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    Thu Feb 15 2007

    Presumably, Scott Adams got his idea of "Dilbert" from actual real-life experiences working for various jobs around the Pacific Northwest including for companies such as Pac Bell. I like the sardonic, sarcastic humor of Dilbert for a variety of reasons. It kind of tailors my personality and also most every place that I've ever been employed at my entire life has been a complete joke: amazingly-stupid and incompetent employers and employees (where I've been the ONLY exception), where I'm promised a lot of things (hours, benefits) when I'm initially hired, never receive them, and ultimately am fired for reasons I don't deserved to be. This predictable monotony has beset me almost my entire futile life of low-wage unskilled unemployment and I'm grateful to say that it NO LONGER DOES -ONLY BECAUSE I HAVEN'T SOUGHT EMPLOYMENT IN SEVERAL YEARS BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT THE END RESULT WILL BE (even though it means that I'm CURRENTLY thousands of dollars in debt, and haven't had a source of inc... Read more

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    Thu Feb 15 2007

    What is so amazing about Dilbert is that the most preposterous situations are the ones that ring the truest. Brilliant strip. I never miss it. Update: By the way, you know you're in trouble when all the people who work for you have Dilbert strips up in their cubes. I'm still trying to get the pointy hair right.

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    Thu Feb 15 2007

    Great kinky characters and something always happening in a twisted way. Please check out my Dilbert characters rating list.

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    Sun Jan 29 2006

    At least it tries to stay funny and fresh, which very few strips appear to be able to do.

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    Sat Jan 14 2006

    Still worth a look every day, though some of the novelty has worn off. At least Scott Adams tries to introduce new characters on a regular basis.

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    Mon Oct 17 2005

    Yeah, business is like that.

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    Tue Sep 27 2005

    Under-rated, though don't get some of the punchlines sometimes.

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    Fri May 13 2005

    A little past its peak (97-00) but still very funny. I read it every day and laugh at about four out of five strips.

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    Sat Nov 13 2004

    Funny just because how sarcastic and cynical it can be at times...

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    Mon Oct 18 2004

    Garbage...Unfunny,horrible artwork...Adams is a slimy corporate mole who makes cubicle slaves smirk about their wretched work environments and reptilian overseers...Workers of the world unite-you have nothing to lose but this horrible excuse for a strip.

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    Fri Aug 13 2004

    For anyone who has worked in the office or staff environment, Dilbert is so right on target that if it were an arrow, it would split another arrow that is planted in the exact center of a bullseye. Incredibly hilarious (one of the few comic strips these days that is). My favorite character is the Pointy-Haired Boss. People like him really do exist and are really that incompetent. In a life imitates art irony, there was a Dilbert strip where the CEO wanted to give Dilbert a raise; but his boss thwarted it by insisting that he didn't have a worker named Dilbert (in my instance, I got a lower than expected review because my boss did not understand how the review rating system operated, thus I lost a promotion). Wally cracks me up too; he defies logic by staying employed without ever actually done little more than hold a coffee cup and having long meetings with himself and a newspaper in the company bathroom. I also like Alice. In Wayne's World, Wayne and Garth expressed their fondn... Read more

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    Tue Jun 22 2004

    Only so many ways to tell the same joke and Adams ran out of them a good while back.

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    Tue Jun 15 2004

    Pretty good, though it went through a weak patch a whiles back. Hilarious when he's on form. Funny that Dilbert not having a mouth doesn't detract from the strip - it's a pretty odd omission after all. A great satire on corporate life, and one I look forward to.

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    Sun May 02 2004

    Scott Adams lives near the Silicon Valley and I see many people in the Bay Area reading it. You could not find a better strip that shows somewhat pissed off workers under a stubborn boss.

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    Mon Mar 29 2004

    The satire of the office is often well done. Not one everyone would enjoy. But usually very funny.

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    Fri Mar 19 2004

    can be funny. it seems to hit the work force right on nail sometimes. not my favorite, but read it sometimes.

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    Tue Jan 13 2004

    Classic, particularly the pointy haired boss: Dilbert, my computers getting warm, I think the firewall is acting up.

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    Mon Jun 16 2003

    Here's a classic example of great writing carrying poor art! Erg!

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    Sat May 31 2003

    Still has a lot of oomph, even though the creator steals his ideas from his email correspondents

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    Sun Mar 16 2003

    I still read it every day, but seems to be the same jokes over and over.

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    Wed Mar 12 2003

    I used to relish this comic, but it doesn't provide as much variety as it once did, so I'm tired of it. All work all the time, no vacations, and you hardly even see the animal characters anymore aside from Catbert. Never big on the artistic style, and I *really* wish Adams wouldn't restrict himself to three congruent frames on weekdays and eight on Sundays: he frequently has trouble filling it well.

