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    Sat Mar 12 2011

    I am an 18 year old girl who has been using duac gel for about 6 months now. I am reading some very negative reviews, most of which have not been using the product for very long. I know it just depends on what kind of skin we have and everybodys skin is different but for me duac is a life saver! I've had mild-moderate acne since I turned 14 and I've always maintained a balanced diet and try to drink 1-2 litres of water every day. I used to have the worst spots I have ever seen, mostly on my chin and under my mouth, around my nose, between and around my eyebrows and across my forehead and in my hairline and also on my back. The worst ones were huge, inflamed and very deep rooted and if they burst would be filled with pus and sometimes bleed :S Sometimes I couldnt resist an I would pick them which only made them worse! The worst spot I ever had was on my chin and it kept coming back for 3 years! I have very fair skin, freckles and strawberry blonde hair so red, big spots were sooo obviou... Read more

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    Wed Jan 12 2011

    I'm 10 years old and ever since I was 8 I had spots. I couldn't put up with it! So, my mum takes me to a dermatologist and gave me a prescription for Duac (and it's free if your under 16 in the UK). When I first tried it, I didn't feel any itchiness, burning or peeling. And when I woke up, I found my spots have nearly gone! I'm now spot free and loving it! I used to be anti-social because of my skin, and I didn't want to have my hair cut! I strongly recommend this to acne sufferers, it's a miracle product!

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    i have been using the gel for about a month, i am 13 and i suffer from acne, i started using it and it wasent making any differance, my skin just went all flaky so i went back to my doctors and she said that it won't get rid of your spots it will only stop you from getting anymore when your skin peels (explains the flaky skin) then in about a month or 2 you will start to see a differance :) My sister also has acne and she uses 'mario badescu drying cream' buy this from www.mariobadescu.com it attually works, there is lots of good reviews on youtube, i hope this has helped you :)

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    Mon Oct 25 2010


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    Thu Oct 14 2010

    i am 13 years old and have suffered from mild acne (on my fore head, chin, and at the side of my nose) for about 4 years. i have tried many spot treatments like clearasil and clean & clear, but none of them have worked. About 10 days ago i went to my doctor and he told me to try duac, so when i got home i cleansed my face and then put on a small amount of duac on the affected areas. I woke up in the morning and i was amazed. most of my spots had faded. that night i did the same thing again. next morning i woke up with huge red marks under my eyes and tiny lumps all over my forehead. i washed my face and put on some makeup, but this didn't hide it. i told my mum and she told me to try it again, but not using as much. so i did so, thinking that maybe it was going to get worse before it got better. next morning it was worse, all over my chin, and cheeks and it was really itchy. I didn't use it again after that, but whenever i wash my face my skin is flaking. i have a doctors appointment t... Read more

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    Tue Aug 31 2010


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    Sat Jul 17 2010

    I've suffered from spots since i was a teenager (i'm now 37). About 10 years ago i started suffering from cystic acne. Each one took 2 months to go completely and were painful. I tried everything there was to try when i was younger but nothing worked for me. Eventually about 2 years ago after getting totally fed up with them (I'm 37 years old. I shouldn't still be getting spots!!) i decided it was time to visit the doctors again to see, hope, that something new had come on the market that might actually work for me. Thank god for Duac gel. Absolutely amazing product. I decided not to use it continually as i didn't want my skin to get used to it so i only use it when i feel i need to. The first time i used it for 2 weeks and didn't need to use it again for about 5 months when i started to get a few more spots again. That's how i still use it now, 2 weeks and not need it again for a few months. It starts working straight away. Within a week my skin is ALOT better. I still get the odd spo... Read more

