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    Wed Jan 25 2012

    I had Cox service in Henderson, NV. I honestly feel this company needs investigated by the FCC. 1) I never received all of the channels I was paying for. During installation, the installer hands me his phone, and let's me talk to the 'tech'. I asked why PPV, along with other channels weren't working. She replied "We don't know what's wrong. Oh well." The TV quality on several other channels was ridiculous. Some were static, some looked like tiles, others have a black tiled streak wiggling around. Almost any time I turned on the TV, it was a 50-50 chance that the channel worked. "Oh well." She literally said "Oh well." Unreal. 2) The internet....what a complete joke. The short version is, they are trying to sell 1-2 megabit service as 12 megabit service. And that crap 1-2 megabits drops out relentlessly. You can forget any streaming or gaming on Cox. They throttle that so you can't use it. If you do have Cox, you may want to check your router logs for DoS attacks. If you see them, us... Read more

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    Fri Jan 13 2012

    Dumb employees OR thief employer? - The first issue is that they tried to charge me twice for a modem that I bought already. - The second issue is that I put my payment as automatic detection and it went fine for the first 4 times. The sixth time I knew that I have to pay fees for late payment because one of the dumb employees entered my credit card information wrong and I spent 2 hours to fix it over the phone. So the question is: Why each times one of the customers made a mistake he has to pay a fee, and from the other side if any company made a mistake OR try to thief, all they have to pay is: "We apologize"

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    Sat Aug 13 2011

    Cox Communications is HORRIBLE!! I originally signed up with Cox and had what I thought was an "okay" deal. I was paying $110 for cable, internet, and phone as a bundle since that is what was cheapest at the time. At the same time, I was informed that this would be a 2 year contract. Imagine my surprise when a year later, my cable bill came, and turned to $165! Since I have automatic payments, the amount was drafted out immediately. When I looked at my bank statements, I saw the amount and called right away. The great team of Cox said "I apologize but I can't do anything about the past bill." and continued to say that I had a one year contract and it expired. So lucky me gets to have my price jump $50 for the same exact services I had previously. The team refuses to want to help and says there is nothing they can do. After talking with them for over an hour, they worked the price down roughly $20. Still not satisfied, I decided to call Verzon Fios (much better deals!!). Unfortunately s... Read more

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    Sat Jul 23 2011

    Terrible, Horrible ... you name it. They do not even care about customers. This is one of my happiest days in my entire life since today I became 'Cox Free'!!! I have learnd that att U-verse is now available in my area, so i switched and cancelled Cox. People, if we all, or most of us do that, we gonna be able to end the Cox monopoly and may be that will teach them, the hard way, how to have good customer service.

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    Mon Jul 18 2011

    I was using AT&T U-Verse and was so pleased with the customer service as well as the amazing quality of my internet speed and channels. Within the past month I had to move and unfortunately had to cancel my U-Verse services due to the lack of availability in my new living area. We went with COX assuming it would be just as well rounded as AT&T... Not in the least!! We use an XBox for Netflix and such and the bandwidth can hardly keep up, it's so frustrating. Do your best to avoid Cox with its mediocre services and annoying lack of helpful customer service. Sincerely, Missing U-Verse.

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    Tue Jul 12 2011

    I have had cox for over 5 years and have decided that they have probably the worst customer service(with exception to their tech support team who are awesome.) So when I got Cox in my first house, they dug a trench in my yard and left it open for 2 months, and spilled a drink all over one of my tables in the house and did not tell anyone about it and it almost ruined my table... since then it has GOTTEN WORSE. Which i did not think was possible. My new home was built two years ago, they came out and installed tv, internet and phone. My Phone never worked EVER> after waiting for the tech to come out two times and being a no show I just said forget it, I use my cell phone anyway. Then they had a recent outrageous price increase. $100 for cable and dvr a month? NO WAY! I called and told them that after two years at this service address I would be cancelling the service but keep the internet (like I said the tech team there is awesome if you ever have an issue). She proceeded to tell me sh... Read more

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    Wed Jul 06 2011

    Complete garbage. DVR equipment is not capable of rewinding live TV without pixelation, freeze-framing, and audio issues. Come to think of it, live TV for that matter is often pixelated and with audio issues. You'd be better off with a TV antenna and tin foil. CW Northern Virginia

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    Wed Jun 29 2011

    Sure sounds gay to me.

