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    Thu Jun 17 2010

    I moved to Austin a little over ago & was looking for an all female staff. I found that at OB/GYN north. We were looking to have our 4th child, when I got pregnant right away, we went to Dr. Sebestyen. She is absolutely wonderful, we went through all of our pre-work & a week later we miscarried. Dr. Sebestyen did a D & C, & was very compassionate towards us. Hugged us, cried with us. I've never had a Dr. do that. Then a month later, I became pregnant again. We were excited, scared & nervous, we'd already had 3 miscarriages & wasn't ready for another one. Everything ended up OK for for the first three months, then we ended up being high-risk, because of placental reasons. We were referred to a perinatologist who we saw weekly. During that time I was still receiving routine visits at the clinic of which were mostly done by nurse midwives.....at first. But than as it got closer to the end, I needed to be seen by the Dr.s. I was scheduled for my 4th c-section at 37 weeks, ... Read more

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    Sun Jun 06 2010

    After searching around town for the best OBGYN with midwives, we chose this practice, and we are certainly glad we did! The first impression when entering the office was that the practice was geared toward younger moms (with the upbeat music and laid back atmosphere). All that aside, our experience with Dr. Sebestyen and team was absolutely perfect. From the very beginning, we were given all the information needed to assure a stress-free pregnancy. But the main plus about this team is their bedside manner. Every single woman in this practice is knowledgeable, kind, and definitely goes out of her way to make mom feel cared for. We were lucky enough to have Dr. Sebastyen during delivery. What a blessing! She was patient, energetic, and loving throughout the final stages of labor. I couldn't imagine having a better doctor by your side. She was calm and collected when labor became drawn out and suction was required to bring our little girl into the world. All I can say is -- If you are loo... Read more

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    Wed Mar 10 2010

    I have been going to this practice for over 7 years. Dr. Sebesteyn delivered my first child and everything went great!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lisa!!!! I wouldn't go anywhere else for the pure fact Lisa and Dr. Sebesteyn are amazing! I even had a great expierence with my ultrasound. I read several reviews that were very unhappy with her but I found her to very sweet and professional. HOWEVER........... the front desk staff is so rude! I have talked with a couple of the nurses about it and hope this problem can be fixed. It's really just the two front girls. When you sign in and when you sign out. I lucked out the other day because the girl that usually checks me out was using the restroom so I got this very sweet blonde to help me. She was great! I wish that she was there all of the time! I love this practice and will NEVER change but I just wish that they would change some things with the front.

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    Tue Mar 02 2010

    I had a few issues initially, but Dr. Sebestyen called and reassured me and reminded me of why I chose this practice in the first place.

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    Wed Feb 24 2010

    During the first part of my pregnancy, I had several run-ins and mis-communications with the front staff at OBGYN North. I became so frustrated I came very close to finding another doctor. However, once Dr. Sebestyen caught wind of my issues, she did not hesitate to make a personal call to me on her day off to clear up any issues I was having. She was attentive, patient and empathetic when listening to my complaints. Not once did she become defensive. I was totally impressed and blown away that once the physician heard a patient was unhappy with her staff, she picked up the phone to personally handle the issue. Her actions went above and beyond my expectations! I have about 10 more weeks to go in my pregnancy and I look forward to my experience from here on out. Having my grievances met in not only a professional way, but with such a personal touch, assured me that regardless of the issues I may have had with her administrative staff, my baby and I are in caring hands!

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    Tue Jan 26 2010

    I had to be induced with both of my children. My first induction took place in Las Vegas, and it was a miserable experience. I moved to Austin and was referred to OB GYN North, and just gave birth to my second child in December. The induction process was so much gentler, and the practice is really focused on the woman/mother. I would refer this practice to anyone I know.

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    Wed Jan 13 2010

    I transferred to this practice from a very large and popular OBGYN across the street. I changed doctors after having three friends that ended up getting C-sections in his practice with no real explanation. I wanted a practice that was non-interventionist (unless truly an emergency) and embraced the natural birth process- I found it here. They are not super high tech and fancy like my old doctor, but I now know that they offer much more. I have longer appointments where they answer all my question, no matter how long it takes, every time. They offer thoughtful explanations and I can easily get in for an appointment when needed. Everybody knows me and seem to remember everyone else. They also offer in house circumcisions, which have received rave reviews from other people I know. The ONLY constructive criticism I have would be for the woman who performs the sonograms. Seeing our baby inside the womb was a magical experience- and this office does not offer sonograms after 20 week... Read more

