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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    Pretty funny show that lasted a couple seasons too long.

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    Wed Apr 09 2008

    A good enjoyable sitcom. Not the greatest for sure but enough laughs to keep you tuned in. Great cast and possibly the only t.v. show that Jerry Van Dyke was ever good in. Nice to see Shelly Fabres on t.v. again. I like Craig T. Nelson but I do agree he's a "movie of the week" actor. He makes a good military leader type.

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    Sun May 06 2007

    It was OK. Dauber was hilarious, but overall I could take it or leave it. My dad watched it, so I watched it occasionally.

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    Fri Jan 19 2007

    This show just never did it for me. It was always really boring and I did not like any of the lead characters. It is another one of those shows where the supporting cast is so much better. I wouldn't waste my time watching the reruns if I was you. Dont recommend it. And exactly what did Craig T. Nelson really coach anyway? Bad jokes? Not really sure...ugh...

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    Fri Nov 03 2006

    I liked Craig T. Nelson and Shelley Fabares. Wonder how they are doing now.

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    Mon Sep 18 2006

    Loved the cast. They were always funny and interesting.

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    Mon Sep 18 2006

    Good show but not at the top of my list. 3 and a half stars

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    Sun Aug 27 2006

    Funny show with good writing and excellent cast members. Who can forget Craig, Shelley, Jerry, and the whole gang, including Nanette Fabray as Shel's mom.

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    Sat Aug 19 2006

    Shelley and Craig were great!

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    Mon Jul 24 2006

    I still watch Coach. The 80's was one of the better decades for sit coms. And Jerry Van Dyke is as funny as his brother.

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    Mon Jun 26 2006

    For the uninitiated, the concept for "Coach" was a man's man college football coach (Hayden Fox played by Craig T. Nelson) taking a job at a school which had no winning tradition. I was pleasantly surprised by this show and its longevity. As with "Home Improvement" (for example), I didn't think the concept would lend itself to many original story lines; however, I was wrong with "Coach" but right (In my opinion) with "Home." Jerry Van Dyke was finally cast in a role (coach's defensive coordinator Luther Van Dam) which fit him perfectly and didn't require such small doses. Too bad the boyfriend of coach's daughter (Stewart) didn't stick with the show as those were some of the best episodes. Unfortunately, the series lingered a bit after the college setting had run its course (with coach taking a professional position in Florida). "Coach" was originally broadcast from 1989 to 1997.

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    Sun Jan 15 2006

    My all time favorite sitcom. I still record the show today, always good for light hearted laughter. Craig T. Nelson was awesome!!!

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    Wed Nov 30 2005

    Enjoyed the interesting actors and actresses.

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    Sun Oct 09 2005

    Coach was a fun, cute sitcom, with lots of good characters, storylines, and fine acting. Where are the re-runs?

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    Wed Aug 10 2005

    A fine, well written show with a great cast. They could do slapstick one moment, and touch you the next.

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    Thu Jul 07 2005

    Craig and Shelley were great in this sitcom. Also loved it when Ms. Fabray (who played Shelley's mom) was on it.

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    Fri May 13 2005

    jerry van dyke was hilarious and so was the character dobber. craig t nelson was able to pull off some funny moments though he seems more to me a movie of the week actor

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    Tue Mar 29 2005

    One of the few shows my husband and I both could actually sit and watch together, I loved this show, too bad it's over now :'(

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    Fri Mar 25 2005

    Spotty, but better than average. Decent acting and competent scripts. Went downhill fast after the first few seasons.

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    Wed Feb 23 2005

    My mom watches it every morning and its a very good show

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    Coach is my favorite comedy sitcom. My family and I have been taping the shows and watching them at night. We laugh so hard our jaws are soar! It is the funniest show we've ever seen! We love you Coach, Luther, Dauber, Christine Kelly and the rest of the hilarious cast. Thank you so much for making us laugh.

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    Thu Dec 30 2004

    Just plain classic TV. I love Shelley Fabares. I always wanted to do her going back to when I was a little kid and she was on the Donna Reed show.

