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    Fri Oct 30 2009

    This is one of the WORST retail companies I have EVER seen they SELL CRAP and do not stadn behind their product. By boyfriend unknowingly bought 2 things from here and they both broke and Cresent will DO NOTHING about it and neither of them were cheap... THEY ROBBED him BLIND... NOT QUALITY !!!!! and FOR THOSE OF YOU looking for the head office number here it is... 1-902-463-7177 I HOPE THIS COMPANY goes under for poor service and even poorer quality.. If i could rate it a NEG i WOULD!!!!! SHOP BEN MOSS or Mappins they fix anything

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    Sat Jan 24 2009

    If there was a way to give minus stars I would rate this company -5. They do not stand behind their product and sell an inferior product. How they get away with this is amazing. I purchased a ring from them and found that it was not white gold but gold (or some gold colored metal) dipped in white gold (or some type of silver colored metal). I took it back and they refused to work with me or do any repairs. Recently I discovered the prong was loose and they said to take it somewhere else to have it fixed. Do not buy anything from this company!

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    Wed Jan 07 2009

    crescent did have some very strange policies that effected not only the customers but the employees. I was a sales associate at a crescent location and I tried my best to get everything right for my customer although the company really did noting for them. I do apologize cause I know about rude employees they were rude even to coworkers. Thankfully though I worked with a good bunch and when we closed I made sure that I made as many customers as I could happy. I live in a small town were i see my old customers almost every day and they are all very pleased with me. And to this day i help them with any questions.

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    Wed Dec 31 2008

    I am trying to find out who to contact about the crescent diamond warrenty,,one of my diamonds fell out and i have no idea who to contact!!! do the have anymore stores open???

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    Wed Aug 27 2008

    Is there a way to only give 1/2 a star? I mean, literally, Crescent is THE WORST company ever. I had my rings resized and when I had gotten my rings back, I noticed that two of my diamonds were cracked. When I brought it to their attention, they told me they would have to ask the jeweler. Well, they sent the ring back to the jeweler and he put two diamonds in that were 3 point diamonds, instead of the same 5 point diamonds that I had in there. Now my diamonds are almost falling out and now they refuse to fix their shoddy work.

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    Mon Aug 18 2008

    Crescent Jewelers gold not as high quality as they inform you We paid about $3000.00 for a gold ring with diamonds. Today we took it to a Jeweler to find out it is very poor gold and poor diamonds told us it was worth less than $100.00 and said we got ripped off. We would love to get our money back, if anyone has help info. this would be great

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    Sun Apr 27 2008

    Crescent is closing now, going out of business for good... somebody said that the company went bankrupt but I really hope that they're not. I bought a nice diamond and pearl earring from their San Ysidro store during our last trip there. It was on sale, marked down really low that I couldn't believe the price. It's a beautiful piece and I really love it. I am an avid jewelry fan and I really inspect the items that I buy thoroughly. It's a great bargain. The stores made me feel like they are giving away all the items that they have. Needless to say, I felt really sad for Crescent because I have quite a few pieces of treasures from them. My daughter's first jewelry pieces came from them. For what it's worth I've never had any problems with them, except from some diamonds falling out from setting, which is normal for regularly worn jewelry. Service is always great and I may have been just lucky to always get nice associates that are polite and patient with me.

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    Tue Apr 08 2008

    Feb 14 my husband went to crescent jewelers and bought me an anniversary band. Later on that night he suprised me with it but of course he didn't get the right size so I had to take it back the next day to have it sized. To my surprise they said it would take 2-3 wks to get it. Which totally shocked me cause I've never heard of it taking that long to size a ring. After dropping it off I had talked to my sister and she had told me to be careful cause some jewelry stores swap diamonds for cubic zirconia's. My mouth completly dropped and from then on was very worried. Well a couple of weeks passed and nothing so I called and the girl told me it might take a few more wks. I just about flipped out when she said that. I kind of started being really crazy with her and I apologized cause I understood that it wasn't her fault. But I had explained to her that my 1st payment would come before I even had my ring. Which I thought that was RIDICULOUS. So to make a long story short(more like a horror... Read more

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    Mon Mar 24 2008

    I could'nt even fax a resume over to crescent jewelers. When I called to get the fax number, the girl told me that it was the same number as the one I just called. Some1 tell me how that is possible. Then I tried to obtain the number on-line and I found alllll these terrible reviews about this place, it sounds like crescent jewelers is not the place for me. But if you need Diamond advise from an uneducated girl I would tell you to go for sure!!