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    Sat Dec 12 2009

    I worked with Dr. Sebestyen's practice, and Dr. Campaigne (her partner) ultimately was the dr. there with me when I delivered. I had a WONDERFUL VBAC experience. My first labor was 27 hours, extremely intense back labor for the majority, 3 hours of pushing with no progress, all with a doula and a photographer by my side, and still I had a c-section, reluctantly. My first child was OT/OP and that is a position that made it impossible for him to come out, in my case. I wasn't sure how my second labor and delivery would go, but it was 100% different. I am SOOOOO glad I switched practices to Dr. Sebestyen's. They do VBACs all the time, and use caution in doing them. I was monitored constantly, but the mobile monitoring allowed me to move, walk, etc. With this (second) delivery, I had light contractions until about 2 hours before giving birth and only pushed for 45 minutes. (What a difference!!!!) I had NO drugs, and the experience was so wonderful, I cannot even describe it! I at... Read more

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    Mon Oct 19 2009

    I agree with another review posted below...I really wanted to like this place. Dr. Campaign is incredible, as is Lisa however, Kathy Harrison was the most insensitive women I've ever met. My husband and I had several scares that we were going to miscarry, each time the nurses and front office staff insisted that we come in immediately. However, when we were see by Kathy or the woman who does sonograms they were short and rude. The woman who completed our sonograms even complained to me that she had already been working eight hours and was annoyed that we came in.

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    Wed Sep 16 2009

    After having a traumatic birth experience that resulted in a c-section at Seton with my 1st child I was nervous when my husband and I decided to have a 2nd. I was afraid of OBGYNs and the apparent belief that birth is ALWAYS a medical event in need of medical intervention. I initially went to the same OBGYN and mentioned that I wanted to try for a VBAC. I was told I could try but scared into thinking I was a bad parent b/c of the risk involved. That is when I started looking for a new OBGYN. I spoke with labor and delivery nurses at all the major hospitals in Austin for recommendations and learned that North Austin Medical Center is the only hospital in Austin that allows midwifes to attend births and that Dr. Sebestyans hard work and belief that birth is a natural process is the reason for this change. Nurse after nurse complimented Dr. Sebestyan, Dr. Champaigne and the 3 midwives that work with them (Lisa, Liane and Kathy). SAFETY WAS MY #1 CONCERN, BUT I ALSO WANTED A NATURAL PEACEF... Read more

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    When I found out I was pregnant I did a lot of research on top doctors in Austin, I was given the names of several well known practices in the Austin area and met with them to discuss their philosophy around pregnancy, delivery and labor. After my consultations, I was surprised that Austin had so few doctors that supported my hope of having a natural labor. After meeting Dr. Sebestyen, I felt so releaved to find someone who was open to allowing me to to do what felt right during my labor as long as my baby and I were healthy. I got to know everyone in the practice very well and felt releaved that they all share the same philosophy. Lisa Carlile delivered my baby this past January and I could not have been happier with the labor and delivery. I felt 100% supported and never felt pressured to use interventions, I was actually the one to request an epidural towards the end of the labor and Lisa and the staff at St. Davids North was very supportive of my decision and did not belittle m... Read more

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    Mon Jul 27 2009

    I debated for some time about my prenatal care and could not decide between a birthing center or my OBGYN. I had been to Dr. Sebestyen and Campaigne's office once previously for my annual but saw a midwife, not the doctors. I knew very little about them. When I found out I was pregnant I set up an appointment with them as well as the birthing center. Unexpectedly I had to be seen before my scheduled appointment and unfortunately found out I had lost my pregnancy. I saw Dr. Campaigne the day of the ultrasound and she was AMAZING. She is hands down the most sincere, compassionate, and kind doctor I have every encountered. She also performed my d&c at the hospital and was so kind. I felt like she treated me like a friend, not a patient. I now know that for my next pregnancy there will not be a debate between Dr. Sebestyen and Campaigne and a birthing center - I feel completely comfortable with their practice. The only complaint I have is the front desk staff. I have noticed they are tra... Read more

