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    Sat Jun 25 2011

    Not a huge fan of tequila, but this is by far my favorite so far. Oaky, peppery, and uncompromisingly smooth. Nice switch up from my typical glass of whisk(e)y.

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    Wed Feb 23 2011

    I just tried the Blanco DJ, I threw it out after a couple sips, it had no character, I prefer Hornitos to the Blanco Don Julio, Hornitos has relatively bold character in great way.

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    Fri Dec 24 2010

    I have tried the three versions of DJ. I love every single one of them. I would recommend that you sip it so you can taste all the spices. The price is not bad taking into account that you won't feel a hangover the next day.

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    Thu Sep 02 2010

    I really enjoy tequila and have tried several brands. Including those with ridiculous prices due to the bottle shape. Don Julio Anjeo is very, very good. I don't really recommend it as a shot. It's good. But, please enjoy it! Get a double and sip it! Shoot it if you choose. But, it has great flavor and a pleasant aftertaste and deserves to be enjoyed. Patron is over-rated and overpriced. If the bar has Don Julio and Patron, choose DJ. Patron has good tequila when you climb the shelf. But, Don Anjeo is smoother, tastier, and more forgiving in the morning!

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    Sun Dec 20 2009

    The anejo is the best. This tequila has the best flavor and finish. However, the uplifting, delightfull buzz does not match Herradura Anejo.

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    Sat Oct 31 2009

    Don Julio Añejo: I've been comparing tequilla's lately and so far Don Julio Añejo has been the smoothest for the price. Either straight up or mixed I found this brand to go down easy with no after burn. I like it and would recommend this.

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    Fri May 22 2009

    I've tried the Reposado, Anejo, and 1942. I've also tried many different types of premium tequilas (e.g., Casa Noble, 1921, Corralejo, Chinaco, Partido, etc.), including brands only found in Mexico. Don Julio is the smoothest and most enjoyable brand overall. The Anejo is hands down my favorite tequila, even more so than the 1942, which is ridiculously smooth. Clean agave flavor, balanced, and very smooth. Great tequila! If you like a clean agave flavor without excessive flavor notes, also try Herradura and Casadores. I've been told that Casadores is the premium tequila of choice in Mexico. Still... it's all about Don Julio Anejo. You cannot go wrong.

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    Tue Apr 28 2009

    Very good tequila, probably only Casa Noble, Tesoro and Abuelos can beat its great taste. Sweet with a lot of fruity notes.

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    Thu Apr 02 2009


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    Thu Feb 19 2009

    I normally only do shots of Crown Royal but while in Couzmel we decided to do shots of Tequila. We asked the waiter to bring something good and smooth. So he gave us Don Julio Anejo. OMG it is the best. I have tried all the local brands but this is top rated. We actually weren't sure if we could get it in the states so we bought a bottle from the store.

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    Fri Jan 02 2009

    All of Don Julios tequlias are excellent.   The Don Julio Real is incredible, but not worth the $350/bottle (unless you've won the lottery or something).   1942 is one of the best tequilas I've ever had (other than the Real).    The Blanco and Reposado are also excellent and a much better value for your money than Patron/1800/Cabo Wabo and the other  Marketing Gimick tequilas.

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    Wed Dec 24 2008

    Very smooth drinking.  I especially Anejo as it is aged a longer period of time in oak but also enjoyed the blanco.  Haven't tried the other types of Don Julio, but I will on my next trip to Mexico

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    Mon Feb 11 2008


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    Wed Dec 19 2007

    i have been drinking diferent tequila's for thirty years. this is the smoothest i have ever tasted. makes for an expensive margarita but if you do do it on the rocks with resposado and cointreau and pure lime juice fantastic

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    Wed May 09 2007

    One of the finest tequilas you can buy. Throw your toys (salt and lime) out and enjoy this slowly, the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Keep in mind that with Don Julio, and tequilas in general, there are different classifications. Don Julio has five - Blanco (or Silver), Repesado, Anejo, 1942, and Real. I am generally not a fan of the blancos, and have yet to try the Real (very expensive), but have thoroughly enjoyed the other three. In fact, I actually prefer the Anejo to the 1942, which is a higher classification. You will find Don Julio to be a smooth drink with a noticeable oak and very subtle fruit components. The fruit seems to shine a bit more on the Anejo, and the 1942 is noticeably more oaken. Having tried most of the other premium tequilas, Don Julio is the only one I keep in the house (other than Cuervo for mixed drinks).

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    Thu Mar 22 2007

    I enjoy Don Julio, especially if someone else is paying for it, I can't speak for the rest of you Connoisseurs but I drink tequila often enough that cost becomes a factor in my evaluation, so I give it a 5 for taste and a 3 for price, 4 stars overall. I look for 100% Agave for under $40 per 750ml.

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    Sat Mar 10 2007

    When I was younger it used to burn, now that I'm older it doesn't have to....that's what sold me and I have enjoyed it ever since. Now I'm finding out about the others,Blanco is so smooth,Resposdo is unigue and I can't wait for my bottle of 1942 to arrive. Patron had that slight wincing that you definetly get from the cheaper Tequila's. Yummy,Don Julio

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    Tue Feb 06 2007

    there aren't enough o's in smoooooth

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    Thu Jan 11 2007

    out of this world I have tasted every one i can get my hands on from the Blanco to the Don Julio Real and all are great, my favourite would have to be the 1942 it's amazing.

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    Tue Jan 09 2007

    Great Tequila, I went to Mexico and bought 8 bottles of Don Julio Reposado to have them here in my house at Chile.

