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    Sat Oct 15 2011

    pretty much a bore. He rips off Howard Stern on a daily basis. surrounds himself with a bunch of lame officeboys that , when they speak, I change the station. Knows his sports, but so what. It's boring to listen to.

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    Mon Jan 03 2011

    This show is just awesome. If you like listening to sports radio you'll love the Dan Patrick Show. If you have direct tv you'll be able to watch it every morning. I find it better than Cowherd and the Mikes.

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    Tue Aug 31 2010

    I think the Dan Patrick radio show is really getting bad. It seems to be slipping over time or perhaps my expectations are changing. Colin Cowherd is much better as are Mike and Mike. Dan's dialogue is often very sophomoric and well suited toward 18-24 year old Frat boys. He is not a deep thinker and rarely makes a point or an observation that causes me to pause for a moment and take note. Even today he is asking the Danettes if they could beat Howie Long in the Octagon. I am okay if that type of question was a rare event but unfortunately it isn't. This is representative of the type of agenda item he thinks is interesting to the listening public. Very disappointing. Right now I listen because I am interested in watching trains wreck - shame on me. The fact he calls his team "The Danettes" is very condescending and clearly Dan believes the world revolves around him. I am also convinced that he thinks his cameo appearances in Adam Sandler movies make him a movie star. I am ama... Read more

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    Sun Jul 12 2009

    Much better since he left ESPN. He doesn't have to have on their analysts and "experts" every day now. Less commercials as well

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    Sun Jun 14 2009

    Mr. Snarky is a D-bag.

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    Fri Nov 07 2008

    Anybody that tells ESPN where to shove it gains instent respect in my book.

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    Tue May 06 2008

    Dan is way overrated. Too too many "what if" scenerios. Give me Jime Rome, Bob Costas anyday. Collin Herd is barely tolerable but still better than Dan.

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    Thu Nov 22 2007

    This guy and Olbermana are tow pompous windbags. good riddance Putz-trick

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    Fri Oct 19 2007

    What happened to freedom of speech in this country, When a man like Dan Patrick talks crap about Boston, Red Sox and their fan's should have his butt kicked.

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    Tue Aug 21 2007

    I think that most of you listen for about 10 minutes a day. Dan has done more interesting interesting interviews with people than anyone else on ESPN radio. He also has more broad sports knowledge than anyone, and run with the topics. Those who mention that he talks to much about politics and race, welcome to 2007. This is a time when every issue, action, or choice an athlete makes has something to do with a socail issue; so why not present it with all the ramifications. I hope that Dan does another radio show somewhere else and that I can listen to him again.

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    Tue Jul 10 2007

    Dan Patrick has always been most verbose when talking about his favorite subject, Dan Patrick. He finds himself funnier and smarter than any of us could. His show gets a lot of big names because he's the face of the network but he and Berman's acts (nicknames, quoting classic rock songs unnecessarily) are getting O-L-D, OLD!! To say Dan is classy is like saying that Barry Bonds is warm and fuzzy. Good Riddance. Give Schlereth and Kruk a radio show.

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    Sun Jun 24 2007

    too politically driven always talking about racism and other political agendas with his big show super liberal keith olberman not good sport talk

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    Wed Jun 06 2007


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    Sat Jun 02 2007

    Dan's great. Classy and funny.  Keith O is so full of himself brings the show to a freaking halt!

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    Sun Apr 22 2007

    Awesome show. Great interviews with a dry wit (that can turn slapstick when paired with certain guests). The middle hour called the Big Show with Keith Olbermann is the best.

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    Mon Jan 22 2007

    Eh... pretty average overall... but certainly miles above Cowherd. BTW, Dan? FYI.. this is a sports talk show. We don't listen to it so Olbermann can spew his political rhetoric. We, also, dont care if Geraldo Rivera wants to kick his ass. If I wanted to watch or listen to him wax rhapsodic on the perfection that is liberal politics, I would watch him on MSNBC. There is a reason I don't.

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    Tue Nov 28 2006

    If you like dead air

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    Wed Nov 15 2006

    I really like Dan's show, but he needs to do away with that moron Olberman. I do not tune in for his MSNBC spill, I want to hear sports and that is all!

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    Tue Jul 25 2006

    why would anyone want to listen to this Phony asswhole, he is pathetic... and useless and a real JERK OFF!

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    Tue May 16 2006

    JErKOFF! complete JACKOFF! Phoney as the day is long

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    Wed Mar 29 2006

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Seems like a decent person but likes to hear himself talk too much and he is tragically boring. The show dropped off a cliff when Dibble went away. Adding Olbermann was the worst move yet - double the boredom level. I'd still rather listen to 1000 hours of Patrick that 15 minutes of that whining pr*ck Colin Cowherd. Dan Patrick - a modern cure for insomnia.

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    Fri Mar 24 2006

    Aren't you dudes tired of the nonsense? We get it Dan, every athlete is bad, every athlete does stupid things blah, blah, blah.

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    Thu Nov 17 2005

    hey...let's talk about ME, ME, ME...you don't want to talk about sports....do you!??

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    Wed Oct 19 2005

    His radio show sucked before and sucks more now.

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    Mon Oct 03 2005

    The show has been slipping lately in my opinion. The show was very good when Dibble was on it. He and Patrick played well off of each other, and it was always entertaining. Now there is a lot more of Patrick just talking to himself...going on drawn out monologues on subjects which he beats like a horse. Dan Patrick is showing me that he can be quite a boring guy when he doesn't have anybody else to offer another viewpoint.

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    Tue Sep 06 2005

    6'2 175 Dan is a Hall of Famer. He is simply one of the all-time great sports media personalities. He's funny, smart and professional. He is the best interviewer there is right now. He asks tough questions and he will keep going if he doesn't get an answer the first time. He is truly unique in the fact that he is as great in radio as he is on TV. His interviews in ESPN the Magazine are fun to read as well.

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    Sun Apr 03 2005

    DP needs a better sidekick than Phil.

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    Tue Feb 01 2005

    The best of the best! 6'0...175.. ding!

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    Wed Jan 12 2005

    The show often makes me laugh, and Patrick is always a great interviewer...

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    Thu Dec 30 2004

    Same IQ as Rob Dibble

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    Wed Nov 24 2004

    PBeavr has him down cold. Dan Patrick is nothing more than a sports Zelig. He just wants to be around to sniff the jocks but has no insight about the jocks (cause he wants to buds with everybody). You can almost imagine him saying to a ballplayer, Play a round of golf with me and I'll get you more air time on SportsCenter. Otherwise, he is arrogant and condescending to everyone else.

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    Wed Jun 09 2004

    The guy is a jerk.

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    Thu Apr 15 2004

    5'10, 165...ding!!!

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    Sat Apr 10 2004

    Love Dan and Dibs.

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    Tue Feb 10 2004

    His show is ok. I really do like him, but I can't stand Rob I back down from Lou Piniella Dibble.

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    Wed Nov 12 2003

    Likable and witty. Dibs is a great foil. Well networked.