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    Wed Nov 30 2011

    WOW is all I can say! I had cable for years and finally decided to make the switch to Directv, and it is incredible let me tell you. Not only is it far cheaper, they offer free movie weekends sometimes which my cable co never did. It got even better when I was able to save $100 which they credit to my account ($10 over 10 months), and this is ON TOP of current promotions. All I had to do was visit and enter in coupon code 40711911, then I finished checking out. So easy.

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    Mon Oct 24 2011

    Direct tv has the worst customer service, when you get to customer service most do NOT speak clear english. When you sign up for service be noted that the debit or credit card number that you submit can be charged at anytime under their agreement for any charges that they deem acceptable. When, they debit your account you will spend countless hours on the phone with individuals who are trained to give one answer to your question. Asking for a supervisor will get you the same incompetence. My advice is not to sign with this company!!!!! Their business practices are very unprofessional. Their customer service is not worthy the phone call or your time. The fees, terms, and customer obligation is not clear at time of sign up. I will never use Direct TV again nor will I recommend it to anyone.

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    Wed Oct 12 2011

    DirecTV has the worst customer service and will promise you the moon to get you to sign up for a 2 year agreement. Once you sign up you will see a whole bunch of hidden fees and requirements to get the price you signed up for. To have HD access which is free with most cable or satellite companies you HAVE to sign up for autopay or it will cost you extra. If you receive defective equipment or bad storm knocks out your equipment, and you are not enrolled in the protection plan (which also is more money) oh well, you have to pay for. If you prefer not to get emails from them they take off there 5 dollar email credit as well. Which the email credit is not even a credit they consider that part of your rebate of the price you are locked into, so you will be paying more then your agreed upon price just for not wanting their emails. Also if you sign you get free HBO Starz etc. for 3 months but if you do not cancel it yourself they will charge you full price for each of the premium channels...i... Read more

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    Fri Sep 30 2011


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    Mon Sep 19 2011

    DIRECT TV Letter I sent to them: WOW Just spoke with your customer service and words cannot express just how greatful that I did that! I am so glad I just dogded a bullet! You guys actually ALMOST got me! Everybody told me not to sign up with you and I could never understand why. Their reasons never sounded justified enough but I'm glad I found out firsthand before I signed up. I've been checking you guys out online and felt like your deals were too good to be true but couldn't put my finger on it. But today I called you for the first time and spoke to someone.You didn't have to tell me she was in sales because she was definitely a true salesperson all she did was talk and barely listened. As soon as I started the call I told her I'm just asking questions don't want to sign up yet I'm THINKING of signing up. She went on and on about your service then asked me for my Social Security information. I should have known better because I never give this info out over the phone but she advise... Read more

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    Thu Jul 21 2011

    I initially had my install appointment scheduled for a Thursday, I took the day off of work to wait for the tech and they never showed. When I called Directv to complain about this problem I was told that Directv had cancelled my appointment, but never bothered to call and inform me, no apology. 4 hours later I finally got ahold of a supervisor who explained that it was the fraud department that cancelled my appointment, and that I would have to call them to sort it out, again, no apology. They of course, were closed. Friday I get ahold of the fraud department and after gettin no apology again I get my install appointment rescheduled for the following Tuesday. So now I finally have satalite service. I sign up for auto pay to get the free HD for life, and I am told if I bundle my service with ATT I'll get an additional discount. I try this, it doesn't go thru because I have a balance (not past due, just showing), I pay 2 months in advance and try again and it doesn't work because... Read more

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    Sun Jul 10 2011

    DirecTV: 21 Reasons to Avoid It I am currently leasing two high definition DVRs and one standard def receiver and here's what I have found: 1. Appointments are often either not kept, or when they are, are late. Phone calls are commonly not returned. Repeated attempts to resolve problems are futile. Some representatives are as pleasant as the Borg. 2. If DirecTV physically damages your audio video equipment on installation, they refuse all responsibility, refusing to pay for repair costs (after initially agreeing to do so and firing the installation tech). I'm out several hundred dollars in replacement costs for equipment the tech physically damaged. 3. Incomplete satellite dish installations, such as failing to replace air vent screens may occur; a ventilation screen 30 feet above the ground was left open allowing birds to nest inside my house. A second screen, for the crawl space, was left loose allowing Norway rats to nest under the house. Expect black handprints on your walls. ... Read more

