Depo-Provera ("The Shot")

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    Mon Apr 01 2013

    WHEW! this shot did me in! It all started after i got my 3rd shot. I started getting hot flashes, nausea every morning like clock work at 1030-noon time, bloated every single day, constipated, not able to sleep i keep waking up in the night, night sweats (i would sweat around my neck at times and wake up in the morning and would be sweating in between my thighs, no period (which i am not complaining about, but right now i would kill for a period LOL), spotting, i just do want to do anything anymore, I use to go out with my best friend all the time, and now i just don't even care to go anymore, would get really hungry at night, and mild mild stomach cramps.... I called planned parenthood like 500 times to ask about my symptoms and they would tell me everything that it is the hormones in this shot that is causing all this madness! Whatever you ladies do... do not self-diagnose yourselves because it is not healthy at all. I did that. I goggled all my symptoms and it seem that every sym... Read more

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    Fri Mar 22 2013

    ive been bleeding for over month i had deppo shot in january what can i do to stop it

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    Wed Mar 06 2013

    I would never ever tell anyone to get this stupid shot!!!! After getting the shot about two weeks after I started bleeding and it hasn't stopped. That was three months ago. And the moods swings are horrible. I feel like I am going crazy on this thing. So far my fiancé has been very patient with me but wehave been arguing pretty bad. To the point that he doesn't want to get married anytime soon because I have been so different since starting the shot! I hope the side effects go away after I stop it otherwise I we'll have no fiancé anymore. Not even a boyfriend..... Don't tasks this shot

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    Tue Feb 26 2013

    My first time getting this method of birth control. I tried the pill but things got hectic at home with my parents, I decided to give Depo-Provera a shot because it's more personal and a lot easier to remember to re-up on it than The Pill. My first 2 days were horrifying nausea like crazy-couldn't eat for those two days but afterwards, I couldn't stop eating. I have been watching my diet now and exercising, but it seems that the nausea has toned down a bit but now the abdomen pain and head aches have gotten so much worse than before. I have had vaginal bleeding some heavy and other times light. If your willing to deal with the horrible headaches and nausea then by all means this is the method for you - by the way you gain weight like CRAZY! Don't chose this if you can go with condoms or the pill - meaning if you don't have frequent sex this is a bit too extreme for its side affects go on the pill, believe me save yourself the pain.

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    Tue Jan 29 2013

    The state of Israel has admitted today to giving immigrant Ethiopian women birth control injections over the past decade, this in response to a investigation done by Haaretz. The women in question were not aware of what was being given to them. They were given Depo-Provera shots, which is a hormonal form of birth control given every three months. Another Israeli journalist, Gal Gabbay found that while the women were still in transit camps in Ethiopia they were sometimes intimidated or threatened into taking the Depo-Provera shot, often being misled about why. Israel's Ethiopian community has experienced a strong decline in their birthrate over the past 10 years, and it probably has to do with the Israeli government's policy of forced steril... Read more

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    Wed Jul 04 2012

    i think it's a great method of contraception, you don't have to think bout having it done everyday and it's so much more easier to use... i have put on a little weight, but as people have said it's because my body is getting use to it.

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    Thu May 17 2012

    I have been battling with terrible menstrual cramps and acne for years, i've tried everything. The pill makes me vomit and worsens my acne. the nova ring makes me vomit. basically everything i try makes me ill. the shot was my last option. my boyfriend and i have a very active sex life and i would like to keep it that way without the 4 am baby crying wake up calls. so far this shot has worked wonders, no more acne, no more pain and no more worries of babies. i am extremely satisfied. and i do believe that this all depends on the individual. everybody reacts differently, my sister has been on the pill for years and has no issue with it. to each their own. i think its fantastic

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    Wed Feb 15 2012

    I started the shot in May (9 months ago now) because I started having regular sex with a long term boyfriend. In highschool I tried different daily pills to regulate my periods but had a hard time remembering to take it and since I was actually having sex now I didn't want to risk forgetting the pill, so depo seemed perfect for me. I am now trying to figure out if I should stop taking it. I didn't gain much weight, maybe 5 pounds. My biggest concern is my sex drive. The first three months of my relationship, my boyfriend and I had sex all the time and it was great. After starting depo my sex drive pretty much decreased to nothing. I feel obligated to have sex and never actually want to. I don't remember what it was like to be horny. It would make my relationship much better if we had a good sex life so I am thinking about switching birth controls to see if it makes a difference. Has anyone else noticed a decrease in sex drive with depo??

