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    Wed Jan 04 2012

    From the obnoxiously loud painted walls to the downright bizarre mac-and-cheese pizza, Cici's is a culinary force not to be messed with.(It makes go to the bathroom, faster than Benefiber would!) There was a huge selection of pastas, 1! And the salad bar alone had 2 dishes, both of which consisted of shredded up cheap, wilted, browning taco lettuce. For the pasta, it was the same macaroni on that pizza, and the soup had the same noodles as well! The brownies looked like bricks and I was afraid to eat them because I value my teeth. My mother says the cinnamon rolls were good but lets face it, she's 60, lost all her tastebuds, and eats anything on a plate, even a cracked plastic one like the one we used to finger paint on in preschool from the dollar store. I felt sorry for the staff who were friendly. The other people eating there were weirdos though. And other than us, they were all overweight as well as annoying. We could say they had more rolls than the cinnamon kind in the "buffet".... Read more

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    Wed Jan 04 2012

    I was excited to find a Cici's Pizza, since I live in an area that doesn't have them. The commercials look so enticing for the price of $5.99. After entering the place I realized that the price is about $5.00 overpriced. The "salad bar" was two (yes 2) limp shredded 50% brown wilted bagged stuff that resembled the scraps of the school cafateria leftovers. Someone said "go scrape the school plates, bag it up and send it to Cici's. Being a vegetarian I thought the pasta "buffet" would be a better choice well it had ONE type of curly pasta which I think the owner of Cici's has stock in since they use the SAME pasta in every dish. And don't let me start with the TWO options of sauces: tomato (canned Ragu or worse) and white (cheese, I believe). both lukewarm. The soup was broth, chicken and THOSE noodles making it's third appearance. I could not believe my eyes when the pizza bar had a pizza with those noodles. The vegetarian choices for the pizza were the typical pizza veg. blen... Read more

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    Sun Nov 06 2011

    I started going to CiCi's pizza years ago when it first opened in Dallas, TX. It used to cost back then $2.99. The price started going up slowly and I think it's around $5.50 now. I used to take my family every weekend and we used to enjoy it. We knew the manager and he always made us feel special. When the manager left and the quality started going down, we thought that was due to the manager leaving that location. So we tried other locations, but they were not any better. The problem was not just the price, it's rather the quality and the taste. The place is clean most of the time; occasionally there were some dirty cups, utensils and trays...(that varies a lot from place to place!). The problem is the taste because ALL the pizzas taste the same regardless of the topping. Even the desert doesn't have any taste anymore. The price is OK for just one or two people. But if it's more than that then it gets expensive and it's not worth it especially that the taste is not that great anymor... Read more

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    Thu Oct 27 2011

    CiCi's is the most affordable pizza joint to eat but with the low price, you get cheap substandard pizza. All you can eat buffets draw overeating glommers like stink on a Mexican. I saw one 350 lb man eat 2 whole pizzas by himself plus several breadsticks!!!! Mom and Pop pizza joints are the way to go.

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    Fri Jul 01 2011

    If you like cold, stale pizza that has been sitting under a heat lamp for several hours, salad bars with flies on it, or lousy buffet items, then this is the place for you. Affordable, you do get a lot of food for your money, but quality is very poor.

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    Fri Jul 01 2011

    I don't trust buffets, let alone pizza buffets. I just don't get why anyone wants to eat food that's been sitting around being breathed on. CiCi's seems pretty artificial to me.

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    Fri Jul 01 2011

    In some cases you really do get what you pay for.

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    Sat Apr 16 2011

    When I first went to Cc's in 1998, it was a different pizza than it is today. They have switched to cheaper ingredients and their pizza has changed for the worst.

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    Sat Feb 05 2011

    Worst pizza i ever digested. They should re-name this place BURP AND SQUIRT PIZZA. This place will be filled to the brim with the local southern tier fatties waddling in and planting themselves there for hours feeding from CiCi`s trough. I`m suprised CiCi`s doesnt fit people with a feed bag. I`f you enjoy good pizza scrap together some extra money and try pudgies in horseheads square. My only other suggestion for CiCi`s would be for them to either diaper their patrons as they come through the door or place porta johns in the parking lot. Yuck Yuck Blah. Patrick Perry

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    Sun Jan 02 2011

    I've been working at CiCi's Pizza for a year now and you would not believe how ridiculous some of these people are that come in here are. You are paying $5, us employees try to do all we can but we can only do so much with the short staff that corporate has us have. Just stop, breathe and try not to be so rude.

