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    Sun Aug 21 2005

    The me too dog of every spoiled airhead looking for yet another fashion accessory! Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's the dog's fault. Too many people buying too many puppies from too many breeders trying to make too much money resulting in WAY TOO MANY unsocialized, untrained, powertripping, anklebiting, rugpissing pains in the... toes?! If you get a Chihuahua, understand the breed (no, they are NOT naturally good with people or kids!) and strive to be an exception rather than the rule...

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    Fri Jul 30 2010

    my next door neighbor has two of these annoying twit chihuahuas. Every spring and summer for the last 5 years it's the same thing...the windows are open for ventilation as the weather gets hotter and all day long I hear them yip yap yip yap almost non-stop whenever I am home. I hear them over my television and my stereo. Whenever I go into my backyard the first step I take they start yapping. I can never enjoy my backyard in peace because they sense the slightest movement and start barking. Then my neighbors (the owners) start barking at them to be quiet (which never works but only adds to the noise). These are not the kind of pet to have if you live fairly close to another neighbor, unless you like your neighbors hating you. I keep hoping my neighbors will move. Or I start hoping the dogs would croak, but I just now looked up their life span which can be 10 or more years. How depressing. I hate these dogs and I'm not usually a person who hates anything, but after 5 years of ... Read more

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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    If you have small children at home, choose another dog. The Chihuahua is known to be very territirorial and extremely aggressive if provoked. They tend to be loyal one owner dogs and make few if any additional associations with other people. Other issues are hyperactivity, emotional disorders, and several other health related issues.

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    Wed Nov 04 2009

    Chihuahua's are yappy little fellows that make great companions for the right person, if you stay at home most of the time, plan to dedicate lots of time to your munchkin, and don't really care for the typical traits of most dogs. They're definitely easier to clean up after, especially in the doo-doo department, but they can be a little shaky when it comes to personality, literally, they like to shake a lot. We have fun with ours though, they love to be loved.

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    Sat Oct 17 2009

    most people think that chihuahuas are yappers but they very rarley yap as you might think and they are a very good breed to have however yorkies are yappin monsters my 10 year old cousin got a yorkie puppy at first as you would do i was like awww how cute! but her little dog grew and when i went to spend the night it just whent YAP YAP YAP YAP! every time i walked in the kitchen however my friends chihuahua acted like a normal dog after she got to know me she played with toys and stuff but my cousins yorkie just kept yapping at me! chihuahuas stop yaping after about half a minute but yorkies just yap,poop,pee,eat,and sleep! women just think their so cute chihuahuas are cute chihuahuas shut up but yorkies never f****** shut the h*** up!!!! i just wanna throw the d***thing against a wall but i never did and never will do that to any animal. in lamens terms:get a chihuahua not a yorkie for the sake of your sanity! from the mouth of the lamb(from a kid) YORKIES SUCK! chihuahuas rule!

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    Sat Aug 08 2009

    Chihuahuas make good watchdogs, but that's about the only positive thing I can say about them. My wife has one and he is annoying, to say the least. He's high strung, yappy, and barks at the drop of a hat. He's also excessively territorial and will growl and snarl at our other pets if they go within a few feet of "his" area. Good thing for him that none of our cats are particularly aggressive or he'd be living in fear. Curiously he's very good around houseguests although when they get ready to leave he'll charge them and nip at their heels. He also tries to mooch food at the dinner table, a habit I detest in any dog. Were it not for the fact that my wife loves her chihuahua so much I would given him away a long time ago. We will definitely NOT own another one.

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    lets see every chihuahua i have ever met is either really skiddish, really yappy, really aggressive, or snaps amd bites! not to mention they look like rats unless they have hair. yeah okay maybe its their idiot owners and maybe caesar millan can fix the dogs unstable nature by spanking their owners, but for the most part, im not too fond of this breed. not to mention, nobody knows where chihuahuas came from, theres no proof that they evolved from the wolf just like every other dog breed. maybe theyre not typical canines after all, maybe they evolved from big fat mexican rats haha who knows?

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    We have always had larger breeds of dog, and bred jack russells for years we got a chihuahua 7 months ago and he is the best little dog , he is short and stocky and kinda looks like a miniature doberman but more solid. He is the most placid, well behaved little dog he has never shown any aggression towards people or other dogs. I am most impressed with the intelligence of this little guy. To all you haters unless you have owned one don't comment cause you know shit !

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    Sat Jul 11 2009

    Giant ears, small nub for a tail, short haired. That's mine in the picture to the left. She's actually a chihuahua pinscher.

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    i really love dogs but i don't consider this one as a dog.

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    Sun Mar 01 2009

    This is the best small dog I have ever had. Gets along well with my large dogs.

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    Thu Feb 26 2009

    Chihuahuas are great little lap dogs, and very much a one person dog. They are very brave and fuerce for their size, and frequently bully much larger dogs. Long hair chihuahuas are much friendlier and lovable than the short hair variety, that's for sure!