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    Wed Jun 08 2011

    I started out very happy with the sevice because the sports package and would have given it 5 stars 6 months ago, but I have sent a receiver back and am getting ready to send another one back. We had 2 receivers that have not worked much more often then they have. discontinued service on one 3 months ago, because the system would keep asking to insert a valid card. The cards that they put in the receivers to squeeze every penny out of the customer keep failing. Security is all well and good until it completely nullifies the use of legitamate, paid for receivers. (a whole different matter in itself). The ads all say up to 4 receivers free. or for $99 for HD. Well you never own the reciver. That is in effect a lease origination fee. So the receiver is direct tv's right. Well only until it doesn't work. Then you better have paid for the insurance. Because after twelve months, if your receivers card fails. Guess what. You play for the replacement card. You would think i... Read more

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    Wed Jun 01 2011

    I called direc TV about getting rates and talked to a very nice sales guy that convinced me to switch to direc TV because they had better rates or so I thought. It turns out he gave me wrong prices and told me internet prices never change. I spoke to one representative in the bundle department who was very rude and told me he didn’t know why I was transferred to him and he couldn’t help me so I ask to talk to a supervisor who could help me get to the right department and he hung up on me. I called back trying to talk to any supervisor to report the rude man I talked to and I was put on hold, hung up on, and transferred to the wrong person. I spent over 3 hours on the phone before I got a hold of supervisor. The supervisor was nice and said that direct TV subs out their sales department ( I talked to someone from DirectStarTV) and they also sub out their bundle service department. She said that she had no control over my problems but could report them. She said the company is trying t... Read more

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    Wed Jun 01 2011

    My mother had a account with Directv. I had on numerous occasions paid her bill for her. I first paid them over the phone talking to a rep. They NEVER informed me that I was being entered into a contract with them. For that matter, I had to put her on the phone to confirm that they had permission to speak to me about her account. After she became terminal, I paid her bill regularly. She died on Jan. 12 of this year. She had no will or executor of estate. My family just jumped in and we all worked to get things finalized. The other day we deposited my husbands pay check as normal, and shortly after got a email alert saying my account was at $14. Quickly reviewing my online bank account there sat a $700. charge from directv. I thought with a quick phone call things would be resolved. I got up with directv and my bank and found out that I had entered a contract by helping her. My bank said this was a horrible problem they encounter daily. They said that Directv ha... Read more

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    Wed May 25 2011

    Possibly the worst customer service I have ever been subject too! I signed up for Directv 3 months ago and bundled with CenturyLink internet service (CenturyLink=excellent). When I signed up with them they told me that as I was bundling, I would get a $10 bill credit each month in addition to the regular offers and 3 months of free movie channels. I also received free HD as long as I signed up with a credit card and allowed them to bill the credit card each month. Sounded fair so I signed up...... 1st month - I get my bill and the credit for bundling is not applied. I call and after an hour of getting the run around, finally get told that the credit is no longer available and as it was not put on the account when I signed up, they could not give it to me. However, they would give me a $20 credit for 6 months to compensate. Sounds good. 2nd month - I get my bill and find that although the $20 credit has been applied, they have charged me $45 for the movie channels. I call up and afte... Read more

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    Thu May 12 2011

    We used DreckTV for about 2 years. The main reason we signed up was to watch hockey. For the most part, it’s your usual HD cable package – about 300 useless channels plus 3 or so that we actually watch. The guys who installed it were quick, competent, and didn’t leave a mess behind (unlike Comcast, who can never get it installed on the first visit). As my husband works irregular hours, we got a DVR so we could record the games and watch them together. When programming the DVR to record a show, channels which are available to you are shown in bold on the screen. Also, if you try to record a channel to which you are not a subscriber, the DVR will tell you of your error and refuse to record it. On several occasions, we programmed the DVR to record a hockey game specifying a channel to which we had access, and received no error message. However, when we sat down to watch the game, we were dismayed to find we had recorded a couple of hours of their “you don’t get this channel” scree... Read more

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    Tue May 10 2011

    With the storms, tornado's and all we lost our dish and equipment. DTV was very helpful and understanding and is working with us to restore our service. They are so much easier to work with than FEMA or our Home Owners Insurance!

