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1994 American black-and-white black comedy film written and directed by Kevin Smith (in his feature directorial debut) Website

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    Thu Jul 08 2010

    Clerks is Kevin Smith’s first feature film and, in my opinion, his best so far. With this movie, he inaugurates the so-called View-Askew universe, whose places and characters will be present in many of his later movies. View Askew is the production house behind most of his following flicks, and it is formed by none other than Smith himself, and Scott Mosier, who we see in Clerks appearing as Snowball. At the time of shooting, Smith used to actually work at the convenience store in Leonardo, New Jersey depicted in the film. He worked at Quick Stop during the day, and filmed Clerks at night, so that, for the three weeks necessary to shoot, he was getting something like one hour sleep each night. The main characters impersonate that kind of comic-books and mainstream sci-fi movie fanatic, who will be present in many of his films, and is quite common in real life, as the nerd type. The roughness of the film, resulting from the low budget, which Smith managed somehow to put together himself... Read more

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    Mon May 18 2009

    Yeah, I know. Low budget. Black and white. Nothing much really happens. I get it. I still like it, though. I like it because of the witty dialogue, which is basically where all the humor in this movie is found. The Star Wars dilemma, the cigarette fury, the oral sex story, etc. I mean, it's all about the dialogue, and the characters that say them. Sure, there's a bit of physical comedy here and there, but the quirky conversations are what makes "Clerks." Basically, I'm not a big fan of Kevin Smith, but this is one film that I particularly enjoyed watching.

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    Sat Jan 17 2009

    "Dogma" made me do it. After watching that crazy/sincere and original movie, I wanted to see what else director Kevin Smith had made. "Clerks," his first film, made on the cheap, is roughly shot in black on white. It is over-written and horribly acted. But there is something fascinating and real about the film. "Clerks" is set almost exclusively inside a North Jersey mini-market and next door video store. Writer Kevin Smith seems to have thrown every gross conversation idea he had into the film. It vibrates with the familiar (and pathetic) issues of the post-high-school-pre-marriage school crowd, living away from home and letting loose on each other to try to arrange their private lives. Main character Dante Hicks is a 24-year-old store clerk. He and and current floozy girlfriend Caitlin are on fairly good terms until the conversation turns to the number of other lovers each has had. Meanwhile, Dante pines for old flame Veronica, whose engagement notice just appeared in the paper. ... Read more

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    Mon Dec 29 2008

    I don't remember too much about this movie (speaks volumes) other than the fact that it was boring and the c-rate actors over-rehersed their lines. The latter flaw took me awhile to pick up on, but once I did it was all I could focus on! I can't imagine sitting through this twice!

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    Thu Dec 18 2008

    The Bottom Line: The acting is raw and the direction is primitive, but Clerks manages to overcome its flaws simply by being funny and well-written--it's not a great movie, but it's definitely worth watching if you enjoy ribald humor.

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    Mon Nov 24 2008

    -------------- [first lines] Dante Hicks: [phone rings and Dante falls out of a closet] Hello. What? No I don't work today, I'm playing hockey at two. ===================== 'Clerks' is the debut film of Kevin Smith, inspired by Richard Linklater's 'Slackers;' and it is the first movie in the 'View Askew' universe, a series of Kevin Smith films with interlocking characters and references. 'Clerks' is a student film financed with credit cards and loans from friends. An interesting bit of trivia is that the entire production cost only $26,000 and securing the rights to the music cost $27,000, more than the cost of making the film. With over 50% of the budget in the music, you'd think they'd have some really great songs, but you'd be wrong. Just run-of-the-mill punk and metal. -------------- Coroner: What kind of convenience store do you run here? ===================== Based loosely on "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri, there are nine breaks in the movie to signify th... Read more

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    Mon Oct 20 2008

    Lightning in a bottle. Comedy doesn't get better.