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    Sun Feb 05 2012

    I've had nothing but good experiences on Depo. I've tried Pills, the Patch, and Nuva Ring as well for hormonal birth control, and the shot is my favorite by far. I was on it for 2 or 3 years, then went off it (to try other methods just to see if I would prefer them) and back on it now for 2 years or so. Unlike most of the people on here, I haven't really had any of the negative side affects. It's convenient that you only have to get it once every three months and, at least for me, I have no periods or bleeding whatsoever. Near the beginning of the shot cycle I get headaches occasionally, and if I wait to long past the 3 month mark I start to get cramping, but really these side affects are no worse than on the other methods of birth control I've tried. And definitely more convenient than having to chase a child around :) I have had no weight gain; I've gained 5 pounds in 8 years and contribute that to getting older and lazier. I have none of the mood swings or irritability that... Read more

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    Wed Dec 07 2011

    this is all a bunch of bullshit i think i have been on it for almost a year i missed my shot in september but i am going back on it and i have no side effects except for the bleeding which is normal for all birth controls because i have been on the patch different kinds of birth control pills and the same side effect i had with them i have had with the depo i think it is all in the brain

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    Thu Nov 17 2011

    I love this option! I tried Seasonale (extended cycle birth control) to help manage my insanely painful cramps (every month, without fail, for 16 years, I would spend 8-10 hours curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor screaming in pain, and *NOTHING* helped), but I could never remember to take the pill every day, much less at the same time every day. I just got my 5th shot of Depo, and the past year has been wonderful. I got it 3 days after my period started (when I went in for my Pap, I warned the doc that I was still spotting, and when she looked she said that what I had she would consider a moderate flow, so that tells you how heavy the first 2 days usually were), and the first 2 weeks I had some minor spotting, nothing a regular pantyliner couldn't handle. Since then it has been fantastic. I've gained about 3 lbs, but I'm not sure if that is because of the Depo or that my metabolism has just slowed down now that I'm 32. I was skinny to begin with, so the 3 lbs really don't... Read more

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    Thu Oct 27 2011

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    Sat Oct 01 2011

    I've been on depo for more than five years now. I got off of it for one year to have periods. I've had no problem with depo. It just depends on you as a woman and different bodies take it differently. Before I stopped taking depo for a year I did not have any periods and that was on the plus side for me because I had horrible cramps, where I could never go to school and would be throwing up. So it just depends on how your body would like to take it.

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    Wed Aug 24 2011

    im 19 and i just started the depo shot. i havent been on the shot for long, a week as of today. and im having extreme headaches. i have never had headaches this often, this bad. for the past 4 days ive had headaches. starting small to now extreme pain ibprofin cant fix. i began the shot because with work the boss allows us no breaks (illegal i know) so i dont have time to take the pill. i was missing almost half the pack of pills. Before any birth control methods i was having extreme cramps and huge clots about 3-5 inches long and wide, and periods lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months at a time. when i was at the 3 month mark of my period it finally stopped and i got on the pills. i think the pills work better personally, but i havent been on the shot long enough to know for sure. But within a week im already having bad headaches? whats to come? be cautious!

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    Mon Aug 15 2011

    I saw an earlier posting from a young lady who is 15 years old and has just began to take the Depo Provera shot. I feel that I cannot in good conscience go without letting her and all other young ladies like her that caution needs to be observed in this instance. I was on the Depo Provera shot for 1 year at the age of 19. Within that year, I gained over 100 lbs. with my doctor constantly telling me that I could not possibly gain weight on it. At the moment I began the shot I weighed 125 lbs. At the end of the year I weighed 240 lbs. How anyone, who up to that point had had no troubles with weight, remained active, and still ate lightly is beyond me. How my doctor at that point could ignore my concerns is still troubling to me. At 19, I guess he thought I was stupid. Years later, (I am now 33) I have fought with gynecological troubles and the weight that I have never been able to lose no matter how hard I have fought. The lining of my uterus was destroyed by the shot and I had... Read more

