Dukes of Hazzard

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    I loved this show. I enjoyed seeing them jump the General Lee. They often gave money to the orphanage. That was nice. I wasn't too crazy about this show when it had Coy and Vance Duke. When the new Dukes arrived, they brought back Enos. They may have thought that this would make people continue to watch this show but it didn't. The ratings plummeted. When Bo and Luke returned, the ratings got real high again. I loved the fight scenes in this show. One of my favorite episodes was when Rosco inherited ten million dollars. There were a couple of shows that were stupid. One of them was about the alien. This was supposed to be the Dukes of Hazzard. Not Star Trek. I give this show a 5 star rating.

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    I've never watched an episode of this show, but I hate it anyway 'cause it's responsible for the fact that cutoffs (once acceptable summer wear for all genders) are now seen as "Daisy Dukes" by ignorant TV addicts.

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    Tue May 19 2009

    the show is the best thing that was ever mad or invented. who would have thought that a car can jump! this show is great for the kids and i wonder how many coats of wax it took to make the hood slidable i tried it with my car and just stopped and fell on my face. but any way great show.

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    Mon May 26 2008

    Had to watch it with my kids. Daisy (and a beer) kept me from going crazy. The kids loved it of course. Hey, the cars jump! Whoo-hoooo!

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    This was, quite possibly, the most ignorant and banal show of its era. Not an actor in the bunch, although Daisy was worth looking at, and a script that would embarrass a drunken burlesque comic.

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    I still enjoy watching the reruns.  It may not have been a well written show, but I find it extremely entertaining (unlike the more recent movie remake). The celebrity cameos that occurred from time to time were great. And while the script writing may not have been great, Waylon Jennings part as the balladeer (much of which he improvised) was great.I have vague memories of it in it's original run (I was three when the show went off the air). Back then I thought the General Lee was a flying car because of all the jump scenes.

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    Alternative history time:   If the South had won the Civil War this would have come out way earlier than it did...I once ' got in trouble'  years ago with some humorless alterna-chicks from New Hampshire for saying that any time I wanted to go to New Hampshire, I just had to turn this show on...

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    Sun Apr 08 2007

    this show was so funny, i still laugh to this day. boss hogg was a classic on this show.

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    Mon Mar 19 2007

    Really brainless, so it was right up my alley! I met Roscoe once at at minor league baseball game in a Dukes of Hazzard Night.

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    Sun Mar 18 2007

    Forgettable rednecks. . .

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    Sun Mar 18 2007

    Roscoe P. Coltrane! not one of the best, but definitely in the 2nd tier. the movie didn't do it justice

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    Wed Nov 08 2006

    I never understood the fascination with this show.

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    Wed Nov 01 2006

    The overall story of it is catchy and I definitely know a lot of guys that like it. Hatter is one of them, in fact. I didn't like it when I first started watching it but since he likes it I can enjoy it too. I definitely can relate to Hatter with his reasons for watching the show - Daisy and the car. However I'll say it's Bo that keeps me interested. ;)

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    Wed Oct 25 2006

    Ashame " Eat my dust" was not yet a popular phraze.

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    Fri Jul 28 2006

    Still watching The Dukes

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    Sat Jun 03 2006

    Jessica Simpson only lowers even further my overall opinion of this sorry show...

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    Mon May 22 2006

    A southern Classic TV show! I watch it more now, than I did as a kid! Its so stupid that you have to love it!

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    Fri Apr 21 2006

    the dukes of hazzard is the best show ever!!!

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    Fri Mar 10 2006

    The ultimate in Hicksville. You would have to be an Appalachian moron to watch this. Oh, I forgot, hicks can't afford TV's.

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    Fri Dec 09 2005

    This show dosen't even merit a post,except for daisy and her daisy dukes.Jesica Simpson makes the Original Daisy seem like Mother Theresa.They should make the alledged terrorists at Guantonimo bay watch these episodes they would confess even if they weren't guilty and we could close camp exray down.

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    Sat Dec 03 2005

    it sucks because it imitates the original.

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    Sun Sep 18 2005

    With all that reality-show crap they show on TV nowadays, Dukes of Hazzard is my all-time favorite show. People always say it's stupid, and they're right. It's so stupid that it's hilarious. I just love it. Other people sometimes question the way things work, like why the General Lee never gets dents in the bumper when Bo and Luke jump it across the creek, but thing is, this is a type of show that you are not supposed to take seriously. It's just for the laughs! Besides that, Bo is hot, Enos and Rosco are just plain cool! Hehe.

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    Thu Sep 08 2005

    This was a great show until Bo and Luke left and were replaced by 2 guys who didn't know how to act. Didn't see the movie because it looked like it would suck.

