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    Mon Feb 25 2013

    On February 16, 2013, Dollar Rent-A-Car at the Fort Myers, FL Airport (RSW) refused to honor my confirmed reservation for a vehicle. (Upon booking my reservation, I received a written confirmation and reservation number from both BookingGroup and Dollar Rent-A-Car.) When I arrived to pick up my vehicle, I provided my confirmation notices and the Dollar Rent-A-Car Agent refused to honor my confirmed reservation. She charged me $490.55 instead of the $220.01 confirmed rental cost that was supposed to be payable upon arrival. This appears to be a classic 'bait and switch' practice that Dollar Rent-A-car now employs. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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    Tue May 08 2012

    worst service, attitude, customer service ever! my rental of 31.98 for 7 hours turned into 534.00!! i booked a one way rental, which was discussed at the counter and was assured I could drop my car at a different location. turns out, they did not have an office in that city! had to have it towed to the nearest office at my expense and pay a fee to drop it there. total rip off!! do not do business here!!

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    Fri Jan 20 2012

    Zero stars - I will never rent from them again. I say NO to Dollar Rent a Car because they are unethical and will take advantage of you (with hidden/ unapproved charges) any way they can. If you do use Dollar my advice is the following: 1) Ask the salesperson to go over all your charges BEFORE you SIGN/agree to anything. 2. Do NOT ASSUME that they are honest and when you say NO to some coverage they won’t charge you anyway 3. DOUBLE READ each screen/piece of paper very carefully before agreeing /signing anything 4. Once you get the paper work in a jacket and finish the transaction ---LOOK at the TOTAL AMOUNT BEFORE LEAVING the booth to make sure that their are no hidden charges or charges that you didn't agree to. Good Luck!

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    Sun Jan 01 2012

    We booked on the Internet and showed up about midnight at the Dollar Counter at the Bush Airport in Houston. Both at booking and at the airport, we clearly indicated that we were picking up the car in Houston and dropping at DFW in Dallas. NEVER was a drop charge mentioned. When we dropped the car, we were charged a $110 drop fee, without it being mentioned. It was just charged. Upon complaining about this, of course they could not do anything about it in Dallas, as it was a “Houston” car. As if this were not a national company with a central office! The Houston agent at booking tried to scare us with several fees that were exorbitant, such as $71 to avoid all toll costs (for a max of what would have been $10-15 in tolls). She claimed there was a $25 fee for each ‘violation’ of taking a toll road without having an electronic tag. I suspect this is a ‘fee’ concocted by the car company to scare you into such a ridiculous charge. We simply set our GPS to avoid toll roads. The agent was c... Read more

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    Sun Oct 23 2011

    I think 1 star is 1 star too many! Terrible customer service! My husband and I recently flew into Anchorage and drove to Fairbanks. We were visiting his daughter one last time before his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. When we tried making back to Anchorage for our flight out we found that the weather was too bad to continue driving. Luckily Alaska Airlines was great and offered to fly us out of Fairbanks for a difference of $60! However upon calling Dollar the manager, Josh, told us there was nothing he could do to help. We HAD to return the car in Anchorage because they didn't have a location in Fairbanks. When I told him that I knew there was a location in the airport he finally offered to call and see if he could get us an approval to drop there instead. Like pulling teeth. Anyway, on our trip back to the airport we lost cell signal several times. When we finally regained service I had a voicemail from Josh stating that he was able to get us an approval and that it would cost u... Read more

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    Tue Oct 11 2011

    I rented from Dollar in Columbus, Ohio. I booked online and was quoted a rate of $43. When I picked the car up I said I did NOT want any additional insurance. When I returned the car (on time with a full tank of gas) I was billed $114. When I asked why, I was told it was for additional insurance, even though I didn't want it. When I tried to dispute with the counter rep, he just said it wasn't his problem. Then I called the "Customer service" line which was no help at all. It seems the only way to keep from getting scammed by Dollar is to not rent from them at all.