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    Mon Sep 10 2007

    My fiance and I recently bought our wedding bands at Crescent. Of course it was after that I started looking into this websites, as well as some other review websites. We received a call saying our rings were done but when I went to go pick them up only his was done. Mine was not finished until a week and a half later- which was passed when we were promised. The associates didn't even know I was picking up two rings. They allowed me to sign for my fiance's without any ID- we still have different names, I could have been anyone. Then I really started looking for reviews and felt uneasy about making a such a large purchase there, but of course we were promised by the employee that he would take care of us if we needed anything- only to find out he has very little say in the company and works only 2 days a week. We tried to go back and return the rings, along with the printed out Money-back guarantee that they state on their website and were receiving some resistance from a different sale... Read more

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    Tue Aug 28 2007

    We bought a ring and one of the diamonds fell out and they will not fix it. They gave us the run around and won't give me the corporate #. We tried to deal with the sales reps 3 times and they told us there is nothing they could do. We only have had the ring for 4 months. Now what. Zero satisfaction. Will not do business in the future! The only reason I put 1 star is cause I had to inable to submit this.

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    Sat May 19 2007

    I am not one to complain, but I am big on customer service and quality. I believe you should stand behind the product you sell. I unfortunatly did not have good customer service. I got a great deal with my ring, and I love it, but the white gold came off before a month was over... Okay I can understand that, but when I asked about it I got the run around and finally I asked for corp. and they said "those do not exist with our company". Thats odd???? But Fine, then they said I could exchange it for something of less value? I got married with this ring.... So I am just putting up with it, but I wish thier customer service was better... I will not purchase through them again however...

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    Wed Mar 28 2007

    (0) ZERO STARS!!! DO NOT SHOP HERE! THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWFUL!!! PLEASE DO NOT SHOP HERE!! I hope that by posting my story, that I can save someone else a lot of dispair and heart break. What should be the happiest occasion in my life, is now one of the most confusing and troublesome because of the mistake of Jeanine Kib, the manager of the Valley Fair Crescent Jeweler's store. My fiance proposed on Valentine's day, with a gorgeous diamond ring that he had purchased at Crescent Jewelers in Modesto. We live in San Jose, so we brought it to Valley Fair (Santa Clara, CA) to be sized. The ring was dropped off on February 19th to be sized, and for a small nick to be polished. We were given a "promised" time of 2-3 weeks for the ring to be returned. Well- March 20th rolls around- and still NO RING! I had been calling Valley Fair off and on to find out when my ring would be ready, and the sales associates kept telling me "It will be here hun, be patient, it's being worked on in T... Read more

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    Wed Mar 14 2007

    Crescent Jewelers in Redding, CA located on 900 Dana Drive is terrible. I've been going there for a little over a year to try to have them fix my ring that they messed up in the first place. The sad thing is that it's not even fixed. I'm just so tired of going back and try to have them fix it. It takes them 4-6 weeks each time and after going in for about 7 times I'm just tired of going in. I've been going back and forth so much that I've lost count. I now end up with a ring that is not satisfactory. I've been so unsatisfy to the point that I have had nightmares. If I could turn back time, I would never consider crescent jewelers. Worst of all, it's my wedding ring. Looking at the ring reminds me of this horrible experience.

