Diet Mountain Dew

No-calorie Mountain Dew that was first introduced in 1986 Website

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    Wed Mar 02 2011

    Satisfactory for a diet soda, its the best DIET there is, yeah it is just watered down and reduced sugar, helpful hint though if all you have is diet for some god foresaken reason mix a can of it with sugar, it still aint the same but its better

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    Sat Aug 07 2010

    People that like diet sodas and don't drink regular soda most of the time may like Diet Mt. Dew. However, if you've drank regular Mt. Dew a lot, you will hate this stuff with a passion!!! It is the WORST tasting diet soda I have ever had. I don't like diet soda in general, but in order to try to save some calories, I tried switching to it and I couldn't even finish one bottle. It tasted NOTHING like regular Mt. Dew despite what the commercials say and the taste was just gross plus the aftertaste was disgusting. In fact, it tastes so UNLIKE regular Mt. Dew that I think Mt. Dew drinkers would have a very good case in court against the Pepsi Co. for false advertisement. I have never found a diet soda that tasted enough like the regular variety to even come close to "tricking" me. Even Coke Zero that was supposed to taste "just like" regular coke was horrid. The only diet soda I can even stand is Diet Dr. Pepper. I'd love to be able to drink diet soda so I could have soda more oft... Read more

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    Sat Mar 13 2010

    Bassically tastes like normal mountain dew only really watered down. Only had it once and never plan to buy it again. You could fill half a glass with dew and half water and it would probably be the same taste.

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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    Diet Mt. Dew is just watered down Mt. Dew. I really like it. Compared to other diet sodas it does not taste like artificial sweetener. Its a refreshing diet soda.

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    Sat Aug 16 2008

    The only diet soda that truly has a kick. I drink it like it's water I can't help it, it's so good. Regular Mountain Dew has way too much sugar, but this doesn't. Diet Mountain Dew rules; I love it, I could drink it all day long.

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    Tue Mar 04 2008

    i'm drinking this right now, overall very flavorable for a diet soda. way better than diet pepsi or whatever.

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    Thu Nov 15 2007

    The new formula is fantastic. No weird aftertaste. Not quite as sweet as regular dew, but for those watching the calories, there are none in the new, Diet Dew.

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    Sun Mar 12 2006

    I think that Diet Mountain Dew is one of the best diet sodas on the market. Most of the people that are knocking it are people that don't like diet soda anyways. I have to say the new "Tuned up Taste" Sux badly. It tastes like baby asprins. I'm trying to find a site that I can send feedback, because I'm going to have to stop drinking Diet Mountain Dew if they keep the new taste.

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    Mon Aug 23 2004

    I love montain dew, but the diet version sucks. I can't lay a finger on why it's so bad, but it's a horrible drink.

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    Wed Aug 18 2004

    How anyone buys this is what i ask

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    Sun Jun 27 2004

    wish i could give it 1/2 a star.. tastes and smells just like pine sol.

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    Wed Feb 11 2004


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    Tue Feb 18 2003

    It's best thing Pepsi did. Great taste, no sticky sugar taste leaving you wanting a glass of water.

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    Sun Oct 06 2002

    Diet Mountain Dew is terrible! Not half as good as the real thing, which I love! I haven't even tasted Diet Code Red yet, and I don't think I will!

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    Tue Apr 09 2002

    I see no point in drinking it. It has very little flavor compared to regular MD. I'd rather go for the real thing.

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    Mon May 28 2001

    The best diet soda of all time, bar none! Also the one that tastes closest to the original.

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    Fri Apr 06 2001

    The worst drink ever, ever made in the history of all drinks. It is the worst, worst, worst. No taste whatsoever, and has tons and tons of caffiene. It makes me sick to my stomach and smells horrible!