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    Fri Aug 19 2011

    I rented a car from Dollar Car Rental online from I reserved the car for 4 days, from Aug 15, 2011 to Aug 19, 2011, rental price $114.06. I got to the Dollar rental office and showed them the rental agreement. Scott, the rental agent, went over the agreement as they always do. When getting to part about insurance I told him no, my insurance company covers any rental car. He asked who my insurance was and I told him. He said Ok and went on. We got to the screen that need to have an agreement selected he told me what each screen said and I pushed accept. When returning the car the agent rep looked at the mileage and fuel level and then read her computer and said $234.96 correct? I said no my agreement was for $114.06. She read her computer and said $107 for insurance and I told her no I had refused the insurance because my insurance company covered the car and she said, "You signed the agreement." I told her no it was not correct. She then said to go to the office and see... Read more

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    Mon Jun 27 2011

    Terrible!!! It does not even deserve the one star. Save yourself the trouble and deal with another respectable company. Dollar is just another switch and bait scam company. They offer you lower prices and then just ripped you off. Before going on my trip to Guatemala, i searched for a good deal on a 12 passenger mini bus. I notice dollar was the cheapest, but before i made the reservation, i call their international sales line to make sure this was a real thing. They assured me the $238.00 + taxes and fees. Well, i can understand taxes and fees and believed i was going to end up paying around 350 or so, keep in mind this is over $100 on fees. Explained to them i have full coverage insurance from American Express, (called Amex to make sure of coverage), while on the call the assured me, they did accept the coverage. The rep told me to take proof of coverage which i did. When we arrived at guatemala, the free shuttle service driver from our hotel, offered to take us to dollar. We arr... Read more

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    Mon May 09 2011

    Im from Costa Rica and I rent a car with dollar rent a car through internet in January 23 and the charge the amount in my credit car ($250,) When I pick up the car (April17) in Orlando International Airport the agent offered me up grade for $50 extra I was agree, So the only amount they should charge me in my credit car $50, but not the charge me again the $250 plus $50 so at the end the charge me $300 at this time I dont have any answer from them, They also charge me in my credit card $250 and $ 105 I don’t have Idea what is this, I request from they reverse all the charges in 04-28-2011 ath this time i dont have any answer from them, how is possible, THEY ARE THE WORST I'll never use DOLAR RENT A CAR

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    Mon May 02 2011

    My daughter reserved a car from this company. her confirmation listed the grand total for the week at $133.55. when we arrived at the Atlanta Georgia(4100 GLOBAK GATEWAY CONNECTOR) location. I was told The only way I could pay for the car( my daughter did not have a credit card)I had to be the primary driver and there would be an additioal cost of $10.00 a day for my daughter to drive the car as well as $37.88 a day for insurance and $27.50 a day for the sub compact car for a toal of $262.99 for three days. Only one clerk on duty.She was in a hurry to get us out, because other were coming up to the counter.I will never use this company again.

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    Wed Apr 06 2011

    We coined a new phrase on this trip -- "you got Dollared!" due to the fact that Dollar did the bait and switch/nickel and dime routine to us. We were very displeased with Dollar and will never recommend or use Dollar again. To start, the line at Dollar had probably 12 people waiting (no other rental car agencies in Las Vegas Airport had a line). After waiting over an hour we realized what the hold up was, each representative was trying to sell add ons so much that it was taking people forever to get through the process of renting their vehicle. Finally it was our turn and upon being greeted by our representative, he started in on us with extra costs, add on and buying up. I asked about upgrading to an SUV (I was already renting a Premium car but wanted an SUV type vehicle). He tried (very hard) to get us to upgrade at a cost of $15.00 per day then (after saying no several times) lowered his price to $10 a day. We did not upgrade. He then went on and on about insurance an... Read more

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    Sun Mar 06 2011

    Dollar Rent-A-Car has the absolute worst customer service I've ever dealt with in my life. From pick-up to delivery to follow-up, this comapny has zero customer service. I would highly recommend never using this company, especially in Seattle. I would rather rent a car from a monkey on the side of the road. You may "initially" save a couple dollars, but I guarantee it's not worth it.

