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Distinctive type of herding dogs, including many related landraces and standardized breeds Website

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    Sat Sep 04 2010

    Beautiful, aristocratic and intelligent.

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    Fri Mar 05 2010

    The Collie breed seems wide spread to several other classes such as Border, Cumberland, Rough (Lassie), Blue Lacey, Farm etc. Mostly bread as working or herding dogs they are very energetic and need room to run and play. If they are not exercised often enough, they may become bored and develop anxiety behaviors. I consider these dogs "highly" intelligent becasue they hold most of the top spots for intelligence rankings. They are loyal to a fault and make great family or single owner pets.

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    Mon Sep 28 2009

    My favorite breed. They are intelligent, loving, and fun! Our collie completed our boring little family, we had a lot of good times with him. My dad loves collie's so much that after our first one passed away he went out and got another one.

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    Fri Feb 27 2009

    I have never owned a collie before, but I do think they're beautiful dogs. I can't even imagine how much work there is to maintaining their coat, but those who own one probably don't mind at all.

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    Fri Feb 27 2009

    They're such nice herding dogs with a nice temperament and long faces :).

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    Fri Jun 22 2007

    Collie's are great family pets, but just like with any breed you have to research and know what Breed will fit best into your home and your daily lifestyle. They do require daily brushing, they are prone to Eye and ear Problems. I would suggest learning all that you can about the breed of dog before you get one, so many animals end up abused, neglected or put to sleep, because people take them and doen't relize that just like w/ any animal WORK is involved they are just like kids. All dogs are smart, they just need direction. If they are raised, trained, and cared for properly you will get along great. Training is always good you both are happy when you can please each other. Dogs are just like people, and it is all in how they have been raised. (Most dogs reflect their owners as far as temperment, and intelligence) If you are willing to train, brush, keep up on yearly health checks, and toss a ball for them every now and then, the collie would be a great breed for you. I have always h... Read more

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    Tue Aug 22 2006

    I knew somebody with a Collie so stupid it kept eating soap even though it puked every time.Thats pretty dumb for both dog and owner!

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    Mon Aug 21 2006

    A sweet breed but a bit noisy, requires a lot of coat care, and can be aloof to strangers. But they certainly don't have a reputation for killing babies or people or other dogs or cats... I like them.

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    Sun Mar 26 2006

    I have had many dogs in my lifetime but the Colie is by far the best. She loves children, loves her family and her cats. She is protective but would never hurt a fly. She always stays close to us and never wanders off. We rarely use a leash. I was a dog obedience trainer and brought my eight month old colie in with me to demonstrate. She always made me look good. Because of their calm nature they make great Thereapy Dogs. They are calm by nature. She loves to play without getting carried away or knocking over children. She will tolerate hair pulling and poking from small children and just walk away when she has had enough. The coat is a bit of work, but she sheds much less that my Lab. She barks more than I would like but that is a hearding dogs nature. I would definately get another one.

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    Sat Feb 11 2006

    My collie just passed away. I am 17 now and had her since I was 3. She was the best dog I have ever had. She never let me go anywhere outside alone and always watched and protected me. Taking care of her grooming wasn't bad at all, although it looks as if it would be. She never bit anyone and was AMAZING with all of my many other pets. This is the kind of dog I want my kids to have around.

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    Wed Dec 07 2005

    Collies are great family dogs. The hair aspect of them is a little overrated since it comes out in clumps and is easy to dispose of. They do bark a lot if not trained not to, but they never bite and are great with kids. Some are very obedient whereas others aren't quite as quick to obey. They are beautiful dogs that get along well with other dogs, especially retrievers.

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    Fri Apr 22 2005

    Collies, like any dog are wonderful dogs, but for me, brushing out that hair is too much work. Not as energetic as some dogs, more energetic than others. Great family pet.

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    Tue Mar 15 2005

    Buy a collie, and you'll never go wrong! It's nice if you train them, but you don't have to, because as a puppy they may be a bit fisty, nipping at you from their herding insinct, but it dies off as soon as they reach around five months, bu if you train them just at least a little bit, it will die off in a week. You will have no behavior problems to worry about...apart from barking. They bark at the slightest odd things. My collie walked into the lounge and looked up. We had changed the curtain. He barked at it for a while, sniffed it, then never thought of it again. They bark in the garden, so all you need to train them is the quiet command, which is extremely simple! They are great watch dogs. My dog does three barks very close to each other, almost all one in a row when he sees someone. Once it was some nosy person staring through the window. They are great with any being. Including cats. The cutest thing happened when we were on a stroll by the lake. I stopped to get out my water. ... Read more

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    Mon Jun 07 2004

    collies are nice dogs, pretty friendly and very intelligent. My friend has one, a female and she was so friendly. it's not good for guarding but its nice for somebody that does want a friendly dog that is not small like a mouse

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    Tue Oct 28 2003

    I have owned 2 pure-bred collies, and they are absolutely wonderful dogs. They are terrific with children of all ages and other animals, tolerating little ones sleeping on their backs and pulling their tails, but always ready to romp and play. Both dogs were easily trained to stay in the yard, and always walked with no lead. (I say "easy to train", but in fact, I don't think we trained them at all. They just stay with you.) This dog will be the best friend of the entire family. Even of the dog-hating mom. ;-) There is only one factor that tempted me to rate collies a 4 instead of 5. Their coat can be a royal pain. Be prepared to give away all of your dark woolen clothing; "shed" is too mild a word for what they do. Be prepared to do a lot of brushing or keep a groomer in business. Still, this is a small price to pay for a dog as wonderfully affectionate, loyal, and fun as a collie.

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    Fri Jun 01 2001

    Collies are another of those drop-dead gorgeous breeds. Sweet, kindly looking faces these dogs have a kind of benevolent patrician elegance about them. I have personally only been acquainted with collie mixes however; their calm intelligent personalities certainly did not betray their gentle look.

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