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    Mon Jan 22 2007

    Ok first of all to all of you diamond not know it alls. Diamonds are forever gold is not. Gold wears. And if you buy white gold you should know that it is made from yellow gold and it will always fade back to yellow. Secondly if you go into a car dealership and the sign says 150 dollars and you come to find out it is 15,000 of course your not going to get it for 150 dollars I wouldn't even ask you cheap idiot. I have been shopping at Crescent Jewelers for years and have had nothing but good service. The only type of people who would disagree are uneducated people who are cheap and want everything for free. Cars fall apart, computers fall apart and so does gold so just fix it and shut up

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    Sun Dec 31 2006

    I realize a lot have genuine issues with crescent.But,you can have those problems with any jewelers.Knock on wood I have never had any of these issues with my diamond rings,earrings,or bracelets that my husband has purchased from them.But,he has baught me a ring from rogers and within a few months the stone which was 1 1/2 carat fell out.No where to be found.I took it back to rogers,after going full throttle redhead on them they replaced it.I have never gone back.When you pay a very pretty penny for your rings ect you DEMAND,EXPECT AND ARE OBLIGATED to have your jewelery not fall apart,if it does it should be taken care of right then and there without charge nor should it be like pulling teeth to have it fixed.Word of mouth can make or break a business.And if customer service is not up to par.They should be let go.THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT !!That is the 1st rule of thumb in any business.Because without customers,you're bankrupt.

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    Tue Jun 06 2006

    I got my wedding set here too, my wedding band is great and I love it but the rest was not the right k and thte metel bent really bad to the point of not being able to wear it after one month. I paid 1500 for a ring that I could get maybe 50bucks for.

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    Sat Apr 15 2006

    Jewelery is for suckers and posers and most Jewelery stores are as trust worthy as the worst used car dealer. The chains should never be trusted, it looks like they are all about it.

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    Sat Apr 15 2006

    BAIT AND SWITCH.......Old game being played again in Manteca, CA!!!! I went in looking for a gift (lured by the 80% off signs in the window) and found a ring #818393 for $45.00 in the discontinued, discounted items. I thought it was nice and would be a great gift for my mom's birthday. When I went to the register to pay.....who would guess.....the ring rang up for several HUNDRED dollars more!!! The girls called their District Manager, Rudy who said it was a human error and we're all humans and make mistakes, then asking the dumbest question...."hadn't I ever made a mistake?" Of course, I told him, (I'm in sales) but I make it right to my customers and deal with how the error was made later. Whatever happened to customer service, satisfaction and honesty?! Calls to the office in Suisan City office were made and they told me to go back and demand the ring at the advertised price and that they would call and tell the employees that they needed to sell it for the price written on t... Read more

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    Thu Mar 30 2006

    I took my wedding band in to be fixed. The Crescent Store in Yuma lost it. So they replaced it with another one i had for 2 months and the diamonds started to fall out. We fought with them about fixing it. They wanted to charge me for the diamonds but not the labor. Five months later they found my orginal wedding band set and now they want to exchange it for the one i have. With no regards to the fact that i like the one i have now. In all reality they should just give me back my orginal and let me keep the one i have know as i have to have it fixed as it is. I will never shop at a Crescent Jewelers again and neither will any of my friends

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    Thu Mar 30 2006

    Crescent jewelers is a great place to start credit or even reestablish it compared to other jeweler stores that will look a you and only accept you for layaway. It did a great job for many that i know and there customer service is good a well. i had many of the sales people explain to me the quality and the clarity of diamonds and i was able to make a educated decison. AND who would in there right mind be sympathetic to someone who lost their own earing? AND anyother store will tell you that crescent coulda woulda just so you will come back to their store after you mistake.

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    Wed Mar 29 2006

    I'm going to have to disagree with alot of the comments on this site. No matter where you go, there will always be a day where you don't get the best customer service. I've been going to Crescent for years now, and I know they pride themselves on their excellent customer service. To the lady who lost the earing...of course the other "reputable" jewelry stores are going to tell you that, they want you to shop in THEIR store, they'll tell you anything you want to hear to get you in their store. I hope you didn't listen to them, if you did, it's your own dumb luck. Why would somebody give you an earing YOU lost? If someone stole your car the day after you got it, would you go back to the dealer and say give me a new one?

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    Fri Mar 03 2006

    I say we have a class action lawsuit against Crescent Jewelers. They don't take care of their customers, and tricked me by giving me a lousy $25 discount and didn't tell me sales is final. Screw the Regional Supervisor - Amir XXX who didn't give me the time of day. Loser! That's why I call Crescent Jewelers a scam. A state civil lawsuit will settle it. BTW, try going to other stores to return the item within 30 days. There're some employees who are nice enough to follow their company "customer satisfaction guarantee" on their website.