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    Tue May 03 2011

    Directv sales associates are LIARS and scam artists. The worst part is that the supervisor's back them up to screw their customers out of money!!!!! I, also, decided to try directv out for the nfl package. for the first six months, it was good except they kept screwing up the billpay. I called to change my plan because it was about to get very expensive. The man I spoke to assured me I would be about $70 per month which is my limit. We originally got an hd dvr because we planned on purchasing an hd tv, but that never happened due to hard times in life. I wanted to switch to the cheapest plan and keep the dvr since it had all of my recorded shows on it. I could not take the hd off of the account even though we do not have hd and they said they would have to switch to a non hd dvr which would have NONE of my recorded movies! So, I told them to keep the hd since it was free with auto billpay. The man told me the lowest plan to go to to ensure the cheapest price of around $70 per month and... Read more

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    Mon May 02 2011

    Do not ever sign any B______t contract with these thieves. This is my second go-round with these crooks and I shoulda known better from the last time. I signed back up and am supposed to receive their "promo" pricing that comes out to roughly $60USD and I have been charged from $100 to $155. Way higher than I was quoted. I was also sold a bill of goods on the "ECF" Early Cancellation Fee Rebate program. Well, Dish does not specifically list your final bill including the ECF as your ECF, in turn Directv sticks it to ya!! I Absolutely deplore what these thieving people have done to me and my family after trying to give them a second chance. This afternoon will be time to see what they can do to correct this. This, after having talked with Customer_No_Service twice already without them delivering. Way to go morons!!

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    Mon May 02 2011

    Okay, so I am a young woman just starting out with getting a new place, etc. I was completely bamboozled by these thieves at Directv. I truly don't understand how they sleep at night with such a decieving career. Basically, when I signed up for my service--I was given 3 months free of all the movie channels. I specifically asked these morons if the "free" movie channels would have ANY effect on my bill. They assured me it wouldn't. They were completely free. 3 months is up, I call to cancel the channels to make sure I'm not charged some ridiculous amount for crap I don't even use. Fine, they removed them but somehow my bill magically appeared to be higher as SOON as the guy removed the "free" movie channels. I noticed and asked him how was it when I remove a "free" service, that there is an effect on my bill. The idiot is like "oh, I'm not sure...let me check" and puts me hold for like 10 minutes. He comes back with some croc saying there was an extra discount located in movie channel ... Read more

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    Fri Apr 08 2011

    I had been a customer of COX Communications for many years. For the past several years I have been interested in switching to DIRECTV primarily for the option of getting NFL Sunday Ticket. The one thing that primarily kept me from switching was my being content with COX, especially in regards to their customer service which is very good. In the past I had worked for Southwestern Bell which eventually became SBC and then AT&T. I had a lot of pride in our customer service until it declined with the acquisition of AT&T. So, the fact that COX was still so good at it in such a competitive market held value with me. But, I recently went into my local Sam's Club where I was greeted by a person marketing DIRECTV. I let them run the numbers and the cost seemed pretty inticing. Plus, I could finally get NFL Sunday Ticket! (Well, that is if the NFL ends up a go this year.) One sticking point was when I questioned the rep about my cancellation options. He assured me I wasn't going to be locked i... Read more

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    Thu Apr 07 2011

    BBB rated rated Directv an "F", citing: "We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations....the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices. Enough said.