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    Wed Jun 29 2011

    Cox is pitiful. There customer service reps are generally rude and have no knowledge. The company is completely inflexible, even if you give them a logical reason to do something different, they hire idiots that only know one way of doing things. I have been with them for five years and moved 4 different times. Every time if I have a problem with my internet they send a technician out and he does nothing but causes my internet to slow down at least a third and then they send me a bill for this lousy service. Even though I have the fastest most expensive service, their best modem and their router the internet is slow. I still have to wait for pages to pull up and I often get a lag on netflix. If you do have to call their customer service plan on being on the phone for at least an hour even if all you want to do is cancel your service. What is so hard, "cancel my service", "what is your account number" "Ok Done. I don't understand why they make it so difficult. And don't count ... Read more

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    Tue Jun 14 2011

    I am glad I am not alone with my Cox battle. I was satisfied with Cox until I had them install a router. It has been a 4 1/2 month hell since. After unsatisfactory help by phone I drove a long way to the local office only to find out they can do nothing. Referred me back to the toll-free number. E-mailing their customer service contact is a lesson in frustration. The question is never answered or they say the problem has been resolved when it hasn't. Calling on the phone is a joke. Took 3 months of getting nowhere until finally a woman in SALES was very sympathetic and got the ball rolling. Several people called after that, but then when I called them back, they couldn't remember why they called and in one case the guy I'd talked to the most couldn't remember me when I last called. I am on my third D-LINK and rather than get a 4th, I asked for a different brand. Guy said that's all they install. Neighbor with Cox told me they installed a different brand for them. Absolutel... Read more

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    Wed Apr 13 2011

    The internet on cox cable is 100% useless. I could get better connection speeds with static electricity, which might be what cox cable uses. I cannot connect to the internect 1/4 of the time, and when I DO connect, i generally have terrible lag. 2 computers cannot go on the internet at the same time or else both of them freeze. On xbox live, when nothing else is connected to the internet, with a wired connection, I still have 1 bar connection speeds 75% of the time. I might have the low tier but COME ON!!!!!!! My friends that have the medium tier experience the same terrible quality, with their lag just as bad. DO NOT GET COX CABLE I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT TOOK ME 3 MINUTES TO LOAD THISD DAMN WEBPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Fri Apr 01 2011

    No Unpaid Solution for Harassing Calls with Cox Phone Somehow a couple of criminals obtained my phone number; one of them is identifiable as a scammer on Google by searching his phone number (yes, they were dumb enough to give their numbers to me). One caller - this one from Los Angeles - claimed to be from Publishers Clearing House, informing me that I had won over $700,000. The other caller - Washington, DC - stated that I "had been trying to claim" an award for $700,000 and he wanted to help me receive it. Apparently $700,000 is the minimum that you win these days. I reported this duo to the FCC, but they kept calling; I understand that the FCC can take up to a month to handle any reported issues. I called Cox and asked them to block these two numbers, and was informed that I could do that for a fee of somewhat over $3/month. I asked the Cox representative which other unlawful nuisances I had the privilege of stopping for a fee. Cox then stated that I could pay for the number bl... Read more

