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    Thu Dec 09 2010

    12-9-10 - Do not ever provide Chase with information when you are struggling with bills (in my case my divorce). I have been very cooperative on a joint account for a vehicle; and they turn around and put "30 days late" on my credit report. Oh...and thanks to the ex (DP) for your lack of communication! Never, ever, again, will I cooperate with a facility such as this in truly trying to help. Also during my call to them, the phone disconnected. I called back, and the gentleman who answered said I couldn't talk to the person I was talking to, because I was just the "co-signer!!!" Okay....Dropping Chase with the first opportunity!

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    Every time we have interaction with Chase bank, it results in an error. And then they take forever to correct it. They have withdrawn mortgage payments twice in the same month and not been able to explain why it happened or know how to fix it. They fail to apply principal reduction payments properly and the consumer must be ever vigilant when making such a payment. If we could avoid ANY interaction with this bank, we would, but they seem to have their fingers in everything.

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    Wed Sep 15 2010

    Run from Chase Bank! They bought out WaMu and ever since then I have had nothing but trouble from them. My son had his debit card number stolen and used to buy $400 worth of services online. Chase repeatedly "lost" or "couldn't find" the affidavits we submitted, did nothing to help identify the thieves, refused to credit the charges to his account (even though they are required to by law) and ultimately said this was not a case of identity theft. I spent a year pursuing this case and got absolutely no help at all. If your money is in Chase, take it out! If you're thinking about banking with them, think again. This was the worst banking experience I have ever had.

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    Tue Apr 27 2010

    10/26/2009 (with updates): Just opened up an account today, and if you don't believe what was seen below, believe me. I have heard last week that they are offering no monthly fee WaMu basic checking until the WaMu divisions are fully integrated into Chase. Today, October 26 was the last day. I did ask for that type where they will waive a first overdraft fee for a year and no monthly fee- it did not happen. I have seen specifically that in the basic checking that I have right now, they will require me to have that account for 90 days, but in the meantime, to avoid a $6 monthly fee, I have to make 5 purchases from my checking account FROM MY ATM CARD ONLY-CHECKS DO NOT COUNT! (I can go make a direct deposit, and the fee is waved, but it will not count ATM.) I did choose this bank to think that I will have some access to branches in the east coast and thought that the dissolution of Washington Mutual was a good thing- how naive I was, and what crooks they are towards a person making le... Read more

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    Thu Jan 21 2010

    Last year I was introduced to Edward Wennerholm at the Chase Branch on East 51st Street. I agreed to let him handle my IRA and we decided to sit down at a later date and go over my account. One month later I showed up for an appointment only to find out that Mr. Wennerholm was not there. He never contacted me to cancel the appointment or tell me he was running late. I asked someone else at the branch to have him to call me to reschedule. I never heard a word from Mr. Wennerholm but did receive a statement from Chase a month later informing me that he had sold off everything in my IRA and purchased new stocks. I was never consulted or even informed of the change and I was never asked to sign anything. I filed a complaint with Chase, it was investigated and Chase's final word was 'Mr. Wennerholm did nothing wrong and acted in his client's best interest.' When I pushed I was told by Chase customer service that they would no longer address the matter or respond to future inquiries. I rece... Read more

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    Wed Jan 13 2010

    I opened my credit cards and my checking account with WAMU and I was so so happy with their services and fees. Later I got the news that CHASE is buying WAMU and now owns the accounts of former WAMU customers. I knew from words of mouth (from my friends and classmates) that Chase has a terrible service, most conservative policies, who treats people like ROBOTS not as human beings. I was not convinced that time. But now I am fully convinced about that: First when they increases the APRs on my credit cards I called them and nobody could not explain me the reason why they are doing that. My account was in a good standing, no delays, paying more than a minimum. They blamed Credit Bureau for that. I called the Credit Bureau, print out my credit history it was in a very good standing. Within 4 Years of being a customer I always payed on time (no delays, no problems). Several months ago, I was on a business trip and I forgot to schedule online payment in advance, as I used to do before. ... Read more

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    There are no bad banks, if banks were so bad they wouldn't be around. It sounds to me like a lot of the people that complain about banks are the ones that don't know how to manage their money and then turn around and blame the bank to justify their stupidity. Learn how to balance a check book, take accountability, and take a financial class. oh and learn how to follow a ledger, and maybe then you will be able to rip the rewards of all this solid good banks.