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    Sat Aug 09 2008

    I admit it, the acting wasn't great and the camera angles were kinda boring (the camera never moved durring acting) but the comedy makes up for it

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    Fri Jul 18 2008

    HILLARIOUS!  Prob one of my fav comedies to date!  Randal was such a smart ass ha, ha.  Love it

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    Fri May 23 2008

    Crude, profane, and obnoxious. And very funny too. Excellent for such a low budget film. Be for-warned that this movie is mostly dialogue and could be tedious for fans that like action and special effects.

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    Fri Mar 14 2008

    im from jersey and i couldn't stand this movie. i don't even think i made it all the way through. The acting sucked and i think i could have filmed the movie better myself. I really don't see what was so funny about it

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    Wed Apr 04 2007

    A perceptive and funny account about one day in the life of a convenience store clerk.

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    Fri Dec 01 2006

    I'm not saying Dante deserves 5 stars.. he deserves 1... But Randal is a five... Noone is cooler than Randal.

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    Fri May 12 2006

    da best...i'm from jersey sue me!

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    Wed Nov 09 2005

    Clever though a little rough. I'm right about Smith's age so his characters rang true with me. (especially Jay, everybody knew a headbanger like that)

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    Sun Jul 31 2005

    Kevin Smith's first movie, budgeted partialy on his mother's credit card. It is filmed in black and white, almost giving you the feel that you are watching the characters on a survielance camera. The dialogue gets a little graphic at times, but so does real life. This movie, for anyone who has ever worked serving the public or ever plans to, is a must. I can relate to the scene where the chick is standing beside the big flashing neon sign with the price right in front of her eyes asking Dante How much?. People truly are that stupid. You get a good sense of realism from this movie. An only slightly skewed version of reality for real life clerks. I've been the one behind that counter. Trust me.

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    Mon Dec 27 2004

    One of the best comedies ever-proving that low budget can kick butt with great writing and acting! Way to go!!!

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    Wed Dec 08 2004

    Has its moments, some of them very good ones, but its a little too rough around the edges for me.

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    Sat Sep 11 2004

    So bad it is good? I don't see the attraction to this movie. The acting was terrible, the story is barely a story. I heard people describe the dialog as brilliant, personally it felt like a teenager wrote the script, hopping from topic to disjoint topic that keeps the overall story moving, wading knee-deep in circles and ultimately going absolutely nowhere.

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    Wed Sep 08 2004

    What kind of drivel is this? It doesn't bother me that it is black and white, because some of my favorite movies (Bringing Up Baby, Aresnic and Old Lace) are black and white. What does bother me is the complete and utter lack of talent and creativity found in this overrated film. The entire setting and situation is wholly uncreative. A gas station? Good grief. Also the dialogue is peppered with mean-natured scatalogical jokes and the foulest of words. Kevin Smith should have never gotten into business.

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    Wed Dec 31 2003

    Ah, here lies proof that Kevin Smith is overrated!

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    Sat Jul 19 2003

    The first installment of five from Kevin Smith's View Askew series ("Clerks", "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy", "Dogma" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"), and though the character development is a bit dry (dialog written as if for only one person), the dialog itself is BRILLIANT and hysterical! Definately not for young children. The movie was shot in black & white, and it's low-budget, but it was a good movie. Definately a great introduction to the View Askew series.

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    Wed Feb 19 2003

    Five stars if you actually have spent enough time in New Jersey to better understand the characters. . .the people in this film act and sound like every Jersey knucklehead I have ever met. Very funny and raw.

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    Tue Dec 24 2002

    Thank You View Askew

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    Sat Feb 09 2002

    Kevin Smith's first and to date best film from his View Askewniverse. The film is an incrediblly low budget, black and white breakthrough film the centers on Dante, who is called in to work when he is not schedueled, at the local covinenece store. The film takes place over one work day and we join Dante in a cross roads of sorts in his life. Along the way we meet a list of original and bizarre characters. Jay and Silent Bob make their big screen dabut and have been the only constant in every View Askew film. Veronica, Dante's current squeez who gives more filatio than mos hardened porn starletts. A never ending bombardment of weirdo customers an Ranal (my favorite Smith character ever written next to Brody) Dante's co-worker at the next door video store. Clerk is in my opinion one of the funniestand most honest films ever made. Original and funnier than hell. Clerks is HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommended.

