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    Tue Jan 31 2012

    It was just two tanning beds that I sent to my new office in Dallas. I have used Compass Van Lines before, so was sure about my goods’ and machines’ safety in their hand. As usual they served me with a clean deal. The fee was as usual worth the service.

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    Mon Jan 30 2012

    This is the company who shipped my Honda GoldWing to my new residence. The movers showed up on the moving day with a standard box van. They handled my vehicle with utmost care & concern. I saw them handling it with the same amount of care which I handle it with. Thanks for understanding the value of my precious bike.

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    Sun Jan 22 2012

    I hired Compass Van Lines because they were reasonably priced and because the company rep promised me that the way my items would be picked up on a decided date it would be delivered at my new home on my requested date. I was OK with the condition and scheduled my pickup date 6 days before necessary. The pickup boys came at 8 a.m. in the morning and started according to their working policy. The delivery boys and the truck drivers were equally punctual and hardworking as the pickup boys were. I am satisfied with their work and will recommend them anytime.

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    Mon Jan 16 2012

    I got my final delivery on 10th January and got each and everything that we left in our previous home. From the first contact via referral to the last call after our move was over we had nothing but professionalism from this company. From the front office folks to the operational crew everybody was superb and very knowledgeable. To sum up I can say that they are an outstanding moving company.

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    Wed Jan 11 2012

    Our office move went remarkably well with Compass Van Lines. We put a bit extra effort in searching for a reputable moving company in Texas. My effort was not wasted and I am proud that I chose Compass.

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    Tue Jan 10 2012

    My husband had to join his new company within 15 days and so he left for Colorado City earlier than us. I had to wait till my children’s exams were over and had to solve and close some matters in Austin before I could shift there. For me it could have been a very tough situation while handling all these things on my own if Compass were not there. They really helped me in a number of ways. I can’t thank them enough for this. I would like to thank all your staff did in organizing a smooth and stress-free move for me.

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    Fri Jan 06 2012

    May I take this opportunity to thank the crew manager from Compass Van Lines and his entire team for such wonderful and professional service? All of my belongings were delivered the day-before-yesterday. The crew manager kept in touch with me the entire time and it made the coordination easy. Thanks much…

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    Wed Jan 04 2012

    I wanted my old mom dad to come and stay with me. Their house was not far from mine but it takes time to reach there. I called Compass Van Lines for relocating my parents’ stuff to my house and they packed & transferred everything within 2 days. Very prompt job! Thanks!

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    Tue Dec 27 2011

    I recommend Compass Van Lines for their precise and affordable price quotes. What they assured me while setting the plan was very much the same. Furthermore, being a student I got some discounts as the moving quotes also. This was simply a double bonanza especially for a student like me, who doesn’t have any fixed income. Guys, you have the heart!

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    Mon Dec 26 2011

    As my factory was located in a residential area, so complaints were pouring in from residents regarding the pollution issue. So, I decided to move my factory to elsewhere and that’s why I found no better option than hiring Compass Van Lines. The movers were really professional and today I don’t have any issues in admitting that the crew was really great. They adhered to the codes of ethics and managed everything in a nice way. Each and every equipments and tools were wrapped scientifically, labeled and put in cushioned crates in an organized way.

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    Thu Dec 22 2011

    I had hired the service of Compass Van Lines for the purpose of temporary storage, at a time when my house was getting renovated due to roof leakage. The movers were really worth hiring. The crew packed each and every item carefully, labeled neatly on the boxes in such a way that I did not even feel the headache while unpacking and reassembling. The fleet was technically well equipped and large enough to accommodate the items safely.

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    Tue Dec 20 2011

    As we had lots of fragile and antique items with us, so we were in search of a reliable movers and packers who could really take good care of our items while relocating. Suddenly I came to know about Compass Van Lines from one of my colleagues. I hired them few months back and got real satisfaction. They made my move a safe one. They packed the items with special tape, blankets, bubble wraps and cardboard boxes and did a praise- worthy packing to Glass items, Computers ,Flat TV’s , ceramic pots etc. Not a single item was banged up or broken. Safe move indeed!