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    Thu Mar 10 2011

    I have been with Cox on and off for about 12 years, but at this point, I will never ever go back, and luckily I'm moving in another area. Customer service is more than incredible, with loops in their automated answering service that will drive you out of your mind - absolutely unbelievable that I have to go through several loops and spend 4-5 min on the phone to fine out... the office is closed! Also, several times when I called Cox in the morning, their switchboards were down (now there goes your telephone provider)... it rang twice and then hung up. Again, this happened more than once. In Dec 2010, I had planned to moved, so I put in a cancelation for one apartment and a connect for the other. The move fell through and I called Cox about 2 weeks ahead of time to let them know. While they confirmed the information and while my current apartment was NOT disconnected, they try to charge me for the new connections ... mmmhh? Now, in Feb 2011, they charged me $46.99 for their i... Read more

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    Tue Feb 22 2011


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    Fri Jan 14 2011

    i hat cox they have the worst customer service and the most terrible service instillation department, and every time u call them for an issue your approximate waiting time is 15 to 20 minutes, in general i would not recommend anyone to go with cox as everyone can see their rating on google too is less then 50%, i have been with AT&T, TimeWarner and Verizon before and so far cox was the worst of all of them...

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    Mon Jan 10 2011

    Cox Communications is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. The way they manage their accounts is retarded. If you move they give you a new account number forcing you to register again and again to create a new login. You'd think it'd be much easier to keep the same account info/login and just update the address. So now I have several other logins and account numbers for my old addresses that just sit there, never to be deleted. So of course when I did move I was given a new account number. I went online to re-register for online account management. When I put the number in that they gave me, it wasn't long enough. It wasn't even close. It just barely made half the digits I needed. Wtf!?!?!?!?!?! F*^%ing idiots. When I called to set up an appointment to turn on the internet service in the new apartment. They told me that the internet was never turned off from when the previous resident moved out. So clearly I expected the internet to be on when I moved in. All I would have ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 03 2011

    I hate cox! Ha it for 3months only because they said they wouldn't charge equipment fees i stayed for the 3months =/...during he first 3weeks into it, the servce went out maybe 3 times, almost missed jerseyshore! I got so many viruses with their internet service it wsnt even funny how many times i had to clean the computer! The package is so over priced, all i had was internet and cable for $117(promo price too!) and thats with the next best cable package from basic news channels whch idk y they charge for that! i was paying only $80 wth Time Warner for th same if not more a it never crashed. My apts only allow cox so it sucks! I decided to cancel it and rent movies from redbox with internet service from att!

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    Wed Dec 29 2010

    One of the worst companies i've ever dealt with in my life. If you are thinking about cable vs. satellite, I would highly recommend satellite. The customer service is awful. I have had cable through them for 2 weeks now and already have had to call them 3 or 4 times for various reasons. DO NOT USE COX CABLE, they really are an awful company.

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    Thu Dec 23 2010

    0 stars. I can't connect to my Internet on a daily basis. When I call into cox they make me push buttons unti I getto technical support and then repeatedly disconnect me. Call the number to buy service and they answered right away and when. Asked for technical support they gave me a number for a sec hotline. No joke. Then I called back in and the only idea they had was to call back tomorrow. Worst Internet provider I've ever had

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    We have had Cox for 3 years. The TV picture has always pix-elated intermittently. Also the cable modem has dropped signal strength. This problem is intermittent and they can never fix it. They have found that the problem is in the under ground wires to my house. They will not fix it because it will cost them too much money.

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    It keeps throwing me offline.

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    Thu Oct 28 2010

    After canceling cox I start getting calls from collection agencies telling me I owe $98.00 for failing to return equipment. Meanwhile I had moved and have no clue where the equipment might be. When I canceled the service no one told me I had to return the equipment. Cox never sent me a letter themselves telling me I have to return the equipment. I never even ordered the equipment, it was my ex-roommates she had ordered it from Cox. I have collection agencies calling me telling me I have to return equipment I know nothing about. Not to mention when I call Cox to explain the situation they are completely unsympathetic. Is it that hard to train the customer service rep to tell anyone that cancels an account that they have to return equipment? Is it that hard to contact the customer yourself before you send it over to a collection agency? I will NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!