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    Wed Jun 16 2010

    It has worked for me. I used to suffer with acne, generally large painful pimples on the nose, cheeks and generally frontal part of my face. I used it in tandem with retina but it works better with differin. In my opinion, this is a great short term treatment for acne, if you put it on during the night on the area that is affected, the next morning, it will cause the skin to peel or the pimple to come off or become a whitehead for the really large ones. It doesn't help with long term treatment like differin however, its best for short term clear your face up. I used it if I had a large pimple I had to get rid of in a week or so. Works BEST if you use it before you get the pimple bump, if you feel pain(for the especially large ones) in a certain part of your face and you know you're about to get a large pimple there, and you put it on there, it will get rid of it and it won't even come. I have to say however, this is mostly for day use, while others are for night use and it will make... Read more

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    Wed May 26 2010

    I am seventeen years old and I've been struggling since middle school with mild cystic pimples, as well as a few whiteheads, and small blackheads on my nose and chin. It may sound horrible, however it is not that severe. Approximately three months ago, I was on Augmenten as well as a few other antibiotics that contained penicillin. At this time, I had been using Dua gel for a month or so. However upon starting said abtibiotics, I woke one morning to find that my eyes were completely swollen shut, and I was having difficulty breating. After being on steroids and Zyrtec for three weeks, I returned to normal. The doctor's diagnosis was that I'm allergic to penicillin. However, I used Duac last night for the first time in months- lo and behold, I woke with the exact same symptoms: unimaginably swollen eyelids, lips, and extreme sensitivity to light. The worst part of this nightmare is that the Duac gel works WONDERS for my skin. If you're positive that you're not al... Read more

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    Thu Apr 22 2010

    Okayy in my opinion duac is much better that like proactive... Yeah says a lot right!? my dermatologist perscribed duac after differin because its the " best acne fighting combo and it will eliminate my acne if i keep using it." basically some BS! Ive used the "miracle combo" for about 9 months and it was good up until the rashes and breakouts. I am goin back to my dermatologist to get something else.. Maybe acutane?

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    Mon Apr 12 2010

    This product is terrible. After three applications according to the directions my skin was bright red as though I had very bad sunburn and make up would not cover it, covered in small bumps, tight as though I had a face mask on and swollen. The worst was the itchiness, I wanted to scratch my face off. I went to my doctor who recommended a cortisone cream to settle it down, it has settled a little but now is very flaky. My money would not be refunded, I rang the company who would not take responsibilty because all medications may have side effects. I also contacted the Department of Fair Trading who said that I was wasting my time trying to get my money refunded. I would avoid this product like the plague, particularly if you have sensitive skin. I only gave it one star because I had to, zero stars is more appropriate.

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    Sun Mar 07 2010

    I've been using Duac for acne over 2 years and my face has been completely clear ever since I started using it. When I first started with it my face did become very dry but that went away as my skin got used to it. I'd say the only down side is that it has bleached my skin a little. Just make sure you're using a light cleanser before, nothing to harsh cause that can cause your skin to dry out even more.

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    Mon Feb 01 2010

    Well i really liked this product alot.! I've only been using it for a week and im already seeing GREAT results. It is clearing up most of my acne scars and i have'nt been breaking out lately. I [ STRONGLY ] reccomend that you try this product.; (:

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    Sun Jan 03 2010

    I've tried a lot of other products that didn't work. First I was prescribed Differin and some minocycline pills that did nothing for me. Eventually my doctor recommended duac, and it worked amazingly for me. I'd put it on at night and my acne would look better in the morning. However, I have been taking it for about a year now and it is not working very well. I'm breaking out really badly and the duac isn't doing anything. I'm considering trying a different prescription treatment.

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    Thu Dec 24 2009

    I have been using Duac Topical Gel for about 6 months or so and it has worked wonders for my skin. I have a medium brown skin tone and I had a lot of dark blemishes all over my face because I pick my pimples (yeah I know, I know) and it got to a point where I was wearing insane amounts of makeup to cover it. My face literally looked like a road map. Anyway I was prescribed Duac with this other stuff called Ziana, which made my skin extremely oily and gross so I stopped using it and just stuck with Duac. It does make my skin feel tight and dry sometimes but a good moisturizer helps. After about 6 months of use my skin is almost 100% clear. I get the occasional pimple here and there but I use that Cetaphil cleanser (only in liquid. The soap bar makes my face feel tight, I think its because the foam strips all the oil out of your skin which irritates it and makes you breakout easier) and then Duac and then Hope in a Jar moisturizer from Philosophy and things are starting to look up. The ... Read more

