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    Thu Jun 10 2010

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    Thu Jun 10 2010

    I have a miniature short-haired black and tan dachshund named Cocoa, and let me just say...people who come over to my house think she's evil/crazy. First of all, I love her, and she's a very sweet dog to my family and me... But most of the time, she is more interested in pleasing herself and running all over the place exploring than in pleasing us. We've recently been taking her to Petsmart obedience class, and she barks like crazy at everyone/every dog in there. She has gotten a little better though, recently, but usually that's only if you distract her with food. Honestly, sometimes I feel like all she cares about is food. She barks A LOT... She's definitely a good watchdog, but sometimes it goes a bit too far. (She bit a Petsmart employee a couple of weeks ago, and she wouldn't hesitate to bite a stranger. She feels threatened all the time I think.) She'll even bark excessively at me sometimes for walking into the room haha. Of course, she will jump up/wag her tail/lick my face righ... Read more

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    Thu Mar 25 2010

    My personal favorite breed of dog, therefor, I give them 5 stars. I would give them 100 stars if I could! I wouldn't recommend them for just ANYONE... however, the same goes for any dog breed, really. Do your homework before owning one of these little guys.

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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    Very devoted pet towards owners and their families. These dogs have a huge indepence streak and sometimes a challenge to train. However, although they like to run and be left alone to chase birds and balls, they thrive on attention. If left alone or ignored for long periods of time they can become bored and develop emotional disorders. For example, they may become chewers, wine excessively, or constant barkers.

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    Tue Mar 02 2010

    The bestest cutest sweetest dog EVER!

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    Fri Jan 08 2010

    My wife and I have a little red Daschund named snoopy. he can be annoying at times, but he is an absolutly amazing pet, sometimes so smart he scares us. if he cna't jump up to something, he actually climbs up things to get to it (legs, couches, etc.,) and throwing him food is always a riot, watching him run circles around a ring pepper or apple core and jump on it and off for a good 15 minutes is always a surefire way to make someoen laugh.

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    i am a proud owner of a very smart and lovable dachshund. they are great dogs if you know how to train them, they are not the dog for everyone since they are stubborn and skittish around strangers or children but if trained right they are lovable and gentle when around children. they are soooo cute and VERY funny dogs. its so cute how they run around with there floppy ears and get exited. they love to play! and they may not look it but they can run pretty fast. they need LOTS of attention and will do anything to make you notice them. they hate to be ignored. potty training is the hardest thing to do since they are stubborn to teach but i taught mine in 4months. i definitely would teach him not to bite as soon as you adopt otherwise they will bite and also chew up everything. never scold/ hit them, they only respond to positive actions such as the "baby voice" lol and treats or given there favorite toy. *socializing is the key to a well balanced dog* if not socialized they will not resp... Read more

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    Sat Oct 24 2009

    I literally inherited a 7 month old black and tan short hair male when a family member died. Unfortunately I was working 12-hr shifts and did not have the time I needed to spend with him. When he was about two, I placed him in a home with children and a human mother who did not work outside the home. He is much happier now than he would have been if I tried to keep him. The children love him and he loves the children. I also have two Chihuahuas who don’t mind being alone but for the Doxie, it was just too much for him. It has been about two years now and I miss him terribly. I have often thought about getting another one and I thought if I got one before my two went to the Rainbow Bridge, they could show him the ropes and help him learn to go to the bathroom where and when they did. Although they are fairly well house trained, they will go on the floor if no one’s around. I confine them to a 2’ x 6’ pen when I’m not home. You can configure the pen any way you want to; most people mak... Read more

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    Tue Sep 08 2009

    You haven't enjoyed life to the fullest unless you've been entertained by these cuties. They are hilarious. Very loving, affectionate to owner...can be protective. perfect pet for age 7-15 years old since they're so energetic. smart but hard-headed.

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    Mon Aug 24 2009

    I have owned three dachshunds or perhaps I should say they have owned me. Dachshunds are wonderful companion dogs and are usually very affectionate. More than any breed of dog I've been around they have a way of working their way into your heart. Of course they have their specific issues (like any breed) that a potential owner should be aware of. Here are a few of the important ones: 1) They can be very stubborn. The breed needed to be smart and able to think independently to do the job they were bred for - helping hunt badgers. That independent intelligence can be good or bad depending upon how it's put to use. :) 2) They can be hard to house train. Like I mentioned above they can be stubborn and sometimes they don't want to go outside if it's cold, wet, or just seems too far to travel to. I've talked with many owners who have said their dog is "85-95% trained. That's where I would place the two I have now. 3) They require a lot of attention. They really want to be a... Read more

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    Sat Feb 14 2009

    "If you've never owned dachshunds, no explanation is possible; if you have owned dachshunds, no explanation is necessary." ~Benny Archuleta

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    Sat Feb 14 2009

    Own 3 dachshunds, have been around the breed for over 40 years and wouldn't own anything else! While they have their pitfalls, they still in my opinion are a fantastic breed. Not all people can own a dachshund, as they have their own "attitude", and if you're not up to dealing with that kind of an attitude, then it would be wise to look elsewhere. All three coat varieties have different temperaments, and thorough research on the breed is highly recommended before purchasing one. Males are the hardest to housebreak, but even the females can be a challenge. A dachshund needs to have vigilant obedience, otherwise they are extremely smart and know how to "rule" you!