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    Wed Jan 12 2011

    Terrible, I rented a car through, dollar rent a car in Phoenix. The 2nd day I had the car, the tire pressure light came on. I immediately went to a station and filled it with air. My daughter and I went to a park and when we came out the tire was flat. I called Dollar and they said they would send someone out to me to fix it at no cost to me. After waiting an hour and half, the guy came out and changed the tire with the donut spare. I was told to drive under 50 mph. The guy looked at the tire and there was no holes or nails in the tire. He felt it was a slow leak possibly in the tire stem. I had to deal with the donut spare for the next days. After I returned home, I receive a letter stating I owe the company $141.47 for a new tire. I called and spoke with the damage recovery agent and she was not helpful or friendly at all. I called my insurance company and they said that it should be wear and tear and they do not cover it. I called Dollar back to see about getting paper work showin... Read more

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    Tue Jan 11 2011

    DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT EVER RENT FROM DOLLAR..THEY WILL MOST CERTAINLY OVERCHARGE YOU AND WILL NOT BAT AN EYE WHILE DOING SO. The story.... I purchased a car rental through Car Rental 8 who reserved a car from Dollar Rent A Car. I specified pick up in Jacksonville and drop off in Orlando. I paid $306. I picked the car up in Jacksonville using the voucher and noting there would be taxes of ~$20 charged to my card. A week after returning the car at the specified airport at the specified time, I find an additional charge of $195 on my card. I spoke with Dollar and they told me they charge a $150 drop fee. Good for them. I clearly specified the pickup and drop locations, also clearly identified on the voucher/reservation. Customer service reviewed the contract and stated that the rental fee was just over $200. Even if they do charge me a $150 drop fee, this still does not add up to the $500 that I have been charged. I spoke with Dollar and they told me they charge a $150 drop fee.... Read more

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    Tue Jan 11 2011

    I'd rented from Dollar about five or six years ago, and got into a minor accident. I had not bought the additional insurance, but my personal policy covers rentals as does American Express- the card I'd used to rent the car. So Dollar sent me the repair bill, I believe about $1,200, which my insurance company promptly paid, and the car was repaired. A few weeks later they called me back saying the car was considered "totalled" and that I'd have to pay them somewhere around $15,000 for the car. (The front quarter panel had been dented, and headlight broken, and I was able to drive the car after the accident.) I had them, then collections agencies, calling me just about every day for years afterwards. To say it was bad customer service would be an understatement. This was more like a scam. I'm sure some other people may have thought they were actually legally bound to pay them the $15,000. Sad.

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    Sat Dec 25 2010

    BAIT AND SWITCH!! STAY AWAY! We rented from Dollar in Puerto Rico. We made reservations on The price was $312 for an economy sized car. We waited in line for an hour and were then told that we HAD to purchase the additional insurance (which I've never had to do with any other company) which brought our price to $447. It clearly states on the reservation that we'd be charged upon return of the car, however; we were charged the entire amount on that day plus an additional $500 deposit. I expected a hold on our card but I've never been charged for a service and also had them keep a deposit. Lucky my husband was there because after traveling for an entire day and finding myself trapped after midnight dealing with this...well I was about to lose it. This location is not clustered with other car rentals or even close to any others. So we were stuck. Let's see if we get our deposit back. I have never experienced anything like this. I've rented with Hertz and Budget in the past.

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    Sat Dec 25 2010

    I too made online reservations and was quoted $120, taxes, fees, etc included.  I arrived at the Tampa int'l airport at 5:45 pm on dec 22, 2010.  They had my reservation and I gave the clerk my credit card.  He went through the standard, do you want car insurance, I said no, do you want to purchase the prepaid fill up, I said no and suddenly the clerk turned on me and started using what I would call fear tactics to get me to buy additional car insurance.  When I continued to decline he started reading me the contract language of how much I could be liable for.  I still said no.  He then told me I would have to prove I filled the car up within 10 miles of the Tampa airport.  I said I had never heard of having to prove a car was filled up within 10 miles of an airport.  I was told he had been renting cars for several years and this was standard.  I said I disagree, I have been renting cars for decades and have never heard this.  I decided to take my chances and declined the gas even thou... Read more