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    Fri Sep 24 2010

    If I could give less than a star, I would. Cox in Manhattan, KS is charging me $560 for lost equipment (digital box and modem) that I had been paying a monthly fee for, for over a year. I lost the equipment in A FLOOD along with everything I own. And instead of charging the depreciated value of the box and modem they are charging me full price. So as I struggle to keep a roof over my head these Jack holes are pestering me every other day for the money even as I MAKE TWICE monthly payments on the amount owed. The area that flooded was limited to the bottom floors of about 8 apartment buildings. Most had insurance, we didn't and a handful of others didn't maybe it's too much to ask for a big company like Cox to at least have the decency to charge the depreciated value instead of charging us for brand new boxes and modems we had been PAYING THEM to have in our homes every month! Service sucks too. Go with Dish Network if you can. If you get their lowest tier of stuff DVR and HD is free fo... Read more

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    Wed Sep 22 2010

    Cox Communications is atrocious. Where do I begin? How about the sketchy internet, and about once a day the internet suddenly disconnects for no reason? Sometimes it comes back after about 10 seconds, other times not for hours and not even restarting the router will fix it. Besides that, the internet is SLOW and LAGGY. Ah, the TV you ask? UGH! If you like Pay-Per-View events, do NOT sign up! Often, you order a PPV event and surprise, surprise, it won't register. You can call and tell them (that is, if you ever get through customer service, and the incompetent jerks in customer service actually comprehend what you're saying) and they may agree they won't charge you... but I can guarantee you'll see that you've been charged for it at the end of the month, and if you manage to convince them to give you a refund, they act like it's a favor of some sort (but don't expect it) And of course, that doesn't cover the fact that rather frequently, the TV service simply DOESN'T work. The picture an... Read more

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    Tue Sep 21 2010

    Cox Communications has on several occassions found reasons to fire their employees right before retirement! To make matters even worse, they fight to not allow ANY unemployment benefits. I have 2 examples of employees who were fired before retirement who were denied unemployment. The first example did finally receive unemployment benefits 4-weeks later, but the second example was denied all unemployment benefits! I hope digital television runs this disrespectful and unthankful company into the ground. If they continue to mistreat their employees who put them in the position they are in today, it is just a matter of time before this word finally gets out. Please don't continue to support this awful company!

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    Thu Sep 16 2010

    WORST Company EVER!!! Don't use them if you have a choice of other companies. Hopefully you will be spared the aggravation and headaches, and just outright criminal thievery that they get away with. I only use COX as an ISP only because I don't have a choice of any other ISP. I used to have them for Cable TV and Phone as well but canned them due to many problems a couple years ago. Now I don't have a choice for Internet access so am stuck with this TERRIBLE Company. COX has the WORST service I have ever encountered. I overpaid them by accident recently (thought I sent my bill to another creditor of mine) and it's taking an act of congress to try to get them to pay my money back. COX cashed my check almost 3 weeks ago and now they have been chipping away at my overpayment since it's taking forever to get any type of refund from them. If there was another provider in my area, I would switch in a heartbeat. COX is worst than a negative -10 in my opinion. They don't even des... Read more

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    Sat Sep 04 2010

    by far the worst service i have ever experienced it took them 2 weeks to even process my order then another week after that to get out to my house to set up the internet which didn't work. i spent an hour on the phone trying to get the connection to work then finally another 2 days later they sent a tech to my house who wasn't supposed to charge me for their screw up and then charged me a $99 installation fee without telling me. the only reason they are the number 1 service provider in Santa Barbara is because they're pretty much the ONLY service provider in Santa Barbara. I will never use them or recommend them to anyone AVOID if at all possible!!

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    Sat Aug 28 2010

    I have had cable tv/internet service provided by Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner and Cox. I have had each for more than enough time to compare the overall service of each. Without getting into gory details I can state without exception that Cox has hands down, been the absolute worst!