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    Wed Apr 06 2011

    I would give them zero stars if I could. In March of last year, I bundled my phone/internet/satelite services because it would save me money. It has not save me money or time. I've spent time trying to decipher my bill and calling customer service. I called last May wondering why my bills were separate to find they were never bundled. Odd considering all I spoke about was bundling and was transferred to DirecTV from Verizon. Then in Nov. and Dec. I would lose reception on and off even in good weather. I called customer service and was told that since I "bought" the receiver, I was responsible for making sure it was clear unless I wanted to pay $5.59 for a protection plan. Why would you place a receiver on my roof and then expect me to service it? Today, I called customer service again and have been hung up on twice wehn I had a question about my bill. I am counting down the days until March 26, 2012 when my two year contract expires!!!!

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    Sat Apr 02 2011

    I have been a customer with Direct T.V. since early 2009. I recently moved and called to change my service address and have a new dish installed. When I called they offered a supposedly 'FREE' upgrade to DVR services, as well as 'FREE' HBO for three months. When I went to review my bill this month, however, I was charged not only for the HBO but Cinemax as well, which I do not even have in service! So where my bill should only be $65.99, it is now a whopping $119.09! When I called Direct T.V.'s service line, I was told that this is normal, but my account would be credited back those fees after three months. WHAT?? How can you offer a free offer and then charge a person for it? I am being royally screwed over. I would highly suggest running as far away from Direct T.V. as possible. I have been a loyal customer. I never pay late, I don't complain and take excellent care of the dish and box I have to 'rent' for a total of $19 a month. Ever seen that commercial where there is a man v... Read more

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    Fri Apr 01 2011

    This is my first year of service from this company and it proves why I never wanted to get cable of any kind.The lack of service,the lies,and I do agree with some of the post that have been posted about this company.Other people want dish network to succeed not that I would take up for this company I just know that is part of these problems along with the customer service skills of people that have had the service.Which means their past customers rubbed off their non ability to have correct service skills. It's as if those people are allowed to run their company and I would not want any person I knew or know to have to deal with service skills like that... Some of the things explained by others is part of the problem and what has been happening with me not only that they have never given the discount from becoming a customer the way they advertise. It just goes to show a person that they don't think a person will cancel service with them all together for whatever reasons they think.

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    Mon Mar 28 2011

    on 8/19/2010 i contacted Directv for changing my service and sign for the NFL package. Rep. named Rosa ID# 2142402 explained different packages they had and it's pricing. i was interested in choice xtra with NFL which was free for first year, if signed a two year contract. she also told me i could try the premier channels for five month and if i didn't like it i could cancel the premier channels for no charge at end of that period. I specifically asked what my charges would be after five month if i switch to the plan i was interested from beginning, and she replied 34.99 with no cancellation or any other fees. I switched in Jan. 18, 2011 and after couple of statements i noticed they are charging 64.99. i called them and they said that the rep. made a mistake but, there is nothing they could do at their level so i have to write to their costumer service dept. Since, the conversation was recorded, i wrote to them and explained the issue and asked them to listen to the phone recording on... Read more

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    Tue Mar 22 2011

    STAY AWAY. They will add packages to your account without letting you know and charge you. The salesman will make broken promisies. He promised me no charge for all receivers, didn't happen. Get all verbal deals in writing first! TRust me! Picture quality is OK and minimal outages. Statements are extremely difficult to understand and they will up your rates during the contract. Stay Away!!!

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    Thu Mar 17 2011

    I will never ever recommend direct t.v for anybody in this world even if it free. They have the worse customer service among the t.v providers and you do not want to experience it just as i have.They have dishonest,rude, insensitive associates.I do not know which word to use to describe them.They font liners who are not knowledgeable and you happen to interact with four people on one issue,all the four people will give a conflicting answers.

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    Tue Mar 15 2011

    In the 2 and a half months of service I have received so far, I have had more interruptions, equipment failure, and poor customer service with DirectTV/Qwest then I have had with ANY other business my entire life. Switching from Comcast is the biggest mistake I have made so far for my utilities. I thought that I would give something new a try and they seem to offer a good deal. It has turned out to be a nightmare for me and my family. I STRONGLY discourage anyone from spending their hard earned money with DirectTV OR Qwest services.