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    Thu Jan 22 2009

    Ugly dog. Annoying. Obnoxious. Will never own one.

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    Tue Sep 30 2008

    This is not a breed for everyone, but they are great if you have the patience. My boyfriend has a smooth coat Dachshund that is 4 and she is one funny dog!! They do tend to bark when they want to and will chase squirrels at the drop of a hat. But the love, humor, and dedication to their loved ones makes this breed a great one. She will bark at big dogs and sounds mean, but is not at all. She knows she's small and she's just trying to protect herself. These dogs have such silly personalities and love to sleep under the covers with you, esp. the smooth coat ones. I never thought I would fall in love with her the way I have, but once you understand them, you will always want one in your life!

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    Sun Jul 13 2008

    I work at a vet's office and see more evil Dashounds than I care to talk about. I have been around a few that were sweet but most are nerve bags and willing to flip out and bite at the drop of a hat. They are also VERY overbred and are now mostly being bred for fancy color. TONS of health problems too. A recent study on dog aggression listed these guys as number one and I believe it.

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    I am on my second dachsund and I love them both dearly.  I can't say enough good things about them.  As a breed they are a little more emotional as a rule, which can result in an overly vocal and/or nerotic dog.  However, if you have the patience and resources to train them properly you will end up with the most loyal, loving companion you could ever ask for(that is not to say other breeds may or may not be more suited for you).   They are great apartment dogs as long as they get regular walks.

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    Fri Mar 14 2008

    My husband & I have a long haired bager dog Haley the best dog we have ever met loves us both and our cat. She does have a barking issue, we are working on. She is almost a year old. If you have time for this energetic bindle of joy theye are the most loving dogs highly recomend one or two!

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    Mon Sep 24 2007

    I'm on my third Dachshund now and never get tired of them. To me they are one of the most loving dogs as well as entertaining. They love to be at the center of all the action and long to be wherever their master is. They are small and quite clean and easy to take care of. You have to be careful if you have small children though, they can easily hurt the dog if they get too rough. Dachshunds make great watch dogs too...seriously. Nothing gets past them without their knowing. And, like a previous writer stated, they do bark...a lot. Still, they are absolutely the cutest thing on four legs I've ever seen!

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    Thu Jul 05 2007

    I don't dislike them.  They're just not my kind of dog.

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    Wed Jun 27 2007

    Very goofy, looking dogs, very intelligent, but very stubborn and independent and they love to bark and bark like true hunting hounds, they are great indoors though, nice and quiet and affectionet, many are also quite aggressive I find, at the vets, one just wouldn't stop growling and barking at my big lab mix, and my dog just wanted to play. you just have to smile though when you see one or two walking or running, it's so cute and funny!! I love scratching my neighbor's dachund's belly because it's so funnily adorable when her tiny little legs jiggle heavy in pleasure, you can't help hugging their long weenie dog bodies.

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    Fri Jun 01 2007

    I love these dogs!!!!!! They are so cute. I have a short haired Dachshund. My dog doesn't bark but will whine when he is left alone. He loves to get attention. He is great with other people and kids, but he doesn't like other dogs. Over all, I love this breed!!!

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    Thu Aug 24 2006

    I own a miniature smooth Dachshund and i have to say that my Dachshund is indeed the best dog i have ever owned. Firstly she is just unbeleivably cute! she has big brown puppy eyes, a tiny little black nose and big floppy ears. Every where i go, everybody just finds her iresistable and they all stop to stroke her. Secondly my doxie is hilarious! she has an over shot jaw so her tongue sticks out when she sleeps. And she thinks she is a rottweiler, she'll go strutting up to big labs and alsations barking. She has lots of attitude. Thirdly my dog is soo affectionate, she follows me every where and loves sleeping on my lap and cuddling up to me. Fourthly she is friendly and good with children. she loves attention. Fithley she is incredably smart, she can figure out how to get her toys and how to get the dog treats out the cupboard. I just love her to peices and she makes every one smile.

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    Thu Aug 24 2006

    My mom has a longhaired mini named Morgan that has delusions of being an attack dog. She always get a chuckle out of me. She also really likes cheese.

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    Tue Aug 22 2006

    I feel sorry for the males when they go up or down steps!

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    Thu Jul 20 2006

    These dogs are great! They, from my experence have been excellent with my two 6 year old twins. They are easy to care for and are wonderful family pets!