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    Made a reservation and paid from internet. I meet at the airport, they review my reservation, and added several options and insurances without noticing explaining or asking me : PPP 10 days $69,90 ESP 10 days $39,90 ROADSAFE 10 days $59,90 PRIVLGE FEE $30,45 => I got charged $200 more the next day I gave the car back. $200 crooks ! IT DOUBLED THE ORIGINAL PRICE. The customer support is useless and nonsense. These guys make you sign a paper where no price is mentionned, they dont even give you this paper, so you can't see in detail what this shit is. Should have read these reviews first ! I'LL NEVER RENT A CAR WITH THEM ANYMORE. DON'T TRY TO EITHER, unless you're rich and don't care. But they'll still not respect you.

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    Mon Sep 20 2010

    To this date, I have contacted Dollar Thrifty several times about this matter. I have received phone calls and letters stating that I damaged a rental vehicle on 6/8/2009. This damage allegedly occurred well over a year ago. I did not receive any correspondence from Dollar Thrifty until 4 months after the date of this rental. Well past any reasonable grace period. At the time of the vehicles return, I was given an all clear from the employee of Dollar Thrifty stating that the vehicle was in good condition and was told buy the employee to \"thank you and have a nice flight\"". I am being blamed for damage to a rental vehicle that did not occur while the vehicle was in my possession. I will never use Dollar Thrifty again. Tired of the harassment

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    Mon Sep 13 2010

    I rent cars every 2-3 months and this was by far the worst experience I have had. I booked a reservation through and the rate was $15 per day for 2 days plus taxes and fees. I paid the insurance through carrentals which they collected for $23. When we got to Dollar we waited in line for 40 mins and then they acted like they didn't have any information on our reservation even though we brought the printout with us. We booked a full-size car which they guaranteed a dodge charge or similar and we got a malibu which was much smaller. They ended up charging us $122 even though the reservation came out to $53. On top of that they held $350.00 on our debit card which they never informed us prior. Then they told us later that they do not accept the 3rd party insurance that we paid for prior with When I called them about the bill they were extremely rude and unhelpful. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER AND THEY ARE COMPLETELY OUT TO RIP YOU OFF IN EVERY WAY POS... Read more

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    Fri Jul 30 2010

    When we arrived we were a day delayed due to our flight , I was doing a weekly rental, I had reserved a Jeep. Well its 4:25 am and very tired, I had called dollar several times before arriving to explain the delay (was told no problem) I explained to the guy to adjust my days to be a full week, he kept insisting that the weekly rental was 5 DAYS(on what planet ??) I argued until I was exhausted and thought finally it was taken care of. When I returned the car and I got home than did I see that they had charged me a weekly rental rate plus 2 additional days. Okay so because its San Juan Puerto Rico the corporate # did me absolutely no good fixing this problem, was told to go back to that location,well was told over and over again he's busy. Had to go to visa eventually to fix the problem and messed up my whole account. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

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    Tue Jul 20 2010

    I just returned from a perfect vacation, except for my rental car experience with Dollar. I pre ordered a mid sized car on line for an estimated cost of $260 for the week, however when I arrived at the Phoenix Airport they told me that my midsized car would be a 4 cylinder Ford Focus ( a Ford Focus is not a midsized car!!) that would not be a good idea going up to elevations of 6,000 feet. We upgraded to a Ford Edge for safety reasons that raised my total costs to over $600. My complaint is that they did not have a mid-sized 6 cylinder as advertised on line and on my online contract. When I returned and expressed my dissatisfaction they promised me a 10% discount, and lied and did not take that off the bill, and then referred it to a single item, not in regards to the entire bill as I was expecting. I truly believe that the people at the counter work on commission. I have spoken to three customer service reps who were cold and insensitive, and say the same thing, "you signed a co... Read more