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    Fri Dec 10 2010

    I think most of you are way too hard on this place. For the money, it's ok. I eat at the one in Wayzata, MN, and the employees are always friendly. They do a good job of rotating the varieties of pizza. I agree that their salad, and pasta are pretty bland. Their pizza won't win any awards, but this place has the most variety of pizzas I've seen in a buffet. Most places just have veggie, sausage, or canadian bacon. Cicis has all of those, plus BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Taco, and their speciality Mac & Cheese. Their desserts are just average. They can't top Pizza Hut's Dessert pizza, but at least they have more than one dessert. So, their variety of pizzas and low price make this place ok. There are very few places in MN this cheap, and none other than Cici (that I know of), that offer a buffet at any time other than lunch during the week.

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    Sat Nov 20 2010

    We just went to the Cici's in Chino Hills, Ca and it was great. The employees were friendly and helpful, the pizza was great and so was the variety. Definitely can't be beat for only $5!

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    Sat Nov 20 2010

    This place reminds me of a poor man's Chuck E. Cheese. They have the worst pizza of all the chain pizza joints, but it's also the cheapest at only 5 dollars for an all you can eat buffet. The restaurant is extremely noisy with lots of children running around and tables that are too close together giving the place a crowded feel. The bathroom in the location I visited was disgusting and had a foul musky odor that permeated it. The only edible pizza they offer in my opinion is the pepperoni which the staff has a hard time keeping on the buffet. The minute a fresh pepperoni pizza is put on the buffet it is greedily taken by the customers. What really puts this place on the map is their desserts. Their apple pie pizza and cinnamon rolls are excellent. The brownies are too gooey in my opinion and have no icing on them. They also offer an unappealing pasta with cheap sauce and no meat. Their bread sticks are ok, but lack flavor. Sometimes I think the employees seem to forget to pu... Read more

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    Tue Nov 02 2010

    well for the first time i went to cici's pizza and was pleasantly. There was a range of pizza; bbq chicken, macaroni and cheese, desert pizza, and some classics. i always saw the commercials with the macaroni and cheese pizza so i had to try it first and i was astounded it was good. along with the deserts, salad, and most of the other pizza's they didnt have a wide variety of deserts or salad but the taste made up for it. SO WORTH $5

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    Thu Oct 21 2010

    the only good thing we got out of it , was laughing our asses off about how shitty everything was. we mangane to steal a shit ton of bull shit foood that i wouldnt give to a homeless person . my daughter made me pull over cause she was about to shit in the grass cause she couldnt wait 10 minutes . we both now feel like ass . somebody needs to quarantiene this picice of shit . NO JOKEE ! yuckkk !

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    Mon Oct 18 2010

    Today was the first time i ever when to a CiCi's and overall it wasn't that bad. My kids enjoyed the pizza and also the game room and i enjoyed just relaxing. I mean when i say it was for only 4.99 i wasn't expecting nothing big. But here in Morrisville Pa the girls behind the counter had smiles on there faces and the manager mingled in the dining room with guest happy as happy could be. I'm a restruant manager myself and was impressed. Good Job

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    Mon Oct 11 2010

    2 nights ago, we went to Cici's in Brownsville, we didn't order, by the time we finished paying, the manager came over, and with a big smile he said: " Betty your order is almost done, meat lovers is coming, extra thin & crispy". We are regular customers, they already know us, my kids were hungry, - imagined 3 hungry kids- they can give you a headache. I went for the sodas, when I returned the pizza was on the table, 3 kids (dizzies)eating pizza, now the best part, they were so quiet like tweety in his cage. I would like to say, the service is very good, specially the pizza, it was so thin and crispy, better than ever, thanks to Ramon he prepared the pizza, that's why we will continue going to Cici's, all I can say, THANKS.