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    Tue Dec 08 2009

    I am 30 and i have had acme on my face and back since i was a teen. I have tried every over the counter and many prescription products. My acme is worse than it should be because i pick at my skin. I know i should stop it is much easier said then done. This is my second go around with Duac gel the first time it was prescribed six years ago with another acne cream and I felt like it did not work at all and i experienced many of the side effects listed. I have now been on the duca gel alone for 3 years now and constantly get compliments on my skin. I wash my face at night with Cetaphil antibacterial cleansing bar and apply duac to my problem spots only I repeat the process in the morning. I do not store it in the fridge. I also take skin vitamins called Herpanacine that i purchase at whole foods it contains Vitamin A, E, Selenium, dandelion root, ligustrum berry etc. If you wear foundation make sure it is oil free and apply it with a brush this causes less bacteria and it goes ... Read more

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    Sat Dec 05 2009

    I've been using Duac combined with Differin for 8 months now. Everyone on here seems to give up after a few weeks. Your skin will NOT get better in just 6-8 weeks. I would defiantly recommend using this product because at first, I had the same problems. When I first started using Duac, it would dry out my skin terribly and it would flake. Then after a while it went away and it was working fine! I've never had acne in my life, until April when I ran out of my favorite Soy moisturizer that I had been using since 6th grade since it became discontinued. For some reason, not having soy on my face caused me to break out like crazy! It was very upsetting as I went through my whole teenage years with perfect skin and now it wasn't. I suggest sticking it out with Duac, it totally brought back my skin to how it used to be. I can finally say that after 6 months of using it, my skin was almost back since I got a pimple about every two weeks. Now, I get a pimple once a month and it goes a... Read more

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    Tue Oct 27 2009

    This stuff sucks! I'm 13 years old and in the 7th grade. I suffer from moderate acne. Although it's not terrible, I do get teased about it at school on at least weekly basis, because only a few years from now will kids start having the breakouts I am, I'm going through puberty early. So I go to the doctor and he puts me on a mild treatment called Differin. Fair enough, my mom and I got to CVS and pick it up and I use it for 3 months and go back. He says, "Oh, this isn't strong enough by itself, but it seems to be doing a decent job, why don't we add this?" and puts me on Duac. THIS one has 5% benzoyl peroxide, way more than I'm used to. So I use the gel for a week. EVERY SINGLE STINKING DAY I wake up, go to the fridge, and put on the gel. EVERY SINGLE STINKING DAY, a few hours later, there is a white residue on my face like sunburn peeling, and the skin is flaking off because it is really dry. I add a moisturizer. A week later, nothing has changed. This occurred the entire 3 months. ... Read more

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    Wed Oct 14 2009

    I started using Duac along with the cleanser about two weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I dont even have to use it everyday. When I do use it, I apply it before I go to bed. At first there was a little stinging but now its not a problem. I am 20 years old and I have had acne for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it feels like my face tightens up after the application but besides that I haven't had any other problems. I would recommend it to others. This is the only thing that I have found to work for me.

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    Fri Aug 21 2009

    AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! This stupid Duac gel is TERRIBLE! I've been getting bad breakouts and having bad acne since 7th grade. I finally went to the dermatologist and he gave me samples of Ziana gel, and that made my skin break out even more, but he said it would take about 6 weeks to clear up so I followed his instructions and it did clear up well. But then he told me he wanted me to try using Duac too. So he gave me those samples and it was fine. So my mom bought me the prescriptions for both. The Duac also came with a cleanser, so I used that too. I used them as I was supposed to, I would use Ziana one morning, and Duac the next, alternating. My acne was clearing up really good. But then one day I put on Duac in the morning before school, and by the end of the school day my face was bright red, puffy, and itching. I had a dermatologist appointment after school and he told me to keep doing what I'm doing but stop using the cleanser because it was probably too harsh for my skin. He also told ... Read more