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    Fri Oct 03 2008

    I use to hate these dogs. They bark and are little rat dogs that are under feet and just annoying, then I rescued my Teddy. He is a mix of Chihuahua and Terrier and is the best dog in the world. He is small and very Chihuahua in appearance, but he is gentle, good with my little kids( under 7) and helpful. At the time I wasnt a dog person at all, but he is hte first dog I ever liked. He loves to ride in the truck, he will be where ever I do but he stay to the side not under my feet. Sometimes its all in finding the right dog with the right personality to fit yours. Just because some else has an annoying dog doesnt deem the breed, just the dog and its owner.

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    Mon Aug 11 2008

    I used to think I couldn't stand Chihuahuas, but have recently realized it's their owners I don't like.  No dog, no matter how small, should be treated like a toy, fashion accessory or baby.  They are dogs and need training and discipline. Being tiny is no excuse for having bad manners.  I have a lot of respect for Chihuahua owners that raise their dogs to have manners, hopefully I will meet one someday.

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    Mon Aug 11 2008

    A shit dog, owned by shit people

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    Wed Jul 16 2008

    Best little dogs I've ever had.  You grow so attached to these lil guys!  Within my family we have 11 Chihuahuas mixing from short to long haired. I personally have 3 and only 1 of them is over-protective & this is only if his master is around, otherwise they are great!  They make me laugh everyday!

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    Mon Jul 07 2008

    This dog cannot be beat, it is travel-sized for your convenience.

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    Wed Jun 25 2008

    I show Chihuahuas; have three of them. I'd never get another breed. From some of the responses I take it that many of you have never met a proper Chihuahua--Chihuahuas that are well bred, properly socialized and trained are neither aggressive nor yappy. The problem is that many of the dogs out there are backyard bred pieces of shit, and owned by ignorant people who can't tell the front end of a dog from the back. I feel sorry for everyone who is biased against them as they obviously ignorant to how a proper Chihuahua should look like and behave. These dogs are fearless and wonderfully loyal.   However, they are not for everyone--people with weak personalities or idiots should not own these dogs.

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    They are cute but noisy!!!

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    Fri Mar 14 2008

    I feed these to my German Shepards when they're hungry for Mexican food.  Chihuahuas do make a lot of noise while they're being shaken by the neck.

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    Thu Jun 07 2007

    Rats make good pets.

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    Sat Feb 24 2007

    I detest small yippy dogs, but more power to those who adore them. *Note* They're prone to seizures, as are a few other breeds, so you may have to keep extra eyes on them compared to other breeds.

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    Wed Feb 07 2007

    The problem with Chihuahuas is that people (owners) forget that they are dogs and not toys or fashions accessories. When they treated like any other breed, and socialized both with humans and other dogs, then they are awesome little pets. They are obviously convenient in that they are small enough to be very portable, but extra care must be taken for their safety, so the size is both good and bad. Like any other breed, and especially small breeds, chis must have firm, consistent discipline as well as love. Nothing ruins a dog faster than having no boundaries, and many people have chis to satisfy some maternal need of their own and they forget that the dog has needs as well if it is going to be a healthy, balanced dog. All in all, I LOVE the breed. My chis is very sweet. They were bred for companionship, and they are extremely loving. They are definately not for people that don't want a strong minded pet, but neither is any other small breed dog.

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    Tue Aug 22 2006

    Most of them are spoiled rotten brats like their owners.

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    Sun Jun 25 2006

    I love Chihuahuas. I have one and he is something. I understand that many people who are not a very big fans of this breed will say that they are loud, yapping too much, too nervous, too aggresive. Understood and Agreed, but if trained well, they can be angels in disguise. My dog is exeptionally smart, understands his commands, very kind, loyal, affectionate dog. He is the most loving, funny, and beautiful creature I have. His loyalty has no boundaries. Love him to pieces.

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    Thu Jan 19 2006

    I have a deer chihuahua named Lobo. Apparenly deer chihuahuas aren't nearly as ugly as some I have seen. He is taller and longer than most and his face has a nice shape. I just wish he were smarter. Also the yippy bark of a chihuahua will drive your neighbors crazy....I give it 5 stars for people who just want to piss of their entire neighborhood, 1 star for people who want an intelligent loyal pet.

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    Wed Dec 07 2005

    I'm gonna have a pack of these to sic on those who piss me off. One may not seem like much, but wait until fifty of the little buggers lay into you!

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    Wed Dec 07 2005

    Im not an expert with this dog but i think they bark way too much, they can also be snappy. But i think chihuahua pups are so cute and they are so tiny! I own a dachshund and i thought she was small but then we met one in the park and it was half the size of my doxie!

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    Wed Oct 12 2005

    If it can't fetch then it isn't a real dog.

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    Fri May 06 2005

    Trimble, comes to mind with these little things. Kind of mean, biters and man do they bark. They also seem to be cold all the time. Only like there owner, and man do they ever bark.

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    Mon Dec 20 2004

    Rat dogs with an annoying bark or whimper or what ever the hell that noise is they make. Almost killed me a couple of times, I just missed tripping over them. These dogs will kill a German Shepherd, it will get stuck in its throat.