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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    This was my 2nd delivery, the first delivery with this group. My first labor I didn't know what to expect, and was much less educated about what was happening, and trusted my doctor completely to make the best decisions for me. The first labor was very long and I had lots of pitocin and consequently, had to have an epidural very early. I was not given a chance for my body to labor on its own, but I did not know better. I also had an episiotomy, which I did not want (and looking back did not need.) I was with another group (who is highly regarded and rated on here) who believes in a lot of "medical" intervention. They induce and use pitocin too freely and think that a woman heals better from an episiotomy, than a tear. Let me tell you, I switched to Dr. Sebestyens office for these reasons. They will listen to you, they know their facts about medical intervention, and when it is neccesary, and they believe and support a woman's ability to allow her body to do what it was meant to d... Read more

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    Mon May 25 2009

    What made this pregnancy different from my first was the way Dr. Sebestyen, Dr. Campaigne, and the Nurse Midwives; Miller,Harrison-Short, and Carlie, communicated. Communication and answering patients' questions completely is the key to a great Doctor/Patient relationship and OBGYN North did that. Thank you very much for making me feel comfortable and able to trust you.

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    Mon May 25 2009

    I went to Dr. Thompson when she owned the practice and decided to stay when I heard that midwives would deliver babies now. During my pregnancy I was shocked at how bad the front office was, rude, argumentive, and then some creeping guy that works there gets involved and pretends to solve what ever problem. I have to admire the effort to get midwives in hospitals, but a hospital is still a hospital. . They encourage "natural" childbirth, but what they really mean is no pain medication.There's nothing natural about having an IV and constant fetal monitoring. I expressed concerns about natural childbirth at every single visit and towards the very end of my pregnancy they told me all of the standard interventions that they "have" to do because they deliver with midwives, doesn't that defeat the whole point? Declining any testing or procedures was met with great resistance and I can't stand being bullied into something. At the end of it all, I decided being hooked up to a bunch of machines... Read more

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    Thu May 21 2009

    I have been going to this practice for a while. I have seen both doctors. They are knowledgeable, kind doctors and I love that they incorporate midwives in their practice. Their staff, however, is often impatient, condescending, patronizing, and inefficient. Unfortunately, you see and deal with the staff far more than the doctors. I have tried to talk to Dr. Sebestyen about this, but little seems to have changed. I have a couple of colleagues that also went to this practice and had the same experience.There has been a pervasive lack of compassion and understanding with many members of the support staff. While I wish it didn't matter, it sets a tone for the visits that is unprofessional and uncaring. I wish these great doctors the best of luck in their practice, but until they seriously address their staff issues I am afraid these concerns will continue to be an issue.

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    Sun May 17 2009

    Here's a rundown of my experience at this practice... April-June of 2008: Came in for a pre-conception consult/exam. Due to some concerns in my cycle, was sent for labwork. It took one week to get a return phonecall with my lab results, after repeated calls. I needed to repeat the labwork to confirm the results the following month, and, again, it took days to receive a phonecall regarding the results. Was given a possible diagnosis based on the labwork and referred to a fertility clinic. July of 2008: Got Pregnant on our own before even seeing the fertility specialist! Based on the probable diagnosis from Dr Sebestyen, this should have not been possible. Requested labwork to confirm pregnancy was progressing as expected (HCG *AND* Progesterone). Round one: It turned out the nurse forgot to order the progesterone, so I only got HCG results. Round two: To see progress, I needed to return 48 hours later for the same test. This time the nurse forgot to fax the lab order to the lab. On t... Read more

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    Thu May 07 2009

    if you're looking for a place to have a natural child birth experience, where they are open to allowing you to birth almost as naturally as you would at home. this office is AWESOME. you'll love Dr. Sebestyen and Dr. Campaign. The staff is friendly and so are all the mid-wives. I had my second child here. and it was a totally different experience. wouldn't go anywhere else.

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    Wed Apr 29 2009

    AWESOME! I can't even begin to say enough great things about Dr Sebestyen and the midwives on her staff. I transfered to OBGYN North at 7 mo...

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    Thu Apr 23 2009

    All the research indicates midwifery is the best model of care for healthy pregnant mothers and their babies. Finally Austin has the perfect combination of care for those who choose to birth in the hospital setting. My experience with this group as a birth doula has been fantastic. Every client has been treated with the greatest respect, and their wishes for their birth has been honored as fully as possible. Women are treated kindly, as individuals, and are included in their treatment and care decisions. What a breath of fresh air in Austin!