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    Sun Oct 03 2010

    I like CiCi's pizza the food is always good and on time. i choose to go to the joshua store in texas... Although today I had a problem I called to place an order and there computers are down.ok thats understandable but the person whom answered the phone said if we had exct change we could make an order.. so we told we will call back.. Which we did and we got hung up on many times and we called from two different phones.. which really upsets me they should have explained thereselves a little more and dont appreciate it thats rude.. well we finally got a hold of someone the assisstant manager and he explained everything.. you are supposed to take care of your customers not turn them down. There is times we people dont like to complain about resturants but this i have to cause im very upset. I will continue to go to my fav cici's store but i just want u to know that u should deal with ur people and explain urself.. I will get this taken care of... I love ur pizzas but attitudes and rude p... Read more

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    Sun Jul 25 2010

    I work at Cici's, just thought I'd throw in my experience. I used to go to Cici's all the time when I was young, and they had all kinds of things I enjoyed. Now it makes me ill just to think about eating anything there. It's not that the place is dirty or the ingredients are mistreated. The problem starts and ends at corporate. They get so worked up over trivial things that they can't focus on what's really important, namely how their pizza tastes and the variety of things available. Most of the items they have removed from the buffet menu were my absolute favorite. The alfredo pasta sauce is gone, the huge salad bar is replaced by two pre-made salads, my absolute favorite cheese bread is replaced by cheap garlic breadsticks, and the desserts have been reduced to the most absolute boring assortment, namely brownies, cinnamon rolls, and apple cobbler (which we now put icing on for some reason). I'm not sure if their dough or sauce has changed since I was young, but now the bread tast... Read more

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    Sun Jul 25 2010

    Erie Blvd., Syracuse NY First and LAST time I'll ever eat in this dump! The salad bar, right next to the cashier is a great place for kids to stick their fingers into and taste things. The worst part are the girls cleaning up in the area where the actual pizza are place out for the patrons. Watch two girls for about 6 minutes in this area. They both had (1) dirty rag that was used to keep the serving area clean. No problem with that. THE SAME RAG that was used for clean up, WAS ALSO USED to handle the edge of the hot pizza trays after they were delivered from the kitchen. Dirty rag for wiping counters, also used to handle trays containing fresh pizza??? To put ice in the ice machine, some kid had to step on a small step ladder and dump ice into the top of the machine. No gloves on hands and ice that didn't make it in the hole (caught on ledge) was knocking into the mix with a long spoon. The nicest part was the fact that these clowns are handling fresh food and not one rubber ... Read more

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    Sat May 29 2010

    The ci ci's pizza i go to is the one in Tampa , Florida. and actually i went there today and it is soooooooo gooooood ! and every timee i go i always eatt so muchh aha. and i love there cheese pizza with out sauce mmm thats the best and there pizza is always fresh! and you can tell because the pizza is hot and the cheese is nice and gooey! and they have a lot of varities of pizza. and there all freshly baked And the desert mmmmmm that is soooo gooood ! there brownies and cinomon rolls are soooo gooood ! the only thing i dont like is the apple pie pizza. but i love Ci Ci's pizza i beg my mom to take me there all the time. So im very shocked to hear bad reviews. oh and also the place is very clean. And i was also shocked that its only 5$ a person. for an ALL you can eatt!

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    Thu May 27 2010

    Too bad I have to give it even one star. I, like many others here, saw the incessant commercials for CiCi's pizza, and they made it look pretty good. Then, one opened near where I live, in East Rutherford, NJ off Route 17. So, I figured, hey, I'll finally get to try it and see if it's as good as the commercials make it look. Well, it's now used as our family comedy routine. This place is like Chuck-E-Cheese, only without the fun. It's the worst pizza chain I've ever been to. There is ONE kind of pasta, ONE kind of salad, and nowhere near the amount of pizza choice advertised. Basically, we thought the food tasted like school cafeteria food. Also, it seemed like all the people eating there had never seen food in their lives. It was like a zoo in there. Lots of teenagers though, since they eat a lot. It was funny, every few minutes a new, large, group of kids would walk in the door like they were bussed in or something. The place was not terribly dirty, but it was also pre... Read more

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    Sun May 23 2010

    My husband and I decided to take our 18 month old daughter to the 23rd and Meridian location in Oklahoma City. The first thing I noticed was that it looked NOTHING like the commercials shown on T.V. The employees were very friendly and helpful. That is the only positive thing I can say about our visit. The food was absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!! The salad bar was nothing special. I could have made a better one at home. While eating my first and only slice of pizza, I noticed that the wall that my daughter was sitting next to had dried pizza sauce and noodles on it. They obviously don't clean their establishment very well. The pasta was not good either. We will never ever go back. It is worth it for us to spend the extra money to go to Chuck E Cheese or Ultimate Pizza.