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    Sat Jul 17 2010

    Categorically do not use dollar as they ruined the end of our trip to the US. Upon collecting our dodge in LAX we were told that as one of the drivers was under 25 there would be a $25 a day charge, so we took him off the driver list. we were never asked if we wanted additional cover as we had full platinum cover sorted before we left the UK. however i had to sign as the driver just to prove i was the man on the drivers licence. I was also asked to left to leave a credit card in case there was any excess damage which we would be liable for. My wife left her card but never signed anything. Mr Belete at LAX you are a con man and a fraudster... upon returning our car to San Francisco we were given a receipt for an additional $ 461 which had been taken off our card. My signature for proof of driver had been imprinted on acceptance document. this decision to take money from our credit card without permission left us with no free money for the last 4 days of the holiday. We spent most of t... Read more

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    Mon Jul 05 2010

    I reserved a rental car online and also talked to a rep online to make sure I understood the charges and how their insurance works. I went in expecting to pay $219.33 along with the $350.00 deposit which I was supposed to get back. Afterward, I had paid for insurance I did not want or need, and other things I was not told about up front, for a grand total of $558.89. The first receipt handed me when I drove up to the return lane said $485.61. I walked inside to switch the payment from my credit card to my debit card (as they told me I could do when I made the reservation. They would not let me use my debit when I picked up the car.) Somehow those few yards from the return lane to the inside counter changed my total from $485.61 to $558.89. When I got home and noticed the difference, I called the 800 number, which is the ONLY way you can reach them. I got a message saying they were closed for bad weather. Really??? It is July. And they only have one call processing center? B... Read more

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    Wed Jun 09 2010

    At last minute, i had to rent a car. I made a rental reservation three hours before my pick up and my service was great. Even with a wrong return date, done on my part. I can it fixed with ten minutes. The car was clean and i had no problems. The Rate i received was cheap. I would use them again.

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    Mon Jun 07 2010

    too many hidden fees. will charge you $15 for early return. will not be clear about insurance.

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    Thu Jun 03 2010

    Dollar Rent A Car (complaint) – Daylight Robbery Just to make it clear, we made our car rental reservation through a third party company called Booking Group (known as or When troubles started Dollar blamed everything on the third party company. I'm not buying it… Dollar robbed us 3 times: 1. According to the voucher we were holding the balance was EUR 127: "€ 127.03 is payable to Dollar on your arrival". (Approximately $190 at that time) Dollar charged us $250. After an 11 hours flight it was not easy to argue...what could we do? Dollar response: "Our records indicate your reservation was booked as $250 in our system for the rental charges, which is what you were charged. Since the Euro amount was quoted to you by the third party company, and they booked the reservation in our system as $250, we must ask you pursue this matter further with the third party." 2. According to the voucher the drop-off location was Manhattan (no fee mentioned): ... Read more

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    Mon May 24 2010

    Rented a Focus at Sacramento CA. Very polite, clean. Very pleased with the service.

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    Sat May 15 2010

    Very unhappy. I was told I had to provide a receipt for gas when I returned the car full of gas. I filled up and paid cash down the street. They said if I didn't provide a receipt they were going to charge me 16 dollars. I have rented cars for over 30 yrs and have never had this problem. I will never rent from them again.

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    Sun May 09 2010

    I rented a jeep on the island of maui. The service was friendly and pretty quick. We left Dollar and headed to our rented condo about thirty miles away. . While we were on the road I noticed the vehicle pulls to the left a little. I did not think much of this at first knowing this was a rental vehicle. About three miles from the condo the vehicle pulled hard to the left. It did it aging right near the condo. I parked the vehicle for the night and the next day went to another dollar rental place about three miles away. I stopped in there and the lady was really nice. She stated she did not have any vehicle to swap out but told me to call the rental palce where i got the vehicle and they would bring out another vehicle and tow this one back. I called the rental place and told the person the problem with the front end. I was told to drive the vehicle back or keep it. I told her what the lady at the other dollar rental place stated and she did not care, in a snotty voice keep it or brin... Read more

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    Wed May 05 2010

    We reserved a car on their website for pick up in Maui. When we got there, we found out that they wanted to charge us $12.00 per day for my wife to be authorized to drive the car also. Since their rate was so low, that would have doubled the cost of the rental (weekly). The service was slow, and the result not what we expected. I would STAY AWAY from these folks. Their "low rate" isn't worth it.

