Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul brand dog and cat foods are holistically formulated for the total ...

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    Fri Jan 11 2013

    Remus eats the puppy stuff right now... without going into great gory detail about how he shits and stuff, I'm pleased with the product.

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    Fri Jan 11 2013

    It was good before, but the recent change to the "inconvenient" cans that need a can opener improved the quality two-fold. It smells good to me!

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    Fri Jun 22 2012

    I will never buy this product again. 3 yr old german shepard never got use to it. We slowly broke her into her new food at 5 to 1 ratio and never increased it. After 3 weeks she still had diarrhea. Going back to atta boy, screw all these over priced dog food manufactures.

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    Sun May 06 2012

    It was just recalled...Had to throw it away, I did not keep the bag or receipt so no refund for me but my dogs heath is worth more than $30.00. I will never buy any product from this company again.

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    Mon Nov 21 2011

    Solid ingredints and price, however, my dog was allergic to it. I switched back to Canidae upon realizing this. Of course, there is no dog food ALL dogs will respond well to. I always reccommend Canidae but I also suggest you at least try CS for your dog.

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    Mon Aug 01 2011

    I have a 4 year old cock-a-poo and have been buying into the idea that my pet needed better food. My dog has been on this food for 2 weeks. She developed loose stools and now diarrhea. At least she's smart enough to refuse to eat the Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul now.

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    Tue Jun 28 2011

    The ingredient are soooo good. Its the kind of things I eat. I use to feed her some "other cheap food". I am not sure if I have slowly introduce this new WET food w/ the old ?? thx

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    Sun May 01 2011

    Bought this kibble for my 6yr old Malamute. He never had any digestive problems or allergies with any of his previous foods (Orijen being the most recent for about 3yrs), and was doing very well (good poop, excellent coat, lots of energy etc), but had slightly elevated protein in his recent bloodwork, so the vet suggested we switch to some food with less protein percentage and recheck his blood in a couple of months. I looked on dogfoodanalysis and found this Chicken Soup kibble that had good reviews and the ingredients looked very decent, so I got a bag of dry CS and started to add it gradually to my dog's Orijen. Well, it's not even two days since then, and he ate no more than 2 cups of CS in total - and we spent all day today constantly taking him outside. I've never seen such diarrhea in 6 years living with my dog or any other dog I had in 30 years of being a dog owner! (think "pressure washer"). He'd tried to vomit, too, and is obviously uncomfortable, whining and restless. Like... Read more

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    Thu Apr 14 2011

    I bought a 1/2 pallett some of the bags were damaged but the store owner said the company would stand by it anyway,it started with very loose stools that was three months ago,he has lost 35lbs and is at deaths door and has been said to have e.p.i a deadly pancrease disorder right away I called his breeder who said none of his pups have ever had it ,I am going back to the store with my vet bills and a total this is going to cost me for a year,I guess will see

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    Tue Feb 15 2011

    I bought this for my JRT puppy to eat. The breeder I got him from had him on Nutro Natural puppy and he was chubby and healthy. I was sent home with a few cups for him. He loved it but I was wanting to put him on the same food as my APBT , CSFTDLS but the puppy formula. After a 10 days he is only eating about 1/3 of what he should and is getting skinny. He also poops about 3 times what he is eating. I am think of switching him to Blue Buffalo puppy and see if he will eat that. If all else fails I know he will eat the Nutro, even though I would rather him not. The only reason I am giving a 4 star is because my APBT has been eating this for 8 years and is doing great, and she is a rather picky eater. She has a beautiful coat and easy to scoop poop. She is 9 years old and most people thing she is only 2 or 3. She has always been very healthy and active.

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    Sat Feb 05 2011

    I think it is one of the best foods out there. I have and American Pitbull name Tuna, and I tried many other brands until, I was told about this product. The food makes her coat shine ,and she isnt reluctant ta eat it like the others Ive tried in the past. The best thing about this food is that I can afford it,and to give her something that is good for her, and she enjoys it.

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    Tue Jan 18 2011

    i recently lost my 8 year old lab (accident)-but throughout most of his life-he ate CSFDLS. His coat was great, skin condition fabulous,etc. I would rec. the food highly. I have recently brought a new puppy into our home and am gradually weaning off the product his birth family had and onto CS for the puppy's soul. I have such confidence in the product. The kibble is also great for training purposes.

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    Tue Jan 18 2011

    Chicken soup for the soul is one of the most nutritious and easy to find dog foods on the market. My dogs also think it taste great, but then again, they like sniffing each other’s butts. Seriously it really is good for them; it’s sort of like health food for your dog. If you happen to live in the Pocono, Pa area, I just found a new veterinarian who is awesome. The name of his business is Blakeslee Animal Clinic. His website is I hope this was helpful.