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    Wed Aug 05 2009

    I am 15, and I've been on just about every kind of acne cream, pill, and lotion. Whenever you walk down the aisles of face care in Wal Mart, I have just about every face wash, cream, lotion, scrubbing untensil, you name it, I probably have it! I went to a dermatologist about two(2) years ago. I've been on Duac two times now. At first I was on Duac, then Retin A Micro, then Differn, and now Duac again. I use Duac in the morning and Differen at night. I still have breakouts above my lip, and under my nose, that little like "Bridge" spot. But, after I pop any pimple there, I put on the Differen, and the next morning it's dried up. The downside of using Duac is that it does make your face peel/itch/ and burn occasionally. Differen probably helps make it itch and burn too! My dermatologist told me to buy Aveeno Ultra Calming Lotion, and the nice thing about it, is it has a SPF 15 in it. ( I am always outdoors!) It helps A LOT with the peeling, and itching. I have gotten compliements on my... Read more

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    Sun Jun 07 2009

    i have not yet used it but my 14 year old brother has and he has bangs so he had to pin them up at about 7 pm since you arent allowed to wear it in sunlight and on the first day his pimples started getting smaaler it all depends on what skin u have hes only used it for a week tho

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    Sat Jun 06 2009

    I just started use Duac about 8 days ago, on the 2nd day I started noticing that my cystic pimple calming down. I used to have blemish-free skin, even during my teenage years (I'm now 22) but ever since about 11 months ago, I've been breaking out almost non stop on my cheeks mainly... they're not severe but very spread out and lately, I started to get cystic pimples (about 2-3) and it became really painful so I finally decided to go see a dermatologist and I was getting very worried about the scarring - I don't seem to have the lumpy scars, more like discolouration and it seems that it's underneath the skin... and its taking awhile to fade as generally, my scars on my face usually takes about a month to fade away (even after chicken pox I had no scars left) but these acne scars haven't faded ever since I started getting them... hopefully time will heal. :) I think Duac will work, as I said, it started working for me pretty much instantly but I think the results will get better as I co... Read more

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    Thu Apr 02 2009

    I started using Duac along with Differin and Solydyn almost 3 months ago. The first 2 weeks of using these medications was not fun as the duac caused my face to burn, sting, itch, turn red and swell up and caused numbness, especially around the lips. My face became extremely dry and it looked it was always sun burnt and peeling. I decided to stick it out and I was rewarded. After 6 weeks of using the 3 medications religiously my break outs are very mild and it's just one pimple here or there, no explosive break outs and the pimples don't spread. I have mild dryness still, but the symptoms I mentioned above stopped after 2 weeks as my skin got used to it. I am a serious cyclist and also in the army so the constant sweating and rubbing on helmets and glasses caused severe acne (and I was one of the lucky girls in high school who didn't have acne). I have tried many of those over the counter 3-5 step systems with no improvement. It's definitly worth a try and much less harsh than the... Read more

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    Sat Mar 28 2009

    I am new to Duac. I'm currently using a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning along with Differen. I currently use Duac every-other-night. When initially using Duac, I used EVERY night and during the first 4 days, I felt my skin was absolutely wonderful but on the 5th day I started flaking/peeling terribly. Yes! I am a picker! Not only am I caramel-colored, I have hyperpigmentation around my mouth and chin from prior scars (my dermatologist asked if I shaved that area...I thought she was funny...but now I realize that's where my goatee should be ...if I belonged to the MALE GENDER). The flaky/peeling skin only made my dark spots worse because everywhere there was a patch of flaky skin, I decided to pick with tweezers. I stopped using for 2 weeks in order for the prior ugly patches to heel. I just re-started Duac 2 days ago and I keep my hands AWAY from my face. Duac is a great product, along with a morning wash, I think I will finally be able to control my acne. Since I am a... Read more