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    Mon Apr 19 2010

    I had a reservation with Budget at Detroit Airport. They turned me down, stating I had a pre-paid VISA card. I do not have a pre-paid card. It is a secured card (secured against $1,000 in a savings account at my bank). I can't access my account to make payments or for any other reason. I walked across the street to Dollar and explained what was up. The manager looked at my card and stated "it doesn't say PRE-PAID on it." He wrote up a rental contract, swiped my card and off I went with a rental for a week. No reservations. No hassles. I will book Dollar next time I travel, for sure. Richard K. Orlando, FL

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    Mon Apr 19 2010

    First I was hooked in by a lock and go low rate- the advertisement say this is for a mid-sized car or larger- what it does not say (and the person at the counter and in the garage said was always the case) is that it is for a mini-van. That is not even a normal category to rent. I felt they it was very deceitful. We ended up having to pay a great deal more to be upgrade. Not a bargin at all. It really got my vavcation off to a bad start. People at the upstairs counter were friendly. Did our upgrade and told us were to go pick up. We got to the garage(less than 2 minutes later) and were then told by the attendants down there that the car was not available (that we just paid 25 dollars more a day for than the original price of 15 a day for a total of 48 a day!!) We we told them the upstairs counter said there was he actually said "well I don't know what they say up there, don't matter down here though" Do they not work for the same company? We could not believe it. They eventualy we... Read more

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    Mon Apr 19 2010

    When I arrived at the Dollar desk to collect the car I was in a hurry as my wife had been taken ill on the plane and I wanted to get away as quickly as possible to get to the hospital. This was already a bad start to our honeymoon. So you can imagine I was in a real hurry but then had to spend a very long time at the San Francisco Airport desk insisting to the guy that I did not want to upgrade to a convertible, he just kept going on and on about upgrading, and I just kept telling him I did not want to pay a single thing extra than what we had already paid for (through CarHire300) and I refused to upgrade to any additional packages. It was ridiculous, I must have repeated my self 100 times or more - I said very clearly "NO I do not want to pay for anything more than the car rental which is already paid". He said ok and then passed me the contract across the desk and keeping his hand on the contract at all times, pointed where to sign, which I did, took the keys and left. I d... Read more

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    Tue Apr 06 2010

    This is the worst rental car company I have ever dealt with. They quoted me one price and charged me over 500 dollars more than the quote for a car that shook on the roads, constantly needed oil and the window kept falling apart. Anyone renting from this company, be carefull and be prepared to pay way more than they tell you that you will pay. I rented a car for 1 week and paid a total of 729.18 for it when the quote they gave me was for 231.83. I have called twice to find out why but the customer service rep hasnt got a clue and the manager refuses to call me back and is conviently out of the office all the time. Take my advice, rent from someone else or get ripped off like me.

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    Tue Mar 23 2010

    The Dollar Rent a Car office at the Austin, Texas airport was staffed by a rude, overbearing man who pushed me into signing for the insurance even though I had my own .... at $20 per day. A $285 estimate through their web site became $455 for 4 days!! All I got was a 4-cylinder Mazda with scratches and dents all over it. Never again!

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    Wed Mar 17 2010

    A little less expensive than other rental car companies at Phoenix Skyharbor, but notable for its dirty, smoky cars and employees who are hostile to customers. When long lines form, the Dollar employees dissapear into a back room. Its worth it to pay a few more dollars and avoid long lines and employees who treat you with contempt. I note that a formal letter to the company with specific information merited a form letter response. If the corporate office doesn't care about customer service, its no wonder that they hire employees who were raised by wolves.

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    Tue Mar 09 2010

    In February I rented a Dollar rent a car in Boston. I break down in the freezing weather with my daughter (6) but, to their credit, they tow a new rental to me and tow the other one away. That took three hours. Then I'm charged for the towing?! What? And the charges on my bill for the actual rental are wrong. The voicemail I left was never returned though I call again two weeks later and it's returned with a message "the charges are correct". We're not done here and I won't be renting from them again. Ugh.