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    This food has the best ingredients, Natural ingredients, and none of the bad junk that causes problems. My dog was fine on the crap like iams, pedigree, even nutru, But my Pit eventually developed pancreatitis as a result of the Garbage they use in these foods. Its not the food thats bad, but the Users who feed it to their dogs. You cant switch over too aggressively. This is probably because this food is a Holistic food with all natural ingredients. its very close to a RAW food diet which means it has tons of Meat and Vegetable products instead of allergens like white rice and corn as fillers....and doesnt have beet pulp which causes kidney problems. You have to use a Holistic transition powder for a week or so and ween very slowly There is no way you can convince me that this food is bad. Research the ingredients. the first 5 ingredients of dog food, and labeling requirements, and you will see that brands such as Pedigree, Iams, Science diet are mostly garbage. My Pit almost d... Read more

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    (IF YOU'VE HAD PROBLEMS WITH GAS AND/OR DIARRHEA, PLEASE READ THIS. I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM AND WAS ABLE TO FIX IT ALMOST INSTANTLY, SO THIS MAY HELP YOU, TOO.) I recently switched my cocker spaniel and doberman to this food, although I am using Large Breed (for the dobie) and Senior (for the 9 yr old cocker spaniel). Although gives these two types a 3-star rating, their ingredients are almost identical to the regular food with the addition of glucosamine and chondroitin, and I decided that was a bigger plus for my particular dogs than having the 4th meat ingredient higher up on the list. Switched my cocker spaniel over with no trouble at all. The doberman was another story. He's always had a more sensitive stomach, and I think I didn't switch gradually enough. It's also hard because sometimes they eat out of each other's food dishes. Anyway, like several others on here, the Doberman developed the worst gas I've ever encountered starting the first night he was on... Read more

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    Sun Nov 21 2010

    this food was outragous my dog threw up after only one sample pakage 3 times,now she has watery diarhea ii took her to vet and she is on royal canine dijstive formula.diamond makes this formula and they have had several problems with there food.i will never use this or any product from diamond dog is a 5mth old lab.i believe the sample pakages are bad and hsve mold in them or something,i wrnt back to pet store wear i got them and warned them never to sell this food

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    Sun Oct 17 2010

    My 6 year old shih tzu has been on Chicken Soup since I brought him home. His breeder highly recommended his food. Over the years, I have given him wet only, or wet and dry and now that he's older, just dry. I have never had a problem with this food. The wet stuff smells pretty good and it you look closely at the ingredients, you will see it has potatoes, dried egg,carrots, salmon, turkey, and flax seed amongst others. Shih Tzu's have a very sensitive stomach so switching anything from his regular food can cause havoc overnight. Although I love this product because of the price for a premium food, it is hard to find. Two local pet stores that used to sell it closed down and the remaining pet stores have limited varieties. For example, they only have dry and no wet or they only carry one size of the dry. I live in Southern California so it's not like there's no pet stores, it just seems that not all pet stores carry this brand. Diamond Pet foods do attend local pet expos and I have ... Read more

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    Sat Oct 16 2010

    I wanted to feed my pug something with good ingredients as she has allergies. After a few days of mixing this food with her other food she had been on, she began to have awful diarrhea with mucus in it. She threw up a few times as well and was lethargic and shaky. After 5 days of this, I took her to the vet , and they put her on Purina Veterinary diet and medication for the diarrhea. She was fine after being on the food from the vet. I was dog-sitting this past week, and decided to give some of the Chicken Soup food to the akita since my dog was on a new food. The akita barely even had any and threw up 4 times and had loose stool in only a matter of 2 days. There is something really bad for your pet in this food, and I will never give this brand to any pet ever again.

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    Fri Oct 01 2010

    I like this food. Both the canned and dry version of this food taste as good as most of the more expensive brands, it doesn't give me nearly as much gas as Beniful or Dog Chow did and, it's not too expensive. So far I've been having firm, healthy turds; if this changes I'll update this review.

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    Thu Sep 16 2010

    I have a min pin and a long hair chihuahua. After working at a local organic dog treat company i started to look into my dogs food and ingredients. At first we had them on a high quality high price food, then my husband noticed this brand and we decided to try it out. I was nervous because my chi is a picky eater. Suprisingly he gobbled it right up. Both my dogs have been on CS food for a few years now and have done great on it. We mix it with some organic raw meat (Darwins) and the boys couldnt be happier. I also had switched my cat from Iams to Evo, then to the CS brand. My cat has a sensitive tummy and very stinky stool if I go to a lower quality food, so I was very concerned, but she has done great on it too. I love the fact that its so affordable.