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    Sun Nov 28 2004


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    Sat Oct 09 2004

    I dont really consider this an 80s show, but I guess it did start in the 80s. I love it. Craig T Nelson is a very underrated actor and plays this part perfect. The other characters are as good as his too. And characters are what make a show good in the first place. The show definately sucked when they moved to Florida, but for my money the college years are some of the best TV watching for me.

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    Mon Aug 09 2004

    This was a great show. Almost a more family-friendly version of Cheers, but still not incredibly family-friendly in its own right, which was fine. Slipped a little when he went to the pros to coach. I always love it when people review something by saying it was almost entirely unwatchable. Yet you obviously watched it regularly enough to be able to give it such a scathing review. Right?

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    Tue Mar 16 2004

    One of my all time favorites. It had a great cast that played off each other well and some great episodes. One of my favorites was when they spilled the grape juice on the white carpet.

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    Sat Mar 13 2004

    a little sappy but still good for a laugh

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    Tue Aug 12 2003

    I never watched this show when it was new, but I've discovered it lately on Nick. A decent, unassuming show that can be very funny at times. Thank God they didn't lay on the "moral" messages too think like too many other shows do.

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    Wed May 28 2003

    I LIVE FOR NICK AT NITE so I can watch shows like this one. Why can't they make TV shows like this one anymore? I never liked Coach much the first time around, but watching the reruns now I see why it was such a hit. Craig and Shelley/Hayden and Christine remind me so much of my boyfriend and I. They're just hilarious! And Luther is so cute. If they just would've left Judy out of it, it would've been perfect!

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    Wed Mar 05 2003

    Always loved this sitcom. Craig and Shelley were so funny together and their storylines were so interesting and humorous. Loved Shelley's Mom (actually her aunt in real life): Nanette Fabray. This was a fun show and I wish they'd bring some more of these types of sitcoms back.

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    Sun Feb 02 2003

    It was merely ok. It had its moments, but it wasnt all that great. Craig T. Nelson plays the coach of the fictional Minnesota State Screaming Eagles, a mediocre team. Luther is the assistant coach, played by Jerry Van Dyke. While as I said, it did have its moments, most of them came via Jerry Van Dyke. He was no doubt the best character in the show. However, in the end, this show just ran out of gas. There was nothing left to write. They tried Hayden Fox in the NFL, but that backfired big time. Nonetheless, it was decent, but certainly not Cheers or All in the Family.

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    Thu Jan 16 2003

    Really a 3.5 to me. this could be funny at times. I did not watch it all the time. About a coach of a college football team that is pretty lousy, his assistant coach, girlfriend and a few other characters is pretty much the plot. I think this show was on longer than it should have been. especially when they started changing the plot and adding new characters which made the show worse. This was not an awful show I can remember some of the funny episodes,I would not consider this show a favorite though.

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    Tue Dec 03 2002

    Ugh...the only thing that was of any amusement here was Jerry Van Dyke, who was too old to do the slapstick that the writing called for.

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    Mon Aug 05 2002

    This show had its funny moments, especially at the start of its run. I liked the messes Coach got into, especially when he got into trouble with Christine. However, the network tried to get as much as it could from the show and it got stale near the end, and even Jerry Van Dyke as Luther couldn't carry it any longer.But overall, a pretty good show.

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    Wed Jun 19 2002

    As with most TV series, this show declined during the later years, but for a while this was a hilarious show. Jerry Van Dyke made the show a hit as Luther. Shelly Fabares' character was sort of boring, but this show had interesting plotlines and was set in a great state!

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    Mon May 27 2002

    Take a few missfit football players, one easily excitable football coach, add two slow minded yet well intentioned employees, and throw in a highly sophisticated and intelegent girlfriend and a high class, sophisticated daughter. What do you get? Easy, you get ABC's attempt to recreate the magic of Cheers. In the rare instances I can find a rerun, I will watch it, but it is no Cheers.