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    Fri Oct 14 2011

    DSL extreme has the most awful customer service and dishonest billing practice that i have encountered. When u sign up you are stuck with them for a year regardless of whether u are satisfied with service or not. There is an early cancellation fee of $250, may have gone up since i checked last. also if u are expecting to pay a certain price beware of the hidden fees that can substantially increase your bill. I have also been billed twice in one month by an auto bill pay feature they have and when i called to resolve the issue, i was treated rudely by the customer service rep and later by the manager. I will NEVER do business with this dishonest and greedy company again.

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    Fri Jul 29 2011

    DSL Extreme is run like an ongoing criminal enterprise. STAY AWAY. For three years they have charged me for 6000KpS and I often got only .0027KBpS. The ATT&T service guy came out to my place after I bought the Bravia Link TV in 2009 and could only get a 14 inch image on my 52 in TV due to "Bandwidth Limitations". The AT&T told me that DSLeXtreme (DSLX) NEVER called them to remove the limiting filters. After complaining for a year they gave me a 7 dollar a month refund, if I recall correctly I was paying about 29 dollars a month and receiving the $13.95 a month service speeds. They gave me back less than a 1/3 of the difference, about 100 dollars in credit, a total rip-off. Then I realize that the service was often running slower than dial-up speeds. WTF. I called them again and after more than 75 phone calls (40 to 90 min each) over 6 month period I finally got them to send the AT&T DSL Data Line Management folks to test and fix the line. Now they claim that they are not resp... Read more

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    Wed Jul 27 2011

    I started my DSL Extreme service less than 24 hours later I want to kick myself. I wish I had google it! The Service, IT Dept., Customer Service is the worse I have ever come across. I mean the only thing their IT was able to get to work was my PC. If your looking for your IPHONE, XBOX, PS3, WII or other devices to connect better look somewhere else because it's a nightmare with DSL Extreme!! All the IT dept will tell you over and over is call you manufacture read their service contract well they WILL NOT help you. Bottom line is I'm stuck with a 12 month contract or $250 Early Termination Fee and I'm only on my first day of service. There is now way out they don't care what works and what doesn't. *****STAY AWAY FROM DSL EXTREME ***********

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    Sat Jul 23 2011

    I am going to small claims court for an unauthorized startup on an account from DSLextreme. I am so desolate, they cannot provide me service without a dry loop. Verizon never installed it after 2 failed service calls and dslextreme, who was suppose to wait for my call to start service, started the service without authorization and racked up $400 in charges, late fees and penalties. Also, their call center is in the Philippines which in itself is a big mess I will be filing small claims paperwork on Monday. I have emails that prove my situation. To quote the manager, "We never give refunds." You've been warned.

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    Tue Jun 28 2011

    Zero Stars...... Everything everyone has said on this website is true...they give you the run around, charge you unfairly for equipment that you've returned and so on. But, they are messing with the wrong person. As a person who deals with contracts daily, I will be filing a lawsuit against them--which they will lose. Their own Terms and Conditions don't support their actions. Alas--I live close enough to be able to do this. In the end, I will waste more time than the value of the money they stole, but it will be worth it to beat their butts in court. Also--I have filed a fraudulent/mis-charge claim against them with my bank. I've just done so today so we'll see how that process goes. Insofar as their charges are contradictory to their terms and conditions, hopefully the bank will intervene accordingly. To call them incompetent would be a compliment. This is intentional. They do everything they can to make it difficult--including telling you over the telephone that... Read more

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    Tue Jun 21 2011

    If you still sign up with these ASH CLOWNS, after reading about all of the GARBAGE THAT THEY MAKE PEOPLE SUFFER THROUGH, and then come back later to pen you OWN review after being BURNED RIGHT UP THE A Then hey, this is for you in advance: TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, I have never gone through a worse customer service HELLL then with these guys I went onto a popular INTERNET REPORT website for REVIEWING DSL and their FORUMS (and as Rosie O'donnell once infamously said, GOOGLE IT. I am "WE SO SUFFER" in case you want to look me up ) where I had to rip DSL EXTREME a new one there (like countless other people by now I see) in order to actually receive REAL help and not be ignored or lied to further, which by the way they are VERY GOOD AT DOING, MARK MY WORDS On THAT one. Like to be treated like complete crap by a company you are paying good money to for a very simple service that they JUST RESELL??? Go with them., they will GIVE IT TO YOU GOOD ALL RIGHT

