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Group of strategy board games for two players which involve diagonal moves of uniform game pieces and mandatory captures by jumping over opponent pieces Website

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    Wed Nov 08 2023

    I love checkers, but I hardly ever get to play it. My kids think it is old and boring. I managed to teach one of my daughters how to play, but she doesn't like it, and the other daughter won't even give it a chance. My wife claims to like checkers, but not playing it with me because I always win. Guess I should have let her win a game or two the first time we played it. Oh well. My brother and I used to play checkers quite a bit as kids, but it could get pretty heated. He jumped across the board to attack me once when I triple jumped him.

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    Wed Aug 05 2009

    A classic game. Highly underated. As stated by someone else, it is usually played incorrectly. For example when person has no legal moves, it is not a draw, but the person who can't move loses. Also the forced jump is a key to stategic play, you sacifice a piece to set someone up for multiple jumps.

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    Thu Aug 23 2007

    Some might think that checkers is old fashioned and boring, but I like a good game of checkers.

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    Fri Jul 21 2006

    I remember playing a fair amount of Checkers growing up, but haven't played in years. Looking back, the game seems simple enough for children yet with enough complexities for adults, resulting in a game perfect for parents to play with their children (i.e. both with enjoy the actual game instead of just the interaction). The British version is called Draughts and is played on a 10x10 board.

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    Sun May 07 2006

    For children, checkers is fine. But let's be honest here. It's a game of ultimate simplicity. And just plain boring.

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    Sat Oct 29 2005

    Who says checkers is for dummies? Only somebody who hates America would say that.

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    Thu Oct 13 2005

    Resolves quickly. Has strategy. This is a classic game that is overlooked in modern times. If you know a few of the basic defensive strategies, you are way ahead of the game.

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    Fri Jan 28 2005

    It's a great game. Classic

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    Fri Jan 28 2005

    Never my favorite but better than doing nothing.

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    Fri Dec 03 2004

    People with brains play chess.

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    Fri Dec 03 2004

    At its best, played by highly skilled players, stunningly mediocre. Otherwise, a game for cretins.

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    Mon Aug 30 2004

    I always though it was easy until I found out I was playing wrong! LOL. It's still a great game of strategy for those whose brains start hurting after playing chess (like me!).

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    Thu Aug 12 2004

    I love checkers its my fav board game out of all of them.

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    Sun Jun 27 2004

    Want to play something both simple & fun, aside from the more complex board games (Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit, Chess, etc.)? Somewhere in a local store, there is bound to be a rectangle shaped box containing a foldable board with 64 squares (red and black) in a checker pattern, along with 24 (same colors as board) pieces under the name checker. If you find this box, then congratulations! You just found Checkers, where patience is queen and anybody can be king. In the game of Checkers, you start off with a group of 24 men, checks, draughts, or simply checkers. Your pieces must defeat the other halfs group of 24 through the power of jumping. If one or the others piece reaches the other side, that piece is crowned king, which means you can move that piece in any direction of the board. With a little strategy in mind and as always in Checkers, patience, I assure you fun and success down (up, left, right) the board of squares.

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    Tue May 27 2003

    The old standard.

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    Tue May 27 2003

    The older you get, the less appealing this game becomes. However, it is still a classic game. It is fairly simple, yet still requires thinking, strategy and skill.

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    Tue May 13 2003

    A timeless classic.Fun for all.

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    Wed Jan 22 2003

    Great, simple, fun, and still requires thinking and strategy.

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    Tue Apr 10 2001

    Checkers is an amusing way to kill a few hours, but it's so hard to remember everything and the pieces go all over the place, and you can't decide whether to be red or it makes a difference.

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    Wed Dec 13 2000

    A fun game when you are bored. I like playing it on long plane rides. I think I'm the best!! The faster you win the better.

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    Tue Dec 12 2000

    Checkers is a really fun but simple game to play. It's a good family game and is easy for children to learn how to play this game. It's good for the holidays. I feel that some boards should be thicker because they tear too easy.

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    Mon Dec 11 2000

    I have been playing checkers since I was a little girl, and I a convinced it is the only board game which is as fun from the time you are a kid and stays fun when you've grown up. It's a classic game that is always challenging. I still don't think I'll ever win at checkers against my grandmother!

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    Fri Jul 28 2000

    Boring! And sometimes harder to win than chess.

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    Tue Feb 08 2000

    OK in grade school, but after that you've got to drop checkers in favor of something with a little more depth, like chess or gin.