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    Tue Jan 06 2009

    I had this service for less than six months. You could barely use the phone anywhere because it wouldn't connect. The fees were ridiculously high for the level and quality of service provided. And when you called customer service to seek redress, they were arrogant and disrespectful. I threw my phone in the garbage pail and had an attorney friend of mine write a letter indicating that I was going to bring suit to regain the fees I had already paid. This immediately got me out of my contract with them. No wonder. Total crap on all counts.

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    Sun Sep 14 2008

    I must say I have enjoyed my Cingular Wireless service since 2005. I first signed up for services while living in Louisiana and had great reception and very few dropped calls in that area. The representative that assisted with the setup of my new services was full of information and quite helpful, not to mention upfront about expected costs. I expected troubles when I recently moved to Kansas and chose to keep one of the lines a Louisiana number. However, I have not had any issues with my services or experienced many dropped calls with any parts of my service.. I've also been lucky not to have many reasons to call in and speak with a representative, so the few times I have, I have had good experiences.

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    In the defense of Customer Service people for cingular, I agree it is a terrible place to work for but this is what I learned for the whole 8 weeks I was with them... give the customer what they want but dont give them anything. If they want a refund for anything make them think you are doing them a favor but dont give them one. It was like running around in circles! I tried to be a good customer service rep but it is hard when you have stuff like this hanging over your head... just food for thought next time you have to call Customer Service.

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    Tue Jan 08 2008

    i want to say cingular is terrible to work with. the customer service people are rude even when you are nice to them.

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    Wed Nov 07 2007

    Austin, Texas--in town: Disastrous reception. Call may be good, then drops. I can stand in the same place without moving in my front or back yard, which I've had to go to to try to get reception, and the call will just fade out. Either I or the person on the other end cannot hear. Then the reception may come back a little in that spot. Finally I had to go to my landline to talk. I have to tell every person that the call may drop, which happens commonly. I've also had this horrible reception in San Jose. When I lived in Dallas and San Diego (technology downturn relocations) and before being bought by AT&T; (related?), the receiption was fine. The reception was so bad in SJ that I could stand in the hallway and walk two steps into a spare bedroom, and the call would drop. I also went through the same thing that someone else did. I went through three replacement Nokias (that was the only brand that would work at all for some reason in SJ) that I learned were garbage refurbished phones.... Read more

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    Fri Aug 24 2007

    Customer service has always been excellent. I have only 5 words to describe their service; "fewest dropped calls my ass."

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    Sat Jul 14 2007

    it's ok here in fla.,i've no contract since 2002 w/ them,pay by mo. so far

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    Wed Jun 20 2007

    I have mixed feelings about Cingular.  The reception you get depends entirely upon your geographical area.  When I lived in Denver, I got reception everywhere.  I seldom dropped a call and my phone would work way out in the mountains, which was a plus.  I never had any complaints about the service except that they would routinely send me text message advertisements.  All in all, I was happy with Cingular when I lived in Colorado.  All that changed when I moved to New Mexico.  I got service inside the Albuquerque area but 10 miles outside of town I would start dropping calls and getting poor reception.  I put up with these inconvienences but resolved to drop Cingular when my contract was up.  Then came the day when my phone got shut off.  I logged onto Cingular's website and noted two things:  First, my bill was paid.  Second, my phone was marked as disabled.  So, I opened a chat window with a friendly customer service representative and asked why my funded account was suspended.  They ... Read more

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    Fri Jun 01 2007

    Singular has a very poor customer service. My daughter bought a Bluetooth for my birthday. She paid $99.99. Just happened that I went by there a couple days later and the same Bluetooth was $69.99. Ill try to speak to them now for over 4 weeks and get the run-a-round big. The Manager of the store walks around like the big boss with no authority and creates each time I come in the store another story. The sales person who sold my daughter the equipment created one lie after another a lie. First she said, when I told her I was here last Sunday that the Bluetooth just went on sale this Sunday. I told her that it the $69.99 price tag is there since shortly after April 15. I told her she should stop creating stories that dont match and admit that she over charged my daughter by $30. Make long story short I canceled ALL (5) phones and switched to T-Mobile. I have excellent customer service, wonderful reliable phones and a store people dont try to take advantage of young people by cheating th... Read more

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    Sat May 19 2007

    NO unlimited text. No unlimited minutes. No longer have the best phones. EXPENSIVE. However, best service and a ton of ppl have it.