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    Mon Apr 04 2011

    Three words best describe DSL Extreme: HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! I have been a customer (a.k.a victim) for 2 years and I've regretted my decision every since. I would gladly switch back to Verizon but I'm using this for a business and I can't afford to have my internet connection down for 30 - 45 days trying to switch back. When I say stay the F away from this company I mean it. As I write this I have been on hold for more than 45 minutes as I try to reach customer service. You read that correctly, on hold for 45 minutes. FIRST: DSL Extreme is a middleman. They buy bandwidth in bulk from Verizon and resell it to fools like me who think they're getting a deal. Even if you switch from Verizon you are still using Verizon because your service is still going through them, you just don't know it. DSL Extreme is no different than the corner liquor store owner who buys candy in bulk at Cost Co and resells it. I use to do this in third grade with Blow Pops; big deal, it's not a real busin... Read more

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    Sat Mar 26 2011

    Shoulda known, you get what you pay for. I didnt research this company. It just seemed more affordable than the bigger internet providers, without the bundle. However-- there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. It took about a week to get service and I was with them in a contract in 2006 with no problem. However in 2010 I signed up for service after moving to the Bay Area. After 4 months, I had to move again for work and I stayed with them because I had signed a 1 year contract. I figured that I am completing the rest of the contract by staying with them and checked with the representative that it would count on my account. At one point I wanted to upgrade my service because it was too slow. I was willing to pay-- but this would renew my contract again! So I didn't do it. Now it's been 8 months and I have to move out of the country for work. After 15 minuts on hold to get a representative who didn't have power to help me. She asked me to write a letter to [email protected] explaining my ... Read more

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    Thu Mar 03 2011

    I have had DSL Extreme for over three years now and not had one issue. I am on 1.5 service and thought about upgrading to 3.0 or 6.0 but all these one star reviews make me think I should not tempt fate. Someone in my family is always online and we have not had any downtimes. When I first set up my account I talked to a customer service rep in Chatsworth, CA - and he spoke English - that was nice. I have not had a glitch on any billings.

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    Sat Dec 18 2010

    The EXTREME in DSL EXTREME stands for EXTREME frustration, EXTREME wait times for support, EXTREME dissatisfaction. If I could give dsl extreme no stars I would. I tried to order their service online, but the order processing page came up with 'a problem'. I called a human being and was told I was in an AT&T area and couldn't use their service. This wasn't true. I should have woken up to the fact they are incompetent at that point. However I persevered online and signed up for service. I have paid dsl extreme over $50 so far (compared to some I seem to have suffered lightly) and as of december 16 I had no internet. They claimed it was the wiring from the telephone box to my wall jacks - but after spending $85 to have that checked they finally, after several calls and hours on hold, decided to call verizon to have an engineer visit my home. Shortly after the verizon engineer arrived the internet connection started working.... for less than 24 hours. More time on hold to speak ... Read more

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    I used dslextreme for a year. It started out great and at around mid-2009 it became horrible. There was a noticeable change in attitude of the employees which became from friendly and helpful to deceptive and dishonest. Towards the end of my one year contract my bandwidth had gone from 3 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps and they would blame my house wiring for it (it is a new house!!!). Turns out that ATT, their copper provider had clamped it down and obviously they knew about it but still lied to me. Any way, after switching over from them, they still want to charge me for 1 month for which they are not my ISP because, "you did not call us to cancel". Well, the service is switched over ISP-to-ISP!!! Dishonest! Stay away.

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    Tue Aug 24 2010

    If you sign up.......eventually........YOU'LL REGRET IT! So.....after hearing a radio tech person tout how this is the greatest company in the world, I signed up both my mother and mother-in-law for service. At first, no problems, although the speed was NOWHERE near what they advertise. The problems came after several months. Both my mother and mother-in-law started having severe speed issues. We're talking WORSE than dial-up. Speed tests consistently proved this. Tech support is beyond awful. First, they tell you it's your computer. Then, it's a problem with the modem, (and they make you pay for another one). Next, it's a problem with the phone lines, etc...etc...etc. The bottom line is that for two separate accounts, (both with identical problems although they were in different cities) we had to put up with it, or pay the $250 cancellation fee. Enter the mess that cancelling the service became. Once the contract ran out on both, I tried to cancel via their live chat. No... Read more

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    Horrible ISP. I work out of my home and I never had the speeds I was told I would get; it would always fluctuate from 2MBPS to 2.45MBPS, sometimes 1.5MBPS, and I am paying for 3MBPS! They cannot solve the network issues themselves because they lease a pipeline from Verizon which means they cannot fix issues at a router level or backbone level. The service is horrible and I want to get out of my contract. I really wish someone would start a class action lawsuit to pay early contract termination fees and the repay what customers were not given. If you can, get Cable or FIOS. This service totally sucks. Note: I have a degree in networking and the Network+ certification.

