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    Mon Jan 26 2009

    "Hotel rwanda" he was fantastic in it

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    Mon Jan 12 2009

    a 4.5. Don Cheadle is an excellent actor from the movies i have seen so far. Very versatile. in all the roles he has handled. can be a good dramatic actor in one role but in the next can be funny. consider me a fan of this talened actor.

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    Mon Jan 12 2009

    Very talented. I very much enjoyed him in Hotel Rwanda. He was pretty good in the Ocean's 11-13 trilogy as well. A strong 4 stars.

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    Tue Oct 28 2008


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    Sun Oct 12 2008

    don cheadle is really good

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    Sun Aug 10 2008

    i don't really know who this is

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    Mon Jul 21 2008

    I think he has a certain level of humor that is a great combo...

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    Sat Jul 05 2008


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    Fri Jul 04 2008

    Ok actor.

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    He's funny.

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    Wed Apr 09 2008

    A really good actor, but he needs to be given better parts.

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    Thu Apr 03 2008

    It took me a while to remember his name, but he's great.  Very talented actor

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    I did see Traffic, and he was good in it, but don't know anything else he has done, or do and don't know it if you know what I mean

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    Fri Aug 24 2007

    Top notch actor. Getting better roles lately and ready to break into the big time. Would give five stars if he had more films to look at. Always a plus to any movie he's in. Looking forward to more good stuff from Mr. Cheadle.

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    Tue Jul 31 2007

    I just saw him in 'The Rat Pack'.He's a much better Sammy Davis Jr. than the original.

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    Wed Jan 04 2006

    I agree that this actor is very much underrated. I would not give him the full five stars just yet because he hasn't shown a vast range of acting. But he stills has time. Thoroughly enjoyed his dramatic roles in Traffic, Hotel Rwanda, and Crash. And liked the funny roles like in Rush Hour and Ocean's 11. For real fans of his, make sure you have checked out Manic.

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    Mon Dec 26 2005

    Great and getting better al lthe time

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    Mon Dec 12 2005

    I think he is on the way up but his list of films is not enough to rate him higher.

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    Sun Oct 23 2005

    Don Cheadle is a great actor who can play roles on both ends of the spectrum. He played a pretty good comedic role in Oceans 11, but his dramatic roles are by far his strong point. His portrayal of a detective who must support his family that includes a dillusional drug-addict mother and a criminal brother in the movie Crash, (which by the way if a fantastic movie) was awesome. In my opinion his best movie has been Hotel Rawanda which was brilliant and I advise every1 to see it. I look forward to seeing Don Cheadle in many movies to come.

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    Fri May 20 2005

    nowhere yet

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    Mon May 16 2005

    The most underrated actor today. Versatile actor playing many different rolls quite well. 5 star rating not based on one film but many films. Great actor imo.

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    Wed May 11 2005

    Long way to go.

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    Mon May 02 2005

    Mr. Cheadle wins the award for the most underrated actor in Hollywood. His performance and delivery is truly moving and always amazing. Hotel Rawanda haunted me for days afterward. Mr. Cheadle's performance in the movie was inspired and should go down in the book of classics. Mr. Cheadle has the uncanny ability to channel so deeply into a character he no longer is Don Cheadle, he's whatever character he is playing. This man is far too underrated and deserves much more recognition as one of Hollywood's greats.

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    Mon Apr 18 2005

    Not sure why he's at the top of this list but he's a pretty good actor. Had a great roles in Boogie Nights, Ocean's Eleven, and HBO's The Rat Pack.

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    Mon Mar 21 2005

    In any other year, Don Cheadle would have easily won for Best Actor at the Oscars for his portrayal in 'Hotel Rwanda'. However, he was up against such firebrands as eventual winner Jamie Foxx in 'Ray' and Clint Eastwood in 'Million Dollar Baby'. In any case, Oscar voters ought to keep Cheadle in mind for the future because the best is yet to come from this shining star.

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    Tue Mar 01 2005

    He is one of those great actors many people do not recognize. He is one of the best supporting actors of all times. And don't we usually love the side roles more than the actual leading role? Don Cheadle can play everything. Hollywood needs actors like him.

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    Tue Feb 22 2005

    I'm a big fan after seeing him in Hotel Rwanda. I had liked him in previous movies like Boogie Nights, but this is the first role I've seen him that really showcased what he could do. I look forward to catching some of Cheadle's other movies....

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    Sun Dec 19 2004

    much underrated

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    Sun Dec 05 2004

    Excellent, underrated actor. Can play a variety of roles, all believable. Was great with the english accent in Ocean's 11, played a good guy in Traffic and a bad guy in Out of Sight.

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    Sun Nov 14 2004

    Great actor. Would be nice to see more of him on the big-screen. BUT...I know...he's very selective about his roles.

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    Tue Aug 24 2004

    Very competent actor. He brings dignity to the roles he plays.