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    Fri Mar 20 2009

    Well.....I'm 26 and suffer with red sore spots round my jawline and blackheads on cheeks either side of my nose. My doctor prescribed Duac gel and I put the first application on a week ago today. The next morning my face was a bit red which the doctor had told me might happen. I put it on again the next night and woke up with a BRIGHT red face which was burning and itching like sunburn. I didn't put anymore on and the next morning by face had begun to swell up and my eyes were all puffy. I rang the pharmacist and he told me to stop using it at once and don't use it again, so turns out I'm allergic to it. Gutted as it sounds like lots of other people have had great results. Today, a week later, my skin is still red, dry and itchy. Eeaction to Duac....very painful, sore, itchy, swollen, think I would rather have spotty skin!!

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    Thu Mar 05 2009

    I went to the dermatologist about two years ago and he started me off on all these other products and nothing seemed to be working. i had mild acne with a couple pimples here and there, nothing terrible. So he subscribed me Duac. It worked almost immediatly for me. As everyone has different skin.. its hard to say how your skin will react to it. I am 16 and i am obviously at the peak of my puburity so i get occasional break outs. I wouldnt advice using other washs because i noticed that it really irrated my skin, i got like dry spots and redness, which is hard to cover up. I take showers in the morning and wash my face at night. It seems to work that i use the wash at night and a mild soap in the morning. I put the duac all over my face at night and in the morning, i dont put anything on because it interferes with my makeup. But if i have a pimple.. i will use it for a spot treatment. But overall, i would deffinatly recommend and it really doesnt hurt to try it. =]

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    Fri Feb 06 2009

    I am a 41 year old women that has been diagnosed with Hidradenitis. I went to a dermatologist and she prescribed duac topical gel. I used it for the first time last night and woke 2 hours later with the most extreme headache. I was sick to my stomach all day with severe abdominal cramping and diarrhea, swollen red eyes, sore throat, burning sinus pain, shaking, and low grade fever. Use caution when taking this drug. It is a drug that is abosorbed through the skin into the blood stream. It contains clindamycin so if you can not take myacin drugs, which in my case I can't and neither the doctor or the pharmacy caught this, it's not a good option for you. As painful and at times as debilitating as hidradenitis can be I would rather go through that then have this unwanted and potentially harmful side effects from this drug.

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    Fri Jan 16 2009

    ive been on duac for about two years now for my acne along with dianette(the pill).i usually apply it to my cheaks where i suffer badly from acne.in the past few months ive noticed where i apply it,it has bleached my skin which is quiet obvious!does anyone else have this problem???

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    Sun Dec 21 2008

    Ive only been using this for around a week and already im seeing improvements in my acne. It has caused a minor amount of dryness to my skin but I manage this with Cetaphil. I am putting on a small amount all over my face once a day. I will post back in a month with an update.

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    Tue Dec 16 2008

    I had suffered from acne very bad. But this stuff does work!! Literally in about a week my skin was completely gone of ALL acne. No red spots anywhere. Even cleared up the scars from before. I mean it started working over night! It was perfect. The best thing about it is, after the night and the gentle cleanser, my face glowed and felt smooth and soft. I love this product, and regret not getting it before.

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    Thu Nov 13 2008

    I am now 27 years old and have recently been prescribed duac with minocyline. I used the duac at night along with aveeno clear complexion. I originally was told to use cetaphil cleanser with duac at night, but it made my skin too oily, so I switched to aveeno, which seems to be working great. I was just fed up with acne prone skin and finally submitted myself to the derm for some prescription. I almost feel like giving a good review may jinx my great progress so far, but i hope that maybe this review will provide some optimism for someone else.I seriously started breaking out like crazy around my lip and chin area..so bad that it was effecting my personal life and i didn't want to be seen by anyone. anyways, i've had very rare if any breakouts at all, and to be honest, the rare ones may be lingering from before i started using the duac/minocyline. I also consider myself to have very sensitive skin as well, but I appear to be the only one without the burning sensatiion that seems to aff... Read more