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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    Cox Customer Service personnel are apparently well-trained in the following: 1. Whatever the problem is, it has to be the customer's fault 2. The customer is either incompetent or worse, doing something illegal 3. Never respond directly to a customer's questions. Instead, push a button which has a "canned" response that may or may not be relevant to the customer's question. 4. Always put the burden of researching the problem on the customer. Say things like, "You'll have to call this number or you'll have to visit this website." Don't do any of this legwork yourself. 5. Make sure NOT to keep track of the customer's previous inquiry for the same problem. Make the customer answers the same questions he/she answered the last time. Make the customer start over from scratch each time they make contact. 6.Make sure the customer is not aware of the 255 character limit when they are reporting a problem. Only tell them about the 255 character limit after they have spent a half hour carefull... Read more

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    Fri Jul 30 2010

    Cox did not inform me that the bundle package I purchased was only for a year, one year later my billed increased by 70.00, and they are doing another increase of 10.00 for all (depending on the state/area you live in) then I was told that to get a discount I must sign a 2 year agreement and if I go out of the agreement they would charge me $48.00, even if I moved to an area that Cox does not service. Cox calls the customer service department "Loyalty". Where is the loyalty for customers who pay there bills on time and need the service, I understand rate increases but this amount is obsurd. Attention to all; Please watch out for Cox Communications bundle packages pay attention to the term end date, and the rate you will be charged once the bundle package ends. Bamboozled by COX

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    Wed Jul 21 2010

    I'm a pretty flexible, forgiving and understanding person, but until dealing with Comcast I had never yelled into a phone before to chew out a customer service rep. I moved from RI where I had Cox (phone, cable, internet) and service was great. I envisioned having the same deal just with another company here in MD. No such luck. First, they never showed up. Our house had never had cable installed so we hired an electrician and had him at the house during our 3 hr window. Both me and my wife took the day off from work. I called Comcast 3 times to ensure they were coming that day and was assured they were coming. On the fourth time I was informed they were "coming tomorrow" even though no one had called to tell me they were cancelling or why. They claimed that they called us but since we didn't answer they cancelled the appointment. However, the customer service rep said they called at 2:05 pm and our 3 hr window was 11am to 2pm. Also, I was on the other line when they called ... Read more

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    Mon Jul 19 2010

    Poorest customer service i've ever encontered. Rudest people, poorest technicans, they never could fix their T.V. service so it was watchable (1 yr. of trying). Internet server down half the time. Terrible cable Co.

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    Wed Jul 14 2010

    Zero stars!!! I am on hold trying get my service reconnected for the third day in a row. This is my fourth phone call all of which have Been in excess of 30min on hold. I am still on hold and writing reviews with my waisted time while trying to speak with a supervisor about the shit customer support. This is my previous review. Hands down worst customer service I have every experienced with any business in my entire life! For this day and age it absolutely astounds my that any business never mind a communications company has such poor Interdepartmental communication and coordination. Something so sealing easy as reconnecting Internet service to a home turned out to be a three day event that took four separate calls all on hold for a minimum of no less than 30min!!! In actually being connected to live person the call I'm on hold for now as I'm writing this review I was on hold for an addition 15min waiting to speak with a supervisor to coordinate my issue. I was connected to the wrong d... Read more

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    Fri Jul 09 2010

    I"ve had the cox bundle plan for 5 yrs and i agree with everyone else it sucks right now 7/9/010 my phone is out and if you think thats bad i tried to call for support on my cell phone and cox cable support line is out of order if you dont belive me call 225-615-1000 I"m going to keep internet but nothing else buyer beware

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    Mon May 31 2010

    cox cable is by far the worst cable service ive ever had. ive been with verizon and directv and had great service with them. theres always problems with the cable then when you try to report it, you cant even get customer service directly w/o waiting an hour. my internet goes in and out and my phone has even gone down a few times. i wish i could get a satelite at my new apartment, or verizon's fiber optics. til then, im stuck with this horrible service. if possible.....DO NOT GET COX CABLE!!!!