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    Wed Feb 01 2006

    Crescent Jewelers has the worst customer service ever. I guess it's kind of my fault because I should have known from the way the sales people barely spoke english and didn't know anything about the diamonds in their own store! They couldn't tell me their size, clarity, color or even the correct price. They tricked me into buying a ring by saying my credit line would only be good if I opened the account right then and there and they were about to close. They said I had thirty days to exchange or return the ring in case I wanted to come back when I had more time to shop. They also gave me a discount of 10% and that's what they used as their excuse when they refused to take back my horrible engagemnent ring that has three huge black inclusions. I could only see it after I left the store. They don't do custom rings and their selection is horrible. I took my ring back to clean it and it looked worse than when I gave it to them. I need to have it sized also but Iknow they are going to try t... Read more

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    Mon Jan 30 2006


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    Sun Jan 29 2006

    The happiest day turned into the worst day ever. My husband bought me a beautiful pair of diamond hoop earrings for Christmas. The most expensive piece of jewelry I've ever had beside my wedding rings and to say I was estastic is an understatement. I wore them on the 26th of Dec for a girls day out with my mother and sister in law. The very first time I wore them I lost one!!!. I have been wearing hoop earrings for 30 years and have never lost one, except in bed. To say that I was devastated is an understatement. I went back to the retail store to tell them of my experience and to let them know that I knew there was nothing that they could do, but to give me the contact info regarding the manufacturer, as I had issue with their shoddy workmanship. The manager, completely unsympathetic, said there was nothing they could do. I asked to speak with the district manager, who I was told at the time had been in an accident and was out for a week. She would call me then. Its been a month and s... Read more

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    Wed Jan 18 2006

    DO NOT GO TO CRESCENT JEWELERS!!!! Not even if it is to get a simple job done such as getting your ring re-sized. My boyfriend recently gave me my dream ring. A princess cut diamond ring with small diamonds on each side. Unfortunately it was too big for me and I took it to Crescent to get it sized for my finger thinking it would be no big deal. When I got it back, right away I noticed something was wrong. The diamonds on the very end did not make a straight line with the other diamonds like it was before. It turns out they switched a couple of the diamonds on each end with bigger, cracked, yellow diamonds that obviously did not match. I've spoken to other retail jewelers who have informed that my ring is now ruined because it is nearly impossible to repair and that I should ask for reimbursement. So far, no luck. They refuse to to take responsibility. Stay away from this store!!!!!!! You have been warned!!!!

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    Tue Jan 17 2006

    My husband bought me a wedding set from crescent jewelers and he spent well over $14,000 and everything he's purchaced there has been paid for.I went in to have my rings sized and to have the white gold that tured to yellow turned back to white gold.I asked for them to be a 5 1/4 and they sent it out and gave it back to me a 5 1/2.The white gold was fixed but in less than 2 months it has turned yellow again and the bottom of my bands are alot thinner then before.It went from Imperial to Imperial crap.Even though we wern't happy the only place to get a band that's the same was from this company.We had to pay for the ring in advance and I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN THE RING BUT I SURE HAVE SEEN THE CREDIT CARD STATEMENT.I have tried calling the manager at the Tucson Az Park Mall location and she has not returned my phone call after she said that she would call me back before the end of the day.I would't reccomend this company to anyone!Not even my worst enemy!But if you like to get screwed over ... Read more

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    Mon Dec 05 2005

    Diamond is fine but customer service sucks! I have been treated so badly over the phone and in person. If you're going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on diamonds, go somewhere where they treat you right.

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    Mon Nov 21 2005

    Wish i'd looked at this site before i bought my jewelry. I bought a wedding ring from the roseville Ca. store. Its not a year old and one diamond fell out and the main one is loose. The store is saying im out of luck. I took the ring in and you can clearly see there is no damage,nothing has been hit or bent, its just falling apart. The store gave me a phone number that was wrong and they wouldnt give me the corp.number. Good thing i live in a small town.....the corp. number is 510-273-2514. terrible service so far but i'll let you know how this turns out. They are supposed to call waiting.