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    Thu Sep 02 2010

    3 stars I emailed the company regarding the use of ethoxyquin and this was there response: Thank you for your inquiry. We, and our suppliers, use mixed tocopherols, not ethoxyquin. Sincerely, Melissa Brookshire, DVM

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    Fri Aug 20 2010

    The most emotionally enriching dog feeding experience out there.

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    Sun Jun 20 2010

    i rescued a 3 month pit and she looked very healthy. she was eating chicken soup when i got her and she was loving it. after a couple of weeks my lab/pit mix ran out of food, and me being lazy i let him eat her puppy food for about a month. the first thing i noticed about him was how shiny his coat was, incrdible he has never looked or been happier since he switched to the adult

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    Wed Jun 16 2010

    Please please DO NOT FEED this food! Honestly, I have never written a review online EVER. I am SO concerned about preventing other dogs from experiencing the same situation, I felt I had to write this. Bottom line - TONS of bloody diarrhea & vomiting from only 2 small sample packs of the adult food. Of course, I stopped the food immediately but the bloody diarrhea persisted for 10 DAYS!!! And let me just clear up that we did absolutely nothing differently. He is literally my shadow, goes with me everywhere, never out of my sight to get into anything dangerous. We have closed trash cans, he gets occasional healthy treats, no table scraps & unfortunately, we don't have a yard to get into who knows what. At this point, I've home cooked his meals, according to our vet's instructions & he's slowly gotten better. Our vet said he's 100% healthy in every way & it obviously was the food. She said even if a food isn't switched slowly it shouldn't cause tons of bloody diarrhea - maybe a... Read more

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    Tue Jun 15 2010

    I have been giving my 6 month old Yorkie "Bailey" and my 6 month old Dachshund "Toby" Merrick Whole Earth Farms puppy food for several months and they did really well on it. They liked the taste and it was a really good food and I will probably use it in the future to give them some variety but I think my Dachshund didn't tolerate it as good as my Yorkie becuase his stool was alittle loose and he chewed on his paws but the dandruff he had when I got him went away after switching him from Purina One to the Whole Earth Farms and his dandruff was HORRIBLE. I have also been using an oatmeal shampoo and also been using conditioner with his weekly baths so it may be a combination of all those that helped the dandruff. Well I decided to maybe try something different so I looked on the dogfoodanalysis website and found the Chicken Soup for puppy and it had a good review and the ingredient list looked good. They seem to love the taste of it but I only got it this morning so I don't know how it ... Read more

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    Wed May 26 2010

    This puppy food is great. We have a maltipoo puppy who had a hard time with traditional puppy food. We tried several puppy foods and they all resulted in loose/bloody stool. He was going 7 to 8 times a day and started to have bloody stool. We had his stool tested and it came back negative for any harmful organisims. He was put on an antibiotic just in case the test missed anything. After some research I thought he might have an allergy to corn or wheat. The pet store recommended Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul. We gradually switched our pupppy over to this food and I could not believe the difference! His bowel movements went down to two and day. His stool is firm and perfect. I never thought I would be excited to see dog poop but after all we went through with him it was a relief! I will continue on this dog food and when the time is right we will transition him to the adult formula. The price is very fair and would recommend this to anyone with a puppy.

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    Sat May 01 2010

    For the price of this food, you can't find a better food. I think there are higher quality foods on the market, but not at this price. I worked at a pet nutrition store and this was always the food I used to switch people from those nasty supermarket fods or if someone really had a limited budget. The ingredients are great...a definite for those going to serve grain based foods, as well as, those looking for something easy on the wallet.

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    Sun Apr 18 2010

    At first my great dane was ok and he loved the taste. After 3 weeks or so he started getting really bad diarrhea. Unfortunetly I had to switch him to another food.

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    Thu Apr 01 2010

    So I posted that Chicken Soup was good for our great dane, but since, she seems to have done worse on this food... her coat is in poor condition and she is losing hair from the back side of her ears, her poop is back to the same old runny consistency. We are taking her off this food and putting her back on Eagle Holistic Duck & Oatmeal and hoping for better results! Her coat did much better when she was on Eagle Pack.