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    Fri May 18 2007

    I am on phone #7 in less than a year. Not because I damaged the phone, but because they sold me defective merchandise every time. The warranty department is a joke. They never give you new equipment - just someone else's recycled trash that has been cleaned up and repackaged as new. The same goes for insured phones - what a scam! They charge you high $$$ for a used defective phone.After I had gone through so many unusable phones, they finally agreed to give me what they call an "exceptional upgrade". This means that I was able to go into their store and pick out a new phone. My new phone works, but guess what - I had to pay full price for it and renew my 2 year contract, just as if I were a new customer. It doesn't matter that I already paid full price for a new phone and service that I was unable to use for almost a year. I was treated very poorly and they acted as if they were doing me a huge favor!As far a rebates - I never got mine from my phone that was purchased last year. Some e... Read more

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    Fri Apr 20 2007

    Cingular Wireless??? What a BIG FAT JOKE they have become. I was a cingular customer for 3 years the first year was good... After that it seems like they program their phone to shoot the CRAP.. Service at my house sucks everywhere, I can also drive down the middle of town and just all of a sudden every bar I have is gone. They say the Fewest Dropped Calls, I think It should be the MOST dropped calls... They Customer Service people are RUDE and act like your stupid... Compared to alot of other companies there Plans are very HIGH priced.... They Charged me $150.00 extra bucks for what they say was text message charges.. We have to phones on the plan with 3000 Text Messages per line,(which by the was cost $39.99 per line RIP OFF) line 1 used 887 text messages and line 2 used 1124 text messages... Dont know where in their RIGHT mind they say I used extra text messages... I also had me Moto Slv phone covered on insurance when I called to get a new phone cause of a cracked screen they told m... Read more

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    Sun Jan 21 2007

    Cingular has ridiculous sales practices, pushing there people to sell phones. Their sale people insisted that a new phone was required in order for my daughter to upgrade her call plan, then failed to even upgrade the plan at all. Then, of course, they wanted to charge the cancellation fee when she wanted to cancel the plan because they had not upgraded. They spent lots of money to fight for the $150 cancellation fee from their "office of the president" collections group rather than just admit they had screwed up and keep a good customer. They lost my business permanently, all the business of my family and I've also ensured that all my employees know about their illegal practices.

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    Thu Jan 11 2007

    horrible reception. every second call drops. customer service poor not ready to exchange defective phone they supplied through dealer giving stupid reason that it's a stolen phone though I have a bill

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    Mon Jan 08 2007

    This service was impossible to use. Everytime I placed a call it was dropped. I got this phone for emergencies and wasn't even able to use it when I needed to. You're better off without a cell phone.

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    Sat Dec 23 2006

    Most dropped calls - never made a call lasting over 10 minutes that did not require at least 1 redial. Worst customer service - Least knowledgable/competent employees. "It sucks" would be a complement. Spotty coverage area - very poor quality sound if it does connect. Can't wait for my contract to be over!

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    Sat Dec 23 2006

    Cingular is the best service out there because of their awesome coverage and cool phones. There coverage is the best in the area I live in (Pottsville, Pennsylvania).With all the mountains they always surprise me because I never loose the signal. Without a doubt Cingular kills my old Nextle service in everything. Cingular is the best phone company out there.

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    Sat Oct 28 2006

    I am fed up with this company. I have been a loyal customer for well over 5 years now. This past month I have been getting one dropped call after another. You would think that with their take over of AT&T; that the coverage would be better. It is not only a waste of my time and money but the person that I call's time and money as well. When I called to complain about this, I was transferred to a total of 3 'techs' before I finally hung up out of frustration. Each time the stupid Tech would ask me the same questions in which they either try to place the blame on you (I have a new phone, new sim card) or they 'can't find' any outages in the area. In the end they made me feel like an ass, with their down talk and disrepect. If it's not the dropped calls, its also another thing. Every month I find something new that they're billing me for. It's a good thing I actually look at my bill because they would have swindled me out of a few hundred dollars, last month alone! So now I... Read more

