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    Mon Mar 05 2007

    Sure, I can always be talked into a little trash. Or the semblance thereof.

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    Mon Jan 23 2006

    I was recently angry with Christina because of what she did,'cause I thought she broke the hearts of millions.But I forgive her now,because she has cleaned up her act,thanks to her husband Jordan.I'm also in love with her voice.She is DEFINATELY a diva!!!She ROCKS!!!

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    Sat Jan 14 2006

    um, I think with her it would be called a "trick" not a "date"

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    Sat Jul 30 2005

    Great voice, rich and famous, hot and petite, 364 days younger than me and from Staten Island. She's experimented with her look, but I was a big fan of the 19-year old Christina with the blonde hair.

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    Thu Feb 24 2005

    Dream date? Ha! Her slutty looks (talk about trashy) would turn off anybody but the most desperate.

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    Sat Jan 01 2005

    Very hot!!!!!!!

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    Fri Dec 03 2004

    It looks like you could catch VD just standing close to her. What a ho.

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    Tue Dec 23 2003

    current album is great music. nice change of pace

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    Fri Dec 12 2003

    I cannot stand all you anti-christina fans. I have to admit, i was never a huge fan, but i loved her stripped album and went to see her live in concert 2 nights ago and she blew me and the audience away. You all need to give her alot more credit. She has an outstanding voice, who performs brilliantly and who is a genuiinely lovely person. Britney is no where near in the same category as Christina, so have some faith!!

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    Fri Sep 12 2003

    I can't exactly explain why, but I don't find her that attractive. She's a very good singer and all, but I just don't think she's real pretty. I don't think she looks like a slut. To me, She just looks like a young version of Cher. With the blonde hair.

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    Mon Aug 25 2003

    i think you people concerntrate on her looks more than her voice. She sings thats her career and she does what she is good at- shes got a fantastic voice and shes gonna be around for years to come because she was given a great gift. Who care about her style if she wants to dress the way she dresses- does it affect you NO thats just the style shes into at the moment, chose a singin career for you to listen to her voice who cares if shes pretty or not? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about her someone might find her Stunning others might find her unattractive but who cares- looks will fade her voice wont!

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    Wed Aug 06 2003

    i would love to date Christina Aguilera! She does great music and she is beautiful. You idiots who think she is terrible are just nasty country music and heavy metal goth followers who hate young female pop singers like aguilera and britney spears.

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    Wed Aug 06 2003

    The one thing that cannot be denied about Christina is that she has a wondeful voice that can definately reach the rafters. As far as her personal character, I haven't been keeping up. But I do know that she loves people, and she is not a hateful person. So I still continue to recommend this musician. Great singer ! And as for her looks, she is very beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with her make-up either, if she chooses to express herself this way, then so be it. This is America after all.

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    Wed Aug 06 2003

    I don't like goth or country.Or Christina Ugly-lera.You say she's bea... beaut... no,I can't even type it.Have you ever actually looked at her?She's ugly enough to turn milk sour,poor girl.Poor girl with the loud,out-of-tune voice.

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    Fri Aug 01 2003

    She has a voice beyond her years. Give her time she could be some thing quite hot. However she does half fancy her self for somebody so young. If she ate a good portion of humble pie and also toke it easy on mum's make up. Then maybe I might have a second look.

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    Thu Jul 31 2003

    i hate to be mean but she is scary looking itsa sad what has happened to her and what she has become and i think in the long runruining a propmissing carrer

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    Tue Jul 22 2003

    christina is just an atention seeker she leaves none to the imagionation and shes a slut wannab she has to be anorexic to have a nice figure idont see what all the fuss is about her i mean if uwere to take all her make up of shed b a rite minger she looks like shes just be tangoed with that stupid fake tan shes a little girl trying to be older all her music sucks shes just a fake person whos living a dream

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    Mon Apr 28 2003

    Queen whore. Makes Brittany Spears look like Annette Funicello. How many of you want your daughter growing up like THIS??! Police your children please.

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    Thu Apr 24 2003

    She is just another Skanky(looks like a funky porn star) pop singer who tries to get everyones attention by wearing the least amount of clothes a person can wear. Now if she wanted to, she could sing like none other but instead she would rather flaunt herself around like a prostitute. Her video "dirty" should be called "Skanky, Dirty, Whores" because the song describes herself and how she would give it up to anyone!