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    Mon Aug 15 2011

    I'm 15 and have been on the shot for close to a month now. When my doctor presented the idea of the Depo shot it seemed like a wonderful idea! Ever since I was 9 I've been battling terrible periods that last two weeks at a time and horrible cramps So, this seemed like the perfect cure. I got my first shot a few weeks ago While I was on my period (as directed) and immediately the next day I stopped my period only to begin it again a few days later. I have had some spotting here and there but nothing too dramatic. I'm very impressed with the coverage this shot has on pregnancy BUT I'm not at all impressed with how this shot has made me feel. To be honest, ever since I got the shot I've felt like I've had some sort of a virus. Terrible back aches, Migraines, Stomach cramps, Tiredness, bloating. At this very moment I'm sitting in my bed after a long night of barely being able to sleep due to the terrible back aches. My mother was on the shot and she claimed it worked great for her and I c... Read more

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    Thu Aug 11 2011

    I began taking Depo two years ago at the age of 33. At this time I was in the best shape of my life. I had been working for two years and was feeling great. After about six months on the shot I began becoming extremely emotional, exhausted and was experiencing mild back pain. At first I thought the back pain was from a motor vehicle accident I had been in several months prior to starting the shot. But after two years of chiropractors, PT and extreme weight training PT there was no change in the level of my pain. I had gone to the doctor twice for exhaustion and had several blood tests done and with no identifying results. I also visited the doctor for this new found anxiety, which I attributed to being a single working/college attending mother of a 7 yr old. Anxiety medications had their own immediate side effects which caused me to look at the side effects of the Depo shot. After reading the side effects I realized that the major acne, 40 pound weight gain, anxiety, exhaustion, crazy ... Read more

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    Thu Jul 07 2011

    At the beginning of taking my shot, I still had regualr periods. My doctor explained to me that it was normal. I started getting worried when i bled for a whole month straight. I decided to take the shot one more time and if anything else happened I would start on the pill. That happened in November of 2010 and I started the shot in June of 2010. After that, i had no more problems with my period. I do have problems with my weight gain. I went from 115 to 135. It's July 2011. I know that doesn't sound much but, to me it is. I feel as if all of the weight is going to my stomach. You can lose the weight by going on a diet like I did. I lost 10 pounds but, I got off of it. That's it basically.

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    Sat Jul 02 2011

    I hate it! Hate it, hate it, hate it.. I had an abortion about a month ago, and got the depo shot while I was still in the recovery room. The nurses explained no possible symptoms to me, at all. I jussst love how I'm losing calcium in my bones just so I don't get pregnant again! -____- NOT. -- I'm sure not all of my different emotions were from the shot, many we're probably due to the unwanted abortion. Though, since getting the first shot, I've been extremely irritable. I don't like to leave my house, but at the same time I can't stand being trapped. I've been extremely depressed- I have even contemplated suicide, which I have never thought of in my life! (Most of these feelings have passed.) I still find myself crying for no reason. I get mad for no reason. I find myself hating people more and more everyday. I can't stand being around my mother anymore, and I hate myself for that. I love her and trust her more than anyone I know, and I don't know what's causing me to not like her any... Read more

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    Sun Jun 19 2011

    Eeeeh it's a different experience depending on the individual. If you're unsure of the side-effects, then don't chance it. There's always a possibility that it will have a negative effect with your body chemistry. Personally, it's been working fine and I've been on it since April of last year. Besides the occasional mood swing, I've seen no adverse effects. It does make your menstrual cycle go out of whack, if you even end up having one at all. You might spot, it might get worse, or it might stop altogether (the usual outcome). If you're willing to take a chance, go for it. Otherwise, stick to the pill.

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    Sun Jun 19 2011

    I hate this thing. Horrible

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    Mon Jun 13 2011

    I'd give it no star's if i could. i've only had 2 injections, and, i've been bleeding, everyday, since the first day i got the needle, i told the doctor, and she said to start my second shot early, to cancel out the bleeding, yah!? didnt work. the shots been out of my system for atleast a month now, and i've still continued to bleed, is it ever going to stop?. im going insane from it !