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    Wed Sep 20 2006

    I first tried Cingular back in 1999 (still known as PacBell Wireless). Their customer service was average but their reception was horrendous!! I was constantly losing calls due to "holes" in their coverage areas. A year ago I tried them again. Same problems!!! Crappy signal quality. I even lost a call that I was making to their Customer Service Dept.! When I called them about their poor signal quality, they claimed that it was because I was "in a rural area". During a trip to Los Angeles area, I had the phone and kept losing calls there too. So I called and asked them why this would be. Their excuse was that I was in a metropolitan area and too many buildings blocked the signals. Ok, if their service doesn't work in a rural area and it doesn't work in a metropolitan area, there's not too many other choices... Let's face, their service doesn't work. Maybe they should stop making excuses and start improving their signal quality.

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    Sat Sep 02 2006

    We just switched from Cingular Wireless to Verizon Wireless. Contrary to their commercials, our calls were always getting dropped and we never could use our cell phones in or near our home. They kept promising they'd upgrade a nearby tower acquired from AT&T; for over a year which would help this problem, but we never saw it happen. We finally got fed up with it and switched. We now can use our cell phones in and near our home, too! I wouldn't recommend Cingular because of this. From what I've experienced, they don't live up to their commercials. Prior to that, I'd been with AT&T; and had NO problems. I wish I could be more positive, but I'm afraid I can't.

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    Tue Aug 22 2006

    horrible company, i hate them with a passion. i cant get any signal where I live and in most places, and the tech support even LIED TO ME! I asked why my networking features arnt working, and they said that it was a nation wide problem and that they were upgrading all their servers or something. I think that rep left a note next to my name on the computer because after that all the tech support continued with that same lie till I told them that i asked my friends with cingular and they wern't having any problems. Then they finally explained that my mom took away the feature, WHY NOT TELL ME THIS TO BEGIN WITH?? I hate these people and would gladly bomb the nearest location to my house if I ever have nothing to lose.

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    Fri May 19 2006

    Cingular has great reception but their customer service and billing sucks. I was with Tmobile for 5 years and never had billing issues about a year ago their reception start to suck so i had to drop them. I should have never signed up with Cingular if I knew I was going to have to be babysitting my bill every single day.

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    Wed Mar 29 2006

    A big zero stay away from this phone service. When it was AT&T; it was great they cared about their customers. Cingular is dishonest you think you are getting a certain package with your service for a special price. Then you find you are being charged 60 cents a minit for the nation wide long distance that was in that package you never got. They add and remove things from your plan whenever they feel like it, and you have no choice you have to pay. Then when you get out of your contract they charge you $500.00 dallars when it was suppost to be $75.00. Take my advice don't even sign up or look they lie.

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    Mon Feb 27 2006

    Cingular is sooo bad!! First, they make you sign a 2-year contract. Probably because they know how much they suck and everyone wants to leave them. Second, the first bill is expensive with connection charges -- how much does it really cost them to connect me? The bills after that come with approximately $8 dollars worth of hidden fees not including another $10 for taxes -- I don't blame Cingular for the taxes. Third, it's $10 more for another line. Fourth, everything bad you've heard about the Customer Service is true. Once you sign your soul away on the dotted-line, you no longer exist to Cingular. The only reprieve would be that the reception is decent here. All together after taxes and fees, I pay $84.53 for 2 lines that share 700 anytime minutes. Weekend and nights do not go toward my anytime minutes. No extras, just the basic plan. It costs extra if I receive text messages, use the internet, etc. I think it would great if other cell-phone users posted their actual tota... Read more

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    Wed Feb 22 2006

    When I bought my new phone, the man working for Cingular told me that I had to get a new SIM card so that I could use both the Cingular and former AT&T; towers. It was a hassle transferring all of my numbers, but it was definately worth it. Now I have amazing signal. I can make calls just about anywhere I need to make a call. Cingular has expanded its coverage region enormously and it's hard to believe, but it is true. I used to be unable to receive or make calls from my house but now I can clearly make calls in almost all parts of it. It is not just a commercial, Cingular is definately increasing their coverage areas and raising the bar.

