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    Thu Aug 18 2011

    It is too dri and irritated my skin whenever I put it on. Since I have very bad underarm smell, I finally found one deodorant that really works for me. I have a terribly bad funky armpit odour, like cockroach smell, so I need deodorant. however not just any deodorant, because I don't want it to dry-up or clog up my skin or give me bad smell afterwards. I've been using UARMSOL deodorant for many years now and I have no more armpit odours. Even when I sweat I don't have any odours, this deodorant works great and I'm loving it. I can't go out in the day without putting it on. Even when I sweat my armpits don't have any smell. I applied 1 pinch and it's all to it for the whole day without worries about any smell afterwards. There's no after sport smell or odour masking. I would recommend it to anyone who has underarm odour.

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    Thu Jun 23 2011

    Hi! Im a 13 year old girl in middle school. I have had SEVERE under arm sweating for about 2 1/2 years now. Sweating this bad has had an effect on my life :( My friends have noticied it and so has my crush. It was SOOOO embarrasing. Once I was at church for choir practice and my crush was there. Me and him had to stay last and clean up the room. We were finally done and I went to tur the light off and he was standing in front of me and noticed the dark ring under my arm. I was also wering a black shirt. He said EWWWWWW what is that?!?! I said I'm hot!! (Even though I really wasnt) He said haha sweaty sweaty!! I was humiliated. I ran off and didnt speak to him for a while. Sometimes I prespirate even when I'm not hot. I will sweat under my arms and I'm like Omg I'm not even hot!!! It frustrated the crap out of me. And embarrassed me. The sweating was the worst at school. I would wear a jacket every day and it wouldn't even be hot. People would say why would you wear a jacket and it's... Read more

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    Sun Apr 10 2011

    I love the idea of drysol only for men. With the market flooded with women related product - a specific product as drysol taking care of the requirement of men as an antiperspirants and deodorants will go a long way to bringing freshness in the life of all men. An International product - which i appreciate a lot! Men cosmetics http://www.cosmeticplasticsurgeryholidayindia.com

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    Wed Apr 06 2011

    I have been having sweating problems for over 3 years. I used to be absolutely petrified to play in games with friends that had to do with putting my arms up. I would be fine at home but once I got on the bus I would already have huge marks on my shirt. I had to start wearing things that wouldn't touch my arm pits because it was that bad! I even used the clinical strength products and they still didn't work at all. 2 days ago my doctor recommended Drysol. I was super excited! That night I had a bath and put it on. The next morning I was very doubtful because it never itched, or burned like everyone said it would on here. The next morning i began to sweat again! Although it wasn't near as much as it normally was, it was getting there. I still didn't give up and put it on last night. Yet again i sweat today, but not very much! I am still gradually getting better, so don't worry if it doesn't work at first! Don't give up on it, because you will see a difference eventually.

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    Tue Apr 05 2011

    Oh my god! I've tried every type of deodorant out there, including all the clinical stuff AND certain dri (made my armpits itchy and i still continued to sweat). I saw this stuff in Shopper's and decided to try it out of sheer desperation. $24.99 seems pricey, seeing as how other deodorants are around 4 or 5 bucks but oh well. I put it on last night, just dabbed, waited for it to dry, wadded up some plastic wrap and put a tshirt over, went to sleep. No itching/tingling/rash like other people complained about, even though my skin can usually be a bit sensitive. I was doubtful because I always sweat right through my layers (no smell thank god). It started when I was around 12 and was torture because I went to a private school where white dress shirts were part of the dress code, I'd wear layers of shirts underneath and still sweat through them. All the way through high school, I'd wear the hideous school sweater or blazer over top to hide my sweating. Even in the summer time when everyo... Read more

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    Fri Apr 01 2011

    Wow...why didnt anyone tell me about this stuff when I was in 6th grade? Life would have been so much easier. I turned 24 this week and feel like I have been robbed! This product is amazing..I still cant believe that its working. From the first usage my sweat is GONE! No more rings around my shirt or feeling that gross sweaty feeling. I hope anyone who has been a chronic sweater gets this stuff. I actually have the generic by the way! No complaints. Insurance did not cover it so it cost 17...Id pay 50 for this stuff. I'am so grateful!!! Its a whole new world. Mentally I still get freaked out but Im sure soon it will all be in the past!! Buy this NOW!! By the way no burning issues ever...lucky for me. Usually I get the bad side effects haha! Some minor itching..nothing big. Slight sting on freshly shaved armpits...nothing like i thought after reading these reviews...I was freaked!! GOOD LUCK :D