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    Thu Apr 15 2010

    I used to worked for this company as a customer rep. they started working from a small place in San Fernando valley selling pagers, cell phones and DSL . Then they moved to another location in Chatsworth. Customer services sucks They really don't care about you they just want to get you in a contract and screw you big time. Most of the people don't know what they doing. when you report a problem with your service we have to report this problem with AT&T or Verizon. First of all because we don't know what we are doing and second of all because everything belong to AT&T and Verizon we are only the middle man thats why you get the service so cheap because we buy a lot service from them so we pass it to the customer so cheap but when it becomes to troubleshoot you service good luck. If you thinking of getting DSL service Just go with AT&T or Verizon

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    Fri Mar 12 2010

    This is the worst business I have ever dealt with. Not just the worst internet service company, but the worst company in any kind of business. Very unhappy and dissatisfied. - Out $250 for one days service of terribly slow speed. Told they can't provide what I paid for and I must pay $250 to cancel or see out the contract with them not providing any services to me. I pre-qualified at my new address and signed up for 3000/512Kbps plan. Speeds were terrible my first day 0.01mbs. I called customer support and they said they would look into it. 15 minutes later I had no service at all. This has been like this for a week now. They had sent a Verizon rep to check the line when I started my service and I receive confirmation that all was good. They sent another Verizon rep out yesterday and he explained I was to far from the Verizon station to get service. Called dslExtreme to cancel the order as they can't provide service to me and they are charging me the $250 cancellation fee... Read more

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    Tue Mar 02 2010

    We had their 6.000 plan and we were getting anywhere from 2,800 - 3,000 I talked to their support and I was told and I quote " Your area is too far away and can't get 6.000" so I told them to switch me to their 3,000 plan since I was already getting 3,000 and it would save me a couple dollars. For 1 month we got a solid 3,000 then all of a sudden it dropped to 1,200 and stayed there. So I called support and told them the problem and asked how to get it back to 3,000 then I was told and I quote " Sir your area is too far away to get 3,000" I told them that we were getting 3,000 for a couple months and said not to lie to me, they then told me it was impossible for me to get 3,000 and I continued to get 1,200. They purposely cap your internet lower then what you pay for, and they treat you like your lying to them when it's the other way around. Then I find out they are located not even 15 minutes from where I live, yea I really am too far away right? What propaganda, I do not recommen... Read more

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    Mon Feb 22 2010

    My brother had this because at that time COX wasn't any good yet. a year passed with alot of Offline and desync'd-age from DSLE. My brother tried to cancel and they said he couldn't because of the 2 year contract he signed when our internet would go out bc of their Data center they have the nerve to tell him " What i would suggest is that You get another provider encase our Internet ever gos out again " It's like if i go to the store and buy Coca Cola and they tell me you should get a Pepsi just encase.. I mean wtf... I don't get how this company is still in business :(

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    Thu Feb 18 2010

    1 star Avoid this company! I had service for 1 year (Sept '06-Sept '07), and needed to renew, but was moving and explained that to the sales rep. I was told "no problem, contact us after the move and we'll re-connect you at that time". On that basis I renewed for an additional year. A few weeks later I took possession of my new house and contacted DSL Extreme to re-instate service at the new house, and was told they could not provide service in my new location!? I said fine, cancel my service and I'll get another provider. They said they couldn't cancel because they had obligations with the local phone company for a year, in order to renew my contract. I said fine, I'll pay the fees to the local phone company, cancel the contract. They said they couldn't do that, so I ended up paying $22/month for a year of service they never provided (Sept '07- Sept '08)! Then a full year after I finished paying for the service they never provided (sometime around Oct or Nov of '09) I started recei... Read more

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    They have rude phone staff, they billed me a year for service I never got (modem wouldn't sync). They charged me for the modem I returned to them. $500 total for absolutely 0 internet service. That's a bargain!!