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    Thu Feb 09 2006

    Frogger speaks the truth when he says: "Bottom line: Once your a customer, and signed a contract with them, they don't care about you." I've been trying to upgrade my phone (read: give these guys business!) for three days now. To place my order, I've tried the only 3 avenues I know of: on the web, over the phone, and at a retail store. No dice. To make a long story short, I can't get my corporate discount in person, my credit check won't go through over the phone (despite having been a customer for 2+ years), and I can't "add lines of service" (not what I'm trying to do in the first place!) over the internet. It is mind-boggling to me that any company that makes it this hard for the consumer to buy something can have any success. But from what I hear, Verizon and the rest aren't much better...

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    Wed Jan 18 2006

    Went online with cingular wireless in dec. of 2005. Everything froze and I then received a bill for 1000.00 for online service.Phone froze connected online for two days. I did not know this. Called them, they were rude and said they would knock off 200 but I still had to pay $800.00 because the phone froze. They can rot in hell for all I concerned.

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    Wed Dec 21 2005

    Cingular was, once upon a time, a decent mobile phone company. Once they merged with AT&T;, things went downhill fast. I moved last year and it took them EIGHT MONTHS, and many many phone calls from me, to have them update my address so I would get my monthly bills. For those on Cingular, who are getting ready to move, DO NOT use the "change address" feature on their website. That only changes the address in their database, NOT the address the bill gets sent to. After continuing to get bills forwarded by the post office to my new address, I went to the nearest Cingular store, where the person working there thought I was nuts because the address in HIS system was my current address. I kept showing him the bill I just received with my old address printed on it, and it didn't phase him. Asking for the manager was futile--"he's on break." Bottom line: Once your a customer, and signed a contract with them, they don't care about you. It took countless more calls to their billing depa... Read more

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    Thu Nov 17 2005

    CINGULAR SUCKS. They don't help you, listen to you, or even proceed to cancel your service when you're so fed up with them you can't take it anymore. Get Verizon, they're SOOO much better.

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    Thu Nov 10 2005

    Effective 1 Dec I will drop Cingular and never look back. I was satisfied with AT&T;, but when Cingular took over the problems started. One example was when I asked a simple technical question I was referred to three different people, naturally it took about 7-10 minutes on hold each transfer, and the third person I spoke with referred me back to the original customer service number. After the second referral I asked to file a complaint and was laughed at! The girl I spoke with even admitted that Cingular customer service had a lot to be desired. I’ve had calls dropped within two miles of my home and the actual coverage I have when I’m on the road is less than was described on their “footprint.” My $29.99 monthly service is costing me over $38, yet I never go over my minutes. I have written emails and good old-fashioned letters to their corporate offices and have been completely ignored. You can’t have good customer service when you don’t respond to your customers. Since cell... Read more

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    Thu Sep 08 2005


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    Sun Aug 21 2005

    For cingular, there should be a zero rating for all of us who would rather they didn't exist.

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    Sun Aug 21 2005

    Over two weeks ago I ordered a phone and a monthly service online. A week later, when my phone hadn't showed up, I called and found out my phone was back logged. What that really meant was there was a problem with the port over of my number from ATT wireless which really is a horrible company. So I spend 3 hours on the phone trying to get them to switch over the port. The people were nice, but they were incompetent. So it ends up fine- they were going to send out the phone immediately. 1 week later the phone is still back logged and I call to see what's going on and they tell me that the phone has been phased out. I can't get the phone that they promised me when I ordered the service because of their slow incompetence. I willing to just go somewhere else, but I want to make Cingular pay for this extreme hassle and inconveniece.

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    Sun Jul 31 2005

    Cingular in Idaho is terrible. Poor coverage and LOUSY audio quality (when you can make a call). Hard to believe anyone stays on this network.

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    Tue Jul 19 2005

    I was with Cingular for one week. I did not have any problems calling or receiving calls, but monthly pricing is deceiving. I signed up for a $29.99 per month plan. What I didn't know was that the taxes added up to be $8, so instead of $29.99 per month, it's really almost $40.00 a month for their cheapeast plan.

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    Wed Jul 13 2005

    Cingular kicks ass. I have had Cingular for almost one year and I have to say that is the best cell phone provider. I have never had a problem with any of my bills and the customer service rocks where I'm at. They have the best phones and the best plans at the best prices. I used to have Verizon Wireless and I got outrageous bills every month because Verizon Wirelss does not know how to work as a unit. Always had dropped calls with Verizon as well. Cingular is the best and since they merged with AT&T;, they are even more powerful and Cingular is only going to get better.

