Dire Straits

Formed in 1977, Dire Straits includes lead singer and guitarist Mark Knopfler, keyboardist Alan Clark ...

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    Wed Sep 28 2011

    Its a shame they broke up in 1995. Their records sales had slumped since 1985. i do say dire straits do belong in the rock hall but they should be inducted 25 years after brothers in arms anaversery (2010)

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    Sun Aug 21 2011

    Best music of the era. problem as I saw it was that most of the songs were too long for radio play (e.g., Private Investigations and Tunnel of Love). Mark Knopfler is a premier guitarist and lyricist. Long overdue to be in the Hall

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    Sun Feb 27 2011

    They produced a rather unique sound even though – arguably - it was one that hearkened back to a variety of older styles more than it blazed trails into a new territory. The group had several solid hits including Sultans of Swing, Romeo & Juliet, Money for Nothing and Tunnel of Love. Talented and memorable…I still enjoy listening to them occasionally to this day. Maybe they don’t belong in the so-called Hall of Fame but, I'm still giving them a top rating. Even though, IMO, they might actually be too good for that bogus side show.

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    Fri Dec 17 2010

    My greatest fear? Justin freaking Bieber, will be in there long before the group, that gave us Sultans Of Swing, Your Latest Trick, Money For Nothing, and Brothers In Arms. I hope that doesn't end up, being the case.

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    Fri Dec 17 2010

    Mark Knopfler is one of the greatest rock guitarists ever. This band has sold over 100 million albums. The idiots who think that they are not deserving probably listen to Britney Spears or some other lame-ass shit.

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    Fri Oct 01 2010

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has changed alot, and why they call it R and R is beyond me now. As most argue what is rock and roll. But this band certainly should not be in there...awful...

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    They were a no-frills band that worked. Mark Knopfler was the driving force behind them and the only member who stayed in the band for the entire duration. His guitar sound added a little bit of blues, jazz and country and his lyrics were Dylanesque with a touch of English satire. Unlike the famous song, Mark would tell you the road to success was anything but "money for nothing and your chicks for free."

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    Wed Jun 30 2010

    I think dire straits should be in the hall for sure they were one of the biggest and well known bands back in the years, i just dont understand why they arnt in the list already if i se som bands/people who are in it its just a shame dire straits isnt in it they make amazing music but the people now a days just forgets them cause they arnt together anymore and mark has is own solo carreer (hes still amazing btw :) been there a while ago) he still has the dire straits talent and i'd say dire straits deserves a place in the hall to respect them as they need to be respected.

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    Sun May 02 2010

    Mark Knopfler playing that old worn out steel guitar on stage and plucking out some riffs that will make your mind explode. These guys should have been in long ago. What I really liked about Dire Straights was the simple basic rhythm and blues music they made. Ironically, it came at a time when puck rock was angrily decimating the artistic value of a true rock and roll band was about. In my opinion, playing music with meaning and a message you can understand.

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    Fri Nov 13 2009

    They didn't impress me, but they have enough fans to qualify.

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    They were good, but not R & R enough for me.

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    Thu Apr 23 2009

    One of the most well respected guitar players in rock history. While they didn't have too many hits, the hits they did have still get constant rotation and they were consistent. Not the first band to go in that needs to, but should be in someday!

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    Fri Mar 27 2009

    it's a disgrace that they arent already in without them the list means nothing

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    Sun Mar 22 2009

    at some point

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    Mon Oct 27 2008

    Man, I'd like to have one of those neon headbands. One of my favorite episodes of 'Growing Pains' had Mike throwing a party when his parents weren't home, and 'Money for Nothin' was playing in the background.

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    Sun May 04 2008

    The first rock music I ever heard, and I still love them.

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    great stuff early on but could never put out an absolute 5 star album. There would always be two or three or more tracks worth skipping. However i feel that when it came down to sheer brilliant guitar playing, knopffler was unparalleled. He wasn't about the noise and the speed so much as about feel and texture. Like Carlos Santana, he understood the significance of every note. I once read someone say about his guitar playing that Knopffler always found "the note that wasn't there". So true. Sorry Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Hendrix, SRV,Clapton, van Halen etc fans out there. As a lead guitarist, this guy was the best.

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    Wed Jan 30 2008

    Awesome band. Why aren't they in already?

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    Mon Jan 07 2008

    This one is a bit of a poser.  They made a string of great records which sold by the boatload and never sold out to the pop trend of the day (well, maybe Money for Nothing was a bit of a stab at New Wave, albeit a parody), but I don't know that they changed the course of Rock and Roll or even set any sort of standard that others followed. For quality and professionalism, I'd give them a 4, for influence and innovation, I'd give them a 3.