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    Sat May 28 2011

    So after one unplanned pregnancy that resulted in a M/C, (plus another pregnancy scare) I had decided to get on some type of Birthcontrol. The walkin clinic Dr. told me i could not get on the pill due to my wicked migranes. && He had also said that the shot would only be once eveery 12 weeks. I havent been spotting or bleeding since (Im kinda curious as to why, but meh whatever that must be a plus,right?) What I do not like about this form of contraception is that now I have terrible mood swings. I have been very short tempered and say pretty harsh things that normally i wouldn't say to my family members.. Esspecially to my mother. Plus my boobs hurt. Already! && its only been a week! Since I've gotten the shot, the sex between me and my boyfriend is AMAZING! lol. Mostly because of the fact that we dont have that constant worry about pregnancy anymore. The downside is during the middle of sex all I want for it is to end! I've only been on it for a week though so i must keep that in... Read more

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    Tue May 24 2011

    I'm 23 and I had the Depo shot about a month ago. I will NEVER have another one. I cannot wait to get this crap out of my system. Starting about 2-3 days after I had it, I've had horrible headaches that are almost constant. I'm agitated and frustrated very easily now. Which is not good seeing as how I have a two and a half year old and a 4 month old. The mood swings I've been having are terrible. I can be calm and content one minute and the next I'm crying and stressing out over tiny things. I've also noticed an increase in my appetite. I have to constantly watch what I'm eating because I've heard that weight gain is the most common side effect. Also, I have pretty much NO sex drive at all now. That itself kinda defeats the purpose of having the shot in the first place. And when I do have sex now it is REALLY painful. I would NOT recommend the Depo shot to anyone.

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    Tue May 17 2011

    I really like this shot. I'm 15 and I've been on it for about 2 shots. I have had lighter periods also. It has decreased those horny moments but i am 15. I don't need to have sex in the first place and yes i am a virgin and plan to remain one until I atleast graduate. (Just clearing up any suspecion and preventing any assuming that all humans do.) My mom decided to put me on the shot after me keeping a boyfriend for over 4 months and I also have problems with ovarian cysts and heavy bleeding. I haven't gained any weight yet but I also have a high metabolism and I am a health nut. I reccomend that parents put their teens on this if you want to prevent teen pregnancies, and the low sex drive could possibly keep them from having sex and getting STDs. You could also scare them into drinking more milk with the bone problems. =) It worked for me. A glass of milk every night plus im outside more and off my laptop. I do feel tired a lot and I'm more irritable than usual but its nothing worse ... Read more

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    Tue May 10 2011

    I have been on depo for 9 months and haven't stop bleeding or spotting the whole time! Doctor kept telling me that with the next shot it will get better but is only getting worst. I wound't recommend this to anyone! I won't have it again but who knows how long will it take me to get back to my normal periods and stop this continuous bleeding that is ruining my life.

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    Wed Apr 20 2011

    I have been on the shot for about two years now and the only side effect that has really hit me hard is the weight gain! I had never weighed more than 97 lbs my entire life but have always had an extreme appetite and love for good high cal beer. I now weigh 127 lbs and besides the fact that my breasts have gotten to be a pretty impressive size I feel like I look pregnant and that is (obviously) not the look I am going for. I have noticed some laziness and sadness but I am pretty sure that I can contribute that to other things. Overall I have not had a problem with the shot but reading these reviews I am having second thoughts, mostly with getting off the shot and not being able to get pregnant right away. Really though, are there ever any great options?

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    Fri Apr 15 2011

    I have been on the Depo-Provera injection birth control for a little over 4 years now, and I can honestly say that I do not have any complaints about it. I have not experienced any weight gain, I make sure I exercise regularly and eat healthy. I have noticed an improvement with my skin. While I was on the pill I broke out pretty bad, and when I switched over to depo, my acne cleared up. During my very first injection I did notice break through bleeding, which only lasted for about 2 weeks, after that I had no break through bleeding and my periods stopped altogether. I do not have mood swings or fatigue that other reviewers talk about. One thing I think people need to remember is that everyone's body is different, meaning everyone reactions a little differently to medications. My advice is try it and see if it works for you. If it does, great. If not move on and try something else. Hope this helps!