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    Sat Mar 15 2003

    Christina Aguilera Is the Best and will alwayz be the best anyone who does hate christina aguilera is da biggest hater!!! she got da voice, looks, dance moves, personality, everythin! So for those of you, who think Britney Spears is better, need some help very badly.You saying that Britney Spears is better?? She sounds like shes constipated when she sings, she acts like a 2 year old, her voice is the most annoying thing when she talks!!! its like some one scratching the chalk board Atleast Christina Aguilera can sing! She got the most beautiful voice ever! no one can have a powerful voice like hers! and for all you who say shes skanky, dont hate just cause she got somethin to show unlike some of u! Britney is so built she looks like a guy. And why is it, that when christina puts on a short skirt, or dresses like a 22 year old, all of u start trippin n callin her a slut when J-Lo aint wearing anythin in her music video jenny from the block video except for an underwear with her boobs bl... Read more

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    Fri Feb 21 2003

    Didn't think much about her until her picture spread in last month's Maxim. Say what you may, but you gotta admit she's got an incredible body. Wadda butt!!! And the wife had to agree with me on this one.

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    Mon Jan 27 2003

    I wouldn't minding gettin' rowdy with Christina!!!

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    Mon Jan 27 2003

    Legal child porn.

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    Mon Jan 27 2003

    Britney is gonna be a FAT ASS in a year, if not already. I think Christina is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood since MARILYN, or maybe Gwen. I don't even listen to her music, britney’s, or any other pop artist (not my thing.) Although, I do admire Christina A_LOT....Just for being herself and having fun with her success. Let me guess,the ppl who don't like her..... You're a little chubby yourself. That's the only reason girls like Britney over Christina. It makes there "plumpness” more acceptable. AM I RIGHT?????

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    Mon Jan 27 2003

    You can keep Christina AND Britney--if I were to fantasize about some pop princess switching teams to date me, I'd take Gwen Stefani (she was awesome at the G-D Super Bowl last night and nobody EVER looks good at those things)....or maybe Avril Lavigne, whose music is at least semi-interesting. Christina is pretty, and not untalented as a singer....her kind of music isn't my thing, but anyway.....and I don't think it's fair to call her "slut" based on her recent videos and her naked Rolling Stone cover (nice guitar, BTW). That's just marketing. Her career's in a slump, so her handlers get her these nudie gigs to try to drum up some interest. It's not personal, it's the business. But I wouldn't want to date her. She reminds me too much of mean girls I knew in school, girls who were into power and money, full of themselves and contemptuous of others, girls I always tried to avoid.

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    Thu Dec 12 2002

    Christina, Christina. You can outsing the hell out of Britney Spears and you're prettier, so why do you have to prove that you can out-slut and out-makeup your image just to be one up on that Louisiana hick, it's not worth it. Chris, you have the voice and you can be pretty without playing with all that manufactured s**t!

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    Fri Sep 06 2002

    Britney Spears wannabe.

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    Mon Jun 17 2002

    Fantastic woman. Intelligent. Sexy. Honest. Decent. Talented. Caring. She needs to be worshipped by the human race. You didn't believe that I meant any of those things did you? I only put five stars to get your attention. Don't you think that Christina is sleazy? I like it though, it's a turn on for a woman to be slutty. I can't date a girl myself unless she's bi, or maybe that's because I live in Huntington Beach Southern CALIFORNIA. YEA BABY! Now let's see? A dream date, okay I have one. Christina picks me up in a hot pink BMW limo where the interior is designed in zebra stripes with yellow fuzzy pillows tossed around. Christina escorts me in and pours me some J.D. and soda. I down it as we drive off listening to Pena by the band Malo. We get down to the music and she orders the driver to take us to the beach, my territory. We get down to the music on the sand. The moons above shining light down on us. The tide comes in and gets our toes wet. I look over and walking up the beach,... Read more

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    Sat Feb 23 2002

    After pain staking thought and analysis, I have reached a conclusion. There is no such person as Christina Aguellira, just a Britney Speers clone who calls herself Christina Aguellira. They are both sluts and I can't stand them.

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    Fri Jul 27 2001

    She's pretty until you begin thinking cheap and greasy. She actually has a voice with some character, which is more than I can say for her peers.

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    Tue Jun 26 2001

    I can garuntee you that a date with Christina would be as boring and uneventful as an any day episode of TRL. No surprises just all flashy eye appeal. I look into her eyes and see nada. HELLO IS ANYBODY HOME!? I don't know. I am sure she is sweet and all, I would just get tired of watching movies with her and hearing "I don't get it!" every ten seconds. Seems like a dance around singer with no real anima. Not a real thinker or understander. I don't feel we would have much in common at all. That and I don't find anorexically skinny women attractive at all. Sorry Christina.