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    I would just like to let you people know that, drying out your face can cause it to wrinkle in the long term, and acne is literally caused from inside your body, not outside, by some protein which your pody produces due to the fact it cant handle the change that is occuring as you are becoming a teenager. I've had acne for 5 years and it seriously is painful not just physically but more emotionally just the fact that you don't feel like going out, and the way people look at you it makes you feel as if they think your dirt. I wish i never had any!!! newaiz recently i tried this oral tablet called tetralysal 300 and it f****** worked within a week my skin was clearer. and now its been 7 weeks i've been using it my skin has completely cleared up. I just want everyone with acne to know i feel for ya but if you try this you'll definateley have clearer skin. and dnt use nothing on your skin as it has nothing to do with you skin it comes from inside you, you'll just cause major damage to your... Read more

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    Sat Nov 08 2008

    GREAT NEWS: this stuff does work it worked for me in about four days my skin didnt even get worst before better it started working over night and everything! it was perfect. the bad news: this stuff does work but on the second day i started putting it on again it burned sooo bad ALL day like i couldnt take it and i notice at parts of my face the layer of skin completely dried out and i could see it peeling, but it still works and i took medication for my acne too so it stopped burning after a little while which was good. i recomend you go to a dermitalogist and see what they have for you, thats what i did.

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    Sun Oct 05 2008

    This stuff works very well and cleared my acne an incredible amount, in just 10 days, BUT the allergic reaction that started from the 10th day was and still is (9days on) abslutely awful!! It turns out i am allergic to benzoyl peroxide and it caused my face to swell, and my skin to burn, going bright red and itchy all over my face, neck, chest and shoulders... now i can't stop itching and it keeps me up all night.. So whilst i would say it is fantastic for sorting the acne, be aware that the acne will come back soon after, and when you get the cream,apply it to your shoulder for a week first just to be sure of no delayed allergic reaction.

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    Thu Oct 02 2008

    to begin with I started getting acne when I was a freshmen in high school and for a few bumps on my forehead I decided to use proactive. So I did oh it got rid of the few bumps however, it created cystical acne instead of the mild that I had previously after I started using it for a couple of months. I went to the dermatologist and began using duac in the morning after washing my face with oil free acne wash from neutrogena that my derm recommended I would moisturize with purpose moisturizer with spf and at night I was using the retin a micro it cleared up the issue in a about a few weeks 2 to 3. I can't tell you how relieved I am to have found a remedy for those stubborn pimples that hurt to the touch. I can't imagine what my life would be if I wasn't using topical duac gel. So for those of you who are skeptical it will burn your skin the first couple of days but your skin will adjust to it. I rather have minimal irritation than have people play connect the dots with my zits because i... Read more

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    Wed Sep 17 2008

    where can i buy duac topical gel??? i have so many acne now and i dont know what to do in my face... im always shy when im in outside coz of my bad face. Please help me where can i buy this. Thanks

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    Thu Aug 21 2008

    I am 27 years old and I started using Duac when I was 24. It's been great for me ever since. I always had clear skin while using Retin-A. I stopped using Retin-A because it would burn my skin. As soon as I stopped, I immediately broke out with acne along my t-zone (forehead, nose, cheeks and chin). I finally saw a dermatologist who recommended me to Duac. It took about 3 months to fully get and maintain the clear skin I have today. I personally have never refrigerated the product and I started to notice that towards the end of each tube, it wasn't as effective as in the beginning. I would get mildly clogged pores and pick at them and they would become inflammed, do not do that. I finally started to refrigerate the newer refills and it's been more effective than when I started. I was stubborn, the directions are there for a reason. Duac, like other prescriptions do take time. Results will usually be seen after 3 months. That is long but, for most of you, it will give you th... Read more

