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    Thu Aug 16 2007

    Okay. You want to compare Dale Earnhardt to Richard Petty.  Richard's first race was in 1958, his last was in 1992.  That's 34 years of racing, in which he made 1,185 starts.  Dale Earnhardt ran his first race in 1975, and his last in 2001.  That's 26 years in which he made 676 starts.  Richard had nearly a decade on Dale, so of course, he has more wins. (let's hope he would..) but i think to have as many championships in 8 less years of driving is quite a feat.  Earnhardt was rookie of the year in 1979, he was a 4-time IROC series champion, (that's against the best of international drivers, not just NASCAR), he was the most popular driver in 2001, made the Hall of Fame in 2002, and was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2006. Pretty good stats to only be supported by dumb rednecks.Now, the other name I hear in comparison is Jeff Gordon.  Gordan has only a few less wins, but about 100 less top 10 finishes, and so far he's 11 years short of Dale's Winston Cup/Ne... Read more

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    Thu Aug 16 2007

    Overrated driver who had the sanctioning body (NASCAR)in his hip pocket. The rules allowed him to pick his pit stall during those years, a huge advantage. Another advantage, he was allowed to wreck his competitors week in and week out without fear of penalty.

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    Mon Mar 27 2006

    He was the best driver! He was the INTERMINATOR!

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    Fri Jun 03 2005

    His name will always be synonymous with stock car racing. Junior has big shoes to fill if he wants to emulate the victories and the glories that his father endured during 1979-2001.

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    Mon Mar 28 2005

    The greatest driver to ever live. And the greatest driver ever to die behind the wheel. How many can say they died doing what they loved?

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    I laughed when he died I laughed when his son became a human fire ball I WOULD have voted 0 stars if i could

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    Sun Jan 16 2005

    Very overrated. Couldn't win unless he wrecked the car ahead of him.

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    Sat Oct 02 2004

    # 3 the man

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    Sun Sep 19 2004

    i love haw all these dumb ass earnhardt fans have the rip on all their vechiles. screw him! he's not even close to richard petty 7 championship-yes but only 84 wins! compare that to petty's 200! you do th emath? oh you can't you're a stupid redneck. i cant wait until gordon blows past big E 's 84 wins. he's at 65 right now and only 32 yrs. old. plus he has 4 championships what happens when he blow past 7? then what will all you rednecks do? i am not even a gordon fan, but u can't wait just to shut you a-holes up-oh yeah dale jr. you're daddy's DEAD - HA!

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    Thu Jul 08 2004

    a dirty cheap driver who never was close to being as good as gordon

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    Sun Jul 04 2004

    I love nascar and everthing about it BUT!!!!! earnhardt and jr r both dumb rednecks! Earnhardt is also not the best driver of all time, HES SECOND! Richard Petty is the Best ever and that doesnt even matter cause gordon will beat both the records!!!!! and Jr. will be living in a trailer park some where P.S. Earnhardt was a dirty cheat

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    Tue Apr 27 2004

    The best ever. RIP Dale.

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    Sat Apr 24 2004

    Nascar Sucks! $uck Nascar and what ever Stupid number you put on your truck or Car.

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    Wed Mar 31 2004

    what a joke, in loving memory decals,ha ha ha live by the sword, well ya know..dirty racer..no .. he won,t be missed..

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    Sat Aug 30 2003

    dale earnhardt was and still is the greatest driver of all time. he is a legend and he inspired people to be and do what they want to do. he is and always will be in my heart forever. love yall ashlee

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    Mon Jul 28 2003

    I did not like him near as much as I do his son, Dale Jr. But he did leave his mark in NASCAR history, and there is no denying that. He lived by the wall, and died by the wall. R.I.P. Dale....God bless your family. I still think it is a tragedy how you passed on. :(

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    Sun Jul 27 2003

    he is a loser he sucks but jeffgordon rocks

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    Sun Jul 27 2003

    Better than Gordon can ever think of being.

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    Sat May 24 2003

    legend has grown since untimely death

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    Thu Mar 06 2003

    oh my gah! i dont want to talk about the dead but this man was a BAD person when he was alive. Wrecking people to win? He got mad if anyone dare touched his car but he wrecked everyone out there. I think he was taken out of this world by God for a reason. Too many people were like worshiping him. Although I dont see why. Oh and his son REALLY sucks bad! JEFF GORDON #1!!!!!!

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    Wed Feb 26 2003

    glad you are dead

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    Wed Jan 15 2003

    Dale Earnhardt is NASCAR. The greatest driver ever. And a kind, loving, caring human being to boot. A tragedy that he is gone.

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    Sat Nov 23 2002

    He was the driver you either loved, or loved to hate. I was on the second end, but that doesn't mean i didn't recognize his skill as a driver. The best behind Petty. R.I.P. Dale, someday they will retire your number 3 and pay the respect you truly deserve.

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    Fri Nov 15 2002

    Definatly the greatest. He raced and one in two era's. Petty couldn't pull off a win for a long time before he retired.

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    Wed Oct 23 2002

    the intimidator was the best at what he did. sad to see he is no longer with us

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    Thu Oct 17 2002

    For all what he's done to the sport? It would be sacreligious to give the Intimidator anything less. He might've driven dirty but off the track the guy was a true kind-hearted man. Reason 1: When Dale Jarrett won the cup back in '99, Earnhardt let him use his lear jet for the banquet dinner to New York and left a note saying "From a Champion To a Champion, congratulations, Dale". That's Class. Reason 2: A sick cancer-ridden, dying kid that Dale visited in the hospital gave Dale a penny for good luck to race in Daytona in '98. He stuck the penny on his dash and low and behold he one his first Daytona race. Great guy!

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    Sun Nov 11 2001

    best after petty

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    Tue Jun 26 2001

    This man was the king of Nascar, he was loved my millions, or either hated. he always did all that he could to win,that day he died doing what he loved, I admire him for striving for what he wanted and doing what ever it took to be the best...to be number one!

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    Mon Feb 19 2001

    When you think of NASCAR, then you automatically think of this man. He played his sport to win, at any cost. He was good at what he did, and he always appeared to be a respectable man outside the track too. I am sad that he is gone...hopefully, his family & friends & fans can find solace in the fact that this man died doing what he loved.

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    Tue Feb 15 2000

    I am and have been a Dale Earnhardt fan since 1979. This man is the essence of NASCAR, aggessive, bold, a truly skilled driver with reflexes, intuition and expertise achieved by just a few. Jeff Gordon may be winning, but he's still whining- - he hasn't even begun to pay his dues like Earnhardt!!!

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    Sat Nov 27 1999

    He embodies the epitome of good ol' boy racing ... the #3 is synonomous with winning in style.

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