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    Sat Aug 21 2010

    I work for an insurance company and take claims for glass damage working with all types of Auto Glass shops throughout the U.S. I would have to say C2C, and Chipio are the 2 worst auto glass companies. The two most common types of customers they go after are Elderly people, and young girls. a lot of the claims I take the insd. will say "well I never seen this mark." or "it's not in my line of vision but the shop rep. says it is so..." When we ask for the date of loss a lot of the times the shop rep. will supply you with that, but how would they know when it happened. If you ask me or any other INSURANCE AGENTS, REPS or whatever I would say they are a SCAM, as I work with GMAC INS. in particular if you choose chipio or C2C your vehicle will go under an inspection process because of all the claims that are being fraudulently reported from these 2 shops. last words THEY JUST WANT MONEY.

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    Sun Jul 04 2010

    I was approached at a gas station by a young man a few days ago. He came over to wash my windshield for me as part of "Customer appreciation day" at the station. He washed my windshield and found two cracks that had been on the windshield for over 6 months. He proceeded to explain that this was repairable, it was actually "pre-included" in my insurance policy, as long as I had "Full coverage", I wouldn't be paying for the repair at all. I told him I wasn't sure if I had the right coverage, and I didn't want to mess with my deductible, so we called the number he had for what he called "The glass line" the representative on the phone identified her self as a third party for my insurance company, she confirmed my policy information for me, and by the time I passed the phone back to the boy, he was finished working on my windshield. I couldn't find the chips! He proceeded to give me a "Lifetime Warranty" and collect more information off the car. I paid nothing for the repair, and after lea... Read more

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    Thu Jul 01 2010

    i think c2c is a company thats doing the right thing i like most people had windshield damage and did not know about the fl laws a woman from c2c approached me told me about them and told me with comprehensive coverage it would be taken care of i had no idea so i called my agent witch was a friend and he confirmed it so we called my ins company it was done at my work 2 days later the have really good customer service they use a company called pilkington glass when i asked my friend / agent about the glass my insurance comp would use he told me that c2c glass was better quality. i read some of these comments and a lot are from the people that work for the insurance company they know that c2c is costing them a lot of money no other company goes to the people. i read the warranty there has been no leaks i am satisfied with the work and will reccomend them to everyone with windshield damage. i just hope that the people who read these negitive peoples comments can see that every buisness ha... Read more

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    Tue Jun 29 2010

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! Even if you -are- speaking to a "representative" of the company... your information and money is not secure. As you can see from testimonials/complaints - your repair may not be completed and if it is, it won't necessarily be correct. Even if you do not do business with this company, they will perpetually knock at your door, become extremely pushy and refuse to leave. If you are repeatedly approached or receive more than the occasional visit here's what to do: 1. Report them to the corporate office. The person you want to speak with is Rhonda Jacobson (480)991-9889 x135, (email: [email protected]) tell her what's going on and that you are demanding that their sales people do not visit you again and that if they do you will contact law enforcement and/or the local news. 2. If the problem persists, contact local law enforcement and/or news. These people need to be shut down. They are currently hiding behind the fact that their local... Read more

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    Mon Jun 14 2010

    Well I must say I have read all the reviews about coast to coast on here. Some good and some bad. And now the truth that I know about coast to coast auto glass llc. They do distribute Pilkington glass, but only about 70% of the time; the other 30% will be a buy out from safelite or migrant, etc. And they will use OE tech 2S urethane; which is said to be a high viscosity automotive grade urethane, but it is more of a middle grade and the it can stay wet for up to a week and can cause problems with the permanent setting. As for the sales team, they mostly get the job from a scam ad running on They dont even work for coast to coast; they work for marketing companies. My son in law worked for them, as a sales person, for about 4 days and didn't even know what the job was before the interview. Young kids off the street getting payed $45 a sale and have no clue what it takes to even install a winshield. He was made to walk door to door pushing sales, rain or shine. And as far... Read more

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    Thu Jun 03 2010

    this is the only company that actually has replaced my windshield right. I have gone thru prefered shops before and they were horrible. Stealing personal belongings off of my seat even. I called 2 times for warranty work. The irst time they said I never had gotten it replaced so they could not fix it. The other time they said my warranty was not valid anymore. Coast to coast are the only ppl I trust to do this.

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    Tue Jun 01 2010

    They never showed up, and I never got a call as to why. I had to call THEM, and was told the windshield I needed was not available. After waiting around on a Saturday for 5 hours.... They even placed a CONFIRMATION CALL the day before, to remind ME.... Poor, poor service.

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    Tue May 11 2010

    C2C/Chipio Auto glass company is a SCAM! They tell you that your insurance company will cover the cost and then they ask for your insurance card. They pretend to call your insurance agent but they are actually calling a number they have programmed in their phone. Of course it's no cost to you but it will cost your insurance company which may cause your insurance to go up. They write $0 cost to customer on the fake warranty but they don't write in a cost to the insurance company. If you sign the warranty it means that they can charge your insurance company any amount. The best thing to do if you have dealt with C2C/Chipio is to immediately call your insurance agent. I hope this helps some one!

