Chicken Wings

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    Mon Apr 06 2009

    I think of this as a bar food, not an appetizer. To me an appetizer is something served before a larger meal, to whet the appetite. As such, not much on this list really qualifies. Chicken wings are fine if you're emptying a few pitchers with your buddies, but there really isn't much to them, and as twansalem observes, they're usually grossly overpriced.

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    Mon Apr 06 2009

    My primary problem with chicken wings is that they are ridiculously overpriced, and most people don't even realize it. Chicken, especially bonier less meaty pieces like the wings, is extremely cheap. Yet people all over the place willingly pay as much as a buck a wing for something that's only has a couple of bites of meat on it. Don't get me wrong, I love the things, and if you're buying a bucket of them, I'll more than eat my share. Just don't ever walk into a bar or restaurant and expect to see me ordering wings, as I'll get something that's a better value.

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    Mon Apr 28 2008

    Can't eat 'em.  The thought of all those wingless chickens running around the farmyard is just too disturbing.

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    Mon Apr 28 2008

    Absolutely delicious, but I rather order this as the main course.

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    Mon Apr 28 2008

    No chicken wings for me.  If it's going to be any part of the chicken, it's going to be the white meat.

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    Sun Aug 05 2007

    I agree!  I can eat over 50 and make it a meal.  Gotta have that ranch dressing of course!

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    Tue Oct 04 2005

    these care really good

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    Wed Jun 22 2005

    they are so good. i wish that i could still eat hot foods cuz i would eat these all the time

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    Thu Apr 07 2005

    Appetizer nothing, I can make a meal of these!

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    Wed Feb 23 2005

    Not just any chicken wings, it's gotta be Buffalo Wings. Can't think of a better appetizer. In fact, they make a great meal if you up the portion. The only gripe is that your palate is pretty corrupted by the time your entree comes out (I hate celery). I've had them just about everywhere. For the most part, it's hard to screw up buffalo wings. The best I had were at Buffalo's Anchor Bar (where they were invented) and Wild Wing Cafe in Charleston, SC. I also enjoyed an interesting twist at Charleston's Noisy Oyster restaurant: A buffalo oyster. The worst has to go to any wing pronounced to be Nitro Hot, Suicide Hot, or (Heaven Forbid) Chernobyl Hot. I find that these simply inflict more pain than pleasure. Hey Dude! No double dipping.

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    They sure do hit the spot.

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    Thu Dec 30 2004

    Excellent if coated in hot sauce, not barbeque sauce. Best place I've had them at is Duggan's Irish Pub in Metro Detroit.

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    Mon Sep 20 2004


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    Sat Sep 18 2004

    Mmmm. Wings. Any which way they are done, it brings a tear to my eye. Especially the super stinking hot ones. IT BURNS!

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    Wed Aug 25 2004

    BBQ'ed or Hot, either way this is great served with blue cheese dressing. It's not just an appertizer, it's a meal. In fact, this is great party food.

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    Sat Nov 08 2003

    Appetizer or Main Food....I eat em with ranch dressing

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    Sat Sep 13 2003

    Excellent with Blue Cheese dressing dip. This is another one that seems more like a main course than an appetizer to me.

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    Mon Sep 01 2003

    Kamylienne is right about Cluck U. They have great wings and also have locations in Washington DC, Florida, and I believe New Jersey.

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    Tue Aug 12 2003

    Appetizers? Heck, I'll eat them as a meal! I don't care if they aren't the greatest wings in the world, they're still delicious to me!

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    Wed Jul 23 2003

    Great, if you know what place to get 'em at. Some places are better than others. For some seriously good hot wings in Baltimore, go to Cluck U in Towson. So far, it's the best place I've had 'em.

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    Mon Jul 21 2003

    Buffalo-style wings can be wonderful. Unfortunately they are usually totally screwed up by inept cooks. Less than 1% of the Buffalo wings in this world are edible. The other 99% are borderline poisonous.