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    Sun Mar 13 2011

    $11.80 and you are willing to lose a customer of almost 3 years We pay over $90.00 a month for crap shows and lousy customer service. I am happy to watch the ratings on all the sites that rate Directv fall because I will be hitting them all with a one star rating or less if possible. I think My big mouth in most of the social networking sites might be another hit for you.The notso supervisor said she could give me showtime for free for the month that its a $12.00 value but couldnt refund what we paid for and didnt recieve. I also asked for a service tech to come look at our cabling outside but the notso supervisor told me we would be charged for it. I feel we pay alot for many many many channels of things we never watch.I hope the stockholders see this and see what they are investing their money into. I will make it a point that they see this. Customer service cant service my needs even in the $12.00 range. Do they realize they work for me as the customer?? The notso supervisor had to... Read more

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    Wed Mar 09 2011

    I, too, would rate this zero stars if option existed. I like DirecTV's channel guide layout and guide options. It is very easy for my eyes to scan through, unlike some other's like Time Warner Cable and DishNetwork. We currently have Time Warner Cable (we don't like much, but...) because DirecTV discriminates on who can have their service. That is the biggest reason we are appauled by them, but have other complaints as well! I'll explain... My wife and I are used to watching TV through DirecTV and like their on screen channel guide layout as well as pricing. The DirecTV account wasn't ours. It was the owner's of where we temporarily lived for about 6 months or so. We now have our own apartment in the other end of town and wanted to order DirecTV. We were so excited to be getting DirecTV service that we liked so much in the past. We had to wait a week the scheduled service to be installed. We received a letter in the mail stating thanks for being our new customer and when the installa... Read more

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    Mon Mar 07 2011


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    Thu Mar 03 2011

    If I could give less than One star, I would! Last March, after being a DirectV customer for years, I placed an online order for an additional receiver for my home - a DVR receiver. The DVR came in the mail, and I scheduled the installation, and there have been no problems since. However, I just called to disconnect service because I am moving, and there is already a satellite service provider where I am going. I could NOT believe it when I was told that I was going to pay a $240 EARLY TERMINATION FEE for the DVR! WHAT??? Yes, apparently buried somewhere in the legalese, it states that when you order a DVR, you are signing a TWO YEAR SERVICE agreement! For a receiver! For use with service that is not even under contract! I am appalled at DirectVs' underhanded business practices. If I had know then that I was signing a service agreement for TWO YEARS for a receiver I would NEVER have ordered it. Direct TV will never get my business again, and I will be telling everyone I kno... Read more

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    Tue Mar 01 2011

    Customer service is terrible. The service is fine until you have an issue with billing, reception, movie ordering, etc. Their customer service reps are not concerned with fixing your issue. Do not recommend their services!!! Stay away.

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    Thu Feb 17 2011

    Watch out! Directv does not like a customer to dump them. We had it with poor reception, pour customer service and fees that kept going up and up. While they advertize low fees for new comers, they offer nothing for a customer of 10 years-- until you tell them you've swtched. I was tired of paying for someone else's cheaper service. Then, they continue to harass by sending bills AFTER you've cancelled!

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    Tue Feb 15 2011

    hi, im thirteen and do not know alot about this stuff but when i went to turn the tv nothing showed up so my mom called them and they said all we could get was the sports channels, even though we pay for all the channels. so my dad, who isnt very patient, told them he wanted to cancel and guess what???? THEY HUNG UP ON HIM!!!!! TWICE!!!! now even as i child i still think that this is sooooooo......STUPID!!!! and they make my parents mad which i dont like, so finally my dad called again and asked why they hung up, they said that there had been a problem with the connection! im pretty sure that when that happens it doesnt make a sighing noise and then the noise of the reciever clicking into the holder!!!!!!!!!!!!! never BY FROM THEM!!!!!! there really stupid!!!!THAT JUST MAKES ME SO MAD!!!!! THEY HUNG UP ON US! not very good customer service!!!!!!!!

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    Wed Feb 09 2011

    Lost the signal for roughly 25 stations over a week ago. Customer service tells me it's because of snow/ice on my dish and that it's my problem. The channels I can't get are most of which I watch regularly. The won't help restore signal to my TV but are happy to keep charging me for the service. I'm leaving ASAP after being with them for over 10 years. Apparently, their responsibility ends wth getting signal to my dish, not my TV.