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    Sun May 02 2010

    I found this company very helpful. They informed me of a law that my insurance company failed to tell me about. I had no idea that my windshield could be replaced without me having to pay for it out of pocket. They made everything pretty easy.

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    They Came to me. I have alot of respect for people who go out and look for work, so i naturally listened to what they had to say. Did a great job, they sent a tech out to my house the next day. They called my insurance company, and made shure it was covered. Once my coverage was confirmed my insurance approved me to use their company to do the work. They did a great job, no leaks or air noise.

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    Tue Apr 06 2010

    They started in palm beach county----door to door in Lake Clark shores pulling the same scam.

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    Mon Mar 29 2010

    i work with an insurance company. i have dealt with coast to coast on several occassions there sales force is very push. it looks like they are are comission based and hustle to get all the sale that they can get. the problem is that they use scare tactics to convince the customer to release there insurance info. none of there sales staff is mature, they are all young people mid twenty. most of the accident claims they file, they have convinced the customer to allow them to replace windshield under the fact that there is no deductible applied for windshield replacement. the angle takens is that the windshield is free, the insruance company keeps the money if it is not replace and florida is a no fault state, it is not there fault that it was replace so it should be replaced. the truth of the matter is that the sales staff is employing tactics to secure a sale and upper management is unaware of the those tactics. it is in fact a scam and the problem more so then the sales force are... Read more

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    Thu Mar 25 2010

    Hustlers and con artists pure and simple.

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    Fri Mar 19 2010

    As for anyone who gave this company a good rating, you need to do your homework. This is a very unreputable company. First any person or company performing any repair on a motor vehicle is supposed to be registered with local DMV, every repair fascility has a repair shop number, this way if you ever have an issue with a repair it goes through DMV, the company could be fined or even closed and repair shop number revoked. This is how the state keeps tabs on repair fascilitys quality of work, practices and etc. C2C is not registered and is illegally performing these repairs. The windshield is a very important part in the structural integrity of your car. The airbag will also not work correctly if poor windshield install. These installers have absolutely ZERO training. This company is not insured!!!!!! Thats right,This is one of the reasons C2C keeps changing there name, in fact they are currently working under 7 different names, all the same owners. They assume the gas station or car... Read more

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    Sun Mar 07 2010

    I have absolutely no doubt that every single positive review on this page is simply a Coast to Coast employee or contractor being paid to offer a positive review. I would oblige anyone with any common sense to steer far away from using this company. I am an employee of AGRSS, the only national safety standard in auto glass. Let me be more clear about that. We are the ONLY organization that monitors the safety and reliability of auto glass shops. There is nobody else out there making sure your glass is installed properly. If your windshield is installed improperly, you are much more likely to DIE in a rollover collision. This is not exaggeration. Using a shop that does work as sloppy as Coast to Coast could literally cost you your life. AGRSS does not, and will not in the foreseeable future, endorse the work of Coast to Coast Auto Glass. As far as we know, the technicians receive no training, whatsoever. Please be warned. You use this company at your own peril.

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    Sat Mar 06 2010

    I am hoping that this will be read by many people so this company can be exposed for what they really are.... SCAM ARTISTS. I process glass claims for several different insurance companies and deal with these conniving, scheming people every single day. This company will go door to door and hang around parking lots "inspecting" people's vehicles. They convince these people that they NEED to have their windshield replaced when there is just a small chip in it, especially with the insured's who reside in the glass waiver states (FL, KY, SC). They have called in fraudulent claims on several occasions for insured's who have previously had work done through them before, as they have all of their insurance information on file. The insurance companies refuse to make them a preferred provider shop as they are always changing their name to avoid legal disputes. The "warranty" that they offer is a joke. READ EVERY SINGLE WORD PLEASE! On their website under the FAQ's this question is posted: Q1.... Read more

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    Sat Feb 13 2010

    Very pushy salespeople. Kept approaching me in the front yard, even if my hands were full of groceries or I was on the phone. I finally agreed because I did have a chip in my windshield, which they had obviously, and kind of creepily, inspected in my driveway. I requested three times that I have the manufactured glass from the dealership, because in the past when replacing windshields that's the glass I got without problem. They assured me that was fine, that's what they'd do, told me to watch as they wrote it down on the form. Then, the day my glass was supposed to be installed, the installer tells me it's a different kind of glass but it still the same thing without the dealer sticker. While this may seem minute, it was infuriating because it seemed they could get by without providing the glass they had promised all because I'm a woman. They then proceeded to tell me that the manufacturer glass could not be installed because it is not covered by my insurance. I called my insurance an... Read more

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    Sat Jan 30 2010


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    Thu Jan 28 2010

    I had a person from this company approach me about the chip I had in my windshield. He didn't make me sign for anything, the windshield was installed as promised, and they even came to my work to install it. Been meaning to take care of the windshield for a while but, never got around to it. Someone even called me the next day to check up with me to make sure I was satisfied. Definitely would have them replace my windshield again if it gets damaged.