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    Fri Jan 29 2010

    I begrudgingly give this company a 1 star rating, only because I could not give it a 0 star rating for this review. After this past week of aggravation and frustration over DSL Extreme, I decided to post as many complaints about the service on as many review boards as I can find. First, let me say that I have been a loyal customer for nearly four years now and, up until recently, I have been quite satisfied with the service. However, over the past week, I have been losing my internet connection. In the beginning, it happened around midnight, but it is now occurring during the daytime as well. Strangely enough, I found another recent complaint (on another consumer review site) with precisely the same experience. I've contacted DSL Extreme's customer service four times already. They've conducted the same tests each time. The first time, the agent admitted that he noticed interference on the line but could not identify it. He temporarily fixed it and agreed to send me a new filter, th... Read more

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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    They seem to employ inmates or similar lowlifes as sales staff. Fortunately the rude female dirtbag I spoke with gave me ample warning of what jokers these people are so I went with another provider.

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    Sat Dec 26 2009

    I can't imagine why anyone would one star this company. Seems like people should be taking these claims up with the BBB or something. I have never had a negative experience with them. Seems like this place is the sounding board for complaints. Anyway where do I begin. They don't outsource customer service which is good for America, THEY ALLOW YOU TO HOST (this is rare), the line is reliable, and customer service really gets to the root of the problem. They don't do the call the other company BS, they fix it. And did I say that they allow you to host? I'm going to start a website and that is rare. If you live in a ATNT area you can't get their cable service, but their DSL service should be good. Also they don't play the 3 months free games that other companies do. I think they offer slightly lower rates to newbies, but only by 10% or so. Other companies double their rates after 6 months or what have you. I couldn't be more satisfied with them.

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    Tue Nov 24 2009

    DSL extreme is horrible. I took Leo Laporte's advice and boy was I disappointed. Went to their site and asked for the service they said was advertised and supposedly available at my residence. Then out of the blue they let me know that the service level I wanted (the speed I wanted) wasn't available in my area AND they said I was already committed to DSL Xtreme and therefore I would be forced to accept the lower speed at the same rare because "I had already clicked the button on their website that locked me in... and in the fine print they didn't guarantee that advertised speed... so I was screwed, I had to take the lower speed at the same price they charged for the higher speed that they advertised." WTF? I told them I'd look around first for comparable programs at the lower speed they were now offering but they said no, i was out of luck. I was already locked into a year contract, despite the fact that I would never be able to get the speeds they advertised at the price they s... Read more

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    Fri Nov 20 2009

    Technical support worse than useless, since you waste time on hold, and the diagnosis is based on one simple rule "Blame the customer first!"

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    Wed Nov 04 2009

    I'm writing another of a long line of "what do you mean I owe you $99 for my 2.5yr old DSL modem", the support tech obviously well versed in hearing I'm reporting you to the BBB (and no I wasn't yelling at her) said go ahead. This company should be avoided, there are many others out there that offer the same speeds for the same price and do not charge you a modem tax when you cancel. Don't reward bad companies, vote with your money and show them you deserve better.

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    Wed Nov 04 2009

    I too, just realized what jerks they are and scammers. I used this company for 6.. I have had the service until 10-09...I just cancelled to get the wireless thru Att. now you would think that I would be way over any early cancellation contract Right. WRONG. But NOOO...DSL they tell me that since I changed my phone number in the same house ,( which was because AT&T screwed up phone lines jan 09 causing my lines to cross causing DSL loose connection. I was put under a new contract when they restored service.... of which I had no idea....And if I had a new contract why was I still paying 21.00 per month.Hmmm seems like I shouda been paying 12.00 then- like all new customers.( hello) .Well you know what I told them try and get early cancellation money from me and see what you get. After 5 rs...they I cancelled all my cards on file with them...I paid my bill every month through my bank bill pay.......I can not believe this....SO all of you beware of any changes you make if you... Read more

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    Sat Sep 05 2009

    Arduously slow, frustrating, insolent customer service and fraudulent billing! Here's my experience: In 2007, I opened an account with DSLExtreme for my father to use at his house. When my father moved to a new residence in October 2008, I canceled the account with DSL Extreme (which was a nightmare experience in itself). Following directions from the company, my father then returned the modem to them, using the regular USPS service to do so. He repackaged the modem in its original box and even called DSL Extreme to verify that they had received the item. A representative replied in the affirmative. Last month, I received a letter from a collection agency stating I owe DSL Extreme $99 for the modem! I called DSL Extreme's customer service and was told that they have no record of receiving the modem. Unbelievable! I'm disputing the charge and also filing a complaint with the BBB.