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    Wed Jan 25 2006

    so cute and affectionate, but are prone to skin infections and back disorders

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    Thu Jan 12 2006

    These things can be annoying. But they can also be cute. Bred to fight badgers underground.

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    Tue Dec 06 2005

    Dachshunds are really cute dogs they are friendly and loyal they can be geedy but theres nothin wrong with dat they are really cute when dere pups arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i love doxys (not more dan my friend ilovedachshunds she loves dem more dan any 1) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope u c this al bi

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    Wed Aug 10 2005

    Dachshunds are the greatest dog around, they adore children and people but they alert you when somebodies at the door, They are super intelligent dogs that have a great sense of humor and they are affectionate and fun loving. They like walking but also love to snuggle up to you on the sofa! They are the most adorable things on earth! I own a smooth-haired mini and I love her millions! I just wanted to say Dachshunds Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

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    Sun Jun 26 2005

    Kraut dogs have a lot of heart and are great!

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    Fri May 06 2005

    These little biters are very lovable with there owner, and there family.They are not frendly to others. They are little biters and they bark to much.

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    Mon Feb 28 2005

    Another of God's beautiful creatures. I have two of them. Both are females born in May 1995. They're still strong today at the dog age of 70. One good thing about these dogs is that they don't leave hairballs around the place and they love you unconditionally if you're nice to them.

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    Sun Feb 27 2005

    They are definitely ankle-biters and normally only will relate to one person in the household... but are funny little companions that will keep you laughing. Not that great with children, in my experience.

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    Thu Jul 22 2004

    I think these dogs are cute, but my next door neighbour has a smooth haired miniture that barks and barks and barks all day almost very annoying!!! but I think they neglect it,because it is chubby and must want to go for a walk.When it was a puppy they did everything for it ,but now it's neglected,very cruel!!!

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    Mon Apr 12 2004

    Cute, affectionate- like a mobile sausage with legs and eyes (trust me, I have one!). The only faults they have- they can develop back problems when they're older by jumping down stairs and Vietnamese dog-eaters may really take to Dachshunds. Other than that, they're a really good dog.

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    Wed Dec 17 2003

    these dogs are also very comical... they come in close with the pug on my list.. i love them.

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    Wed Nov 26 2003

    Goofy-looking things, but very cute and affectionate. They have a lot of trouble with stairs, and develop back problems later in life, for more or less obvious reasons.

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    Fri Nov 21 2003

    Ugly mean lil dogs. They have attacked my grand daughters.

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    Sat Jun 21 2003

    looks good to eat so i added another star

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    Wed Nov 27 2002

    We wanted a small house dog that wouldn't be a sissy. We now have two, and they think they are giants. Great watchdogs, they fear nothing.

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    Fri Nov 01 2002

    Gorgeous lovable dogs, and they are very loving. I get offended when someone calls them "weenie" dogs. That's an insult. They are very loyal, but they tend to bark at anything that moves, and will dig up your yard if you let them. Of course, that was what they were bred for, so don't blame them for it.

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    Sat Oct 26 2002

    i'll give'em credit for their unique physique, but most of them are hateful little cusses that wanna attack and bite me.

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    Tue May 14 2002

    My favorite!! They are great as pets and friends. Small also!! You can scoop them up in your arms when necessary!! LOL.

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    Sun Dec 16 2001

    i'm not a fan of small dogs, but there's just something about Dachshunds that makes them totally irrisistable to me. I think they're so adorable and sweet!

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    Fri Nov 09 2001

    I would choose a Dachshund if I was looking for a small, cuddly dog because they are just that, small and cuddly. They are also loyal, friendly and ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, had to get that in... I know two hilarious Dachshunds and they are two of the smartest dogs I've ever met. They understand lots of English and body language. Therefore, in my opinion, Dachshunds are one of the best dogs to have.

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    Sun Sep 09 2001

    You just gotta love weiner dogs --- they're cute and the two I know well are excellent companions. The only drawback is they don't seem to like being alone too much, at least the two I know don't. I really don't know if this is true of the breed or not. In contrast, a chihuahua raised with these two daschunds didn't seem to mind being alone at all.

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    Tue Jul 03 2001

    These dogs are cute I have to admit, they are very nice dogs and they have a great personality!

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    Thu Dec 28 2000

    I've never had a dachshund but have had the opportunity to meet two. Both of these dogs were very sweet and outgoing. Their owners absolutely adored them and they return(ed) the adoration. They are very good natured dogs and a very good choice for small houses and apartments.

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    Mon Apr 24 2000

    These are fine if you have the time to pay alot of attention to them.They do not like to get their stomachs wet.

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    Tue Apr 18 2000

    The miniature female dachshund we have is a great dog. She is funny, with a real personality that keeps us entertained. She is territorial, often trying to defend our turf like she is a Great Dane. She is very loving once she gets to know you, which only takes a friendly visit or two.