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    Sat Dec 19 2009

    We deposited some checks to pay off a small balance on our credit card (less than $100 dollars). We asked the teller to put everything on the card and what ever was leftover in checking. The teller said "OK" and we thought everything was taken care of. Well, a month later we find that the funds were not transferred, our credit score was dinged, and we were charged a $15 late fee by Chase! When we called to settle the matter, Chase was unsympathetic and rude. If you a re looking for a bank to do business with, do yourself a favor and avoid Chase.

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    Thu Dec 03 2009

    I would rate with a negative 5 star if possible. I made a mistake with my checkbook, forgot to record an auto payment I had set up on the phone. So I had less than I thought I did from my husband's paycheck and went into overdraft which started a whole avalanche. Instead of declining my debit card like they are supposed to they kept processing charges on it. I didn't think to check my balance after my paycheck auto deposited a few days after my husband's because my checkbook was up-to-date and I knew how much I had to spend. I didn't realize because of the fees and my small mistake, half of my paycheck was gone, which caused me to overdraft again. And again, they kept processing debit transactions even though they aren't supposed to. By the time I realized there was a problem a week and a half after the first overdraft I had racked up a total of $680 in overdraft fees and was $1000 overdrawn. I immediately went to the bank and explained what had happened and begged them for som... Read more

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    Sun Nov 29 2009

    These retards wanted to secure some extra revenue and raise their profit margins but instead of cutting costs and scaling back 7-figure executive salaries, they decided to change everyone's terms of service to their desire. I had a "fixed" rate credit card of 8% which I used often because of the low rate, but never missed a payment on anything in my life. Chase changed it to adjustable and raised my rate 50% so far and I expect future increases are coming. When your balance is multiple thousands this really impacts my finance charge. They claimed they sent me a mailer with an option to close the account and keep the old rate.... well I can't say for sure if I ever got that mailer and the customer service reps can't do a damn thing for you. Way to go Chase, you successfully rear-ended me like so many others. I hope the decision makers in this process die a slow horrible death. I say all the card holders create a clan and collectively stop paying all of our cards and let them go to colle... Read more

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    Fri Oct 30 2009

    My bank, Washington Mutual was recently acquired by this giant called JPMorgan Chase & Co. The entire migration is completed, so my bank is not WAMU anymore. I am not against the fact of having my money in a larger and more secure institution like Chase. However, I just found out one difference on their ATM policy. While Wamu never charged you any extra fee for withdraws from a non-WAMU ATM, now Chase does it. This is a $2.00 fee for the first two times you withdraw money from a non-Chase ATM in a statement period. This means that they will probably get $4 a month from my money. I know it's not a big deal ($4=1 beer) but it really pisses me off not being told clearly when the migration from one institution to another was made. This is the first cons I have found with this whole change, but I am sure I will find some more on the road. Let's see how long does it take for me to take my money from Chase and move it to some other bank.

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    Tue Sep 15 2009

    Hard to say which is worse, Chase or Skank of America. They both are too big and treat customers with total contempt.

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    Fri Sep 11 2009

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK!!! There are still many other banking options. I was a WaMu customer, when I sadly found out Chase was taking over. Both my father and sister had previously cancelled Chase credit cards due to horrible service and then I got stuck with them. After being stolen from and lied too, I cancelled my two credit cards and moved my checking and savings. Chase did not care one bit. I hate this bank. SERIOUSLY! THIS IS THE WORST BANK OPTION IN THIS COUNTRY!

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    Thu Aug 27 2009

    Never like bank of america after dealing with couple of money issues.  Then I switch over to Chase bank.  This bank has everything to help big and small businesses.  I have been with Chase for last eight years and never faced with any kind of issues.  Most important thing is that Chase's representative do know how to count the money.  May be, bank of america wants to learn how to count the money from Chase bank's representative.