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    Fri Sep 07 2007

    Re: dire straits, I've often wondered why you never hear the full version of 'money for nothing' on the radio anymore, with the "controversial" lyrics.

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    Sat Aug 11 2007

    Oh yes! Best band EVER!!!

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    Wed Aug 08 2007

    great band, but others deserve it more (DEEP PURPLE)

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    Thu Jun 07 2007

    Pros: Released some very popular songs and albums Cons: As if you've listened to Brothers In Arms or anything else by them in the last five years! Once again, popularity means nothing in hindsight when your band is hardly respectable or influential.

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    Fri Apr 20 2007

    Mark Knopfler's unique finger-picking style alone should get these guys in...A great band to see live when they were in their prime...and many memorable songs!

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    Sat Mar 31 2007

    Yes indeedy!

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    Tue Mar 27 2007

    pretty solid string of LPs but after others IMO

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    Tue Mar 13 2007

    Although some find them dull or irritating, there can be no denying the talent of the Dire Straits. Their soft, soothing music, are a relief from some of the harsher sounds of bands like Metallica. They should certainly [eventually] get in the Hall of Fame.

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    Wed Feb 14 2007

    One of the best rock bands ever, and one of the most underrated. Knopfler is one of the most incredible guitar players of the rock era.

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    Wed Feb 14 2007

    It is odd that they have not already got in. I do think that It's fair to say that, apart from Knopfler's skill at social commentary, which certainly was very good, there was not that much of significance about them apart from the money they made. I'm probably being a little ungenerous with my rating.

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    Wed Jan 24 2007

    Shame on the Rock And Roll Hall of Shame.

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    Tue Jan 23 2007

    Up to and including Making Movies they were a half decent band with an original guitar stylist who was a refreshing change from both the army of cliched fretw@nkers on the sh*te 70s-80s metal/hard rock scene and the p*sspoor 3 chord merchants to be found in 2nd and 3rd division generic punk bands. They began to lose the plot with the proggy Love over Gold and then came the hugely overrated Brothers in Arms which contains among two of the most irritating rock songs ever -Money for Nothing and Walk of Life. Still, there are millions worse.

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    Tue Jan 16 2007

    Songs like Sultan of Swing, Money for Nothing, Walk, those were huge songs, 'sultan of swing' has to be one of the most classiest solo ever. Voters for Rock and Roll HOF what were you guys thinking? Did you have a Keg of Captain Morgan before going to the ballots? These are top quality music, one of the best band ever playing live, no mistakes, superb performances, not many rock bands can play as good live.

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    Thu Nov 16 2006

    I say yes. Knopfler is one brilliant guitarist. Their sound has a polished flair of fused rock and country created through riffs of genius and complimenting back beats. No other sound like theirs and they deserve an award based on their pure uniqueness and refreshing change from the ordinary.

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    Tue Sep 19 2006

    I'm unimpressed.

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    Sat Sep 16 2006

    I was not a huge fan,but I think they are excellent musicians and original enough to merit induction.

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    Sat Sep 16 2006

    Very tough call on these guys. Knopfler's work alone deserves consideration. I just don't think so.

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    Fri Jul 07 2006

    I would put Dire Straits above Carol King or Deep Purple.

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    Wed Apr 26 2006

    Just a damn good, tasty band - love the song "Heavy Fuel".

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    Sun Apr 02 2006

    One of the more under appreciated groups. The guitar work is on par with the best. Mark Knopfler's movie scores are very good.

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    Tue Mar 14 2006

    No doubt Mark Knopfler is one of if not the greatest guitar players of all time. Tremendous band- all talented with many great songs. Definitely deserve to be inducted into RRHF.

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    Wed Jan 18 2006

    average band with only one campy hit

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    Thu Dec 22 2005

    A lot of people like them, but I find them to be boring and generic.

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    Wed Dec 21 2005


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    Tue Dec 06 2005

    Paved their own, very successful, road though the music scene. Isn't that what the RRHF stives to honor?

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    Sat Dec 03 2005

    More deserving than many of the asinine choices floating around here... A highly respected guitarist, a classic album... But there's lots of better candidates out there...

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    Sat Dec 03 2005

    Anyone who's seen Mark Knopfler play live will agree with me on this one. They desrve to be in the RRHOFas much as anyone.

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    Tue Nov 29 2005

    so far away from the hall

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    Sun Nov 27 2005


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    Thu Nov 17 2005

    Dire Straits Deserve To Be The Hall Because Of The Music, I Loved Money For Nothing & Sultans Of Swing. I Like Mark Knopfler Because He A Good Guitarist. They Should Be In The Hall Because They One Of The 80's Rock Groups Of All Time.

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    Wed Oct 26 2005

    Why haven't they even been nominated yet? Mind boggling.