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    Fri Mar 04 2011

    So, basically my story is just like everyone else's. I am currently 21 years old and have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since puberty. I tried every product out there and absolutely nothing worked. Recently, I decided that I needed to do something about it - I was tired of the constant sweating... even in -20 degree Canadian winters!! I read tons of reviews about Drysol so yesterday I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up a bottle. Although it was a little pricy ($24.99 CAD), I decided to give it a try. I applied it for the first time last night, following the instructions in the package. I noticed a bit of stinging/itching when I was trying to fall asleep but it really wasn't that bad. I was so excited when I woke up this morning... I washed it off, and put on a bit of regular deodorant. And then I did something I NEVER do.. I wore a fitted, bright pink shirt to class this morning *gasp*. And.... NO SWEATING. It's AMAZING. I don't think I've gone a day in the past 8 or so y... Read more

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    Wed Feb 16 2011

    5 stars (put your rating here! 1-5 ) So I'm 16 and have been dripping sweat for the past 2 years. It was so bad that i would take of my shirt and blow dry it at school. Then I heard an add on z107.7 radio station. I soon looked up this and it told me about Drysol. This is my first time using it. It burns and itches but I think it is working. The only thing is that I am breathing heavily. O don't know if is because I am nervous about the outcome of the product or I'm having some sort of allergic reaction. .

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    Thu Jan 20 2011

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!! I don't apply it every day otherwise my arm pits will get really swollen and dry like unbelievably dry. I use it about every other day before I got to bed. It works great and I don't sweat anymore!!! The only downside to using drysol is the burning and itching you get when you use it after you shave your armpits. Sometimes it burns after shaving sometimes it doesn't for me. I love drysol and its made me more confident! I would recommend this to anyone who sweats A LOT!!!

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    Fri Jan 07 2011

    3 stars It was working really good and my doc told me to apply it evry night for two weeks but I was scared to stop using it because it didn't want to sweat but now as I continue for the third day after the two week mark my sweating is starting to come back what's wrong!!.

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    Fri Jan 07 2011

    I used this two days in a row and I can happily say that I did not sweat at all! Here are all the details good and bad. GOOD: -IT WORKS. 100% -Considering how long it will last, the price is not as bad as the original shock makes it seem :P BAD: -It stings like crazy. First night it wasn't so bad but the second was enough for me to tear up. For me I also found that it made me extremely itchy where I applied it but by resisting touching it it went away. -If it hurts at night, you can also assume that talking it off the next day will be uncomfortable. For me I also found that the area was sensitive and red, but I didnt care because of the AMAZING results! SO BASICALLY, I would 100% reccomenned this product. They good outweighs the bad if you are constantly imbarrassed by sweat like I was. I would for sure make sure that you have tried plain anti persperants etc before you jump to this though. It is a last resort. Here are my tips: -NEVER apply after shaving. Doesnt matter if you sh... Read more

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    Sat Jan 01 2011

    Hello all. After reading the many posts here I wanted to chime in on Drysol. I was diagnosed with hyperhydrosis when I was in 8th grade (1998) and trust me its so embarissing. I was prescribed Drysol that year and I still use it to this day (2011)! It was mainly for my pits but I realized its importance and also use it on my face when I work hard so people see my face and not the sweat! I used it almost everyday when I first got it and now maybe once every 2 weeks. Biggest tip: DO NOT SHAVe! And put it on your pits!! Very itchy and it stings. Plus your skin will be very blotchy and nasty looking. Don't over think this product.. just blot it on your skin and I just put a regular shirt on cause its going to work the same if you wear a tight shirt or not. I never wrapped my pits either. At first it will be stinging pain but I promise when you get past that, its worth its liquid in gold!! Good luck :)

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    Thu Dec 30 2010

    I am a 35 year old that has had excessive sweating since i was in my mid 20's it has affected my life dramatically, to the point that i could only wear dark clothing nothing tight fitting because it made it worse, and most of the time had to wear a sweatshirt. The summer was the worst, because i couldn't wear ANY of those cute shirts. I reviewed this product on here and decided to give it a try, the most AMAZING product! It stings alittle the first couple of applications, but nothing to bad, just don't shave the morning of applying it! I saw immediate results still use it but only about 1 or 2 a week! Your worries are over after you buy this product, hope it was helpful and hope it helps you too, you will be a different person and soo much more confident!