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    Mon Dec 19 2011

    Let’s get to the point straightaway. Compass Van Lines is known for their commendable customer service. They strictly adhere within the codes of ethics of a good business and are not at all fake. What they say they mean it by any means. Keep up the marvelous work guys!

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    Tue Dec 13 2011

    With Compass Van Lines there is obviously no room for regret! Trust me guys. First of all, the crew was very experienced. They were working in an organized and planned manner, which is why they were able to work swiftly. I‘m just happy to have such an experienced a pleasant move. Really a good value for money! I will definitely use their service in future and recommend others to do the same.

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    Mon Dec 12 2011

    When it came to moving, I was bit concerned as I had heard before that there are multiple of companies, who don’t keep their promises. Suddenly, my friend came and gave me the contact details of Compass Van Lines. We put our money on the mover and I must admit that we were pretty lucky to choose them as they were really good enough. They did everything what they promised and I don’t have any problem singing their praises.

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    Fri Dec 09 2011

    Unfortunately nature played a cruel trick with me, the day I was supposed to move, it was raining cats and dogs outside but braving such odd situations, the crew members of Compass Van Lines came right on time and managed the moving process strong-handedly. They packed my belongings with extra care so that they don’t get wet or hurt. The driver was also skilled and he drove the goods to desired destination pretty safely. You guys really Rock!

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    Thu Dec 08 2011

    I am a professional painter and have been into this profession for long years. Due to some space crunch in my apartment I decided to move near Houston. I had to move with some great collection of paintings and naturally I was bit concerned about the safety. But I must admit that Compass Van Lines took good care of all my priced possessions and they are safely assembled in my place.

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    Wed Dec 07 2011

    Ever since I got in touch with Compass van lines for my move, I knew I am going to have a tension-free moving experience. The moving crew was active enough and made all the moving arrangements in nick of time. They were co-operative and quick at their work and succeeded in accommodating all the moving items to the moving trucks efficiently. Simply put, they did everything in a safe and secured manner.

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    Tue Dec 06 2011

    The representatives from Compass Van Lines prepared a comprehensive moving plan after we contacted them. It was a very clean & easy plan. On the moving day, the crew worked according to the plan & finished the move within the estimated time frame. The price we paid for the move was affordable and didn’t create a dent in our pocket.

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    Fri Dec 02 2011

    Compass Van Lines did everything they said they would. It was a move without a hitch. Thanks a lot guys…

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    Wed Nov 30 2011

    Compass was amazing with our move. We were very pleased with them. It is my pleasure to recommend this company to everyone.

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    Mon Nov 28 2011

    I would love to share my great moving experience with Compass Van Lines last week. I moved with my family. They came early in the morning for the move. We were ready with the packed items; the crew started their work quickly & finished with the uploading within two hours. The crew was careful with the belongings. I recommend them to everyone.

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    Sun Nov 27 2011

    Compass Van Lines rocks. I loved they way they did my move. It was so smooth. I am going to hire them again…

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    Wed Nov 23 2011

    I used to live in Austin; I got a new job in Dallas. Because of the job’s urgency I had to move within one week. Compass Van Lines was ready to do the move in that time. I am grateful to them because they not only did the move in time, but they also gave me a very reasonable quotation for the move.

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    Tue Nov 22 2011

    Our move with Compass Van Lines was easy enough. They did all the packing along with the move. All we had to do was to pay them and the price was reasonable. A company like Compass is capable of making a move easy.

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    Mon Nov 21 2011

    Compass made our move easy. At the beginning, I never thought that the move could have been so easy, but it was. As the moving crew from Compass Van Lines was well experienced, they finished the move very easily.