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    Mon Apr 11 2011

    i was on depo for 2 years or so with zero side effects. i had zero to very light bleeding at the time. i believe there are many different types of body chemistry going on out there and some will respond positively and others will have a negative response. my only side effect after 2 years was sex started hurt only at the opening. my obgyn could find nothing i got off it. and a few months later things stopped hurting. come to find out it was probably just a lack of skill in my obgyn... a few years down the road - new obgyn said i probably need estro cream for vaginal opening because depo can cause things to be a little off since it does stop proper estrogen function. no brainer right ;-) ... i am very healthy 30 year old, was on from 24 til 26 years old... back on it now with still zero side effects. i have found that most people have very unhealthy life styles and that effects your body chemistry, also, if you are a new mom i think getting depo right away would be a bad idea ... Read more

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    Tue Apr 05 2011

    I am 15 and I have been a vegetarian for a year and a half now. I started the shot about a month ago. I was not exactly notified on the effects of the Depo shot other than weight gain. Nor about the bone loss it can cause. Within a week of getting the shot(while on my period; recommended) I started bleeding again. It's lasted 2 or so weeks now. I started feeling extremely tired and weak all the time. I'd have mood swings a lot and a permanent low grade headache. I originally thought the weakness and headaches to be my body reacting to me not eating meat and not taking vitamins, not even considering it to be the shot until I read the experiences of other people on this drug. I would not recommend it.

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    Mon Mar 28 2011

    I started having the needle in about feburary 09, I bleed for the first month straight, but since then not once have i had a period, when i took the needle the doctor told me that when i came off it i would be able to get prenant almost staright away. After about a year and half I had had enough because i ended up gaining almost 10kgs i was getting pimples, my hair was falling out and worst of all thrush!! So i have been off this needle since i think about august last year, it is now almost april, i have not had my period i cannot get prenant whereas before once my husband and i decided to have a baby it was instant, i have had no energy at all what so ever, i have thrush i just cant get rid of, the only good thing that has happened is i have lost all the weight i had gained while being on the needle. I would strongly recomment ppl really consider there options before using this form of contraception, my doctor gave me no info at all and i just presumed it was all good. I WAS WRONG. Pl... Read more

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    Mon Feb 07 2011

    I recently got the depo shot after i had my son. I have been bleeding for two months straight. I cant have sex with my husband. I havent gained weight. I lost it was 137 and now 120. I havr no motivation to even get out of bed. Have trouble eating. Sleeping is horrible now.. But my body is exhausted. I have constant cramps and back pain. Its so aggravating. Not to mention the fda just came out with it causes bone depletion. Im not getting my next shot. I am so unhappy its unreal. If you are deciding about the shot. Talk to your dr and make sure its not your only option. I hope they take this horrible birth control off the market..

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    I am 19 years old i got the depo shot when I was almost 18. I had awful periods and ovarian cysts so my doctor put me on depo. The first 2 months I was bleeding almost every day just like a period after this stopped I loved it! I never have a period anymore not even spotting. I have only been on the shot for about a year and already noticed many side effects. I thought these effects were just coming because i was getting older i never thought it was the depo until a friend at work told me she has been on it for a year and has many similar problems I have. She is now getting off it because of her mood swings and other effects. A few months ago i developed sleeping problems but also being so tired all the time not having an urge to do anything but be "lazy" all day. I have not gained weight on this pill i have lost it. before starting the depo i weighed 125 I have always had large breast i was always a high C or almost a D. My weight now is 105 and my breast are down to a low B I have s... Read more

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    Wed Jan 19 2011

    This was horrible for me! I got on it on Jan of 2010 and i just recently got off of it. I was spotting every single day. Besides the very few days where it would get to be a normal period for a day then be nothing for a day or two then back to spotting everyday! I didn't gain any weight but i have an extremely high metabolism. I'm 5'4 and weigh about 102. I dont recomend this for anyone.

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    Thu Jan 13 2011

    I only got the shot one time, and I did not gain weight, I had a regular period(although it was not as long),and I didn't feel depressed. The only bad thing is it made my hair fall out, like when i took a shower I would notice ALOT of hair in the sink. But its different for everyone I think. Like my sister, she had one and did not like it at all. It made her really depressed.

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    Thu Dec 30 2010

    terrible moods :( have not stopped bleeding for 2 months... since I got the shot :( weight gain :( depression :( Please think about another method. M

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    Sat Dec 11 2010

    I started this shot about a year ago. At first I loved it, but then I got my period. My mom and my Dr. told me I wouldnt get a period, but it went on for 4 months straight without stopping!!! I am ALWAYS tired, and I'm only 18 years old.. I hate this shot!!! I used to be about 140 lbs, and now I'm about 165 lbs. I definitely would not recommend this shot. I am very moody, and depressed. Sometimes I just want to cry for no reason at all. I do not care for, or want to have sex. I have not wanted to have sex in at least 10 months. I feel pretty bad for my boyfriend.. He's very understanding though. I'd rather take a pill every day, since with this shot, you're supposed to take calcium supplements. I HATE THIS SHOT!! I do not think that anyone should use it and just remember to take the stupid pill every day. I'm going to get off the shot the next time I see my Dr.