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    Sun Dec 26 2010

    So I've had excessive sweating for as long as I can remember, probably from about 5th grade, but it wasn't as severe. When I was about 10 I would get small sweat stains after about an hour, but since I was 11 and after that, it would get worse and worse. I'm 14 years old now and before I tried Drysol I would have ridiculously huge sweat stains that would appear in less than 10 minutes. I have a big thing for style and fashion, so the excessive sweating has definitely made me feel like a prisoner in my own body. I would have to wear jackets and hoodies with everything (but I would also sweat though the jackets and hoodies) and I couldn't buy what I wanted to; my style was limited. Once I heard about Drysol from a service called ChaCha, I researched the crap out of it, and finally convinced my mom to buy it. It was around November, and I had to wait until Christmas, so I was going crazzzzy that whole month. It was Christmas Eve and I asked my mom if my Drysol had come in yet. She said ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    I'm Amanda, a 29 year old woman, and in June of this year I started sweating. A LOT. My hands, feet, and underarms were constantly very, very wet. I first thought it was because of the heat - here in southwest Arkansas, it routinely stays around 100-105 degrees , 12 hours a day, for about 2 months in the summer. But, I soon noticed that I was sweating even when I was sitting still. My socks would be so wet as to leave damp places on my bed at night, my shirts were constantly soaked - or the sweat would run in streams down my arms or sides, and I had to keep paper towels clutched in my hands to absorb the moisture. I was miserable! Soon, the skin started peeling off my hands and feet and they had that pins-and-needles sensation constantly. As it got cooler, I was not sweating less, but MORE, if that was possible. I finally went to my doctor yesterday and got a prescription for Drysol (I live in the US and you have to have an Rx here). I waited until I was about to fall asleep last nigh... Read more

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    I suffered with excessive sweating of the armpits until i was about 15, when i tried drysol. I'd be just sitting down watching tv when my armpits would just drip with sweat. Even when it was cold! Drysol changed my life, if i still sweat like that, i don't know where i would be today! The first few times it was pretty itchy. My tips are to NEVER use on freshly shaven armpits, and always blow-dry after applying it. (always dab, never rub it in!) For the first few months, I used drysol once a week. It worked wonders. Eventually, after a couple bottles, I didn't even have to use it anymore. I now sweat like a normal person, without drysol! :) I could confidently say it cured me.

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    Sat Nov 13 2010

    I have had hyperhidrosis since the onset of puberty! My sweaty armpits have ruled my life for more than fifteen years. From what I wear to what I do, decisions seemed to be greatly influenced by the embarrassing problem. My doctor just prescibed Drysol and I used it last night. I followed the directions exactly and woke up the next morning full of doubt. I decided to test it to the fullest. I wore a tight undershirt that clung to my armpits and a short sleeved tight shirt over it. Normally, I wouldn't even have it on for five minutes before my underarms would be wet. I was dry all the way through my morning routine , so I packed a bag with an extra, more pit appropriate shirt for when the sweat broke through, which I was sure would soon happen. Throughout my day I led a stressful presentation, ate lunch at a table full of sixth grade boys, gave blood, and was placed under lock down at my place of work due to a shooting in the area. With an amazingly stressful day, I am here t... Read more

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    Fri Nov 12 2010

    im 20 yr old, i use to be like a open hose on my arm pits!!! EVEN when it was 40 degrees outside! can u believe it! DRYSOL i started using 1 week ago.. and since the first night i used it, thenext morning i decided to wear a shirt that u can tell if u are sweating, and guess what nothing!!! THE SIDE EFFECTS are itching, and some irritation,, but u decide what u prefer= -- a little itching or --being a sweaty pig, feeling that u cant get close to people cause they are looking at ur armpits!! ur decision.. I 100% reccomend DRYSOL 20% CHLORIDE!!!!!

