Tue Jun 28 2005

    I live 15 miles from Brewery Ommegang and been there several times. I know the brew master and owners. It is a very unique product, bold, flavorful but not overpowering. I actually like their Hennepin brand and Three Philosophers better.

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    Thu Mar 31 2005

    Ok ok .... the Orval is better ...

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    Thu Jun 24 2004

    A wonderful, crisp beer. The Belgians really now how to brew a good beer. When I drink Canadian beer now I can't help but think of that Simpsons episode where the Germans by the power plant and Homer offers to buy one of them a beer at Moe's. The German's reply Ha, ha. Thank you, no. I fear your beer takes like SVILL to me. Am I right in saying only a SVINE would drink this beer? I drank a Molson Canadian for the first time in a while not so long ago, it was sour and fizzy like soda pop. Keeps going like this we'll match the Yanks with that yellowish water they drink down there.

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    Sat Feb 21 2004

    In my earliest days here on Rate It All, I wondered why this Duvel was so highly rated. So I set out to find it. Unfortunately, I have found only two establishments here in Kansas City that serve it, and not a single store that sells it in any form - if anyone in the KC area knows where I could get some of this for private consumption, please, indulge me. I was blown away by this Belgian masterpiece. For the longest time, I was a fan of Americanized Belgian-style white ales like Blue Moon and its authentic Belgian counterpart, Hoegaarden, so I fell in love immediately. However, I do still have some questions. I see a lot of reviewers referencing an alcohol content of 10%, yet every bottle of Duvel I've had was marked 8.5%. Am I to assume that there are multiple variations on the Duvel theme? Either way, this stuff is bottled gold. At $5+ for an 11.2-ounce bottle, one tends to think that that's getting a bit pricey. But crack open a bottle and you'll soon understand where the extra mone... Read more

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    Wed Jul 23 2003

    I'm not 21 but i sure do like this stuff. One time i drank so much i 4get hw to typeh ang i lst my braien cuyse ai wake up wifth 4 undr age girllse

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    Thu Jun 12 2003

    I was blown away the first time i tasted this amazing beer

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    Thu May 22 2003

    Really a taste thing... if you like trapists, then this is the bog-standard trapist (which has the advantage of being widely available). But it is, for me, too strong and the alcohol interferes with the other tastes.

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    Sat Mar 22 2003

    Not a lot comes from Belgium, but beer does! And Duvel is excellent beer. It contains lots of alcohol which is of course OK. Try it.

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    Sat Nov 23 2002

    A great beer.Can anyone name a better fermented beer.

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    Tue May 28 2002

    Aaaaaaah... Duvel... still the finest.Contains lots of alcohol, as a good beer should. Best beer in the world, and i'm not just saying that because i'm from Belgium. but if you want something lighter try Hoegaarden, or maybe a Stella Artois. PS: HEINEKEN = DOG'S URINE !!!

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    Fri Jan 25 2002

    YEAH. This beer is fantastic. Not too girlie-sweet like Chimay, just right for Goldilocks. Really lays you out with the high alcohol content.

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    Wed Jul 18 2001

    This beer offers something for everyone. It is wonderful, a real treat...by the way, if anyone knows a place in Chile where this is sold please let me know because it is not the easiest to find outside of Belgium.

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    Mon Jul 09 2001

    Another fantastic Belgium beer. Over 10%+ alcohol the way a true beer should be; how is it that this tiny nation has 100s of the world's best beers. Try Duvel if you can find it - it isn't widely sold in the US; also never drink Duvel and operate heavy machinery.

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    Mon Jul 09 2001

    I'm glad to see Duvel make this list. Duvel has got taste, texture, color, and quite a kick - definately not for the weak-kneed or the feint-hearted.

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    Mon Jul 09 2001

    This beer truly rocks - please try one today;