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    Sat May 29 2010

    I had cox communication as my provider for about four months. This is the worst cable company I encountered so far (worse than ATT, Comcast, charter, and verizon). They do not honor their promotions. The customer service personnel is rude and does not tell you all the promotions that are available. You can call three times and get three different quotes. I initially signed on all three services in a bundle however when I received my bill one month later, it was more than what was quoted to me initially. I decided to cancel cable and phone services and only leave the internet service. The customer service personnel lied and told me that I have to pay full price now for my internet service since I would no longer be in a bundle and neglect to mention that the promotional price that was available for new customers for the first 3-6 months. I later on found out about the promotion for new customer from cox website. I thought I should still qualify for the promotional price for new ... Read more

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    Sat May 15 2010

    If you want to play video games AT ALL, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT get Cox internet. First, your latency is threw the roof, next you have packet loss, and 1K+ ping spikes!

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    Wed May 05 2010


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    Wed Apr 28 2010


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    Fri Apr 16 2010

    The service is OK. Most times the service is up. The worst part is the customer service. I just had the worst customer service contact in the entire time I've been a cox customer. About two weeks ago, I call Cox to add a cable card to my HD Tivo, the representative asked if I was interested in adding telephone service. I explained that I did, but when I tried in the past, they could not port over my phone number. The rep said he thought he knew what was going on and checked something else and came back saying that they could port over the number it was just they had to done something else (I'm not sure what). Unfortunately, I was already late in picking up my kids and couldn't stay on the line to switch. Today,April 16, at 6:50PM, I called Cox customer service to add telephone service to my existing plan. when I called, I got the "we can't port over your number" line. I explained about the other rep and again got the "we an't port over your number." I asked to speak of a supervisor ... Read more

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    Sat Apr 10 2010

    I think it is terrible. I had a lot of trouble with it since it went thru the apt bldg that was a slumlord. They forced me into signing up myself even though they were paying for it. The customer service guy seemed not to understand that and filled it out as if it was for myself. There was no talking to him. Unfortunately, then when it changed and they weren't paying it anymore it charged me. I had not realized it changed not looking at the muck they sent me as newsletter and theirs. The rep was very rude. They also tried to charge me extra. When I had called back and asked thinking of maybe to continue the other one changed me to a higher plan w/o my knowledge. The girl said well I could stop getting it. I finally got a supervisor who took out part of it when they shouldn't have been charging me. I knew it was impossible. It goes straight to Phoenix on that so they are not very good. The trouble is that they pick that type of person out on purpose. I know they do. I have it now thru a... Read more

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    Fri Apr 09 2010

    Overall unsatisfactory service, particularly with cable. I've had Cox broadband for several years, and probably would have switched except that until recently they were the only game in town. During the initial installation the tech didn't have the free cable modem promised in the offer I signed up with, and offered to sell or rent me one instead. When I told him to cancel the install he offered to bring me one later that day, which he left hanging in a plastic shopping bag on my front door. I had intermittent losses of service about once every 3-5 weeks at first, each time the tech they sent "fixed" the problem. Finally when I called to cancel they sent two techs out who pored over the line for about 45 minutes, then said that the refurbished free modem was faulty. Rather than rent one from them I bought a modem and service has been fine since then. Oh, other than being over-billed for about 6 months. I've only had cable TV with them for a little over a year, and until recently it's... Read more

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    Thu Apr 01 2010

    By far the worst customer service I've ever seen at a cable company. They charged me $123 more than what my bill was when I created a roommate account and claim that I still owed them money. I have the statements to prove I owe them nothing. Don't get their cable or internet go with Verizon Fios and Dish Network instead.