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    Wed Oct 06 2010

    Drysol is the greatest thing in the world EVER!!! The itching and burning associated with the application can be terrible but someone gave me a suggestion that completely took away the burning. All you have to do is blow dry your armpits on a cool setting before applying the Drysol, blow dry them again after application, make sure that they are completely dry then apply Vaseline over it. I tried that little trick and it was amazing. There was no itching, burning, or irritation.

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    Tue Sep 07 2010

    Since i was 12 i've suffered excessive sweating under my armpits. It started off just more than others doing physical activity but it's grown to i'm always sweating, unless i was by myself just sitting there, but even then sometimes.. Anyways i've tried antiperspirants, clinical ones to be specific, and nothing worked. So I heard bout drysol so i bought it two days ago. I tried it that night, and I didn't sweat at all that day. But i was just sitting around so I didn't think much of it. But it was my first day of school today (nerve-racking right?) so i thought i'd sweat alot. I put it on for my second time the night before, and i didn't sweat once today! I was able to hug people and put my hand up all the way for class and I felt confident ! For sweating i recommend this for sure. But i also have problems... It itches and burns just a short while after i fall asleep, around 10 minutes. The second night the burning was worse. I wanted to wash it off it was so bad but i kept with it and... Read more

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    Fri Sep 03 2010

    I used to sweat ALL the time. No joke. I would be sitting in my basement (which is the coldest room in the house) watching tv and I would have major sweat stains. After the first night I used Drysol, the next day I literally didn't sweat at all. Now I'm not uncomfortable, and I can wear whatever t shirt I want :) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!!

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    Thu Sep 02 2010

    i used drysol last night,washed it off this morning and put on the fitted shirt that i couldnt wear in a while and my sweating is so bad tat once i put on a shirt i can already see sweat stains. and i did,please tell me any of the suggestions you have!

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    Mon Aug 16 2010

    I would give this five stars because it actaully does help with overactive sweat glands like I have but I had to stop using it. It is so incredibly toxic. It contains high doses of aluminum which is highly carcinogenic (cancer causing). Which is exactly why there is a trend of deodorant companies offering aluminum free deodorant because the public is becoming more aware of its harmful toxic effects. Use it if you must but I would rather have sweaty pit stains than die of cancer like my parents and my cousin did. Pick your battles...

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    Thu Aug 05 2010

    I must say that as I read through a lot of the reviews it almost put me into tears to know that so many people share the same life experiences that I have throughout my life. I've sweated under my armpit for as long as I can remember. I found myself looking at other women and envying the fact that I can't have the freedom of wearing certain things as they did, or always having to wear dark colors so that the sweat marks would not be so revealing on my clothe.I'm sooo glad that I finally got the nerve to say something to my doctor and was given the prescription of Drysol,I've only used it for two days and it has changed my life. I too suffered with the burning, but after the second application it was not as bad. It's almost like a new beginning on life, to be able to lift my arms and not see the stain and to know that I wont wear something new one time and ruin it with the sweat and odor,to be able to take a bath and not feel unclean after a few minutes. I could go on and on.....I'll ju... Read more

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    Wed Aug 04 2010

    I've been batteling hyperhidrosis since I was 12/13 and am almost 29 now, that's a horribly long time to have no relief. I have an extreme excess of underarm sweat, it takes no more than 5 min. for a t-shirt to show a sweat mark and in another 5 min. I have completely soaked through. I even sweat through sweaters, hoodies, jackets. Well I bought Drysol a couple nights ago after reading reviews here, I actually forgot to use it the first night, I didn't think it would work anyway but I wanted to rule it out before going to a skin doctor to request botox or surgery. Anyway, last night I went ahead and tried it out. First I washed and dried, and extra dried, then I used a folded up piece of toilet paper and put drysol on that and blotted my underarms. I did attempt to "wrap" my underarms with saran wrap but it wouldn't stay so I just wadded up the saran wrap and wore a t-shirt during the night and tried to make sure the wrap did not fall out. As for discomfort, I felt small tingl... Read more

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    Thu Jul 29 2010

    This product is a gift from the gods. I was so sure I would be apart of the 20% who it does not work for because my sweating problems were absolutely dreadful. i would be freezing my butt off while just relaxing, yet i would have a sweat mark that pretty much covered the portion of my breasts closest to my underarms and all the way down to where my bra strap is under my arms. it was so embarrassing. I received this product just a couple days ago. I was so excited to try it, so i did. & the next day... NO SWEAT! I seriously just wanted to go outside, kiss the floor, & shout to the world in happiness. Yes, THAT good. There truly is a lot of itching when I put it on, but not so much burning. It's still worth it. I just put it on when I know I am at the brink of sleep. I got a bit of a rash because I shaved before I used it :/ but I could not wait once i had seen that my package came. Today is my second day using it & still no sweat, though i check every 2 seconds because it's so shocki... Read more