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    Tue Oct 09 2001

    It seems to me that any one who has ever worked at a crap job at some point in their lives, loves this film. Kevin Smith is by far my favorite writer director. He has a unique and realistic aproach to his films. He keeps it simple and always manages to make a point while making fun of life at the same time. Clerks is in my opinion the best, but the again it is the first film of his I saw which can make a person biased.

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    Thu Aug 30 2001

    I've seen the movie and it's great. I think so at least. It's really funny, and if you ever get the chance, you should check out any Kevin Smith movie cuz I think they're good and they're funny.

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    Fri May 11 2001

    A plotless film- I generally have nothing against plotless films, in fact I've enjoyed a whole lot of them. But this one just made me sick. Atrocious acting. Parts were funny, but I did NOT enjoy "Clerks."

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    Mon Apr 30 2001

    Clerks is the first of four Kevin Smith films. It shows a day in the life of the avereage american worker. Dante and Randal are just two guys trying to make a living. The perfect blend of realism and comedy. And the best comic duo I've ever seen in my life: Jay and Silent Bob. Jay: the epitimy of white trash. And Silent Bob: a genious, a master of many things, and one of the only people who can stand Jay for extended periods of time. But let's not forget Kevin Smith's great way of blending the other films together. Rick Derris, the body building moron, and Walt Flanagan, the pissed off customer are mentioned in the second film "Mallrats". I love this movie. I recommed this for anyone who loves comedy at its best.

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    Thu Mar 22 2001

    I don't understand how somebody could give this movie less than five stars. Oh now I remember, it's because John Woo didn't direct it.

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    Sat Jan 20 2001

    For anyone who has been a teen ager, or an overgrown child, will understand this movie if you've worked in one of the following; record store, video store, ART STORE (the worst especially in Irvine), or comic book store... not so much a liquor store even though that's where the movie's based. This story reminds me of many ridiculous people I've known in life. It is surprising sometimes how many goofballs actually occupy this planet, at times you question wether the number system even goes that high. This story touches a lot of sensitive points hidden under the tumultuous comedy of Kevin Smith. For instance, so what if this girl has orally copulated thirty-seven guys, do you think this loser would be fine with that if he had oral sex with thirty-eight women? Because that's what his problem really was. Not the fact that she has had sex with so many guys, but the fact that she has had more partners than he. I think, and this is coming from a heterosexual man, that most women in this new ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 13 2000

    awesome movie kevin smith is great

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    Tue Oct 17 2000

    One of my all time favorite cult classics. This movie has everything- sex, drugs, necrophelia. These guys are my heroes!

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    Tue Oct 17 2000

    This movie is unique. It has an artistical approach to humor. Raw humor!

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    Thu Oct 12 2000

    A black and white bombshell. This movie is witty and hilarious. I don't think any other low budget movie has ever made me laugh so hard.

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    Wed Oct 04 2000

    Kevin Smith's first effort is full of terrific dialogue that is his trademark. The first of a series that includes "Mallrats," "Chasing Amy," and "Dogma." For adults only; watch them all for a movie night!

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    Fri Sep 08 2000

    I had heard some many great things about this movie. I thought it was going to be so funny. Did I miss something because I didn't think it was funny at all. It was almost boring. Maybe it is the kind of movie you need to see over and over but I missed something.

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    Thu Aug 31 2000

    Hilarious. T and Silent Bob's cameos make this movie. It is easy to see why they have bigger roles in all subsequent films by these two. A comedy classic.

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    Fri Jun 09 2000

    Low budget is one thing. Low concept is another. Where was the comedy? I wish I could have given it zero stars.

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    Thu Jun 08 2000

    Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. Kevin Smith must have sold his soul to the devil to have a career. What a hack.

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    Tue May 16 2000

    The only movie that I have ever watched twice in a row. Hysterically funny, and odd.

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    Mon Jan 17 2000

    This movie was a true Independant success story and was very funny.