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    Wed Aug 20 2008

    Uhh. Guys...Just a heads up for all the negative reviews down there...The duac is supposed to make you skin break out the first few days...and as long as you keep using it on an even schedule, your skin will look great. When i first started the duac, yeah i admit. it did look horrible but what is happening is the duac speeds up the process of new acne that didnt show yet, making it show. all that acne that appeared was forced out of your skin, it was under your skin just not visible. I give duac 5 stars...would give it 10 stars. 2 thumbs up. I am 16 so my acne was at a climax. I had it bad. All over my face, shoulders, chest, back, a bit on my upper arms. I used duac for about 5 weeks and my skin is perfectly clear. i recommend that anyone use this. Just a heads up...you should continue treatment even after you skin is clear...just to prevent more acne from showing its ugly self on your skin again =P. Ive used so many different things ranging from Clean and Clear, Proactive, Clearasil ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 29 2008

    Just to let others know. After I had a follow up visit to my derm. I told him the problems I was having. He told me that it sounds like I was having an allergic reaction to the Benzol Peroxide in the duac. He switched me to Evoclin - which is a foam that doesn't have the B.P. and still contains the clymid. ingredient. I haven't had any problems since. I still wouldn't give my worst enemy the duac.

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    Mon Jul 21 2008

    I have had really bad acne since I was in 6th grade on my fore head. So i went to the doctors and they prescribed me DUAC topical gel. I used it for a month and it had cleared up the acne on my fore head. but after 2 months it stopped working for me. so I had stopped using it for 2 years now. and my acne is much worse. now its everywhere on my face. some on my cheeks, chin, forehead. so I am now 14 1/2 going to highschool and am starting to use it again. If you are someone who has had your face stinging, red or is irritated then I will advise to you to use a face wash that is light. like a facial bar or something. also you can wash your face once a day if it is dry and at night time just rinse it really good with warm water and dry well.. then put on the gel. my face has never been irritated. its only been dry and a little pink. but goodluck!! I hope this helped a little. and if this is not working for you and you have just started using this,.. use it for atleast 2 months .. it takes ... Read more

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    Sat Jul 12 2008

    i am a 28 yr. old brownskin female who suffered from moderate to severe acne on my face, neck, chest, back, n arms. i suffered from this for 16yrs. at age 25 i decided no more OTC drugs or proActive...i've tried prescribed medicine from oral drugs to topical gels such as differin, accutane, tazorac, mycin, etc. i even tried natural remedies that did not work n trust me i tried them all n gave them time to work because u cant judge from just 1 day or 1 week...1mth n beyond results should occur slowly but surely...several doctors n dermatologist later i was prescribed duac n tretnoin...the miracle begin for me n about a mth. n brought tears bcuz i discovered confidence and was able to look at people in there eyes w/out thinking "i know there staring at my pimples and scars." My self confidence level went from 1 to 10 within 2 mths. I never smiled so much in my life. I used the tretinoin at night b4 i went to bed and the duac in the morning b4 i started my day. i washed my face with a oi... Read more

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    Wed Jul 09 2008

    ok ,, yhoo guys are not alone :) im 13 and ive had acne sibce i was about 9 ,, im @ high school and i were alot of foundation to cover up my spots . i feel very down and insecure about my face and its got to a stage were i cant even look and one in the eye because i feel that they are lookin at me. i feel like im the only one with this problem and feel very alone but after reading all these comments , i feel slightly better because i no im not the only one that suffers from this terribe condition. i have been to the doctors many time and each one has pescribed me with tablets and a different topical cream. i gave up on the tabets because i found it extremely hard to take them. however the duac cream they desrcibed me has been the only thing that has worked for me. i washed my face with body shop face wash and applied the duac. i woke up in the morning OF SCHOOL with a bright red ichy face. i was horrified that i had to go to school lookin like i sat on the sun for to da... Read more