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    Sat Dec 11 2010

    Well, it sounds good: a simple shot and teenagers can go screw all the time without worry! It is good to hear of the horrid side effects. God 1, horny teenagers zip.

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    I wanted to get on depo provera because I was horrible with remembering to take the pill everyday. I got my first shot on Oct. 19th and everything was pretty good for about a month. However, I should note that within the first 2 weeks I did have extremely sore breasts (as if I were pregnant) for 3 or 4 days at a time.. but that was really the only side effect that I expereinced. Then on Nov. 29th I started bleeding lightly, pretty much like a light period. The bad part was that this was followed with cramps. Today is Dec. 8th and I am STILL bleeding. The flow is inbetween light to medium and I have pretty bad cramps for an hour or so everyday. I am not pleased with this form of birth control at all. I feel like I can't have sex with my husband, I'm afraid when we are ready to try for another baby it will take us much longer than we'd like. Overall I'm just not pleased and wish I would not have gotten this shot. I have to wait until Jan. 19th for it to pretty much wear off, atleast I ho... Read more

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    Thu Dec 02 2010

    I have been on Depo-Provera, for about 3 years almost 4 years. When I first started Depo I thought it was the best thing ever! I went on this because after trying i dont even know how many different pills, they couldn't regulate my cycle. Mine before Depo would last around 5-6weeks and I would only be off for about 3days and back was horrible! After trying a lot of pills (2years) my doctor told me that Depo was the way to go! I was only 19 years old when I started it and it sounded like a good idea. I loved that I didnt have to worry about taking the pill anymore and that I now still today (witch most people don't after the first 2shots) get spotting monthly but about a day long (much better then 5weeks though). It has also help with my ovary cysts problem I have (nice not to have so much pain there anymore) I have had some weight gain but after being on it for so long I have stopped gaining weight and have been the same for about a year. After the shot I am hunger but ... Read more

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    Sat Nov 13 2010

    I want to share my opinion because people tend to only review something when theyve had a bad experience. I went on this site and did a ton of research before deciding to try the shot. I have very heavy very painful periods. I am 19 years old, 5'9 115 lbs. Before the shot I had been on Yaz for about a year and a half, which worked great until i started to have spotting in the middle of the pack that would last until i started a new pack. After yaz i attempted Ortho Cylcen, another pill, that gave me intense mood swings and depression. After a severe episode i scheduled an appointment the next day for the shot. I got the depo shot about a month ago and havent felt this good in a long time! My doctor had told me to expect light spotting for the first few months but I only spotted for about 3 days after the shot. My mood is completely back to normal. i havent had any weight gain however I have noticed I'm hungry all the time. So just know when to stop eating or work out. It's not a f... Read more

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    Mon Oct 25 2010

    ive been on the depo shot for two years and its been the worst 2 years bad headaches boobs hurt hot flashes moody tired lower stomach pains ive gotten dizzy also i dont like being on it

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    Tue Oct 12 2010

    I have been married for 5 years and have never been on birth-control because I am very forgetful and have forgotten to take pills a bunch of times, and I just gave up. So when I heard about Depo I was thrilled. I went against my doctor's warnings and got a shot on August 2010. The reason I even went on birth control was my husband 's company moved and he only comes home during the weekends and it makes it more exciting to see him once a week instead of everyday...and I thought hmm.. its better to get some birth control before an accident happens. Anyway, within a week of getting the shot, I had mood swings and was never happy. Also not to mention the awful vaginal dryness. Husband now calls it the Mojave, and I have only had sex twice since I was on it and I faked it both the times. I am really waiting for the effects to wear off. Never again am I going to to go for Depo again.

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    Thu Oct 07 2010

    I received the Depo-Provera shot in September 2010 for the first time. The same day I got a headache, but after that day, I haven't had any symptoms. I did get my period with no headaches and cramps at the end of September, about a week from when I was going to start. (I was on the pill before and was going to start the week after) My period lasted 4 days just as it was on the pill. I had to get off the pill because of high blood pressure. I was only on the pill because of heavy periods...anyways, it is now October and I'm doing great. I'm just wondering when the periods will totally stop. Until then, I think the shot is great. I believe the shot symptoms will be different per person. I still fit in the same size jeans, yet it's only been a month on it. Also, make sure to take calcium supplement on this birth control method.