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    Fri Apr 17 2009

    Dr. Campaign the "other" doctor in Dr. Sebestyen's practice delivered our baby, as well as having many appointments with us. She, along with the entire staff at this office, are amazing. Dr. Campaign has the best bedside manner, was supportive of all of the pieces of our birthing plan (based on our learning from Bradley and Hypnobirthing classes) and advocated for us to have exactly the birth we wanted at the North Austin Medical Center. Having Dr. Campaign help me with the birth of my baby was like having my big sister at the end of my bed helping me along! She is amazing and i can't imagine a better practice ANYWHERE!

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    Mon Mar 30 2009

    I transferred to Dr Sebestyen midway through my second pregnancy. I was looking for a naturalistic birth experience and was excited by the prospect of a midwife-assisted birth. Dr. Sebestyen was nice and supportive, as were the midwives in the practice. I delivered my daughter, unmedicated, and with very little intervention. The birth was everything I wanted. My overall experience was so frustrating, however, that I will not be returning to her office for my routine care. Over the 14 weeks that I was her patient I had two appointments "lost." I showed up at the time I was told and was mysteriously not scheduled on that day ... or any other day that week. I never had this problem with my previous doctor and I do know how to make and keep an appointment. As I had left work to drive to far North Austin, I was quite frustrated. This was exacerbated by the fact that the administrative staff was rude and unhelpful. Standard pregnancy-related tests (glucose tolerance and group B strep) we... Read more

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    Tue Mar 10 2009

    My wife choose Dr. Sebestyen for her OB through the pregnancy of our twins, and her office was phenomenal. Her practice has recently been supplemented by a wonderful new OBGYN, Dr. Campaigne, and the two of them make the office a true pleasure to visit. My wife had complications in her pregnancy, and Dr. Sebestyen did such a good job in not panicking us that we didn't even know it was an emergency until the next day and the babies were safe! My only gripe with the office is the HORRIBLE front end staff. There's one front end clerk that is rude, abrasive, and complains about the scheduling every time my wife is trying to schedule her next appointments. Since she was a multiple birth and it was a high risk pregnancy, the doctors always wanted her to see only the doctors, not the midwives, and this person complained each time with rude comments supplementing her complains. When my wife scheduled her birth control procedure, the associate didn't schedule it correctly and my wife had to r... Read more

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    Mon Jan 26 2009

    I can't say enough great things about this practice. We just had our baby 2 days ago. All of the midwifes and Dr's are a pleasure to work wi...

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    Sun Jan 18 2009

    I had three different people recommend this practice so I made myself an appointment. I saw a midwife and was highly impressed with her bed...

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    Tue Dec 16 2008

    I went to this office based on some recommendations from a local group. I had recently given birth and had a bad experience w/ my doctor trying to force medical interventions during my birth that ended up not being needed and it was very stressful. For my 2nd pregnancy I knew I want natural/drug free again without the fight. I saw Dr. S as well as her midwives and everyone was fabulous. I ended seeing the newest doctor--Dr. Campaign who I do not have enough positive words to review her. She is nothing short of amazing--she worked w/ me through some stressful points in my pregnancy and so I was thrilled when she showed up to delivery my child. She not only showed up to check on me, but she stayed after to make sure I did not have any complications that I did with my first delivery. It was a night and day birthing experience and so relaxing to not have to write a birth plan or even think about one since they do it all naturally as policy. My labor was very short and recovery was super... Read more

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    Thu Dec 11 2008

    I came to Dr. S after I decided I wanted a different experience in the event that my husband and I do have a second child, since my first labor left something to be desired. Her office staff was warm and welcoming, and my time with her (much longer than I've ever had with any gynecologist) was the best time I have ever spent on my health. She listened to my concerns and gave me recommendations to prepare me in case I do become pregnant again. She's proactive and smart and cares a lot about improving women's choices. Go to her if you are looking for the best.

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    Mon Dec 08 2008

    After a less than perfect birth experience with my first child, I decided midway thru my second pregnancy that I needed to find an OB that would better suit my needs and preferences. Wow! I loved every practitioner I saw and had an amazing birth. With my first pregnancy I felt like my OB and the nurses in L&D thought I was kidding when I said I wanted to have a natural birth and avoid all pain meds. I kept getting the patronizing "We've heard that before" type treatment. The first time I met Dr. Sebestyen I explained to her my previous experience and that I had managed to fight off the doctors and nurses and had an unmedicated birth, but that it had been a struggle to do so. She was supportive off the bat, and after meeting Dr. Campaigne and the midwives, I felt very comfortable that no matter who was on call when I went into labor I was going to get the type of birth I wanted. The front office was a little bit shaky when I first when in, but they have definitely ironed out all the wri... Read more