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    Wed Mar 24 2010

    I am a Registered Veterinary Technician and I raise and show Border Collies. We fed our dogs Blue Buffalo for a couple of years, they did fine, however I switched to Chicken Soup brand 18 months ago and they are doing great. We have 14 dogs and everyone of them have beautiful, shiny coats and healthy looking teeth and gums. I research dog foods often and I appreciate the wholesome, holistic ingredients in this food. I too, had my reservations due to the Diamond Food company and their past problems, however, many other breeders I know feed this to their champions as well. My dogs love the food and they are doing great. We switched from Purina brand food in the vet clinic to the Chicken soup brands last year, the customers rave about it! I would recommend this food to everyone who has pets. Anytime you switch your dogs from one food to the other you MUST do this over a 7 day period by slowly decreasing the current food and increasing the new food 1/4 a cup at a time. This will prevent a... Read more

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    Wed Mar 24 2010

    I'm a first time dog owner. I adopted Brutus, a 52 pound, 3 1/2 year old male APBT 6 months ago from a local shelter. I was advised to continue feeding him what they had been feeding him, which was Hill's Science Diet. Having always had cats in the past, I was familiar with the name since Hill's Prescription Diet is always given to cats with urinary tract infections, and so I thought that Hill's produced high quality products. I noticed that his stools were very soft, but figured it was because he was stressed about making the transition to a new home. It wasn't until later on, after doing some research on the Internet, that I recognized that any dog food with corn as the first ingredient is NOT a quality product. After HSD, and based on the reviews at, I purchased a 6 star grain free "premium" product. I went through the week-long transition to the new food and his stools firmed up almost immediately. The problem was the cost -- almost $60 for a 26 pound bag. I f... Read more

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    Sun Jan 24 2010


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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    I had tried this dog food per "dogfoodanalysis" review , which i now know was a old review. Because Diamond foods does use a fish meal which contains ethoxyquin. So that made me switch to Natura products,, California Natural, and Innova. Much better foods and manufacturer and only minimal price difference. My dogs both had horrible gas and diarreha from Chicken Soup Dog food. Never will buy it again

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    Thu Jan 07 2010

    I think the price vs. quality ratio is just perfect. We were feeding our puppies California Naturals Chicken & Rice dry puppy food, and it was okay. However, their stools weren't as well-formed and this food cost more money for less food... And Chicken Soup rates higher on than the California Naturals. Our two puppies loved this food, their stools are well-formed, and they both have the softest, shiniest fur possible! Not sure about the protein comment someone mentioned, however, we also supplement our puppies with raw meat and some veggies. Like a lot of people, we couldn't afford to feed our dogs an all BARF diet. But we can get chicken leg quarters at .59 a pound...also, a lot of times the grocery store will have beef bones with some meat on them on sale for less than a dollar a pack. Our puppies do great with the Chicken Soup/some raw food combination. Also, if you are having problems with stool formation, try some canned pumpkin in their diet. Works w... Read more

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    Its a little grain heavy but it only uses good quality grains so for the price you really can not go wrong.

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    Thu Dec 10 2009

    DO YOUR RESEARCH AND TRY THIS DOG FOOD !!! i noticed the eukanuba i fed my dog her whole life didn't look like it used to , then it went up 10 dollars a bag . i'm told the company was sold to proctor and gamble . i'd swear they lowered the quality drastically . at the pet store i switched to science diet which was on sale , it made both dogs gassy and miserable , diarrhea etc for a week . i have almost the whole bag to give away . then i did some internet research and found Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul from a good review at . my dogs love it , they took right to it ( dogs always have a problem for a few days when you switch their food , at least from what i've observed ) but this is good dog food that costs near the same as bad dog food . the first place i bought it cost 42.00 for 35 lbs , then i found a place that has it for 37.00 ( in richmond , va ) . i hate the name of the product ( confusing and maybe a little tacky ) but that's fine if the produ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 09 2009

    Had a problem. I had 2 rescue dogs I have had for almost 6 years. I had been feeding them chicken soup for the sole adult dog food. I did that for 5 years. Recently I switched to chicken soup for the sole seinor and about 10 days later my husband said boy your really being good about filling the dogs bowl with food. I said I haven't been filling I thought you were doing it. We realized that the dogs had not been eating it, and we understood why peaches had been losing a little weight. She was 17 or 18, rescued 6 years ago from a real bad situation and no one was really sure of age. But she had been healthy and happy the whole time, and we had noticed also that at this time her tail was down instead of up and wagging like it always was. So we went back to where we bought the dog food and told them about it and bought another bag of the adult dog food to put them both back on that. These dogs are chow hounds, they will eat your shirt. They both had been badly deprived and will eat a... Read more

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    Fri Dec 04 2009

    This food is one of the best. My 8 year old cocker spaniel has beautiful fur, lots of energy and eats every bite. I notice that many reviews here indicate diarrhea and vomiting. I have to wonder if they switched their dog's diet too fast. When introducing your dog to new food, it is very important to switch GRADUALLY, or you run the risk of upsetting their stomach. Read the ingredient list and you'll see that this is all natural (with some vitamins and minerals added, of course) and high quality. No wheat, no soy, both of which are a leading cause of allergies. High in Omega 3 fatty acids, which is great for the dog's heart and coat. The price is right too.

