Clint Malarchuk's throat slashed by skate

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    Mon Jun 02 2008

    Malarchuk was a goalie for the Buffalo Sabres. In a game at home against St. Louis, Malarchuk was struck by Steve Tuttle's skate on the side of the neck during a pile up in front of the net, severing his carotid artery. Blood pouring out of him, and pools of it on the ice, Malarchuk's one thought was to make it off the ice. He said later that "All I wanted to do was get off the ice. My mother was watching the game on TV, and I didn't want her to see me die." In the crowd, spectators fainted and two suffered heart attacks. Three of Malarchuks team-mates vomited on the ice. The team trainer, who had been an army medic in Vietnam, pinched off the severed artery, stopping the bleeding until doctors arrived to suture the wound. It is estimated that Malarchuk was only minutes away from bleeding out. In one of the great "tough guy" stories in hockey, Malarchuk took 300 stitches to close the wound,but was back in practice a few days later, and started in goal about a week after that.

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    Mon Jun 02 2008

    I would have given this four because Clint Malurchuck didn't lose his life although he came very close but after reading Irishgrit's write-up which features the reactions of players (vommiting) and fans (fainting and having heart attacks) merits a five star rating. I hope the people who had heart attacks turned out OK. Does anyone know what happened to those fans? And do goalies wear better equipment now?