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    Tue Mar 02 2010

    We rented a car at the San Diego airport location and will never do it again. Upon returning the car, we were treated incredibly rudely by the girl outside, whom herself seemed very unprofessional. We had just filled up the tank across the street where the receipt machine wasn't working. She rudely stated that we would be charged since we did not have proof that we filled up the car, even though another worker checked to make sure by trying to add more gasoline which it would not take. After that ten minute ordeal, I discovered that we were overcharged from I was told our price would be. We upgraded to a convertible and were charged over one hundred dollars more than what we were told it would be. In my excitement to be out of the cold weather, I did sign my contract that did not have a total price, just a lot of numbers, without taking too much time to review it. Rudely, the manager told me that obviously I signed the contract so I am the one to blame and there was nothing the... Read more

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    Tue Feb 09 2010

    This is such a stupid rental car company. I rented a car 2 days ago at JFK. They told me that I have to have an insurance on my rental car. But, I knew I dont need one. She keeps urging I need one so I get the insurance. Today, I realized they are ripping me off and want to take the insurance off so I went to Laguardia location near home. A lady listened to my story and she said to me 'take the car or return the car'. I keep saying I just want to take the insurance off and she rudely keep repeating it. Then, I called the manager. He said exactly the same thing. Never try to listen to customers. I see why two ladies next to me keep yelling at them and getting angry. Also, the reviews are here all telling you that you NEVER should get a same experience like me.

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    Tue Feb 09 2010

    I used the Dollar at LaGuardia Airport to park and fly. Upon check in, I drove up and was told to just leave the window down and the keys inside. I asked if there was anything else and was told no, just go inside. I checked my car in and went on my way. Upon receiving my car back there was a HUGE dent just above the driver's side wheel well. Obviously, somebody opened a car door onto my car. I asked to speak to someone about it and the man who brought me my car huffed and went inside. A woman and man came outside and told me since I did not have a damage report on file from when I dropped my car off there was nothing they could do. She suggested I call the manager during the week. A damage report at car drop off!!!!! i spoke with at least three people when I dropped off my car, nobody told me anything about a damage report. I did not see a sign talking about on either. I tried to contact the manager SEVERAL times, but he was never in and never returned a message. I emailed... Read more

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    Awful, terrible, with criminal customer service. Rented a Sebring convertible in San Diego (I'm from east coast and I thought a break from snow with the top down at the beach would be great!). The car had 52K miles and was disgustingly dirty - even after I requested a re-clean. Returned it a day early and they happily charged $100 over my quote. When I queried the manager he defensively said Dollar was not breaking any laws by charging me a daily rate for 4 days as my quote was for a weekly rate (which interestingly enough means 5 days). When I asked for the car back, thinking I'd just keep it another day, he said the ticket was closed and there was NOTHING he could do about it. As manager there was plenty he could do about it. He should have said there was NOTHING he was WILLING to do about it. And the kicker was they were desperate for cars- at least a dozen people in line. So my advice - DO NOT RENT FROM DOLLAR. Because it's just that, the "dollar" that is important to the... Read more

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    Tue Feb 02 2010

    This past September I took a trip (Business / Personal) to Bradenton FL (just south of Tampa). I rented a car as I do most times from Dollar and was given a Ford Focus. To get from Tampa to Bradenton you get on I-275 at Tampa International and stay on it until you arrive in Bradenton, FL. 1 road with a bridge toll. To get back you take the same exact way. So why is it a month after I was in Florida I received a notice from Dollar that my credit card was charged $4.00 for tolls that I "failed to pay for" and $100 for letting me know. $104.00 for running tolls that I DID NOT run. They stated that I ran tolls that were to the East Side of Tampa, which I had never been to, on a road that I had no business being on. Additionally I found after some investigation that the toll violations happened when I was in a business meeting in Ellington FL at a Starbucks with a co-worker. I have 3 receipts showing that I was at this Starbucks 1 hr away from the tolls that were supposedly violated. So ... Read more