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    Thu Jul 29 2010

    Right, sometimes our god help us by make something comes to us without any stress. ones a day my uncle suffered sweet in danger level ( about 600 ) he was used needles medicine, but there is no useful. when he went to his doctor, during his motion an old man told him an advice that i did not know about. but my uncle already knows a kind of plant. my uncle tried this plant and he was shocked about the result, his sweet about 250 only. this product i said it is from god as a gift

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    Tue Jul 20 2010

    well,im 14.&& under arm excessive sweating has followed me for about 4 years now. i first started noticing it in 5th grade,but didnt pay much attention, in 6th grade didnt care that much either, 7th grade it got really badd,that i started wearing sweatshirts over everything. && only white sweatshirts,because i would sweat over the sweatshirts too. in 8th grade was when it really took its toll on me. i have alot of guy friends,and so in the gym we were just hanging out,and one of my guy friends decides to touch me by my upper arms because he was shaking me to listen to him. well after he touched my armpits,he screamed "GROSSS!" && told all his buddies,even my boyfriend which are best friends with him. i let it slide that once,cuz you know i just used the excuse it was hot,but then it happened two times after that,and thats when it got really embarrassing. so now i wonder if they have a secret nickname for me,like they do for some of my other friends for things wrong with them. idont th... Read more

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    Fri Jul 16 2010

    PERFECT ITCH CURE! To get rid of the itchiness, straight Vaseline petroleum jelly is the way to go. It doesn't burn at all and offers immediate relief from the itching without impacting the effectiveness of the product. Don't use anything other than petroleum jelly - I once tried a non-scented, very basic Lubriderm lotion for sensitive skin and found that it made my armpits burn. So, let's talk about the product itself. I've been an excessive armpit sweater since my late teens. I had no idea there were any products on the market to solve this problem until I stumbled across an article on Drysol while looking for a remedy for those awful crusty sweat stains that come from using antiperspirant. I've been using it for about a month now. This stuff works amazingly well, and I highly recommend it. The dermatologist I went to prescribed me a generic brand of Drysol (from Stratus pharmaceuticals). I put it on according to the instructions, and after the second application I've stopped sweat... Read more

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    Mon Jun 21 2010

    I have a mild case of hyperhydrosis. It affects my underarms and feet only. I’ve tried many different antiperspirants with high dose of aluminum zirconium, which reduced the sweating slightly, but in the end didn’t help much. This is the first time I’ve tried Drysol and I absolutely love it. I have to admit that my first experience wasn’t very pleasant, but it was all my fault. First of all when I put it on my armpits I used way too much and used it too quickly after shaving (within a day or two). The result? My skin burned like hell and itched so bad I had to rinse it off in order to be able to sleep. The next day I had a rash and skin hurt when touched. I gave it a few days to heal and put a thick layer of hydrocortisone. I tried using it again after about a week, but in smaller dose. This time there was no discomfort whatsoever and sweating stopped completely. I have to say though that I haven’t been this successful with using it on my feet. I’m on my third application and the di... Read more

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    Fri Jun 04 2010

    I'm 13 and I sweat ALOT just like everyone else on here lol. It wasn't so bad last year but when I started to notice it I started getting nervous about people noticing so it got worse. I tried sooo many deodorants and baby powder and trying to stay calm and it didn't work. I started doing research on what was wrong with me a few months ago then I started using Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant hoping it would work and it didn't. I thought the only way for it to go away was botox so I lost hope :/ Last week I saw that people used a product called HyperCare and it went away. I went to the store and only found Drysol and after reading alot of the reviews on this site from my cell phone I got really excited. I was so happy that I would finally be able to wear most of my clothes and not have to worry about sweating but no. Last night I dabbed it on then put seran wrap on then a tight shirt and went to bed. It didn't hurt at all but I sweat under the seran wrap so idk. This morning I p... Read more

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    Sun May 23 2010

    I used drysol about 28 years ago on my armpits it had some burning but it was well worth it. I got results right away.After probably a year or so i quit using it and have no excess sweatting for the next 26 or 27 years it was amazing. Now my palms for the last 7 years i have used drysol and it slowed way down the sweatting but recently i got it to stop for the last 2 days. The only thing i'm doing different is i make sure to dab it on instead of rubbing it in and i wear disposable gloves they are easier to use then plastic wrap. i use it 4 times a week and will try 3 times a week soon. I hope u try it and don't give up i always thought it was me but i see now a lot of people have this it will change your life believe me.