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    My 4 month old pom/shih tzu was on it for about a month and she received an allergic reaction to it. She began chewing her paws and tail more consistently. When I brought her to the vet, the vet noticed her red paws and told me to switch the food immediately because she was allergic to it. I also noticed that her fur was shedding more often than before. The people at the pet store recommended this brand but I would go against it. But different dogs have different preferences.

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    Thu Oct 22 2009

    Moved my dogs from Pedigree to this brand and both are now having outrageous diarrhea. Anyone else have an issue with it? I don't know now if I should toss the rest or what.... surely could NOT afford this turn of events.

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    Sat Sep 12 2009

    I can only say that this dog food by the ingredients is very good.When I bought it though for my Giant Schnauzer she was and still a very picky eater.She will eat a very mosels of most kinds to try but this was one she did not like.Actually she will eat most if left in her bowl and her favorite is not available .This is not to say the food was bad, just that I have a finicky eater and she did not go for it at all. The ingredients thought are good.

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    Thu Aug 27 2009

    This is a great dogfood. Since my two dogs have been eating it (two years now), both have been at a much better weight on far less volume of food. No supplements are needed for either my Golden Retreiver, who used to require skin supplements, or my GSD that needed three times the amount to maintain weight, as well as joint supplements. It is therefore much healthier AND cheaper to feed.

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    Thu Aug 20 2009

    This review is for Diamond's Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul Adult Dog dry food. Certainly and above average food, Chicken Soup tends to be one of the more affordable of the upper echelon pet foods... but there is a reason for that. This food, although containing meats as the first four ingredients, is STILL carbohydrate heavy, and contains two portions of rice (whole grain brown rice as well as white rice). In addition to the two rice ingredients, they include barley, oats, and millet... a little overkill on the carbohydrates. Also, although the first four ingredients in this food are good meats, the protein percentage is still an average 24%, the same as many foods using only one meat ingredient in the first five. Yes, the ingredients list looks great, but realistically, this means that they are using small portions of those four meats, for the express purpose of making the food look better than it really is. Is this food good? Absolutely... but not quite as good as the ... Read more

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    Sat Jul 04 2009

    Okay.........i am trying to find an inexpensive premium dry dog food that has the best ingredients, so that your dog is healthy, and all i am finding are a bunch of consumer complaints. I am so confused. I am using Nutro Natural Choice, thinking it is good for my puppy, but she is still throwing up.......i need to find a good food that is healthy for her and stops her from throwing up........any suggestions?????????????so far, I have checked into this one, Nutro, Royal Canin and Canidae, with no luck.........

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    Sun Jun 21 2009

    My dog wouldn't touch it! The quality of it isn't horrible but my dog wouldn't eat it for anything. I eventually gave up and started giving him iams again untill i find another food he likes. The quality of it is decent and when he did eat it his coat became super shiny soft. A major improvement over the iams, but no food works if he won't go new it.

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    We have had our 15wk old fawn doberman for a month now and have been feeding her CSFPLS since the first day we've had her. She was a little "flaky" when we got her and have noticed her skin steadily getting better (she also gets an oatmeal bath once a week) and her coat has gotten thicker and has a nice luster. She was being fed "Beniful" when we got her and I think that had a tremendous amount to do with her skin issue (grain, grain, grain). Like other reviewers, I have noticed loose stools at times, but I attribute that to my 7 year old feeding her too much and her getting too much protien (causes loose stools). You do not have to "overfeed" this food - it has what they need in the portions that are suggested. If you notice too much gas/loose stools, lessen the amount being fed! I have now put the exact measuring cup in the food tote and she is back to normal. As with any food, not all dogs are going to agree with any one brand - thats why there are so many. This food has wor... Read more

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    Sun Jun 14 2009

    Started my italial greyhound on chicken soup puppy food. my puppy loved the food but I noticed a lot shedding. I've recently switched to Innova. The shedding has been reduced my puppy doesnt seem to like the food as much as the chicken soup. I've also notice a lot of flaky skin.