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Diet Coke

Sugar-free and low-calorie soft drink produced and distributed by the Coca-Cola Company Website

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    Mon Jul 24 2023

    So gross. It is worse than the original and is very unheaalthy

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    Fri Feb 18 2011

    Interesting little tidbit.. Regular Coke tastes like coffee to me. Not sure why, but I don't like coffee and thus, I don't like regular Coke. Also, it makes my mouth all sticky and syrupy and I do not like that feeling. Now, as a calorie counter, I enjoy pretty much any drink that has 0 calories on the label. Of course, you get your sodium intake for the day in about three or four glasses, but everything in moderation right? So, Diet Coke pretty much rocks! It has got the right amount of caffeine I like and I usually drink a can for my morning wake up. So, I'm pretty content with skipping the lines at Starbucks. My absolute favourite is a little bit of lemonade or a lemon wedge in Diet Coke. That is super yummy! Basically, Diet Coke is excellent!

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    Not bad, and only slightly better than Diet Pepsi.

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    Fri Feb 05 2010

    Yes .. YES!!! Mmmmm ... 'Nuff said!

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    Wed Sep 09 2009

    This is the only kind of "cola" that I will drink. I cannot STAND the taste of regular Coke and find that it tastes like a can of syrup...waayy too sweet! I drink this nearly every day. I do find that the caffinated Diet Coke tastes better than uncaffinated Diet Coke.

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    Sun Jun 21 2009

    I really like the flavor of Diet Coke. While I know the flavor is not close to regular Coke but I think its good. Some people think it taste like sweetener, but the newer options like Diet Coke with lime really give it a nice flavor. The Diet Coke with Lime is my favorite variety of Diet Coke. The lime adds just enough flavor but doesn't take away from the flavor.

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    Diet Coke is a highly carbonated cola drink. It has an unpleasant after taste. I do not find it very refreshing.

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    Sat Apr 18 2009

    Diet Coke at one point in time was going to be the death of me. I became addicted to it. It doesn't even taste that great. It was also very bad for my health. The aspartame in it can literally kill you. I feel a lot better since I stopped drinking it.

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    Wed Mar 19 2008

    Nectar of the GODS

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    Wed Dec 05 2007

    I find that Diet Coke tastes really great when you drink it along with a meal.  I crave Diet Coke when I'm eating something salty or sweet.  But on it's own, it tastes like a can of chemicals.  I prefer the taste of Diet Pepsi but I refuse to buy it because I hate PepsiCo's advertising.

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    Mon Nov 05 2007

    I love Diet Coke. I think it has just the right flavor and crispness. Its wonderful!

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    Sun Aug 05 2007

    I tried to like this stuff.  It taste terrible!!  not even close to the original.  It almost taste like a medicine.  I strongly recommend diet Pepsi, or diet Dr. Pepper, flavor wise.

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    Sat Apr 30 2005

    Same taste less calories

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    Fri Mar 25 2005

    Nasty stuff--even worse than the original. I like to be able to enjoy soda, not have to choke it down.

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    Sun Jan 16 2005

    Of course diet course doesn't taste great. I liken it to smoking. Nobody likes it at first, but you eventually get used to it. And after you drink it for a while, regular Coke seems to sweet. Has to be served ice cold. The real problem is that the mixture varies so much even in bottles and cans. If it is flat, it gets real disgusting. Has to be highly carbonated. McDonald's probably has the most consisent fountain diet coke, but it still varies. Overall, ranges from very refreshing to this tastes like I'm killing myself.

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    Tue Oct 19 2004

    My favourite soft drink. And I know all you die hard Coke fans will jump on me, but I actually prefer this to the gassy original.

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    Wed Aug 25 2004

    One thought came to mind the first time I tried this diet soda (which was today at lunch): iiieewwwwwwwww LOL.... I don't know about you, but if I'm drinking a soda (diet or original), I want it to at least taste a little bit like soda. This stuff tastes like a can of chemicals. It doesn't even have a slight taste of Coke. The can should read Diet Chemicals not Diet Coke. Leave this one on the shelf or in the machine. Get a Diet Dr. Pepper. At least that tastes something like its name on the can.

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    Mon Aug 23 2004

    I like sodas that aren't too sweet, but coke is not sweet at all! Also, because of the absence of the sugar, there is no real flavor. This proves that coke has to rely on sugar and fat to make a decent soda, unlike pepsi.

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    Wed Aug 18 2004

    I like Diet Coke i don't srink it much but I like the taste of it

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    Sat Jun 26 2004

    i love diet coke, i have more of this in my fridge than any other soda. the taste isn't anything incredible, but it's not bad for being 0 calories, fat, sugar, etc...and its definately a plus for the people in my family with diabetes

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    Fri Apr 02 2004

    A total scam. Tastes incredibly bland. If you want to lose weight, you should probably give up sodas entirely and not fall for this obvious health scam.

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    Fri Apr 02 2004

    Besides the fact that you're putting some very disgusting chemicals into your body when you drink Diet Coke, it also tastes very bad. Ironically enough, despite the fact that this stuff has 0 calories, it actually causes you to gain weight!

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    Thu Dec 04 2003

    While I think it is great that diabetics, and people that are trying to watch their weight have the choice of a soft drink with no sugar, this diet soft drink is just bitter ! I will agree that it is crisp, but not in a good way. There are very few diet colas that are worth drinking, and diet coke is not a worthy one...would rather go without if I had no other choice...