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    Mon Feb 07 2011

    Most definitly the worst company I have ever dealt with. I had directv for 10months we signed a 2yr contract, my husband starting working for Charter(a cable company) and we were able to get 50% off services so I cancelled directv, 2days later they took 598 from my bank account without my knowledge 209 for cancelltion fees the rest was equiment! I called to find out why they said because I didn't return my boxes IT HAD ONLY BEEN 2 DAYS i hadn't even recieved the boxes they send u to mail it in! They told me my money would be put back in my account in 48hrs, 72 hrs later NOTHING so i called again just to find out i was MISINFORMED! it takes 30days for it to be put back in the account! I mean this is $600 THATS ALOT OF MONEY! So I ending up paying my disconnect charges of 298 (i was told by 3 people that it would only be $209) I paid my last $60 in january and come to find out they took another $60 out of my bank account yesterday, when i called to find out why, they told me they didn't... Read more

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    Sat Feb 05 2011

    Their "Customer Promise" is BUNK!! Among oldest customers. Forced to pay extra for govt-mandated HD (includes 3D). Own popular 3D Ready SAMSUNG TV which is not included on their 3D compatible TV models ... ergo denied 3D access until such time they choose to add ours to the list. Offer not ETA if ever they'll do it. Attitude is "that's just the way things are ... live with it."

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    At 1 year I upgraded to DVR's and since have had nothing but issues. replaced the hardware 4 times, had a service call and each attempt made it worse. During the service call they told me that I had to move my dish or they would no longer service it despite the $5.99 a month and the fact that they installed it originally. I have cement fiber siding so moving it would cause significant damage to the siding. Per my suggestion, they adjusted the angle to get the signal numbers they require and did not move it. I tried calling today to cancel only to find that upgrading the receivers automatically renews your contract for 2 years with no cooling off period. If you decide to cancel it is $20 a month for all remaining months. So I called again to get service and they told me that despite the history and despite the fact that I have been dealing with this for 2 months now, They will not dispatch service due to the storm. So how do I get the service I am stuck paying for??? Stay away!!!

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    Mon Jan 31 2011

    DirecTV is pathetic with horrible customer service. I had been a Comcast customer for a few years and was having a hard time paying the bill each month. It had doubled after the first year and my introductory price was over. That was okay but when I couldn't get them to lower the price at all, I decided to listen to a DirectTV rep that came door to door in my apartment complex. He told me that I would be able to have more channels than I did with Comcast for less. All I would have to pay upfront was a $25 fee with my credit card since he couldn't take cash or checks. He said that I could have an HD DVR in the living and be able to access the recorded shows from any TV in the house that I was having a regular cable box installed in. I was having the HD DVR put in my living and three other receivers in the three bedrooms. One of the main selling points was the price would be much lower than Comcast and I would be able to access all recorded shows from any room. The work order he... Read more

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    Sat Jan 29 2011

    I recently decided to switch from Dishnetwork to Directv as to be qualified for new promotional deals from current Dish provider. So checked promotions on line and I called Directv. Sales person on the phone promised the best deal in universe, their premiere package-285 channels , free premium movie channels for first 3 month, ability to watch all of my recorded programs on all 3 TVs in the house. It was discussed that I am going to receive 3 HD receivers. When I asked how much I’m going to pay each month during the contract I was told $50 a month for first 3 months and then $100 for next 21 months, with a promise of an email explaining everything in detail. Email showed full price for package with no discount, so called back and asked for explanation… Oh yes, they told me that I have to apply for rebates online to get the deal, so I did and once again requested an email with the confirmation of the price promised. On my numerous calls neither the person on the phone nor the sa... Read more