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    Sun May 23 2010

    I used drysol about 28 years ago on my armpits it had some burning but it was well worth it. I got results right away.After probably a year or so i quit using it and have no excess sweatting for the next 26 or 27 years it was amazing. Now my palms for the last 7 years i have used drysol and the sweating slowed way down but for the last 2 days my hands completly stopped sweating the first time in 7 years. The only thing i'm doing different is i make sure to dab it on instead of rubbing it in and i wear vinyl disposable gloves or u can use latex they are easier to use for me then plastic wrap.Also remember to have your hands complety dry before putting gloves or plastic wrap on that will help your hands from drying out. I use it 4 times a week and will try 3 times a week soon. I hope u try it and don't give up i always thought it was me but i see now a lot of people have this it will change your life believe me.

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    Mon May 10 2010

    I absolutely hate drysol. it burns my armpits And makes them completely irratated and painful. wouldn't recomend if you have really sensitive skin.

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    Fri May 07 2010

    I actully started using drysol a couple years ago when I was 19. Like many if you I had a big issue with sweeating alot, but my issue was primarily on my face, not much sweeting with underarm. I asked my doctor at Kiser during a regular check up if she would recommend any thing that could work as it was a huge issue. She presciped it and it worked very well I started to use it a nd applied it on my forehead and other problem areas on my face. Let it work over night and Ihave to say it worked. Like many of you hear I would sweat just doing normal daily activites nothng over the top just shoping at the mall or at work as I have to move around often. I would feel so horrible . I have a great personallity and once the sweating started gettign bad it would descourge me to talking to anyone, to the point where I would walk off and try to wipe the sweat off my face. Now I don't worry, Ifeel great and I sweat like a normal person would. The icthy irritation is a bit uncomfortable for about... Read more

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    Tue Apr 27 2010

    This is FANTASTIC! Worked on my underarms the first time I applied it and I've been dry ever since! Now, I apply it only once every 3 weeks. In the 3rd week, I notice that I sweat more. The dryness holds for about 2 weeks and in the 3rd week, I sweat like a normal person. The burning is really enjoyable, considering what Drysol did for my life. As for the palms, I applied it about 5-6 times and it didn't work. I did not feel anything on my palms...not a pinch...maybe because I used to do ionothoporesis (which didn't work very well either). And after a month or so, I decided to apply it again on my hands. I applied it only once a week ago and I notice a HUGE reduction in palms sweating. Like 85%. I think the next time I'll apply it, I'll be really sewat free! If you have Hyperhydrosis, BUY this product. It is a life saver! And don't get discouraged by the wussies that complain about the itching....ask yourself: How bad do you want change?

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    Mon Apr 26 2010

    i got drysol in the mail 2 days ago and couldnt use it cuz i just shaved, but i used it last night and so far so good, normally by now my shirt would be damp by now and still nothing...im really excited but dont want to get my hopes up...the real test is when i go to work, thats when i sweat the most...so ima have my fingers crossed and will be posting if its good or not lol...its won me over so far lol

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    Mon Apr 05 2010

    i just got drysol like a week ago for my underarms. i have used it twice and now i have the horrible itchy rash underarms. i have stopped using it two days ago and red itchy rash still there. now with the sweating it works, i didnt sweat when i used it but now i have red itchy rash armpits. i'm going to stop using it and wait for it to go away and try it again but if the rash comes back or doesnt get any better i will be heading back to the doctor. so can anyone give me some advise for the rash. thanks mimi