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    Tue Apr 20 2010

    Sorry, no stars any more. No stars, no more visits, no more recommendations. Ci'Ci's has fallen into a pizza hole. It stinks. I really used to like CiCi's in Winchester, VA, had been going for 6 years, and was eager to take my visiting grandkids over. But much to my surprise/shock, several things had changed ... for the worst ... I learned on Saturday, April 17. As a result, I will NOT be returning AND I will NOT give CiCi's a recommendation anymore. A very big disappointment. (1) CiCi's used to offer Caesar salad AND regular garden salad. The Caesar is no longer offered. Of course, it was my favorite. I didn't even look to see if they still offered Caesar salad dressing since I am NOT a fan of their garden salad which is mostly white iceberg lettuce (which has nil in the way of nutrients). I really want GREEN salads. (2) CiCi's used to offer pasta with a tomato sauce OR an alfredo sauce. The alfredo sauce is no longer offered. Of course, that's the one I liked. The toma... Read more

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    Wed Mar 31 2010

    Interstate-highway-pizza. Overpriced and low value. When there's nothing else on the road, sure. . .

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    Sat Mar 06 2010

    Wanted a pizza as I was visiting in Florida I found this place in a plaza in Davenport so I ordered a large veggie to go she then charged me 6 dollars I never bought a pie that cheap I asked her is it a good pizza she said yes. I went home and started eating it and it tasted likt he dough was soaked in salt wow what a horrible tasting pizza. I will buy from a small chain next time. Thank god it was cheap for I never oh well enough said.

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    Mon Mar 01 2010

    My family and I dined at the Portage, IN location. We were very pleased with the service and hospitality of the workers. My sister and I have 3 growing boys and they were happy to have more than 1 variety of pizza to choose from. We were happy that for less than $5 a person, everyone was able to find a pizza they liked. I was especially impressed with the cleanliness of the restaurant. The kids who worked there looked happy to pull out the booths and make sure everything was cleaned.

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    Mon Feb 22 2010

    Thought we would gve it a try. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. How are these places still in business? I dont care that it only costs $5 a person, you can eat dirt for free people. There must have been a shuttle going to and from the trailer parks as the atmosphere was like a Welfare soup kitchen. We had a good laugh on the way home until we were both forced onto the porcelin thrown for two to three hours. What in the H is wrong with people that would go to this place more than once?

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    Thu Feb 18 2010

    I go to CiCi's all the time. It's a tradition of mine and my fiance. (Brooklyn, OH). The food is always good, of course there are times when it is busy so you have to hurrily grab it before someone else does. I've never ordered my own pizza from them, as I almost never have to. The pizza I like is almost always there waiting for me when we walk in, and if its not, it will be by the time I've finished my salad. They're very good about greeting you and saying goodbye, so good in fact that my fiance and I make a game out of trying to sneak out once we're done with our meal WITHOUT them saying goodbye (though I do admit, we've gotten good at it, we're on a really long streak! Its all about waiting for the right moment). The pizza is good, the salad is good, the service is good, and it's only $5. No one can complain from that. Now with this $3.99 deal going on, we're going today! Even better. We have also gone to the on in Brunswick, Ohio, right off 303/Center Rd. I have to say I'll never... Read more

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    Thu Feb 11 2010

    Oooooooooh my......for about five dollars I can have all the pizza I can eat? Did I die and go to heaven? No. I walked ito a Cicis. I'm a native born Chicagoian who has a mother who's tastes in Pizza borderline on the Californian. Needless to say, for years suggesting pizza for dinner was something that would cause the family to break out in a fist fight. I'd like something meaty and thick crusted, my mother wanted something covered with vegetables, and my brother generally sided with me. A pizza buffet allowed us to each have something we liked. And most of all--the pizza itself is pretty good! I have to rate it among the top chain pizza joints I've eaten in. The crust isn't too thin, too crunchy, and cooked to perfection. Not to mention the constant shifting of unique pizza toppings at the buffet allowed me to sample so many different kinds of delicious pizzas. And whenever I see the glorious Macaroni and Cheese pizza.....well....let's say my family snags that one for our... Read more