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    Fri Sep 04 2009

    When I signed up with DSL Extreme, it was $14.95 per month for 768 kbps. I bought this for my vacation home because we are hardly ever here. When I called to ask about renewal they said it was going to jump to $18.95 for the same service after my year expired... even though for new customers it has now dropped to $12.95! They would not budge on this and I'm not sure if I will renew. Out of curiosity, I asked how much it would be for 6Megs for my other home. They said it was $29.95 a month with contract or $34.95 month to month. My AT&T is $34.95 for month to month? I though DSL extreme was a low priced alternative but now they are the same price as the big guys. No point in going to this company...

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    Mon Aug 24 2009

    I got a 12 month DSL EXTREME contract for my grandson and he only had it working for about 4 months. My grandson wanted a wireless modem so he could use his laptop. I bought a 2-wire modem and hooked it up and called them for help in getting it working. It showed connected at local but not with the Internet. No one seemed to be able to help. Well, since my grandson would be moving to a new house we decided to wait until after the move. After the move I again contacted DSL Extreme and got this sassy girl who said I would have to renew my 12 month contract since it was a new location. I told her that I didn't want to renew since I had 4 months left. She said that if I quit, it would cost me $250 for breaking the contract. I told her that she was the one who wanted to break the contract. I am still paying for DSL extreme when I have no DSL extreme. This company says I have no complaints on their web site, yet I have contacted them repeatedly and STILL have no DSL for my grandson. ... Read more

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    Tue Aug 18 2009

    I just got dsl extreme. It works great clocked it at 2.5 mb/s. I called customer support to help hookup my non dsl extreme router and they quickly helped me. the wait time for customer service was about 10 min. I think (had my son hold the phone). The Ethernet cable they sent was defective (won’t stay plug in). I had to call billing department to get a new one. I just finished a “live chat” with billing and they are sending me a new one. I am very happy. The only thing I need to watch out for is when my year contract ends, I need to renew it.

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    Fri Aug 14 2009

    If you plan to sign up with DSL Extreme for their advertised low cost plans, think again!! Three months ago, my 12 mo. contract with DSL Extreme finally expired. I canceled immediately... Just when I thought I'd never need to deal with that company ever again, today, I received a letter from their Collection Dept that I owe them $99 because I haven't sent back my modem. What!? Where's that written?? When I called in to cancel my plan, their service dept. made no mention of it, or I would have returned it... I used other DSL companies before, never once did I need to return the modem at the end of contract, it never even crossed my mind. Besides, I clearly remember that I paid some $$ for the modem in the beginning... Further, when I initially signed up with DSL Extreme, I picked the Express plan. However, the speed I was getting was slower than their Basic plan because they said I live too far from their service hub (but, of course, they didn't tell me that when I was signin... Read more

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    When google took over there was no way to use Outlook except with imap, despite what they may claim. This method is slow, because it must sync with the internet instead of just loading your new messages. It also crashes all the time. The customer service is terrible. They threaten to charge $250 if you terminate early, if you decline the annual subscription when you renew they charge 2 or three times as much (without telling you), and when you finally get out of the ocntract they charge $99 if you don't send the crappy dsl modem back to them in the mail. You know they don't re-use a 4 year old dsl modem; and if they do, what does that tell you? Don't go with dslextreme!

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    absolutely horrible. worst bait and switch. stay away! Billing is highly deceptive. Mediocre tech support.

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    Mon Jul 13 2009

    Stay away, worst ever customer service and its $350 to get out of the annual contract.