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    Sat Jun 16 2001

    She looks like an intoxicated peacock in the Moulin Rouge video. But she can pass for a tucan actually...

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    Fri Jun 15 2001

    this girl has the worst atitude of anyone that you have ever seen! All that she lives for is to make people mad, and she does a great job at it! Even if i were a guy i would not go on a date with her for 10 million bucks!

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    Wed May 23 2001

    Who would want to go on a dream date with a nightmare chick?

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    Mon Mar 26 2001

    I'm a fair man. I'll give ya 50 cents fer her, no more no less.

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    Fri Mar 09 2001

    I think Christina Aguilera is one of the best singers I have ever heard and I say that all the peps that are out there talkin trash bout her u are just jealous caues u dont have the buetiful looks, all the money, all the fans and u most likely dont have a life. I love all her albums and everything about her. I love her name, music, lokks, and more!!! Christine keep it up cause u are fine. Not fine in fine music u are fine(lookin). And i wish I had all the great things u do. So say the hell wit all the peps that are talkin trash bout u cause there wrong. Everyone that says Christina is a bad singer and has all the ugly looks I think you are talkin bout the person in the mirror. Pease be with u

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    Fri Mar 02 2001

    Dream Date? OHHH GOD! TOTTALY! All these fat people are proabably rating her down, just cuz they are jelous. Why are they jelous? Just cuz she is skinny and is PERFECT doesn't mean SHE should be put down! She is NORMAL! if she TRIED to put on weight she can't, if she tried loosing weight she CAN'T! Dat how she was born and will stay like that forever. She is PERFECT! Her attitude is good.... her BEAUTIFUL face, legs body, voice... EVERYTHING! She is TOTTALY my NO.1 celebrity date. CHRISTINA AGUILERA KICKS EVERYONES ASS!

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    Fri Feb 23 2001

    She has got to be one of the funniest looking little girls out there.

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    Thu Feb 15 2001

    I think she'd be a great date. You people have no concept of beauty. She is a very attractive woman and alot better of a person than you sluts out there who think she's a skank. Sure, I've heard that she can be a little on the "bitchy" side of things, but then I've never met a woman in my life who hasn't been a bitch at least once. So deal with it.

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    Wed Jan 31 2001

    I've had billions of dreams about you and me going out together!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT [email protected] I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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    Wed Jan 24 2001

    Ok all yu freaks, Christina Aguilera is the best damn thing around. Shes got the voice and the body. She'll be around for a really long time. One thing though all you people that are dissen her up are probably fat and ugly. Go and state your comments about BRITNEY SPEARS the little slut. peace out

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    Tue Jan 23 2001

    Everybody leave Christina alone. Now it's my turn to insult. She's thin, that's one thing she has. I agree with the makeup ridicule, she dose wear too much, however, I will admit that there is that sly nasty side of me that finds women painted up like harlots attractive. They are scene by men as temporary pleasure, and in most regards that is the way to go especially in the year 2001, and especially in Southern California. She reminds me of a wanna-be chola girl who dyes her hair too light. I do like her eyes though, they're not that Orange County Santa Ana, or Anaheim, look at all. Her eyes are more like women from Irvine, or trashy parts of Costa Mesa, like those cheap duplex houses they have overlooking Newport Bay. All of the women that live around there are seedy and 'trailer trashy', but yes...I dated them anyway. A date with Christina would go as follows. I pull up in my diablo red 4x4 Nissan pick-up truck blaring 'Wicked Garden' by Stone Temple Pilots. She climbs in, but ... Read more

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    Fri Dec 29 2000

    I think Christina is ok cuz she is a great singer but if she was sent to the hospital less often, maybe i'd like her a little more.

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    Fri Dec 22 2000

    I think Christina Aguilera Is a great singer!!!

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    Sat Nov 25 2000

    OMG can you wear anymore makeup?? YOu need to eat just a little more. Britney Spears is so so so so so much prettier stop trying to copy everything she does. She is alot better singer to.

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    Fri Nov 03 2000

    I have thought about it carefully, and yes, I think Christina deserves to die.

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    Fri Dec 24 1999

    Cute little skinny girl who has been ruthlessly made over in an effort to make her "hot enough" to be a sex symbol.

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    Tue Dec 21 1999

    i am not sure I would be able to rub her the right way to gewt the genie out of the bottle.

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    Tue Dec 21 1999

    She's going to fade faster than the mist coming out of that stupid bottle. Of all the current, supposedly attractive, pop superstars out there, Christina interests me the least.