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    Mon Aug 29 2005

    This movie couldn't get any worse. It did the original show no justice at all. Daisy (Simpson) is just a dumb ho and the dukes act semi-retarded. True fans of this show are insulted. Don't waste your time.

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    Mon Mar 28 2005


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    Mon Mar 28 2005

    It was a show for kids... especially boys..... I enjoyed it being the tomboy that I was back then.

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    Sun Mar 06 2005

    I love this show and now that its on CMT, I can now resume my crush on both Duke boys. What cuties!!!

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    Fri Dec 03 2004

    This was one of the dumbest shows ever produced.The best thing about it was the hot 70' Challenger they rode around in.

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    Thu Aug 19 2004

    One of the best shows of all time. But you had to have Bo and Luke. Not Coy and Vance, they werent nearly as good as Bo and Luke. And we all love Einus.

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    Thu Jun 24 2004

    A fun show. Who couldn't love Sweet Cousin Daisy and I wanted to be Luke Duke growing up.

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    Mon Jun 21 2004

    Loved as a kid but lost interst when cast changed

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    Wed Apr 28 2004

    Originally on CBS (Fridays) at 9pm (following the Hulk), and later at 8pm followed by Dallas and Falcon Crest. C'mon Dog we lived for this sh*t B4 cable. Lord knows my Mama didn't get it till after I went in the Air Force...Who can forget Daisy Duke. I can remeber meeting my current best friend in the sixth grade with his Dukes of Hazard wrist watch as the ice breaker. YEE-HAW!

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    Sat Apr 24 2004

    The guy who played Rosco was a Julliard trained Shakespearian actor, and the guy who played Boss Hogg earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale.

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    Wed Apr 21 2004

    While it was cookey and and unrealistic in some aspects it was one of the last show you could sit and watch with your family and not worry about your kids hearing or seeing something they shouldnt. the nay sayers that say this show was stupid obviously don't get the comedy of it(or if they do its just not there thing). if you look at the spread of the ratings you can see people either loved it or hated it. not much middle ground. I do have to say its way better than most things out on tv today. As for the stereo typing it did and the confederate flag people read way to much into that. If you believe that all people in the south are like that. you need to open your mind.

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    Tue Apr 06 2004

    The South is braindead and savagely primitive, huh? Who needs Nader to lose Kerry the election when you've got good liberals like MooseKarloff?

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    Thu Dec 25 2003

    Poor storylines but Tom Wopat makes the show pasable. They just don't build 'em like Luke Duke anymore.

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    Tue Dec 23 2003

    This is one of the most retarded TV shows in the history of the medium, yet a fairly accurate mirror portrayal of that braindead and savagely primitive corner of the universe known as the American South. Yet, this cultural afterbirth was a remarkably popular show during its time, and I hope, for the overall benefit of America, that its audience consisted exclusively of pre-teens. The best thing about this program was Sorrell Brooke as Boss Hoagg, who impressed me as a cross between Colonel Saunders and Strom Ah Nevah Met A Sista Ah Didn't Like Thurmond.

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    Sat Nov 15 2003

    A good show..had to laugh when I read an article that this show was bad for kids...reason was here we had two guys that did'nt work and all they did was race their car. If this is a bad show then what are we watching today?

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    Tue Nov 11 2003

    This was just a fun, corny show. Really bad with Coy & Vance, they were not real Dukes.

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    Sat Aug 23 2003

    One of my alltime favorites. Rosco and Boss were a very underrated comedy duo in my opinion. However, my favorite was the sexy Tom Wopat, Luke Duke.

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    Thu Aug 21 2003

    This show was ok, I had to laugh when I read a review (I think it was in TV Guide) that said the show was a bad influence on kids. Here was 2 guys who raced around in a car and had fun all day...and they did'nt have jobs! If that's bad look at today's shows! There is bad lauguage, etc. The Dudes of Hazard was a good wholeshome show for kids to watch...

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    Sun Aug 17 2003

    The fact that this show was so stupid is what made it great. Every show was more or less the exact same thing, all leading to the climax car chase at the end. Who doesn't want a General Lee in their garage.

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    Sun Jul 13 2003

    As I come from the South, I at first did not like this show very much. I thought, "oh, great, here is yet another show that re-enforces the belief that southerners are only backwoods-type people who live in shacks and drive fast cars with idiots for law enforcement." However, as I continued to watch the show because others in my house enjoyed it, I started to like it pretty well myself. While it never made it to rank of what I would call my favorite, it seem to really appeal to kids. But in later years when the cartoon version of the show surfaced, even my kids hated it.

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    Tue Jun 17 2003

    Hope to see this show back on cable or direct tv someday soon.

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    Tue May 13 2003

    I think that the car is this show's best actor. And, worst of all, this show is ranked higher than Rhoda and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the two best shows ever. Now, this is ridiculous! What has happened to America's brain!