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    Sun Jul 12 2009

    Absolutely the WORST customer service ever - we signed up my sister-in-law in Sacramento 3 weeks ahead of time so we could go up from Southern California to get her started on email. We got 3 confirmation emails from DSL Extreme and modem mailed to her. Once we arrived..no service! After two hours on the phone they couldn't tell us why - just that it was in their "order" dept and they were closed on Sunday. Having to leave the next morning by 9 a.m. to get back home they promised to call us at 6 a.m. when they opened - not only did they not really open at 6 a.m. but had a recording they opened at 7 a.m. except at 7:15 we were still getting the recording they weren't open yet. Finally got another tech person but they couldn't get through either - by 8 a.m we gave up and cancelled the order. Sadly we never got any service for her and had to leave - we couldn't even get a competitor to provide for another 3 weeks because DSL extreme wouldn't cancel the order with AT&T so that another or... Read more

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    Fri Jul 10 2009

    Not only was service with this company atrocious but even after we changed providers we have been dealing with their crap for 5months now! We sent our modem back using UPS and even made it signed delivery. Well for 5 months they have been telling us they have not received the modem even though they signed for it and we have proof. They have been calling us, harassing us, sending us notices threatening us etc) This company should not be in business. Finally after months of fighting them they have said oops we were wrong. No apology nothing for months of harassment. Of course why should I be surprised their service sucked when we had them why would it be any different when we were no longer customers. I will never go back to their lies of great service when all they deliver is sub par, over priced service with horrid customer service. If you are thinking of going with them be ready to have slow internet, rude service and be lied to often.

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    STAY FAR AWAY! I just wanted to pass along my experience thus far with DSL Extreme, and how incredibly dis-satisfied I am with them. (this is stating it as mildly as possible) First and foremost, I understand the position, etc that they're in, and how they work. And I also understand, in relation to everything, that this is only a short period of time, but I *need* access to the Internet for my job. Also throughout the story, this is alternating between me being on the phone talking to them and my fiancee. Here's the story: Bought a house, filled in the appropriate online forms to setup a time for FIOS to be installed. At first I was going to go through Verizon FIOS, but then saw DSL Extreme was cheaper, so I thought I would give it a shot. I got a voicemail soon after, saying the installation would be this past Friday between 1-5 ET. I got another voicemail later, further confirmation, both voicemail's saying no further action was required (kept both voicemails). I logged on... Read more

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    Fri Jun 19 2009

    I had at&t dsl service for 3 years!!! and i still loved dsl extreme not only is it cheaper you get the same speed for cheaper price!!! I don't know why others are complaining about there service its actually really good!!!

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    Wed Apr 22 2009

    I also returned by modem to DLS Extreme, but got a letter 2 months later saying I did not return it. I had sent it through the post office regular mail so I did not have a tracking number. Thankfully I had a receipt that said I had sent a package to Chatsworth which DSL Extreme accepted. But its apparent that "losing modems" shipped back to them is a very common occurrence. BEWARE!

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    Tue Mar 03 2009

    Don't ever sign up with DSL EXtreme. I've been waiting for service for 3 weeks! It takes 30-40 minutes to get a live person on tech support. Service sucks there and is unreliable.

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    Mon Jan 19 2009

    This is actually the worst experience I've ever had ordering a service online. I am an avid computer user and programmer. I wonder if there will be a class action lawsuit filed against dslextreme someday if they continue to "extort" other customers like this. I signed up online, they bombarded me with emails about preparing me for service or checking if service was available to me (relevant information was in text format, so received the emails), then hundreds of advertising or misc information emails (in html that deliver to my spam folder daily), etc. but no information on how to hook-up or initiate the service (such as login or installation instructions). So, I got tired of waiting and got another ISP. Then bills started coming. 3 months of service for $182 with their additional fees. No modem, just the contract. I called to inform them that I have not had internet access. They were unwavering because they feel that the contract that I accepted online is bulletproof. I even said I... Read more

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    Fri Jan 02 2009

    I used to work for these guys. I didnt realize how bad it was since I was a technician. GEEBUS getting a hold of billing is a nightmare Ive been in the queue for an hour, and the live support is waiting and waiting. I had to literally lose my cool with tech support in a live chat to get assistance with billing. I didnt know a simple move would null / renew your contract!. The whole getting a hold of billing is so bad. If you compare dslextreme to verizon or at&t;, those guys at least get to you vs wait and wait and sit around. Especially when someone is at work. How long can you wait?. This was a problem 5 years ago, and it still is what a sad company. Stupid people and support what a shame. Thankfully I can troubleshoot all the hardware / connectivity issues but placing a move oh man.. Im thinking of going to AT&T;