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    Wed Mar 17 2010

    i will not go into the details of my sweating problems...as we have all shared the same experiences...but i do have underarm issues and also work in an office environment where i need to wear a dress shirty every day...so you can imagine how self conscious i was every single day for the last ten years of working in a dress shirt with wet underarms...no smell, thank god...but wet all day long. i was told about drysol from a buddy of mine suffering the exact same problem...so i decided to give it a shot. twenty five bucks seemed like a lot of money for something soooo small....but i figured "what the hell". i followed the directions and applied drysol at night...was very itchy...a little burning sensation, but nothing uncomfortable. the itch was a bit more to deal with, but once tiredness kicked in, i was asleep and not worrying about the itch. the next morning, i woke up, showered and put on my normal deodarant and dress shirt with undershirt as always.....i'm now two hours till ... Read more

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    Sat Feb 06 2010

    I read this exact review before buying this product! I sweat all of the time, no matter what the temperature or what I'm wearing, there WAS always sweat marks under my arms. I read this review, and thought, "watch, this won't end up working and there won't be any hope for me" I went to shoppers drug mart, it was $24.99 plus tax. It WORKED!! I used it two nights in a row and im on my fourth day and I don't sweat!! at all! (I've been using deodorent tho) I have a rash but that's because i wasnt allowed to shave my armpits so the hair would scrape against it (GROSS I KNOW LMFAO..) but yea, it worked! and I'll use it again maybe in two days because I just shaved today! RECOMMENDED TO ALLLL!

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    Ok it is me again and this is my follow up, It has been four days now and I have used Drysol for three nights in a row. Last night was my first night not using it, I read that a deodorant with baking soda is good to use. So I bought some and am using it on my day without an application. So far so good, I work with a bullet proof vest on and it is very hot and my uniform is polyester. I am five hours into my day and not a drop. I have a bit of a rash on one armpit but it is going away, I might of used more than I should of on that armpit. Remember to check out your local pharmacy to see if they have Drysol, that is what I did, I was going to order it from the Internet and called and even found out that in Canada you don't need a prescription for it anymore. I love wearing colors now. Stay dry and be happy

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    Mon Dec 14 2009

    My armpits were like a leaky facuet- CONSTANTLY dripping. I have extremely good hygeine, but no matter what I would always end up with a massive amount of sweat under my arms. In extremely cold weather, my armpits would sweat even more! For years i've have to altered my wardrobe around my problem- only black or white clothing, or tons of layers. I would stuff napkins and tissue paper and have to change them literally within minutes. Loose clothing would just cause sweat to trickle down my sides and I would feel gross. I hated wearing fuzzy/velvety materials because the sweat would take longer to dry up. Even if I just showered, I would go throughout my day feeling nasty because my armpits were soaked. It is an extremely uncomfortable feeling. I hatttttttted it!!! Imagine constantly feeling icky and not being able to wear what you want because your armpits sweat too much. IT SUCKED!!! So just like the tons of people on here, I did my research. I tried all the best deodrants, nothing wo... Read more

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    Thu Nov 19 2009

    Hi, I went to a dermatologist the other day & she prescribed the Drysol solution for my HEAVY sweating under my armpits. The 1st night I put it on and went to bed, was a nightmare; I literally cried myself to sleep. But once I arose the next morning, I took my shower, didn't use any other deodorant and was amazed to find myself DRY AS COTTONBALLS! all day long! I was so happy..... I developed a red rash from usage & tender skin, but with care, I'm use it will subside and heal back to normal. This has saved my life, caus in my profession and the type of uniform I wear, a female shouldn't have soaking wet armpits. Now I'm so confident and more outgoing because I know my clothes aren't stained or wet with any odor. Thanks for creating DRYSOL, and it should be featured on a televised program, to inform others. I give it 5 STARS*****.

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    Sat Nov 14 2009

    My son is in the sixth grade and has had really bad foot odor for quite sometime. No matter what product we used for odor, nothing worked. his shoes were so bad we had to put them out side every night. I took my son to the doctor for cold symptoms and had to leave the exam door open to get the stink out. The doctor said he had sons with the same problem and suggested Drysol. We noticed a difference after the two days. His feet were not stinking and his new shoes are still fresh. This stuff works!!!!!!!!