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    Mon Dec 01 2003

    Mmmmmmm aspartame..... It's excitotoxic apparently, but I don't think it is personally, it's just mingin' mass produced synthetic crap.An artificially sweetened drink for an artificially sweetened nation. Gimme Irn Bru any day, coz it's made in Scotland from girders.

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    Tue Nov 11 2003

    My drink of choice. Ten times better than diet pepsi and the flavor lasts longer, not hard on the stomach like regular coke or pepsi. Crisp flavor.

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    Mon Aug 18 2003


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    Sun May 04 2003

    As far as the right flavor when it comes to soda, Diet Coke has just the right sweetness for me (this pretty much applies to diet drinks in general). However, I don't drink it very much because of the aspartame (Nutra Sweet). I always hear that the stuff plays havoc on your insides, and I'm inclined to agree. There will always be drawbacks when it comes to things such as artificial sweeteners, being made with chemicals and all. As for myself, I love nothing more than a nice glass of juice or iced tea. Better yet, why don't we all drink more water?! Now that's about as natural as you can get!! It hits the spot like no other beverage does, and there's no such thing as "too much"!

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    Tue Feb 04 2003

    Diet Coke is pretty close to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to diet sodas. Although this doesn't taste so bad when you get used to it, it is quite bland and does have quite an aftertaste. There are better diet sodas out there than Diet Coke. I'd recommend Diet Vanilla Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Mountain Dew Code Red (but not regular Diet Mountain Dew), and Fresca if you want a good-tasting diet soda, and even Diet Pepsi tastes better than this. Diet Coke is not the way to go.

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    Tue Jan 28 2003

    Diet Pepsi is so superior.

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    Tue Jan 07 2003

    the bitter wange is not concealed at all. I have to be out of everything else to make myself drink one pwatson

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    Sat Dec 14 2002

    I love diet coke. It truely is crisp and quite refreshing when served cold. I drink it every day. Its better than diet pepsi, which I find to be less crisp.

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    Sat Nov 23 2002

    As a diet drinker I've learned to tolerate the taste of this, it's not THAT bad, but it's strange. There are better diet sodas on the market. Diet Dr. Pepper is AMAZINGLY close to the original. And my personal favorite is the recently released Diet Vanilla Coke. There is a slight difference in taste from the original but it's astonishingly close, the vanilla flavor really helps to give this a smooth taste that's missing in most diet sodas. I recommend it to Diet Coke and Vanilla Coke drinkers alike, you'll love it, and this is coming from someone who was a Vanilla Coke-oholic until the diet version came out. It's certainly better than that nasty Diet Coke with Lemon Dish Detergent...I wish they'd take that out of the vending machines in my dorm and replace it with Diet Vanilla Coke.

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    Sat Nov 23 2002

    Great stuff - I drink it every day. I like the lemon flavor even better than the original, and vanilla better than that. The cherry diet Coke is great too. Where I live, it's hard to find any of these added flavors unless you buy them in cans (which I won't!). But all Diet Cokes are really good, so I just get whatever I can. Among those without added flavoring, I like the taste of the caffeine-free best.

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    Sat Nov 23 2002

    i really don't like coke to begin leaves a leaves a strange after-taste and makes your teeth feel wierd, but diet coke does taste like regular coke. hmm...if you are supposed to be dieting aren't you supposed to give up pop altogether? water is where it is at.

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    Thu Oct 24 2002

    Nasty nasty aftertaste. It does taste like coke if you can get past that, but I can't tolerate it. I would take water anytime over this.

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    Sun Sep 09 2001

    I don't think this tastes good, but if you were to compare it to other diet sodas it is the least offensive. It grows on you.

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    Fri May 18 2001

    Well... as far as the "3" rating goes, that's as high as you can really get from a diet drink. This is one of the better diet drinks out there. It tastes more like Pepsi than Coke really... of course, there is still the "artifical" tasting sweetness of the drink, and it still has the "Nutrasweet aftertaste", but it's really not bad at all for a diet drink.

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    Thu May 10 2001

    Yuk! Foul! Gross! Disgusting! It is not "The Real Thing"

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    Fri Apr 06 2001

    Diet Coke is an extremly dull and boring drink with no taste or fizz at all. I wouldn't touch a can of diet coke with a 100 foot-pole.

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    Sun Dec 17 2000

    It has a really bad aftertaste. Doesn't satisfy your thirst. The sweetness is very artificial. It stains teeth.

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    Fri Dec 15 2000

    This drink is terrific. It tastes abosolutely the same as regular Coke, but calories are zero! It even tastes better than the original. I wish all products were calorie zero and kept the same taste so I can drink whatever, whenever.

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    Thu Nov 16 2000

    Leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Leaves you thirsty after drinking it. Makes you retain water.

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    Thu Nov 16 2000

    I don't like the diet drinks, they taste really bad. If I want to drink soda it should be the real kind, not diet. I'd rather drink water than diet soda.

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    Sun May 07 2000

    I think this is absolutely awful stuff. I can't stand diet anything it loses any and all flavor it ever had. Anybody who prefers diet to regular is like a smoker, they've trained themselves to like it.

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    Sat Nov 27 1999


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    Sat Nov 20 1999

    Diet Coke is my favorite. I drink it every day. I think it's addictive.