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    Fri Jan 28 2011

    0 stars!!!!! Direct TV was promoting from Sams Club and had a great deal they were offering. I decided to sign up. the first clue as to what was to come was the salesman. He did not explain things clearly and the contract showed the full price and did not list the deal I was being offered. I was assured that I would get the discounts as soon as I signed up and went to the website to "cash in" on the rebates. We then had to call direct tv from the salesmans cell phone. The person on the phone was very rude and hung up on me. The salesman called again and after being on hold for 10 minutes someone picked up. After the credit check I was told I qualified for even more discounts which was good news. It did make it even more confusing to how much I was actually going to pay every month. Neither the person on the phone or the salesman could give me consistent figures. I wrote everything down on the contract and had the salesman sign it. I had to wait one week for installation. I explai... Read more

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    Mon Jan 17 2011

    I recently bought an HDTV and wanted to upgrade my current standard DVR Directv box to the HD-DVR box (to receive HD channels obviously). Directv wants to charge me $258 up-front fee to upgrade to HD-DVR service, this includes $199 for the actual HD-DVR box and $50 for installation (it also automatically subscribes you to a 12-month contract with Directv). The $199 is a LEASING fee only and there is NO OPTION for paying monthly. I just spent $1K on an HDTV and now they want me to drop another $260 for HD box, plus an extra $15/mo for service. I called 4 separate times (hoping to speak to someone competent) to negotiate some kind of monthly payment deal and it was nasty robotic people with attitudes everytime who basically said they cannot help me. HORRIBLE customer service. Did not help me at all. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for 20 minutes.. only to have the phone cut-out. They don't know how to run a business. I wish I still had brighthouse who gave me a FREE ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 12 2011

    RUN DON'T WALK TO A DIFFERENT PROVIDOR These people are scam artists. I wish I would have looked here before I signed up. It took them weeks to get the TV working then it took them months to get the billing correct. They are RUDE to boot. I ended up getting married in the middle of my contract. My new husband lives in an apartment complex that doesn't allow Direct TV so I had to cancel. They told me that it will be a $240 dollar fine to break the contract. They have absolutely no customer service. The guy actually suggested that I have a family member take on the service so I wouldn’t have to pay the fine. How thoughtful to inconvenience the people I love. I told him that was ridiculous and he started yelling profanities at me. I finally just hung up the phone and figured they will disconnect the service eventually themselves for nonpayment. I was right, they did disconnect the services but they also charged my credit card for the 240 and then some. They tried to ... Read more

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    Fri Jan 07 2011

    As a Dish Employee I believe we are a great company. I was always unsure whether or not to go to satellite T.V. Once I started with Dish they asked me to try the service and see if I like it. I love it! Prices are amazing for all customers! We have HD free for life for all customers not just new like Direct. We treat everyone equal as customer. I'd keep Dish even if I didn't work for them. Wish I come sooner. With Direct I always had receiver problems, satellite uses, and the customer service was the worst never again!!!

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    Sat Dec 25 2010

    We signed up for DirecTV in 1998. They had roughly 2 million customers and were a good company then. No contracts that I remember, $29.99 for the good package. We paid $380 for a receiver and dish, and did our own install. Over the years I’ve seen them deteriorate in every way. The equipment is complicated, customer service is terrible, and the cost has gone up to $90. Plus I can’t even sneeze next to the thing without them extending my contract. I added an old receiver in a spare room. It was one that I had stored in my basement, and figured I’d put it in my kid’s room. BIG HUGE MISTAKE I later found out!! I hooked up an over-the-air antenna and quickly realized I could get 95% of what I watch (local television), for free, and in HD. So I bought a DVR and canceled DirecTV. Figured it would be OK, since my last new receiver was over 2 years old. Well, they charged me $420 early termination on the 2nd receiver. Then immediately charged my credit card. Unknown to me, my contract was ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    While the satellite signal itself is decent, DirecTV's boastful promise of 500+ channels of TV is disingenuous at best and outrageously misrepresentative at worst. In fairness, DirecTV does has a good DVR system and a very good iPhone application that allows you to record individual shows or series remotely. This last remote feature is one of the best things DirecTV does to make off-site show recording easy. That is the good news. But, anyone who has surfed through the various channels knows very well that the majority of them are either self-promotional "information" channels (50 ways to sell The Shark steam cleaner, Jewelery channels, home gyms, bad hair devices, turkey roasters, acne treatments 24/7, the list of inane, useless, informercial channels is ludicrous and the way they are all stuck in the early portion of the channel rotation is indicative of how totally out to lunch the programming "wizards" at DirecTV must be. I have never seen such an irrelevant, bad and just plain ... Read more