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    Mon Dec 15 2008

    I'm really sorry I can't leave a negative star! I have spent hours and hours on hold with this company. I tried to get what they refer to as "dryloop" which is what they call it when you get DSL with no phone service. I had NO DSl for at least a month. They keep billing me and threatening me-but won't take the time off that I had no internet at all. Actually I'm on hold right now as I write this (waiting for them to hang up on me.) "Alfredo" probably not his real name said he was going to review my account-of course he never said anything about coming back! He actually came back after 10 more minutes on hold and said that I didn't attempt to troubleshoot the problem enough! Are you kidding?!! I have called them so many times it's rediculous! They say that they will call you back and nothing! They are liars. This is the worst run company that I have ever seen in my life. $15.00 a month sounds good-but like my mother told me-"if is sounds too good to be true-it probably is.... Read more

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    Mon Nov 03 2008

    It comes as no surprise that DSL Extreme is getting such poor reviews. Among "techies" there is an axiom in the internet service industry that some degree of down time and interruption is expected since no one can tell when everyone will want to get on the internet at the same time with limited space to provide that traffic. On the other hand, DSL Extreme seems to have cornered the market, so to speak, as the King and all time ruler of down time and service interruptions. I have down time almost every day and at least every other week I have to re-boot, uninstall the software, re-install, and re-boot again. I agree with many others - if you are looking for a provider, give this one a pass and go to someone else. The reasonable rates are not worth the frustration.

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    Wed Oct 29 2008

    DSL Extreme sucks. there Super Unreliable. Tech Support are total retards. All the modems they have a pieces of crap. STAY AWAY!

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    Wed Oct 29 2008

    I'm very happy with DSL Extreme. I searched and searched firstly to find a provider for the area I live in and then for a good value and found both with DSL Extreme. I ran into some problems (not initially everything ran smoothly from ordering, rapid response and delivery of modem etc. set up, ran fine and so did DSL Extreme right out of the starting gate)seems I had set up modem not quite to specs (it ran tho) and the tech called me within 20 minutes of my responding to their email, and he walked me through and gave me suggestions on best way to hook up (I live in an RV so things were a bit different for him and me)he was patient and knowledgeable and after hanging up I got a call back about 10 minutes later with him apologizing that he had mentioned during the first call to direct me to the pictorial for the modem set up and he hadn't given that info to me in the first call. He took the time to call me back! How many customer services would you expect to do that??!! So needless to ... Read more

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    Mon Oct 13 2008

    I'm a 65-year old grandmother and was desperate to get off dial-up at the least amount of money. Signed up with DSL-X and have been very satisfied with the service. At the very beginning I had to contact tech-support to get everything running smoothly but the tech was very knowledgeable and helpful and I only waited a few minutes to speak with him.

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    Wed Oct 01 2008

    Who knows DSL Extreme better than me? Probably not very many people. I've been with DSLE with various accounts since 2000. I'm also a 10-year IT vet that happens to know a lot about networking -- not that I expect you to believe "Mr. Random Internets Guy" about his geek cred, but there it is. DLSE has had their issues in the past, but I hate big telco so I've tried to be a faithful customer. Incidentally, I just started as a sysadmin in the silicon valley area of NorCal. There's obviously a *lot* of tech here, which means a lot of ISPs. Even so, I tried to keep DSLE in the spirit of supporting the little guy, and because your don't have to be a lawyer to understand their fair access policy. What a mistake that turned out to be... Things actually started off well this time, DSLE even kept their original turn on date for once -- maybe the first time *ever*. Only a few days later, AT&T; broke something on their end, which took down my lines. When it came back up, no sync. After waitin... Read more

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    Mon Sep 29 2008

    IS THIS EVEN LEGAL??? They prequalified my line for the basic 768 kbps and the 1.5 Mbps. I chose the 1.5 Mbs. (I don't recall seeing anything about the 384 kbps lower range during the sign up process but maybe MAYBE I overlooked it. However the download speeds I measured consistently were between 180 - 190 kbps! Not even close!! Tech support says that's all the line can support. Fair enough, that's a limitation of the technology. But since the company can't keep it's end of the bargain, shouldn't they release the customer from the contract they themselves can't keep? Shouldn't they give the customer the chance of making an informed decision, i.e. we're going to charge you $X a month for Y kbps connection. Apparently not ... once you click the submit button, they have you for a year. THESE GUYS ARE PREDATORS AND SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!!! SHAME ON YOU DSLEXTREME!!!

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