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    Fri Nov 18 2011

    Our move with Compass Van Lines was excellent. We had to move some antique piece along with our other belongings. They did a great job, especially with our antiques. They were unscratched. I will surely use them again.

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    Thu Nov 17 2011

    Compass Van Lines took away all our moving stress from us. The price we had to pay for it was reasonable & affordable. They did few promises regarding the move & also kept those promises. I’m recommending Compass Van Lines to everyone because they gave a satisfying service to us.

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    Mon Nov 14 2011

    I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of Compass Van Lines. They gave me & my family a memorable moving experience. Thank you so much guys.

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    Wed Nov 09 2011

    Compass Van Lines is a very good moving company. I know this from a firsthand experience. They did my move last month. It was perfect.

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    Tue Nov 08 2011

    The employees of this company were very professional. It was very easy to work with them. They also worked very honestly. I’m going to suggest this company to everyone.

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    Mon Nov 07 2011

    Our move went easily because of the hardworking crew of Compass Van Lines. I want to thank you guys with the help of this forum. We never thought that this move could have been so easy. It all happened because of you all.

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    Fri Nov 04 2011

    I’m going to suggest this company to everyone because Compass Van Lines is responsible behind the amazing moving experience me & family just enjoyed. Great move guys, thanks a lot…

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    Thu Nov 03 2011

    I chose this platform to thank every member of this company. I came to know about this company from the online moving review sites like this one. I want to say that I really liked the service of this company. The crew was so well behaved. This is a very reliable company. And Compass Van Lines: thanks a lot to all of you.

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    Wed Nov 02 2011

    When my moving date was coming nearer, I used to get nightmares. But I must say that Compass Van Lines turned my moving nightmare to a pleasant experience. I’ll never forget you all.

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    Mon Oct 31 2011

    This is the third move of my life. The first two moves I had while I was a kid & used to live with my parents, now I have a family of my own. This time the moving experience was completely different because we hired a moving company. We hired Compass Van Lines. We don’t have much idea about how a moving company should be, but this company was really nice. They behaved very nicely with us, they did the packing in a proper way & they finished the move within time. The price was also affordable for us. They did everything I needed. Thank you.

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    Fri Oct 28 2011

    We had a seamless move with Compass Van Lines. The move went exactly the way we wanted, all thanks to Compass Van Lines. I’m showing my gratitude by writing this positive review.

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    Thu Oct 27 2011

    My move was from Austin to Dallas. I hired Compass Van Lines for the work as I stay too busy with my work. They took all the responsibilities of the job & finished the job with in time without compromising the quality of their job.

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    Tue Oct 25 2011

    This review is based on our recent encounter with Compass Van Lines. I’ll be to-the-point. They delivered our things safely to our new house & within the time told. I think they are very reliable because unlike some other movers, they didn’t charge us any extra money.

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    Mon Oct 24 2011

    I loved the service of Compass Van Lines. The crew was hard working. I didn’t have to put my head into the move. They took care of everything.

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    Thu Oct 20 2011

    It was a mind blowing experience we had with Compass Van Lines. I wanted a stress free move & they gave me one. The price I paid for it was satisfactory.

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    Wed Oct 19 2011

    With Compass, we enjoyed our move. The move was finished one month ago. The crew worked hard to make it finished within time. They also packed our things. All these services didn’t even cost that much. This is a very affordable company.

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    Tue Oct 18 2011

    I will put it in a very simple way. I hired Compass for my move & they gave me a very satisfactory moving service. They arrived right on time on the moving day; they were working quite fast & finished the move even before time. They delivered all my things in perfect shape.

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    Mon Oct 17 2011

    Compass Van Lines gave us a quality move. Their rep was well organized & coordinated the move so well. The crew was very hard working. Thanks much!!

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    Fri Oct 14 2011

    I moved again last week. It was my sixth move. This time I hired Compass Van Lines. This is the forth moving company I’m using & without any confusion, they are the best.