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    Mon Oct 19 2009

    This product is great.. I've had a realy bad under arm wetness problem for the last 2 years, tried absolutely everything.. mitchum, clinical strength secret & dove, even different mens extra strength anti persperants.. and the list goes on... I had to base my wardrobe on which shirts wouldnt leave noticeable marks... so finally i did some research online and came across drysol.. I called my doctor and she wrote the prescription... I put drysol on the first night and I havent had ANY sweating from my underarms... I am now on my 7th night.. The side effects for me are pretty mild.. Mild irritation tingling and itching.. definitely without a doubt worth it.. I reccomend this product to anyone who has the same problem IT WORKS!

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    Sun Oct 11 2009

    "Hi. My name is Drysol. And I'm here to save your life." I swear, I heard those exact words when my Drysol came in the mail. The bottle literally sprouted lips and started talking to me. I may or may not have been "myself" at that moment. Your mileage may vary... Anyway, Drysol. Yeah. This stuff is good. For years I've tried everything to stop sweating. Stronger deoderant, clinical strength crap (which barely helps, I'm telling you all now), and even baby powder. Did they help? Not the least bit. I was still wetter than Niagara Falls in a thunderstorm. It affected my social life and just how I felt overall. It all started in 7th grade. I would sweat like every other kid before then, and I didn't really think much about sweating. One day, I walked into my science class. Someone pointed at me and said something along the lines of "Hey, why is your ass wet?" I thought, oh, I probably just sat on milk. It sure smells like it. I know, it's gross, right? I didn't think much of it, so I k... Read more

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    Fri Oct 09 2009

    Drysol Is a miracle. When I hit about 25 years old I started having issues with sweating. It was very embarrasing as I spend a lot of time in meetings. I would wear undershirts to try to hide it but I would just sweat right through them. After A while I was putting paper towel in my arms pits and changing it about 3 times an hour. I would sweat buckets doing nothing other then watching TV or playing cards. I searched online looking for the best deodorant. I was told Mitchum is the best so I started using it. Mitchum was no match for my sweating. 10 minutes after putting it on I would be soaked. Finally I got sick of it and went to the doctor just this week. In the middle of explaining my problem he jumped up and left the room. He returned minutes later with a few small bottles of Drysol. i was told to try it for a week and he'd write me a perscrption if it worked. The first day I simply rubbed it under my arms and went on with the rest of the day. I noticed a minor improve... Read more

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    Tue Oct 06 2009

    Unbelievably good stuff!! I got the 37.5ml plastic bottle, which is the only negative; its either a refill bottle or something, because its impossible to put on! It says use either your fingers (very messy) or a cotton bud (very wasteful) so Ive ended up laying back, and squeezing some on, then rubbing it on, somewhat like using eyedrops, except on my underarms. Ok, so that was the negative - wasteful and messy. However, the result is brilliant. I used it in small amounts for a couple of days, and had reduced sweating for one armpit and almost a complete absence of sweating in the other - this was after about 2-3 nights. I left it for a couple of days after that, because my skin was becoming a bit sensitive, not sore, just a slight itch and I didnt want to risk it. But, alas.. I got impatient after one arm kept producing sweat... I wanted it all gone, so I kinda broke with my careful nature and applied quite a large amount to both underarms. This time, I definately felt the itch/so... Read more

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    Thu Sep 17 2009

    I am a very social 8th grader and have been sweating for the last two years. I too used dark sweatshirts to cover it up and can relate to the other bloggers about feeling embarrassed. I feel like I couldn't completely be myself and felt shy giving hugs because I didn't want people to know I was sweating so much. It got to the point where I had to bring two extra shirts to school to change into and sfter first period I would have to change into my second shirt. I tried all of the pit sticks both prescription and regular. Nothing seemed to work and by then I was thinking I would always be uncomfortable having this problem. I got online and even looked into drastic options including botox injections and surgery. My mom called the Dr. and they suggested Drysol. I used it that night and there was tingling and itching but it was worth it. My mom wrapped my armpit and shoulder in saran wrap and I was uncomfortable and thought my mom was crazy. I wore a snug t-shirt that night and put cold pac... Read more

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    Sat Sep 12 2009

    So I am going to get right to it. I sweat A Lot and a family friend had some of this product, I was willing to try anything. So I did and I got AMAZING results, not even a little sweat on my under arms, for the WHOLE day, I was so impressed. I am in high school so I was shooting some hoops for fun and jumping around and speed walking to class. You would be crazy not to give this a chance. Oh and it may burn a little but hey what would you rather have a little bit of burning or sweat stains? Your choice.