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    Fri Jan 01 2010

    One thing is to have a great company and the other is having owners run it very unprofessional. The office in Sheridan which is in Ft lauderdale. The owner their brian is very unprtaofessional,has a mentality of a 14 year old. Criticizes people that have degrees from colleges or univiersitys. He's flat out cocky, first of all he says one thing then does another. he has no business running anything. Very unethical individual. The few employees, that he calls LEADERS is the reason why he's actually making any money. 1 of those leaders should have their own office already. They do too much for that asshole they call BRYAN!

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    Sat Nov 21 2009

    LONG but WORTHWHILE & TRUE: After being approached, then thoroughly researching and finally utilizing Coast to Coast Auto Glass to replace my own windshield, I can say to you reading this that Coast to Coast is a legitimate organization. They simply utilize an aggressive marketing approach others in the industry do not or are not willing to do. I understand that a salesperson to eager or pushy makes a bad first impression and some people, including myself, are turned off by that. Fortunately, for me and the girl from Coast to Coast that noticed the chips on my car she was very straightforward, professional and to the point on what they offer and the advantages they offer such as the lifetime warranty and quality of glass. MY EXPERIENCE: I had a sizable chip directly in my line of sight for months and another smaller one on the passenger side. It distracted me every time I hopped in the car because I was always having to look through/past it while driving, but like most people I... Read more

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    Wed Nov 18 2009

    I know from past experience that face to face marketing is extremely difficult, but these people (the majority of them look to be in their early twenties) are out every single day, rain or shine pounding the pavement, Making our lives easier. About two weeks ago, two young women from Coast to Coast approached me about a week and a half ago at my job in Berkley, MA and signed me up to replace my windsheild (which I honestly had compleately forgotten about until then) they were both in Coast to Coast Auto Jackets, and were very pleasant. After just a few moments of talking with them, I signed up for a replacement and my windsheild was replaced 3 days later. The installers came right to my job as prommised and everything went well! I will recommend this company to anyone and everyone I see with windsheild issues, and I thank those two young ladies very much! You were both lovely and so very helpful! So to wrap this up, I must say, although there was one single person who made a bad decisi... Read more

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    Thu Nov 05 2009

    Coast to Coast auto glass: Tallahassee: They came to my house and set me up for a windshield replacement. I was skeptical at first however they did exactly what they said. Two days later they were at my job replacing my windshield. I have seen some bad reviews and i don't know why, they did a great job!! Its funny my cousin in Boston also had coast to coast replace his windshield, these guys are everywhere. If you see them, don't worry they are legitimate.

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    Wed Oct 14 2009

    These people came by our house after scouring our neighborhood for hours to ask about our car parked in the driveway. No uniform, no company vehicle, no company ID or even business cards! They wanted to know if that was our car suggesting that the windshield needed to be repaired or replaced. I let them know then that the windshield was not chipped or broken unless they just now did it! It is a scam to make money and some of these people have broken windshields so they can make the $45 referral fee according to news articles in Florida. Too bad they prey on young people looking for any type of income like that.

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    Tue Oct 13 2009

    This company is FULL of scammers! They came to my job and told me i needed a new windshield, then said they would come fix/replace it during my lunch break. They NEVER showed, changed all the phone numbers written on the invoice and refused to return my calls when I asked when my car would be repaired. Whats worse is that even tho they did no work at all they still tried to get money from my insurance company, which they would have recieved if I hadnt called and had my adjuster try to call. She also called the business several times with no response. I have called the Better Business Bureau and would recomment everyone stay far far away.

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    Wed Oct 07 2009

    This is the absolute worst company I have ever done business with. I was approached by a male/female team at a gas station. I had gone inside to buy a drink. I was in and out in about 2 minutes. They were so over the top friendly I thought it was a joke. They were telling me that my windshield was so badly pitted that my life was in danger unless they replaced it right away. While the female was making small talk with me about the safety of the glass her parter was looking at the windshield and pressing down HARD on all of the chips. When one finally cracked he told me that the glass had already weakend from having so many chips and that was why it cracked. Really? I hope someone didnt really train you to say that because that is most assisanine thing anyone could say when it comes to the windshield. So durring the small talk with the Lynette she asked who i was insured with and before I knew she had my insurance company on speaker phone filing a claim for the "damage" to my w... Read more

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    Wed Sep 23 2009

    If you own a vehicle it is very important to know about proper auto glass installation during windshield replacement. Of course, you should always choose windshield repair if possible every time your car glass gets damaged. There are types of damage that can no longer be qualified for windshield repair, though. In such cases, you have no choice but to go for windshield replacement, either in the service shop or through mobile windshield replacement. Mobile windshield replacement has become popular because of convenience. In mobile windshield replacement, the service technician does the windshield replacement for your vehicle right where you are. Mobile windshield replacement also has its drawbacks, though. Mobile windshield replacement is more likely to be shoddy especially if not done by reputable professionals. This is not to say that substandard windshield replacement cannot be done in service shops. A vehicle owner should, therefore, know what to look out for in auto glass insta... Read more