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    Sat Jan 30 2010


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    Mon Jan 25 2010

    I booked a hotel/rental car package for 4 days from Expedia. Expedia's package included a Dollar Rent a Car. I've rented hundreds of cars in my career and always decline the optional insurance. At the counter, I initialed all the boxes to decline coverage. A couple weeks later, I received a $138 charge to my credit card for insurance coverage ($35/day) on my Dollar Rent a Car even though my rental agreement clearly declined all coverage. I complained to Expedia and Dollar. The bottom line from both was "so sad, too bad" Expedia was not willing to go to bat for its customers and Dollar did not care that it had defrauded a customer. There are lots of suckers out there, I guess. DON'T BOOK FROM DOLLAR OR BUY PACKAGES FROM EXPEDIA!!!!

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    Sat Jan 16 2010

    I brought in my reservation paper. Asked the lady on the other side of the counter to add one more day. Was asked if I also wanted to add insurance. Clearly specified I lived in California and already had insurance. She asked me to sign the papers and read to me I was getting charged so much for the weekend and another amount for the week. I put my initials there! But she failed to mention the charges were for the insurance I said I didn't need. When I went back to complain on the charges which were as much as the car rental, I got a simple answer "You signed on it" ... Was not allowed to speak w a manager. The only answer I got was that there were no managers available. Had to pay double what I expected.

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    Mon Jan 04 2010

    HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE - CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS NO HELP EITHER!!! Denver location is a complete scam! Had a reservation for a mid-size or larger car (Lock & Leave program) - got to the airport and no cars available - except of course an upgrade. 10pm on Christmas night, a whole room full of people waiting for cars and no management on duty. I had two small kids, and they had no estimate of how long the wait would be (by the way - there were A LOT of return cars "waiting" for gas/cleaning) - so we took the upgrade. Because we took it we're stuck with it - $1400 for a crappy Dodge Journey (windshield wipers didn't work - it was snowing) for 5 days. I don't care what the cost difference may be, I will NEVER go through Dollar again!!!

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    Mon Dec 21 2009

    absolutely would NOT reccomend dollar rent a car in the orlando airport! our vacation was ruined because of them! i had rented a fullsize car for a special price of 216.09 i was told a dodge charger. but when we get to the airport we are told there are no more... the next thing i am coming out with a bill of 456.84 and a car with the check tire light on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were outraged! the fella was very unfriendly and unwilling.and as far as we are concerned a SCAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM THEM ~BEWARE~ i would rather walk than do business with them ever again! i cannot beleive they are allowed to stay in business

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    Mon Nov 13 2006

    I was lucky enough to arrive here fairly early in the evening with a group of friends, which meant we got decent seating immediately. Our original plan was to have a drink or two and be on our way, but once we realized what Centrifuge was all about, we stayed for several hours! Our scantily-clad (and very hot) cocktail waitress kept the drinks coming with little or no delay. The music and service is interrupted at regular intervals in order for the staff to hop up on the bar and dance for about 1 minute straight as steam/smoke appears out of nowhere and the middle column behind the bar changes shape. As the night progressed, the bar became packed -- literally. I almost felt sorry for the latecomers as they tried to squeeze past each other, jockeying for position at the bar. The only downside of this venue is that I don't get to see Groove Kitty perform on stage -- Centrifuge used to be a stage near the lion exhibit. Oh well -- the memory of Groove Kitty's metal-friendly female guitaris... Read more

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    Thu Oct 05 2006

    My girlfriend & I just returned from Vegas, where we stayed at MGM Grand. We were disappointed that we didn't get to go to Centrifuge on our first day there, as we enjoyed a late dinner before returning to the hotel around midnight (Sunday night), only to find Centrifuge CLOSED!!! What - a popular bar in a major Strip hotel closed at midnight on a Sunday night?!? Needless to say, we were disappointed, so we made sure to return 2 nights later. We only stopped by for a nightcap, but it was definitely a cool place to have a drink or two, especially if you can catch the bartenders dancing on top of the bar to "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake...Centrifuge had a very cool, hip vibe about it, but is unpretentious unlike too many other places on the Strip...