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    Wed Feb 10 2010

    St. Louis, MO store. I didn't mind the buffet for the price and the salad bar was actually lettuce(romaine) which I can eat along with a pasta salad, alfredo sauce and noodles....... BUT just recently you changed everything....... cheap iceburg lettuce mixed with a little romaine, no pasta salad and no alfredo sauce... only horrible tomato paste pasta... I told the manager that I cannot eat there anymore because of all the changes.. He said it was to cut down the cost. Be assured you will lose business due to these "cut down on cost" changes. It is horrible now. And reading some of the other reviews, I agree totally with the fact the hot tables do not keep the pizza hot. I usually order a fresh pizza due to I know it will be fresh and hot..... Again, corporate changed things in order to put millions in their pockets and give nothing to the middle class to enjoy..... (by the way they took away the cheese and pinneapples on the salad bar a long time ago because of cutting costs)...... Read more

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    Tue Jan 19 2010

    these pizzas are GODS!!

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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    Cici's has ok pizza (depends entirely on each location and management) but unfortunately, the last time I ate there, they had discontinued almost all of the salad bar. The cheese, olives, peppers, cucumbers, radishes and more were all gone. And they also discontinued their cheese bread. I won't be eating there anymore. A pizza buffet with no salad bar and no cheese bread is just plain stupid.

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    Mon Jan 04 2010

    Oh people, get over yourself. It's $5!!! My boyfriend took me on a date there, we don't have too much money and I never been there so he felt the need to take me. I was weary of $5 pizza. It's not bad. They'll make you a custom pizza, bring it to you, nice for the lazies. If the pizza doesn't win you over, the service should. As soon as my boyfriend and I walk into there, they call us by name and tell us our cheese pizza is in the oven. The managers are great, although I have a few least favorites. I haven't been treated like crap like at McDonald's or any other fast food. The food has been rated pretty healthy. They do have a large menu...depending on where you go. If the food is cold, which I have never had the trouble of, tell them politely, they will fix it. It's a great place for kids. I love CiCi's.

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    Sat Jan 02 2010

    I went to the Nolensville Rd. resturant in Nashville Tn. and the food was not good. Dried out cheaply made pizza. The resturant also allows the bus boy to push a slop cart down the isle to dispose of all the left over pizza left on the tables by pervious customers. The bus boy dumps the leftover pizza and soft drinks in nasty containers as you sit there and eat. It's terrible!!! I'll never be back. Wade

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    Fri Nov 20 2009

    Dear Cici's pizza management and all that are on the Board. Concerning my visit to store # 764, Lancaster, Pa. Me, my wife, and 5 year old daughter had traveled an hour to get to your Lancaster, Pa. store, from Phoenixville, Pa. after hearing some radio and TV Cable commercials, and figured I might as well give your chain a try. The servers and cashier were first rate, very polite and smiled to us and thanked us on arriving, and departing as well. Mind you, I am not a professional food critic, just a normal guy that likes to enjoy a good pizza once in a good while. Well, upon first seeing your commercials on Food Network, you shown so many pizza choices and italian food, and salads in a bright cheery atmosphere, with new pizza pies freshly made, pipping hot and ready to chow down on, along with your radio spots, boldly trumpeting your pizza buffet to be the best thing since the first coming of Christ himself. With such images you shown to my family, surely the pizza would knock our... Read more

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    Thu Nov 19 2009

    i have gone once and it was awsome this place ws awsome whoever wrote that you are going to be in the restroom for a long time is an idiot i mean what do you have againts them?????????what is you PROBLEM gosh =]

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    Wed Oct 21 2009

    The one near us in Northern VA is not bad. It's clean, it's cheap, & it's simple. Our family are more adventurous eaters and usually do a lot of Thai, Indian, sushi, that sort of thing, but when we want something simple, inexpensive, and Fast when we are out runing errands, this it one of the places we go. I like the more adventurous pizzas and the make your own salad. Jessica

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    Sun Jun 07 2009

    My bf and I decided to check out the one in Plymouth, Minnesota it was horrible the food was luke warm and tasted like crap. The employees were not the nicest, and the restaurant didint look that clean. The pizza tasted like it was frozen from a grocery store. They had a dessert pizza it was dry and cold. The salad they had already had a dressing on it which was dissapointing because you dont really have a choice to pick the dressing you want or if you want it at all, and it made the salad mushy. I was expecting some thing totally different. Maybe its better else where but I will never go again.

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    Sun Mar 08 2009

    I go to the cici's in coral springs Florida and its fantastic. Though the food may not be of the highest quality, it is still great. The staff is really nice and helpfull and the place is clean. unlike what other people say you wont find any roaches or rats here. Its cheap and i love going. I also enjoy how they greet me when i walk in and leave.