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    I'm back... so, apparently they never refunded me the $5 late fee (my bill was late because even though I successfully enrolled in Auto Bill Pay from day one of signing up, they have successfully screwed that up every month by not taking the bill out of my account)... Now they claim they can't refund late fees. This is bullshit. It's late because of Directv (and they admit that), yet they claim they can't refund me the $5. By the way, $5 might not seem like a lot, but paying it every month because of a mistake they make AND having to call them monthly and waste my valuable time is, in my opinion, 'a lot.' They should be giving me FREE months of Directv service since I have to call/stress EVERY month because they screw up my auto bill pay. I spend anywhere from 30-40 minutes on the phone with them because they aren't smart enough to keep up with what I'm saying. UGH. DIRECTV HAS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND OVERALL, THEY SUCK. If you are considering Dish or Directv, definitely go with ... Read more

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    Well I am writing to you today to suggest to those who are Directv customers to consider changing their service. I have recently had a bad experience with them. The long and the short of it I changed vendors and I attempted to cancel my service and was not able to due to technical difficulties on their end. well I was bill an exessive amount and it was taken out of my bank account. Of cource they gave their reasons why they could bill for said services that we did not use and so forth under their contract. and they agin would not budge on even a particial refund. The ugly part of it is I was a loyal customer for over ten years and when I was looking to change the smart business plan for them was for them to give some perks/freebies. But I got the attutude that their CSR's and the superviser I spoke with was they could care less. So it was then when I decided to switch. There were other vendors that I contacted and they offered free upgrades and with a contract for two years ... Read more

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    Mon Dec 06 2010

    DIRECTV is all solicitous until they have you as a signed customer, then their follow up and customer service is lousy. Their HD is slow and can take up to 15 seconds or more to switch channels. Every time it snows or there is a thunderstorm, the picture becomes pixilated and you have no reception. When you call about this, they tell you that it is due to recent software upgrades and their only solution is to blitz your HD drive, so it is no longer HD. Nice, since that was the primary reason for the subscription, a new HD TV. I decided to terminate service and they slapped me with an $80.00 termination fee and sent me a bill, demaning immediate payment. They sent two bills in immediate succession and as it turns out, they were over paid. They are refunding the difference, but they are taking up to 6-8 weeks to return it via check. My advice is to run away from DIRECTV as fast as your two feet can carry you, unless you like being sucked dry by a vampire.

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    Sat Dec 04 2010

    I have had direct tv for about four years and their customer service and products have went downhill in the past year. In the last year we have had two new receivers, the satellite goes out during the smallest wind or rain shower. We schedule to have a tech come out to add an additional receiver, no one showed up or called to say they were late during the 8 to 12 window that we had scheduled and a email confirmation. My husband called direct tv to find out why no one showed up and was told that someone called them from our home number and cancelled the appointment and rescheduled for tomorrow, which no one did. They wouldn't give him a reason as to why they decided to cancel on us. What ever happened to customer service???? So we are switching, not satisfied at all!!!!

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    Tue Nov 16 2010

    have only had it for 7 months. properly worked maybe 4 of the 7 months. Also had a bad box within this time. the service rep said it was becausde it was sitting on a skid proof cloth. HOGWASH. i removed it and from time to time it still goes out in one particular room. I do not recommend DirectTV. when my 2 years are up it's bye-bye and hello again to COMCAST. When it rains, out goes direct tv. goodness forbids if it storms, it might be out 1-2 days. when I turn the box off I have to most times literally turn the tv off separately. it takes about 15 seconds when you change the channels for the pix to show. do not change channels while a sports event is in play or you will miss it. have to see the rerun. the bills are stable, but I do not like the service and would tell everyone to not get it.

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