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    Tue Jun 07 2005

    Cingular Wireless is the bomb! You get a bunch of services with a good price, and not only that but you also get good reception. I have been with Cingular for at least 6 months now and I wish I have been there longer. If you need to change your plan, they'll do it for no charge (unlike T-Mobile-a 1 year mistake). They have rollover minutes which are cool. If you don't use them all, you can use them later. I have had all my problems solved by calling or going inside a store, but other than that, every cell phone providers have their problems. I have had problems with my phone (Motorola v551) and I have no problem getting replacements. However, I just received a Motorola Razr v3 and I can't get insurance on it, but at least I have a warranty. The reception is always at 5 bars on my phone (maybe if I'm in a remote area, I get fewer, but that's expected) and I have had fewer dropped calls than with any service provider. I have done a little research since I got ripped off by T-Mo... Read more

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    Sat Feb 05 2005

    I have been a Cingular Wireless customer for 7 years and a Cingular Customer service representive for 2 years. So i have seen the both sides of the fence, as a customer, i have recieved ill informed reps(CSR) that have been dumb founded by questions at times needing to walk them through the steps to correct something, but very few times. Normally CSR's are very informed and helpful, just like with any company if you feel unsure call back until you feel comfortable. As for the complaints about rate plans. Customer must educate themselves on plans and phones and the internet offers reviews and opions of both, I myself would never take a phone that said LG or siemens they are junk, we cant tell you that. but an educate customer would choose wisely. would you buy a car without a test drive and checking the gas mileage and customer ratings. cingular has a 30 day return/exchange policy on a new contract, if the phone dont work take it back and exchange it for another if it still isnt working... Read more

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    Tue Feb 01 2005

    Cingular is going down!!! I have been using Cingular Service for 4 years. I never was happy with Cingular, but I was hanging in there until they changed my plan. They gave me a new deal with 600 daytime and 5000 weekends roamfree account. Since they have changed my deal I have been getting unbelieveable bills for everymonth and needed to argue about each one of them at least for 1 hour. Everytime it was a different story. One of the examples is, that my deal is 600 anytime minutes and 5000 mobile-to-mobile minutes!!! I am not even sure if such deal exists. This kept on repeating and repeating and it came to point that they said you need to pay the money. Of course I didn't. I made the argument over the phone and didn't get anywhere, just got treated like a piece of pupu. After couple months they canceled my account. I was fine with that and I was so fed up with them that I didn't want to get in trouble by getting on my credit. So I called them. I said tell me the amount that I need to ... Read more

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    Thu Jan 27 2005

    Cosumer beware. Cingular is ripping off costumers on thier Exchange by Mail program. They tell you to return your phone and you wont get charge if no physical damage. but if you accept this terms there could also be internal damage that you can't see inside your cell. So you get hit with a charge.

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    Wed Jan 19 2005

    Great service in the NYCity area-even get service underground in some subway locations. I have spoken with Cingular customer service about 5 times to ask questions and to add services and each time I have spoken with helpful and genuinely friendly representatives. I even had one representative spend over an hour with me to figure out my correct wireless internet settings. Made me feel like they actually valued me as a customer. All charges have been exactly as stated. Seems that most who have problems/complaints have not done their homework as to the specifics of their plans/options. I really enjoy my Motorola Razor V3 and the great service I receive. I have been pleasantly surprised with my new service. I must admit that I was happy with my previous Sprint service, but was wowed by Cingular's phone choices. Sprint was slightly less expensive and also had sufficient customer service (almost as friendly as Cingular).

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    Mon Dec 20 2004

    I have been with Cingular for three days and now will be cancelling my service. I just had the worst customer service experience of my life. 5 hours on the phone with 8 different reps, none had the slightest clue what they were doing. Attide ranging from inept to rude. Has beeen hanged up on once. Last rep ttransferred me to a Cingular department which regular business hours were over. That was the end of it, After 5 hours on teh phone I am nowhere near resolution of my problem which was to exchange a defective phone that I had for only three days.