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    Sun Oct 26 2008

    During my first pregnancy I changed from my existing OBGYN to Dr. Sebestyen's office after doing some research on the internet and finding that she supports natural childbirth, and used hypnobirthing herself. Dr. Sebestyen, her nurses, and the midwives employed by her office were all fabulous! I felt completely comfortable with each one and loved that my appointments were scheduled so that I would get to meet each person who may be attending my birth. Everyone in the office has a great bedside manner and operates with the highest level of professionalism. It turned out that my little one decided to come early and was in the breech position. Dr. Campaign performed my cesearan section with the highest level of skill and during her follow up visit with me in the hospital impressed me even further with her passion for her work. I have already recommended this practice to several people and my sister who is expecting her first child in April also has had very good experiences with Dr.... Read more

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    Wed Sep 03 2008

    Dr Sebestyn is a phenomenal doctor. She takes more time to listen to her patients, than any other doctor I have ever seen. She is thorough, intelligent and welcomes patient questions with thorough answers. I was not surprised to learn she attended Princeton - her ability to field questions shows how well trained and smart she is. This woman is a professional whom you would expect to find in a larger city like Houston or Dallas....she is a world class OB GYN right here in Austin. I was so blown away by her, that I changed my OB GYN and now drive all the way from South Austin to her office in North Austin. I used to be with Women Partners in Health, which is a great outfit....however, after two serious goofs and oversights by the nurses and doctor....I had to switch. I don't expect those kids of problems with Dr. Sebestyn. This woman is pretty outstanding, and I look forward to delivering my second baby with her.

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    Wed Aug 13 2008

    She recently purchased the practice she's in now from the previous doctor, Dr. Thompson. She's in over her head. She's lost or fired most of her staff and nurses and the new ones are FAR too unsure of themselves to be concerned with the patients they're supposed to be caring for. We were brushed off, ignored, and generally forgotten by her staff for many weeks. When we approached Dr. Sebestyen about this she told us we'd "probably be better off going to another practice" and proceeded to complain for 5-10 minutes to us about her trials and tribulations of the past several months ... when all we did was say that her office staff was starting to overlook things. Yep, one more time: we mentioned that the office staff was going to start bringing down the office and she told us to go to another doctor if that's how we felt. No apologies. No offers to fix it or even look into it. No acknowledgements. Just "go away". We did. Couldn't be happier now. We also couldn't help but notic... Read more

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    Tue Aug 12 2008

    I adore Dr. Sebestyen. She is the first ob/gyn I have had that has given me her utmost attention during our appointments. She is personable, friendly, calm, and and an absolute joy to talk to. She is young, has a child of her own, and supports the mother's birthing plans. I love the fact that she has made snacks and water available to pregnant moms. For one appt, I had my 5 yr old daughter with me, and Dr. S went out of her way to talk to her about the baby and we even did an impromptu ultrasound so that my daughter could see the baby. She was instrumental in working with the hospital to allow midwifes again and she has beefed up her staff so that someone from her office will be available 24/7 at the hospital for deliveries. I can't wait to have my baby in september!

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    Sun Jul 20 2008

    Okay i had shown up to the hospital about two times with false labor when in walks the on call doctor who I now know god sent my way im not trying to sound corny but after not being able to find a ins company that would take a pre-existing preg, i had to take emergemcy medicaid. well as soon as i confessed that my appointed doc was horrible and barely knew my name she told me to switch to her because she wanted to help. well just to have a doc who didnt talk down to me and took time to get to know me was just shocking. soon after i had to leave her because my ins changed. well know i had the oppurtunity to go to her again when i switched jobs and i cant believe im this excited about something most women dread.(pap smear). and believe me ive done reseach and shes the best !!!!!!

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    Mon Jul 14 2008

    I had the most horrible experience with her. She was unprofessional, was completely off with diagnosing me and scared me unnecessarily. Then she went on with her mis-diagnosis and caused unnecessary and possibly irreversible damage to my uterus lining through overly aggressive surgical procedure. If you want to be certain you are getting the best care - don't go there. She is relatively young and probably inexperienced with surgery. I am still paying the price for letting her perform surgery on me and may never restore my fertility - be warned.