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    Mon Nov 14 2005

    My husband put a ring on layaway in the Visalia, CA store. We put money down filled out the paperwork and watched them put it in the safe. We went back 3 weeks later to get it and they sold it to someone else. Then to top it off they wanted to take the remainder of our balance and order us another ring. We didn't give them the money but we told them to order our ring. Our ring came in 6 months after our wedding in the wrong size and now they want to charge us to size it. My advice to anyone who is thinking of going there is RUN RUN away from that or Crescent Jewelers as fast as you can. I can't even get anyone to give me the phone number to their coporate headquaters. Very bad customers service, I got married without my ring and now it's the wrong size that was suppose to be the easy part of getting married buying the rings....

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    Thu Sep 08 2005

    My husband purchased my wedding band including insurance with Crescent Jewelers. A few months later all the stores in my area closed. Crescent Jewelers failed to inform their clients that our local stores would be closing or how they my compensate my insurance policy. When I called the telephone number on their website, the gentleman who attended to me was not able (due to company policy) to provide me with any answers or the telephone number to corporate office. I think Crescent Jewelers is very unprofessional and does not comply with their promises. I would never recommand anyone to purchase anything from their stores.

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    Thu Aug 18 2005

    If I could give NEGATIVE stars, I would! This company is HORRENDOUS!!!! They claim Superior Service Commitment and total customer satisfaction as part of their Five Star Guarantee, but that's all a bunch of lies! My boyfriend and I went in to look at engagement rings, and, to my surprise, my boyfriend actually found one he thought was a good deal and agreed to buy it. After we applied for credit and purchased the ring... our account was actually charged for the ring... the mgr, Frank Lopez, realized he made a mistake and quoted us the wrong price for the ring. He said he wouldn't be able to sell us the ring (wanted to charge us $170 more). I argued that he'd ALREADY SOLD US THE RING... our acct was charged and papers were signed... but he refused to box up our ring. When we tried to complain to the regional mgr, Cynthia Vendenbroeck, she kept us on hold for over 20 minutes AND hung up on us TWICE! I've since tried contacting the VP, James Peregrino (the famous Mr. P.), and he refuses t... Read more

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    Fri Aug 12 2005

    service is horrible,white gold is turning yellow (wearing through)in 6 months $4,000 ring!!!!!!

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    Fri Aug 12 2005

    This place makes me physically sick! I have spent almost $10,000 with them and they can't even fix any of my jewelry!! I purchased, necklaces, bracelets, rings & earings (all diamonds!) and my husband bought our wedding set there. One of my white gold rings turned yellow after just 1 month and they want to charge me to fix it and they will send it off for that - heck no - my wedding set came back looking WAY different after it was sized! Too bad I didn't notice after the 1st piece - maybe because I didn't wear it often. The employees no nothing - none the less enough english to understand my fricken complaint! Wow, aren't there any humans anymore?

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    Mon Jul 11 2005

    I purchased a wedding set priced at $4,000.00, and it has been repaired over 20 times in 18 months!!! The stones are always falling out and it turns black(the gold). Currently, my new jeweler at Emerson & Farrar (the best store ever!!!)has informed me that the diamonds are of very poor quality, the repairs are a terrible job, and during the repairs, Crescent has chipped several of my stones. They have even replaced my center stone, a 1/2 carat diamond, with a 1/3, like I wouldn't notice!!!! It is sad that my wedding ring, which should be the symbol of happiness, is a source of total aggrivation. Not to mention, with all the repairs, they have my wedding ring more ofter than I do. I have requested a refund from the beginning, and was obviously told no, all the way up the corporate ladder. I have filed several complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The company stated, they don't have to reply to the BBB complaints. Never, ever, buy from them, I am not the only angry ripped of... Read more

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    Mon Apr 11 2005

    if you like to gamble with your money heres the place for you......beware

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    Wed Mar 30 2005

    I completely disagree with a lot of comments on this site. I have been an employee with Crescent for 2 years. I have been promoted, awarded, and recognized. I want to personally thank Mr.P, you are a true inspiration to me. If you run for Cj president you got my vote. This is you Knish signing off!