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    Fri Jun 27 2008

    I have had mild to bad acne since i was in sixth grade. my acne was the reason i started wearing makeup. i had tried everything. i was using proactive for a while, with absolutly no improvement. i had almost given up, when my cousin, who was working for a dermatoligist, gave me some little trials of duac. at the time, i was on a different prescription acne gel (i cant remember what it was called, but it did nothing for my skin) so i had nothing left but to try this new duac gel. so, before bed, i washed my face with some regular mild soap (you cant really use a soap or face wash with duac, it doesnt increase results, just decreases them) and applied duac. the next morning i was shocked. my face was much clearer than it had been in a while (acne wasnt completely gone, but it was like magic) so i was hooked. i used up all my trials and had my doctor swich my prescription. i use duac before i go to bed at night, and although i wear makeup during the day (and st ives face lotion, i have dr... Read more

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    Mon Jun 23 2008

    Im only 13 and have been through almost every skin condition there is :( I've had a breakout, acne, dry-skin, greasy skin, blemish, pretty much all there is, roughly ( obviously not into detail ). I've got through the breakout, acne, dry skin, blemish + now I'm stuck with greasy/red/imflammed skin. I've had an acidic roll-on liquid for my skin, about 5 months ago from the doctor. It started great and my skin was baby-soft & even toned. But after about 3 weeks, i started waking up in the morning with reddish skin again. Then slowly it started going back to what it was before. Then it got worse than it started out as. So i went back to the doctor and got referred to Duac Topical Gel. It started brilliant, I felt confident and my skin got alot better, i saw a vast improvement. I kept it in the fridge for along time ( only to find out I wasn't supposed to ) and noticed after about 2 weeks my skin went extremely downhill, and back to how it was before - worse even. So i stored it in a cupbo... Read more

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    Thu May 29 2008

    After reading so many comments on how duac does not work....it would make anyone skeptical to try it. I have also been on many products throughout my teens. I haven't used any dermatoligist reccommended products for about four years prior to using duac. I am now 27. I have noticed my skin less blochy and my pimples seem to be going away over night. Its working for me...

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    Wed May 21 2008

    I have rosacea acne of which has been getting worse lately. The doc put me on duac cream, and minocyline pills. I use duac on my face for the first time two days ago. Just one application and my face is still beat red, puffy, itching horribly, stinging, and hot to the touch.Even my lips are puffy! I had some bad pimples just below my jaw line, and the duac cause all these symptoms to spread to the bottom of my neck! By what I am reading here, it seems that some people can use this product and some cannot. Obviously I am one of the unlucky ones that cannot. I am afraid to use it again. And yes it is very expensive. I wish I could find something that would work :(

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    Sun May 18 2008

    i also find my skin tone is even and baby soft!! so sorry it doesnt work for some peoplei moisturize the dry areas (eye lids)  with "Simple" light moisturizer

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    Sat May 17 2008

    When i first started using duac, i would wake up in the morning with what looked and felt like red, sunburnt raw skin. It was quite painful, but i was determined to get the contiuous white-headed spots which were always spreading and mulitplying across my cheeks away for good. I talked to a friend who also have been prescribed with duac and she confirmed similar reactions to the gel, yet we concluded the daily face wash and perhaps moisturisers we were using were adding to the irritation. At the time i was using a clearasill 3-in wash with microbeads. It was strong and always left my skin tingling after use, so when i cut it out the duac results appeared withing 1-2 weeks. Keeping it stored in the fridge over the first couple of days DOES HELP. its cooler when you apply so if your skin is red, it eases it slightly. Also if your skin in DRY, but still spotty, sometimes i mix hyrdrocortosone and duac together and rub that over the infected area and it helps alot! Use at night!!

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    Thu May 01 2008

    i have only used duac for two days,the first morning lots of redness and told to use only were needed,the next morning bright red like severe sunburn and ichy and sore,and the next morning (did not use anymore) puffed up like a balloon around my eyes,look like black eyes,my face is numb,stiff,itchy,red,sore and very swollen and my skin is rough and dry,and i wont be using it again.I was told is was ok for mild acne but was not prepared for this,I would not recomend unless severe and would test on a tiny area first.