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    Sun Jan 25 2009

    I think that a lot of the problems people mention in their reviews are directly related to crappy franchise owners/restaurant managers. This happens with any restaurant chain. You'll find good McDonald's, and bad McDonald's. Same with CiCi's. That being said, I enjoy the CiCi's Pizza in Lafayette, IN. I've been there many times, and it's always a great experience. I've never entered the place without being greeted by an employee. It's usually the manager who does it. The employees are usually actively friendly, in that they say "hello" and are very happy to help. The managers have even gone so far as to come talk to us at the table for a minute or two. Regarding food quality: It's not the highest quality pizza. But look at how much you're paying in relation to other pizza places. You can't realistically expect the world's best pizza for the price you pay. It's currently $5.49 where I eat, and I think it's a great deal. If you don't like the selection on the buffet, you... Read more

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    Thu Dec 25 2008


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    Sun Nov 16 2008

    Decatur Alabama~ This CiCi's pizza was really good up until recently. They have decided to go to the "new Cici's" it sucks!!! There is nothing different really about the buffet except for they make your salad now and you have to pick out what you don't want. And they don't have their signature cheese bread anymore, its just like garlic bread sticks. Yuck! Not to mention the fact that you have to pay for the drink of a 2 year old. We use to really enjoy our occassional visits to CiCi's in Decatur, but I don't foresee us returning regulary as before. Also, the manager there seems to be a dickhead and not care about his customers. While the Asst Manager is all about customer satisfaction and we really like him. I would recommend Pizza Hut over this CiCi's Pizza now.

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    Wed Nov 12 2008

    I worked at CiCi's Pizza for a couple of years. Here is the down low. 1. We have a DM that comes in around the middle of the month, we never know who it is. If you want good service come in around the beggining of the month when they actually care. 2. Everything is hand made, which means that the tired over worked employees don't care about it. They screw it up and let it go. If it was "canned" it would taste better. We had a thing called volume, which means we work say 8am-V, this means sometimes we have to work a 16 hour shift of get fired. 3. Get your pizza made fresh for you. That means have them make it and bring it to your table. I remember they would let pizza sit there for hours and hours. That dough gets pretty hard after a while. 4. Check your glass, the dishers are annoying about actually checking to see if they are clean. Also make sure that your glass does not come off the bottom of the bin, that thing has mold down there. 5. Don't waste the money, do not pay 7-10$ ... Read more

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    Wed Nov 05 2008

    My husband and I went to the NEW CICI'S in Zephyrhills Fla.What a hot mess!!!Itook 4 trips to what they called a salad and pizza bar to end up with 2 slices of pizza.My husband who eats everything had a plate of pizza with 1 bite gone and even he said the pizza tasted like !!!!.as he threw all of it away,So we paid 15 dollars for a small plate of lettuce!not a good value for our buck we will be going back to hungry howies we pay about a buck more but at least we dont come home and end up eating a sandwich for dinner

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    Mon Sep 22 2008

    We visited the CiCis in Denbiegh Newport News,Va. We really enjoyed our experience thanks to Linda Rutherford. She let us try just about every kind of pizza you make, she would deliver a couple of slices to our table, whenever we asked about a certain type. Really enjoyed the vegetableovers pizza with the white sauce. Also my grandaughter loved the buffalo chinken and the macaroni and cheese pizza. We allreally liked your apple crumb pizza. Hope that sometime soon that you consider bringing a franchise to Maine. This was a very pleasnt and wonderful experience for us all. MY daughter and grandaughter asked if there was anything they could take home for a souvenier and Linda went out of her way to get them a couple of outdated posters to take home. She is a real asset to your establishment.

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    Sat Jul 05 2008

    I recently went to a Cici's in Pennsylvania. I'm native to New York, and after seeing the commercials repeatedly every day (although there is none near us) I was looking forward to going there. What a disappointment! The pizza was horrible, and none of the pizzas were even labeled! There was one thing of pasta and it looked and tasted like it had sat there for quite awhile! The food was NOT fresh or even labeled. The pizza was like carboard, it was terrible!

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    Wed May 14 2008

    Cicis is the best food ever i dn if they put drugs in the food to make me like it sooooo much but i love it and i will eat there everyday!