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    Sun Jul 06 2008

    Dr. Sebestyn is the only OBGYN in town to see if you are a thinking woman who has some opinions of her own about child birth. I've found that since Austin lost midwives in hospitals, the four OBGYNs I visited with before meeting Dr. Sebestyn truly believe you need medical intervention to have a baby. After complications with my last childbirth, I was startled at the complete lack of support and COMPASSION of the doctors in this profession UNTIL I met Christina Sebestyen. She supports a woman through the entire experience. She came to my aid as an ally and friend from our very first visit. She is in a league of her own; this is what it is like to have a doctor who is truly a PARTNER and not a DICTATOR in YOUR health and welfare. Your lucky to find her. :)

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    Dr. Sebestyen is absolutely amazing! Somehow the moons aligned for me, moving to texas in my 2nd trimester I thought it would be impossible to find a supportive of natural child birth OBGYN, then I met Dr. S - immediatly both my husband and I fell in love with her and had the most amazing pregnancy. Every meeting she took her time, listened, it was easy to forget she was a doctor and not a friend because of her sincerity and deep caring she gives to her patients. Then the magical day happened when I had my first baby - Dr. S. was truly a gift! She worked with us during our roller coaster ride of labor and gave constant support and encouragement. She is not a doctor to just come in and 'catch' - she stayed with us for HOURS!!! Althought my memory of the day is fuzzy I remember her coming around 4:00 (after being in and out all day) and stayed till 3 am!!! What doctor does that these days!? AMAZING! And we had a succesful completly natural child birth with the help of Dr. S and our equal... Read more

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    Tue Feb 19 2008

    Dr. Sebestyen provides the kind of compassionate medical care that is rare these days. After we learned that our baby had passed away in utero we were DENIED treatment by other doctors in town because we had been in the care of a midwife. When we spoke with Dr. Sebestyen she immediately offered her assistance and was willing to listen to our concerns, worries, and heartbreak. I would highly recommend her to women needing OB care.

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    Tue Feb 19 2008

    Dr. Sebestyen is an absolute breath of fresh air! After having met her, I wondered if she was really too good to be true. Now, after having referred numerous friends and clients to her for OB care, I have to admit I am absolutely blown away by the quality of care that her patients receive. Dr. Sebestyen takes time to listen her to her patients and really understand their wishes. She treats each woman as an individual and knows them each on a personal level, rather than by their due date or file number. I have attended several births as a doula with Dr. Sebestyen and her patience, gentle nature, and knowledge of her craft are second to none. Seriously, this woman is one of a kind in this city. I urge anyone seeking OB care to put Dr. Sebestyen at the top of your list.

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    Sun Feb 17 2008

    I saw Dr. Sebestyen today for a follow up after complications during labor. I saw a midwife my entire pregnancy and had a planned homebirth. I was transferred to the hospital after complications and ended up giving birth in the hospital. I received a fourth degree episiotomy and am still experiencing complications from that procedure (not done by Dr. Sebestyen). I decided to go to Dr. Sebestyen after reading that she is supportive of midwifery and natural birthing practices. She was extremely personable and patient in listening to my tale of labor and complications. She supported my decision in using a midwife, instead of patronizing me as other doctors have. She explained my complications in terms that were easy to understand and was very reassuring that regardless of where those complications took me, she would be there to help. She is extremely supportive of breastfeeding and is conscientious in her use of and prescribing of medications. I cannot recommend her highly enough - she i... Read more

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    Wed Jan 16 2008

    Dr Sebestyen was very supportive as the covering OB for my VBAC ( birth after cesarean) delivery. She met me at the hospital and she was a wonderful presence the whole night. She listened to my wishes with minimal intervention and everything went smoothly. I had a healthy boy and the delivery I so wanted to experience.

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    Sat Jan 05 2008

    I have worked on a professional level with Dr. Christina Sebestyen. I can assure you that her medical qualifications and expertise are without question. Dr. Sebestyen completed her OB/GYN residency at Harvard's Women's Hospital......you can't get any better than that. She is committed to providing the very best care for all her patients, obstetrics and gynecology alike. Dr. Sebestyen gives the women of Austin a fresh and needed OB/GYN option. Plus....she is a a lovely, compassionate, nice person. You can feel safe and secure with your medical health decision when choosing Dr. Sebestyen as your Obstetrician and/or Gynecologist. You will not be disappointed.

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    Sat Oct 20 2007

    Dr Sebestyen delivered my first baby this May. she's extremely supportive of natural childbirth and of her patient's wishes. Great doctor, I highly recommend!

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    Wed Aug 15 2007

    Doctor's office specializes in in providing obstetrics and gynecology services to women using cutting edge technology.

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