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    Wed Mar 24 2010

    Decided to upgrade to DVR service and take advantage of a promotion. They had no DVR receivers for pickup at the locale office for 2 weeks finally was able to get one and they said the promotion was over. They gave me the DVR and said to try calling customer service. I called customer service and was told to bad. Now the promotion is back on 2 months later and the still won't honer it. I pay $160 a month and this is how they treat me. I'll be looking for satellite now

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    Wed Mar 17 2010

    I made the mistake of going with paying my bill by debit to my checking account. Cox stopped sending me statements and started overcharching me. I cancelled my internet service three months ago and they are still billing me for it. I have been to the office twice and still they keep overbilling me without sending a statement. I am calling a satelite company as soon as I get these people out of my checking account.

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    Thu Feb 25 2010

    cox communications is my cable ISP in the phoenix area. They have very good service here, at least in chandler. About 4 years ago I wouldn't have been saying the same. I experienced a lot of downtime, but then again the santan freeway was coming up right next to my home, which probably played a role in the continuous downtime. Nowadays, I can go months without a single disconnection. I would've gave cox 5 stars since I'm so very pleased with the uptime, but they have this annoying redirect to their search engine when a website cannot be found. It was enough to make me spam the search with f u cox commucations kill yourself etc out of annoyance. Oh and I almost forgot, cox likes to throttle bandwidth when I'm torrenting. That's also upsetting. I don't have much of a need personally for torrents, so it's not a real problem for me.

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    Sun Feb 21 2010

    Cox is the WORST cable company in the entire country. I've been with them for 2 years now...and I'm stuck with them because they're the only company that services my area. The first year of my service, they gave me a faulty modem for my "high-speed" internet that NEVER worked. I had to call customer service over and over to have them reset the signal...they were never courteous to send out a tech to fix the problem. Also, everytime I called, my phone number was NEVER recognized through their ridiculous automated system...that gets frustrating after a while. Finally, I had enough one day...I had homework due and a paper to write and the internet went down once again! I called cox IRATE...pretty much yelling at them the whole time, then they snapped into reality and had a tech come out. The tech that came out was REALLY weird and slow...I was late for class trying to kick him out of my apartment! They replaced the modem and said they might charge me for the visit...I called IRATE AGAIN. ... Read more

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    Fri Feb 19 2010

    I was going to go with COX until they cancelled my installation date. I called them up fussing and they gave it back. The problem is the installation tech never showed up. When I called them back they set me up for another date a week later! I said you advertise SAME day NEXT day installation! Now its going on two weeks I have been waiting for cable. My husband said kiss my ass! We called Dish Network and they'll be here tomorrow for less than half the price COX was charging! COX is getting too big for its own good.

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    Mon Feb 01 2010

    We had Cox cable about 4 years ago and the cable was CONSTANTLY going out. Their prices were outrageous and we finally had enough and switched to DirecTV. Haven't had ONE TV outage in the 4 years we've been with them. Now - we're stuck with Cox as our ISP as they're really the only one in the area with "true" high speed internet. When it is up and running - we're getting what we pay for. The problem however is that it's ALWAYS down (just lie their cable service used to be). If you have any other option for an ISP, I would certainly look at them before settling with Cox. You're going to constantly be going through nightmares and headaches!! Finally, when it comes to customer service, Cox has by far some of the worst and uneducated people working in their call center. It's obvious they're reading off of a script when you call and tell them you have a problem. Normally they don't really listen to the issue I have, and just provide me with a standard canned answer. If I ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 25 2010

    Pretty bad! It starts with cable and internet outages that are much more frequent than they should be. Interestingly enough, it doesn't matter how much time your service is unavailable but you somehow end up paying the same thing. Their phone system makes it very difficult and frustrating to try to talk to an actual representative to help you with anything. Several years ago, they even sent me to collections claiming I hadn't returned a cable box that they gave me a receipt for when I returned. They were 100% unwilling to correct their mistake even after being provided with proof. It took me over three years and formal disputes to get that off my credit report. The only reason I can't bring myself to give them the absolute worst rating possible is they do have some very friendly and helpful field technicians. Perhaps at some point they will consider using that portion of their business as a model for how they begin to correct some of their other serious issues.