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    Tue Nov 17 2009

    I am a Latin American Dentist with a Post Graduate degree in Implantology and Masters Degree in Dentistry. My office is in Caracas, Venezuela. I found Dr. Farnoosh for the first time on You Tube, when I was searching about how to help patients with gummy smiles and high lip lines. I have several patients in Venezuela who have these problems and they are unhappy with their appearance, including my sister. Dr. Farnoosh's technique is truly unique and amazing because it provides a definitive and easy solution for these patients. The Photo Gallery on Dr Farnoosh's website is really impressive. After much thought and discussion I sent my sister who has a gummy smile to Dr Farnoosh. She had spectacular results from the procedure and only needed to stay in the US for a few days but we went shopping so she stayed for 1 week. Dr Farnoosh really is an innovator and leader with this revolutionary technique and deserves a lot credit. I would strongly recommend anyone that has a gummy smile t... Read more

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    Tue Oct 06 2009

    I found Dr. Farnoosh one night searching the Internet when i was not feeling very good about myself and especially my smile. I have been in ...

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    Wed May 20 2009

    Dr Farnoosh is the only Dr. I found in a 3,000 mile radius who could me. By the age of 30, my gums turned dark --like purple/black and I hated to smile. I argued with my dentist in Darien, CT who tried to unsuccessfully convince me that my gums were genetically pigmented and there was nothing that could be done. I tried to explain my gums used to be pink, that I felt this was caused by heavy smoking and coca cola and that none of my family members' gums are dark like mine and all I wanted was for them to be pink again. He basically told me to live with it. I saw another dentist in Encino, CA who didn't even mention that there was a dentist just over the hill (in Beverly Hills) who could help and he himself had no solutions for me either. At this point, in my OCD madness about this issue and refusal to believe it was pigmentation, I had taken to bleaching my gums with tooth whitening strips-didn't work. Then I went online one day and searched "lighten gums" and I found Dr. Farnoos... Read more

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    Tue May 12 2009

    I have been living with a gummy smile my entire life. There are times when I am so shy to smile that I cover my mouth with my hands--both of...

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    Tue Mar 17 2009

    I recommend Dr. Farnoosh. I am 38 years old and I have tried a few different dentists in my time...Dr. Farnoosh was very compassionate and u...

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    Wed Jan 21 2009

    Who likes going to the dentist....not me.... I do like to give credit where its do --- and this guy deserves it. Dr. Farnoosh placed 3 i...

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    Tue Jan 13 2009

    hi everyone -- i just saw Dr. Farnoosh and did the lip lowering procedure to correct for my gummy smile. now my smile is perfect! i wish i'd...

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    Tue Nov 04 2008

    I have been going to Dr Farnoosh for about 6 months. I was referred to him by my dentist when I needed dental implants who said "Dr. Farnoosh was one of the top dental implant surgeons in Los Angeles." With a healthy dose of skepticism I checked up on him with a few other dentists---most of the feedback I got was encouraging and I later found out that he also had taught one of my friends who went to dental school at USC where Dr. Farnoosh is a professor. I decided to visit Dr. Farnoosh's office and have a consultation. We went over my case and the cost and I felt I could really trust him (which was important because I had never had any type of surgery before). Dr. Farnoosh was also flexible with me in terms of the financing options. In the end, Dr. Farnoosh placed 3 implants and also did a bone graft. I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Farnoosh to anyone considering periodontal treatment or dental implants.

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    Dr. Farnoosh is truly one of the best choices for anyone in Beverly Hills or the Los Angeles area. He came highly recommended to me from my ...

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    Sat Sep 06 2008

    After doing extensive research I traveled from Idaho to have the lip lowering procedure done by Dr. Farnoosh. I had my surgery on Friday and went home on Saturday the following day. I felt only minor discomfort following surgery and experienced no complications. I am extremely pleased with the result.

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    Sat Sep 06 2008

    I traveled from Idaho to have the lip lowering procedure done by Dr. Farnoosh. I had my surgery on Friday and went home on Saturday the fo...

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    Thu Jul 03 2008

    About 5 years ago Dr. Farnoosh transformed my smile. Growing up I had a very big smile with lots of my gum showing....so when I used to smil...

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    Thu May 08 2008

    I evaluated a dentists before I got my dental implants but I really liked Dr. Farnoosh and now have been going to his office for oral hygiene / maintenance for a few years. During my exhaustive search for a dental implant expert I researched and met a lot of doctors on the West Side. It was clear some were very focused on the business / money side of dentistry... Dr Farnoosh was a different because he genuinely explained the different options for my dental work, and didnt try and push a lot of extra stuff. Also, during and after the procedure Dr. Farnoosh genuinely cared about how I was doing. He called me the night after to check up on me and that counts for a lot when you are getting any type of medical procedure.

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    Sun May 04 2008

    Dr. Farnoosh is an extremely competent and well-educated doctor. My treatment was done with the uttermost care and precision, and the results are a complete success. He is very caring and concerned about his patient's, their goals and their comfort throughout all procedures. He is truly an exceptional doctor and I would recommend him completely. He really works with you to give you the best results that you want, and makes sure you are completely satisfied and happy. He makes having a missing tooth very easyy! :)