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    Sat Nov 27 2004

    Should be locked into a cage where rats belong.

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    Mon Oct 04 2004

    We got little Don Pasqual di Mexico, a 6-year old 4 pound brown chihuahua from the SPCA. Supposedly, it was a stray dog (I can't picture that). He looks like the Taco Bell dog. As dogs go, nothing is more fun than a crazy Mexican chihuahua. Low maintenance (though we had to replace one pissie rug) too.

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    Thu Aug 19 2004

    This little guy has a lot of zip to it! I bought one for my wife, because she wanted a house dog. In turn we receive a in house alarm system whenever a stranger aproach, then I take over. Thank to LEO.

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    Fri Jul 30 2004

    I love my dog and being a huge fan of large breeds that says alot. I currently live in an apartment and I wanted a dog. I have found that chihuahuas are wonderful!(my dogs name is Dover) Since I do not have a ton of space, Dover was the perfect addition to my home. He is a very good dog and does not whine or bark too much(since when do larger breeds not bark? one word malamute!add infinite!)In addition to being compact(lol) and easy to clean , it is easier than larger breeds to puppy proof the house. Dover may be a little guy but he has personality galour and that is important to me. I understand large breed syndrome I had it until I got one of these cuddly little guys!

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    Mon Jun 07 2004

    these little dogs are pointless...they bark too much and they couldnt hurt a fly...they are insignificant dogs for grannies or children, really ugly and stupid

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    Sat Apr 24 2004

    They are like the PDA of the dog world. They could fit comfortably in a knapsack or purse. Unfortunately, their batteries never seem to wane.

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    Thu Nov 13 2003

    The Chihuahua will always be my favorite breed of dog for various reasons. I think they are highly intelligent, very loyal, are normally not scared of anyone or anything, don't require tons of training, and are not too costly. I love my little Dodger, he is like a family member to me. I would be lost without him. I will always have a chihuahua, no matter what.

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    Mon Oct 13 2003

    These things have got to be the most pathetic annoying living beings to foul our planet. I'd rather take a wasp out on a leash - I'd look less stupid!

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    Thu Sep 04 2003

    I love Chihuahuas!!! But maybe I am not the best person to be rating I love all animals! But, seriously.....Chihuahuas have a long life span, they are not prone to many serious diseases, etc., BUT, and please read this carefully: they are tiny, fragile, and not at all what is the usal expectation of a 'dog'. They get cold easily, they are very hyper, will take on anyone or anything, but still need great care because of their size...what might just be annoying to a bigger eating something not good for them, or stepping on something sharp...might very prove very harmful or fatal to a Chihuahua! They are good in apartments, though, as they can be paper trained, and it isn't a huge mess to clean up! PLEASE....CHIHUAHUAS ARE MUCH BETTER WITH RESPONSIBLE OLDER CHILDREN OR ADULTS AS THEIR CAREGIVERS! These are not dogs that you can rough and tumble with, wrestle or play with at all like a typical larger dog. They are fun, funny and lovable if you can get past the Na... Read more

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    Wed Jun 18 2003

    they are so damn annoying

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    Wed Feb 26 2003

    Just a rat with a bad disposition! Shouldn’t even be called a dog.

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    Wed Dec 25 2002

    Cute, faithful little dogs, but they bark at anything, and I do mean anything, that moves or makes the slightest sound.

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    Tue Dec 24 2002

    These little dogs are loyal and affectionate. They do tend to be nervous and excitable but if youre looking for a close companion you can't go wrong with a chihuahua. They don't require alot of grooming, they're easy to feed and they're portable.

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    Sat Oct 26 2002

    as long as it's not a deer chihuahua. those look anorexic.

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    Thu Dec 06 2001

    Ugly, nervous little dogs. They look like oversized rats. My cat could beat one of these things up any day.

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    Fri Nov 09 2001

    In general, Chihuahuas are kind of annoying, but ultimately a good dog to have, although not one of my personal first choices. I did know one extremely brilliant Chihuahua with a very strange personality. She was afraid of flies and could understand almost anything said to her, well until she went deaf and blind, and until she had a stroke. But still, after suffering all that, she managed to get around just fine by herself and enjoy her life until she died. She was definately a whole lotta punch in a little body. I would recommend these dogs to people who don't like exercise or haev an apartment, as they are very... space-saving.

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    Sun Sep 09 2001

    I love Chihauhaus, but I admit they are not for everyone. They are so small and high-strung they are not very good with children or for people whose idea of a dog is big, hairy and obedient. But for me, Chihauhuas are one of the best dogs because I admire their feistiness, and independent spirit. They are so intelligent with minds of their own. They are hilarious to watch when they jump up in the air like a Mexican jumping bean. The only downside is they shake so much when they are nervous or cold. You really have to have sweaters on the types without much hair. Also they are very fragile. But if you are willing to put up with the high maintenance they are great, smart companions ideal for townhomes etc.

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    Fri Aug 03 2001

    ummmmm.....ankle biter

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    Tue Jun 26 2001

    My aunt has one of these dogs they are very mean but yet they are so cute and have great personality when you get to know them!