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    Sat Mar 01 2003

    this is a business comic strip where business people can relate to this and it's NOT funny to me it NEVER even was in the first place. why did they ever make a cartoon of this NOT SO FUNNY CARTOON? it's horrible and boring too even it is so true and it relates to life I don't like it and it's just NOT COOL AT ALL!!! did i mention BORING TOO!!! it's like drew carey but worst it's in cartoon and a waste of space.

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    Fri Feb 28 2003

    how the mighty have fallen.....

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    Mon Feb 24 2003

    Wonderfully bizzare send-up of the corporate world. The characters are great. Everyone from Wally to Alice to Dilbert, Dogbert and all the other "-berts". I have met many pointy haired bosses in my life, and I'm glad "Dilbert" provides them with a fine mirror to look into.

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    Tue Feb 18 2003

    A daily must-read for anyone in the corporate jungle. It's eerie how spot-on some of these strips are.

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    Sun Feb 02 2003

    Not as funny as Far Side, but still pretty funny. Wally's the best, and Catbert is the second best. It views on how horrible working with computers must be.

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    Fri Jan 24 2003

    I think it's funny that most of the characters in Dilbert are mean. I don't feel bad about this cartoon's commentary on the coldness of corporate life. I think what makes it so funny is it's a parody. It shouldn't be taken seriously. Of course, there are some people that are just as mean as the Dilbert characters, but that's their problem. Dilbert pokes fun at jerks like that, that's why it's so funny!

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    Thu Jan 16 2003

    As others have noted, basically the comic equivalent of Drew Carey and Office Space. I work in a cubicle now, and it's a tragically accurate portrayal of office life at some companies.

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    Fri Dec 13 2002

    Very funny cubicle humor.

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    Tue Nov 19 2002

    Its the only cartoon i read. Because its funny and clever too, not aimed at a moron level like all the other cartoon strips.

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    Fri Nov 08 2002

    One of the most hilarious comic strips to come around in recent years. This stirp takes the dull, boring business world, exposes it's stupidity (maybe too much), and makes it entertaining and hilarious. The TV show was great too (while it lasted). It should have been on a different network other than UPN. That's a show they should bring back. Overall, I always have a good laugh every sunday morning thanks to Dilbert.

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    Tue Jun 18 2002

    Had its fifteen minutes of fame.

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    Mon Jun 17 2002

    The fact that this strip is so popular depresses me more than anything else. It reflects office culture of the '90s the way "Cathy" did in the '80s... because of that, I feel "Dilbert" only appeals to a certain sector of society... unlike really great comics such as Calvin and Hobbes or the Far Side, which draw humor from human nature.

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    Wed Apr 17 2002

    I work in an office environment, so a lot of the Dilbert humor makes sense to me.

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    Sun Oct 21 2001

    Dilbert is a great adition to the comic strip world. A seriously funny comic. every day is not a day unless dilbert is involved in it.

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    Tue Sep 18 2001

    Dilbert is fantastic. So many of the situations are from real life, it's almost a bittersweet type of humor. A master of sarcasm. Potentially one of the best of all time, as long as the dolls and calendars don't take away from the talents of Mr. Adams.

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    Wed Sep 12 2001

    I think I went from loving "Garfield" to loving "Dilbert." Dilbert has had some boring moments, but it's all really funny if you can get the jokes.

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    Sun Feb 11 2001

    Now who wants a job as an engineer?

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    Sat Jan 27 2001

    Used to love it, now I only like it. When it first started wasn't it set less in the workplace? Seems to be same jokes different day.

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    Tue Jan 16 2001

    Absolutely boring. I'm a C&H fan, so this one bores the heck out of me.

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    Sat Dec 30 2000

    I had JUST finished taping the strip about "Boomerang Bosses" on my case when a new supervisor walked up. When he left a week later, he took the strip with him.

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    Fri May 12 2000

    A pretty amusing take on life in the corporate world. Sometimes I don't quite get the joke though.

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    Mon May 08 2000

    I understand why everyone thinks that this strip is funny. But, for me, it made me far too depressed because everything hit so close to home in my old job.

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    Mon May 08 2000

    I'm still going to give Dilbert a #4 rating even though I intially clicked on the #3. Here's why...I once thought he was very funny, but he's gone on to long. Repeating the same joke in different forms. It's getting or I should say it's gotten old

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    Mon May 08 2000

    Is Drew Carey Dilbert?...the truth is funny, but not if you are living it...too many people spend their whole career in a cubicle.