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    Tue Dec 07 2004

    Cingular is a good mobile phone service until you make any changes, have combined billing or make calls from other cities. Also, you'd think traveling to Southern California you wouldn't be charged roaming in Los Angeles but I was. After at least 40 hours on the phone with customer service and disputing the bill for months with certified letters, both my phones were cut off (one of which I use for my business). Bottom line, they still say I owe them $650. It's a scam and a rip off. My only mistake was believing the salesperson who sold me the plan that said I don't have to worry about roaming charges in Southern California. It's deceitful and they may be in the letter of the contract but not in the spirit of the contract. I would have never used my phone had I known I'd be charged for roaming (I mean who constantly looks down at their phone to see if it says Cingular and Cingular extended). That's why I got TMobile because if it's not in an area they don't cover (which is rare)... Read more

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    Sun Dec 05 2004

    I'm only holding out until the stupid contract is up. This is the absolutely worst run company. I moved from NJ to NY and an understatment is saying that it was an unbelievable NIGHTMARE. It was a complete run around on relocating the service. We ended up paying on both ends (NJ and NY) for the same billing period because the Cingular in NY can't access NJ and vice versa. Whenever you call customer service you'de best plan on a total afternoon to do so. I was on the phone, no lie, 8 hours between the two states. It isn't just a matter of relocation, even when we were in NJ prior to moving, if you call you sit, and sit and sit. Horrible service. Then to top things off, when we moved.... we had to lock into another FULL YEAR contract even though our original contract would have ended within two months. To leave now, it's $150 penalty charge for early termination. How do I spell Racquet? C-I-N-G-U-L-A-R

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    Wed Nov 24 2004

    I don't understand why people don't read their contracts before signing them... In the years that I have worked in the cell phone industry, people would rather listen to someone give them the world for free rather than read the contract they are being binded to. Cingular, like Verizon, TMobile, Nextel, Sprint and the late AT&T; Wireless, are all companies that do not make a habit of giving the world out to anyone because if they do then they have to do it for everyone. If they give me a $600 phone for free and I tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on, eventually within a contract time the company does not make money. Then they go out of business... Another thing ALWAYS GET INSURANCE! Even if you think it will never happen to you, it will and then you will hate the fact that you have to pay full price. Cingular as a company is a very good one. Just because you get an angry person on the phone that seems uncaring it does not mean that they are stupid or don't know wha... Read more

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    Thu Nov 18 2004

    I LOVE CINGULAR my favoirte service provider i have ever had... Great service everywhere i go, and acually they have good CS.. That is important for me.. I would highly suggest them to anyone who wants good Service...

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    Thu Nov 11 2004

    Cingular is the only service we get where I live, but even if it wasn't I'd still use Cingular. They usually come out with the new stuff first and they offer great coverage. They have pretty decent plan rates and cool phones. All in all I like Cingular a lot.

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    Wed Oct 27 2004

    I purchased a shared plan with one standard phone (came with the plan) and a Nokia 6100 for myself ($350.value). My need was to have service in Denver CO, Boise ID, Spokane WA and the Seattle/Bellingham WA area. The Nokia's contact and schedule capabilities are excellent. The service has been a problem since day one. I had no bars of service at my Spokane Location, however was assured that Cingular had towers going up by May or June of 2004 in Northwest Spokane. While working out of Boise Idaho, I may get as many as three bars, calls drop regularly, and the reception is broken. Initially, I tried different phones, returning them within the 15 day required time period. There was no significant improvement. I've had a number of technical service tickets on the Nokia. Because of the poor service I kept my Qwest plan active, and have to rely on it at least temporarily, in hopes that Cingular does have improved reception/towers/service. The rollover plan is excellent, so I persev... Read more

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    Sat Oct 16 2004

    I would like this to serve as a warning for potential cingular customers. For the last three years I was a cingular user, and unfortunately I had problems with them every few months, spending hours on the phone with customer service. Thus, I decided to end my contract, and since September 2004 I have no longer been a customer. Two months after ending the contract, I received a bill from cingular stating that I have to pay for usage during the month of August (this is after I already paid my August bill). After calling customer service and spending more than half and hour on the phone, they told me that I am liable for any delayed charges whenever Cingular has to rely on other companies' phone towers (since I had a national plan), and they have to pay extra. Not only had I not gone over my minute limit for the month of August, but I was charged $50 extra for it 2 months later, because Cingular claims that it received delayed charges from another carrier, which they imposed upon me. I fi... Read more