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    Fri Feb 04 2005

    I am in complete agreement with everyone elses comments on this site. So far I have been lucky compared to the other problems I have heard of. But in an attempt to build out credit my husband and I financed my engagement ring there. Luckily we only have one more payment. We could have bought the same thing elsewhere for half the price. All their associates are clueless, their management changes like the weather. They are not reputable at all and have absolutely no idea of what customer service is. Why they are in business I will never know. My horror story is this: We purchased a Platinum ring and for it to be one of the strongest metals-we keep having to return it and have them redo it because it keeps bending. Before we make that last payment I am going to take it to another jeweler and see if they can evaluate it in any way. Please don't shop there and if you decide to.........BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

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    Thu Jan 27 2005

    TERRIBLE TERIBLE TERRIBLE!!!!!!! They switched my ring on me and now I am having to pay for an independent appraisal to prove that it's not my ring and am demanding a full refund!!! DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT shop with them!!!

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    Wed Dec 15 2004

    my husband bought my engagment ring as the crescent store in el paso and so far i have had to change my diamond twice for cracks! it's really frustrating and getting expensive since we're now on the east coast and have to keep fexex-ing it!!ARGH! what can i do!?

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    Mon Nov 22 2004

    RUN AWAY FAST!!! These people are the worste. I gave a deposit of $1,000 for a $5,000 engagement ring. I left it to be sized and they had switched the stone with another cracked and yellow stone. I tried to get my money back so I could use towards another ring elsewhere but their management won't give back. No one knows how to fix this and eeven the senior management are idiots. DO NOT BUY HERE!!! IF you need to build up credit, better to go to smaller jewelry stores.

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    Fri Oct 29 2004

    The management of these stores has been absolutely terrible. I can see why so many of the stores are closing down after they declared bankruptcy. It's some of the people that worked at the stores that I will miss. I feel for them being tossed out of their jobs like yesterdays garbage without any notice. A company of that size had to know what was going on and should have notified those individuals what was transpiring. After talking to some of them (Crescent employees) I can see why they are so disgusted with the company. I will never by another item from that company and I will pass the word out to many other people I know not to ever use this company again. They sure don't know how to take care of their customers or thier employees.

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    Sat Oct 02 2004

    i bought my wedding set from these people. i am so mad. it turns out that my prongs are set wrong and that i have three chipped diamonds. for the amount i paid for this ring it sucks. i will never buy from them again.

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    Sat Sep 18 2004

    These people suck!!!! I kept my account in good standing with them, then the store closed and they never let me know where to send my remaining payments to. 2 years later I have collection agencies calling me, and my credit report is screwed up. Take some good advice, buy elsewhere.

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    Sat Aug 21 2004

    I have never seen such unprofessional business practices in my life. The management is horendus. The regional manager of district 76 which is run under the direstion of Rodger Hodges, really has no idea on managing a group of stores or following up with customer complaints! He is also involved in ilicit drug usage and allows employees to steal and commit fraud within his stores. One manager in particular, Susie Torres, the manager in the Alamogordo NM store has gotten away with so many uncivil and unlawful acts. The company is soon to face some lawsuits for discrimination practices taking place. They want to recover from their bankruptcy, but continue to violate people, and people and employees will continue to file lawsuits against them. In addition, they have bounced payroll checks numerous times, and don't want to reimburs the employees for their added bank and NSF charges!! This company is chaotic, how could a corporation practice such business practices?!

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    Mon Aug 02 2004

    Fairly good pricing, but unimaginative designing. Great for bargan hunters only.

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    Tue Apr 27 2004

    I have financed a jewelry with them and paid it off. But then it shows on my credit report that I still owe them $93. I have the reciept to prove that I paid off my account with them. It sucks 'coz they mess up my credit.

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    Wed Jan 07 2004

    I bought a gold necklace from them. The saleslady told me I was buying a higher karat product than it actually turned out to be. I'll never buy jewelry from them again.