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    Tue Dec 12 2006

    very smooth I am fairly new to premium tequila of the ones I have tryed so far this one is the best no strong bite like the others had

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    Mon Nov 13 2006

    Excellent tequila! I actually prefer this to the Patron that I was always partial to.

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    Tue Jan 31 2006

    This a high quality Tequila. I spent a week in Cabo san Lucas and tasted many tequlas and this is one of the best. I particularly enjoyed the Anjeos because it gave me that extra punch but not the knockout burn of a cheaper brand, I would recommend this as one of the top tiers. I did come back with this a 4 others i enjoyed

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    Fri Jan 13 2006

    I had not tried any tequilas other than Jose Q, until I tried Don Julio Silver. This is the great stuff, no lime and salt required for this drink. Addictive, but life is too short for the cheap stuff. I tried many and nothing is as good.

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    Fri Dec 16 2005

    1800 actually has more full flavor. Unless served absolutly chilled the pepper will give slight backlash at the end. Won,t recommend over any other. Average taste slight bite. Recommend with salt and lime, doing without isn,t worth it. Sorry to burst can,t do better than 1800. My first bottle will be my last.

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    Fri Oct 14 2005

    a tour guide in mexico told my daughter to buy sauza three generations silver if she wanted the best there is. obviously that person has never tasted good tequlia. nothing compares to dj anejo. sip it slow and let it trickle down your throat. don't ruin it with fruit or salt.

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    Sun Oct 09 2005

    Good tequila not my favorite

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    Sun Oct 09 2005

    Not what I expected from an ultra premium tequila, smooth but that's it...

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    Mon Oct 03 2005

    Don Julio Reposado was first recommended to me by a vendor in a Mexican liquour store full of the finest tequila. I have tasted many brands and have not had many that surpass this experience.

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    Mon Aug 29 2005

    This Tequila is good enough that no chaser (not even a piece of lemon) is needed. Treat it like a fine wine. Sip it to the last drop. Long live Don Julio!!!

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    Sun Jul 03 2005

    Don Julio 1942......exceptionally sweet and smooth...a fine tequila well worth the price!

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    Wed May 11 2005

    Don Julio gold is very smooth, no after taste like Cuervo. Best straight up, no lime needed. I compared it to several others and DJ is the best.

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    Mon Feb 21 2005

    I recommend this (among others) over Patron any chance I get.

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    Thu Oct 07 2004

    Hi, this is Eagle from germany. For sure Don Julio is the best tequila I ever had the pleasure to test. My problem is, where to find Don Julio except of Mexico. I'm trying hard in every country I am and I am traveling a lot cause of business. May I have any clue.

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    Thu Sep 23 2004

    One of the benchmark light-bodied tequilas. Incomparably smooth, with well balanced citrus and vanilla. A must-have for any collection.

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    Tue Aug 31 2004

    This is a classic tequila

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    Fri Jun 04 2004

    I just went to a local bar and tried three anejo tequillas. I started with Patron- this had the best flavor, really creamy with a touch of vanilla, but it wasn't that smooth on the way to the back of the throat. Don Julio was 2nd. It didn't really have much flavor, but it was by far the smoothest tequilla I've ever had. Last was Chinaco - ouch! That stuff burns. I had two sips and that was enough for me.

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    Sat Feb 28 2004

    It is a great tequila...

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    Thu Feb 12 2004

    Just returned from Mexico. Sampled many tequila's while there but only one made the trip home with me................Don Julio Reposado. Hands down the best!

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    Sat Feb 07 2004

    This is my favorite tequila. Since my friends and I have graduated from drinking bad tequila, we all agree that this is one of our favorites.

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    Wed Jan 21 2004

    Expensive and very tasty. My favorite Tequila, this is the real stuff here.

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    Mon Jun 02 2003

    Don Julio it´s ok, I don´t like the bottle and with the guys we like a better Tequila..

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    Wed May 21 2003

    Anejo is smooth, sweet and full flavored. Great oaky taste. Not to be mixed in sugar/salt drinks though. just straight, or seasoned

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    Thu Apr 17 2003

    A friend of mine recently shared two different tequillas with me which he brought back from Mexico. The first was touted by his father-in-law as "the best". When I tasted it, I had to agree. It was the best tequilla I'd ever tasted. Then he shared the Don Julio Anejo with me. Quite honestly, if someone offered me a shot of the other tequilla, I'd throw rocks at them. Don Julio is absolutely the best.

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    Thu Dec 26 2002

    We go on an annual golf trip to Arizona with the guys. They introduced me to Don Julio Anejo. We have compared other tequillas on the comparison list and they don't even come close. Anyone who thinks you need salt and lemon to enjoy tequilla really needs to try this stuff. I recently received a bottle of the good stuff "Anejo" for Christmas. I'll continue to try other brands but Don Julio is my proven choice. I tried another variety of Don Julio may have been silver but it was not nearly as good. Anejo is the one.

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    Wed Nov 27 2002

    It would be unbelievable to conceive that anyone who has had Don would not rank it at least a 10 (on the 5 scale) NO ONE in Mexico drinks Jose Cuervo. At least 90% drink (or would drink) Don if they could afford it. This really isnt "drinking" tequilla. It is meant to be sipped and enjoyed.Anejo is the best Don

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    Wed Dec 19 2001

    Far & away the best I ever tasted and that's 40 years of sampling.Keep mine hid-you don't share this stuff.Keep it in the freezer & pour a shot. Then sip slowly.It don't get any better. 2dun

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    Sat Oct 30 1999

    Whoever rated this tequila lower than a five has not had it. If ever in Mexico, look for the square bottle; this stuff is so smooth you can sip it like wine.