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    Thu Sep 09 2010

    The reason why I wanted to go on this birth control was because I hated my mood swings during my period, I just didn't want to deal with it anymore. I got the shot and I have had the worst mood swings ever, seriously I feel so terrible lately and I have no reason to be depressed! I am not myself anymore and it sucks that this shot has affected me like this because I see that other people have had a totally different experience with it. It has been almost a month since I got it and it is already making me feel this way. I had spotting for about 3 days and I have occasional headaches. Now whenever I have sex, it is painful, or I feel pain later on, I read that this is due to the shot because it stops the production of estrogen which makes you wet. I have never had pain during intercourse. I wish I would have researched it before getting it. I can't wait till this finishes and I go back to my normal self.

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    Thu Sep 09 2010

    I am 19 years old. I started Depo about 6 months ago. The first few weeks were hell. I was severely depressed, and had violent suicidal thoughts. I cried a lot. I didn't tell the doctor, because I didn't believe it was the Depo. It just felt so real. Eventually my mood evened back out and I felt fairly normal, but the other side effects were almost as bad. Basically the whole 6 months I was on Depo, I bled constantly and had to wear pads. It was on and off for the first shot, but with the second shot I bled for the entire three months. I also had a low sex drive that started as soon as I got on Depo, and didn't end until I got off. Even when I decided to get off Depo, the nurses were reluctant to take me off, and told me the bleeding should stop soon. Two weeks ago I switched to a birth control pill Lutera. All of the bad symptoms went away within a few days. I stopped bleeding for the first time in 3 months, I have been happier, and my sex drive has increased quite a bit. I know yo... Read more

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    Fri Aug 27 2010

    I just had my first depo shot after a long history of birth control. I was the 1% that got pregnant on the pill 17 years ago. After I had my daughter my Dr. suggested the depo shot(newly available), I LOVED IT!!!! I never had my period after the first 2 shots, or any side effects, no weight gain, if anything maybe a 5lb weight loss that put me at my most comfortable size 0/2. I was on it for 12 years, and then they came out with all the reports of causing bone density loss. I was tested and sure enough I was Osteopenia (borderline osteoperosis) and my Dr. would not allow me to take it anymore. Considering I was on it for 12 years and I wasn't fully osteoperosis or calcium intake concious, I think that's not so horrible. I spent the following year increasing my calcium intake and was able to be back in the safe zone for bone density. My Dr. recommended Mirena, since I was so addicted to NOT having a period. When it was inserted, I had a horrible experience of throwing up and pa... Read more

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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    It made me have severe mood swings (to the point where I was suicidal -- I am not normally like this) and I was tired ALL the time. Also, I noticed a loss of consciousness. It made my brain "fuzzy," so to speak, and I couldn't concentrate very well at all. Plus, my memory was bad (and I generally have a very good one; I am a 4.0 student). I wouldn't recommend it; I would try anything else first. Important info, too: the depo shot is NOT supposed to be taken for more than two years. It causes a loss of bone density. This is a serious matter and I've noticed that my bones are more fragile even after just taking it for one year. It's harder for me to run/jog now and I'm only 19. I know that it's extremely convenient, but I would sincerely, sincerely advise girls not to get it. I don't think the FDA should have ever approved it. There was actually a lot of controversy about it: It has personally caused adrenal gland suppression in me (also serio... Read more

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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    I've been on Depo since March 2, 2008. I love it. Absolutely love it. I wish I could be on it but unfortunately, I cant cause I've had the maximum amount of shots. Because it wears on your bones, you can only have a certain amount of shots. Drinking milk is very important on this birth control (although I haven't). They say its bad on bone density and I read a review saying they were having a hard time running but I've been on it for 2 years, and I've had no troubles running, lifting, benching or anything. I've never broken a bone, and I don't think depo could do all that. I like depo because I don't have to remember the pill everyday. I did try the pill, wasn't for me. Some people complain about their period on depo or weight gain, but honestly, its not like that. On depo, my period was about a week and a half every other month, but the more I was on it, the less I had my period and I cant even remember the last time I had my period anymore. and weight gain? it doesn't make you gain w... Read more