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    Thu Aug 20 2009

    This is the worse bank system I have ever had to work with. I'm a forced customer when WaMu changed over. I have to agree with the other blogger..WaMu was great. Had them for my mortgage and credit card. soon as they had their mitts on my account almost doubled my interest rate even though I've never been late and overpay the minimum charge sometimes by two or three times the amount. I called...sorry can't do anything about it. Sorry....can't give you any credable reason why it was done. I couldn't afford it and chalked it up to the bad I closed the account figuring I'd wait till the economy betters. Well it's months later and I just got off the phone. First..I get a service rep. with an accent so thick, you can't understand her and OMG I really tried. The 2nd rep. says "no...can't help me with the interest rate. Nope.......don't know why they did it. Nope....can't be lowered, once the acct is close. That's the rate that you pay until the card is paid off. Nope ... Read more

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    I tried to dispute a $75.05 unauthorized credit card charge on my Chase statement. Chase never sent me the paperwork to dispute. They just read the lame statement the CSR typed into my account (from my verbal telephone call) and said that I was to resolve the matter directly with the Merchant and closed the case. The Merchant was in another state and who said I had to go to their store to get credit!! They charged my card (fraud) unauthorizedly. To Scott Aguilar at Chase (a supervisor (800) 640-4377), I tried explained that it was impossible for me to go to the Merchant. He said that I had to follow the Merchant's resolution. Again, I repeated it was impossible. He said "so you are lied in your original statement?". His brazen words floored me and I was completely at a loss for words. His business acumen and behavior is a mirrors Chase's CEO mannerisms - a bully, aggressive, abusive, "take no Sh!t" from no one. They only want to give sh!t to their customers - not customer s... Read more

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    Sat Jul 18 2009

    I am a disabled person with a tracheostomy. And I went to cash a check that was drawn on their bank from National College, After charging me $6 and me giving them my driver license, they insisted on another piece of ID. They were smug, and staring at my Trache. I gave them my fishing license, travel rewards card and my WV medical insurance card. But they still refused. I went to my car and returned (all the while struggling to to breathe). I returned and gave them my Property Tax Bill, My Car registration ticket and card, My insurance ID cards, My blood donor Card, my Auto Tax bill, but still they refuse and by this time they were sniggering at me. I told them, that I knew that they were hasseling me because of my disability, the assistant manager said, "No just those forms of ID wont do". I went back to my car and got my social security card, and took that to them. They refused my Social security card, but finally said since I was disabled they could accept my travel rewards card!!!!... Read more

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    Mon Jul 13 2009

    Seattle's 4th was sponsored by Wahington Mutal for years! Great deal. Now that Chase took them over, it"s adios to that tradition. Instead of their new slogan song; "YOUR NOT ALONE", it should be "YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN" Gary, Des Moines, Wa

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    Wed May 13 2009

    What a NIGHTMARE! I have switched over to Chase from Commerce Bank, after it was bought up by TD Bank. This was for the convenience of having my paycheck cleared the same day. That was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. Hidden fees galore! Also, I had my Savings and Checking linked (not overdraft protection) to have any NSF situations covered by the Savings account. The customer service moron on their main line changed my Savings into Checking. Ever since, it's been back and forth with them. Also, they are supposed to charge $10 a day for any NSF's, since they draw up missing funds from my Savings. I have yet to see that happen. Instead, I still get charged for any insufficient funds and they do not tell you when you go to the store and there is not enough to cover the charge. Chase puts it through just to turn around and charge $30 NSF. Motherf$%^$kers!

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    Tue May 12 2009

    Only gets one star because you can't choose a negative integer. Chase reduced my HELOC a couple of weeks ago from $100,000 to just $16,000. They did it in clear violation of the Truth in Lending act by coming up with an origination valuation (either in error or by design) that a) did not exist and b) made it look as if we had a reduction in property value far greater than it was in reality. You can read about the whole sorry mess on my blog - There is every chance that this will go to Class Action. So if you are in the same boat, please feel free to contact me via the blog.

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    Tue Apr 21 2009

    It's horrible; I was just online last night and there were no pending charges, except one. I woke up with (4) overdraft fees, with transactions that out of nowhere; leaving me with a negative balance. The least they could do is to post up all pending charges and to help clear out some of this chaos.

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    Tue Jan 06 2009

    I am trying to close an line of credit acct Chase suspended (due to decline value of my home). This line of credit was never used. To close it, Chase wants me to pay $105 payoff fee + Closure fee of $45 + fax fee of $60 + reconveyance fee of $45. I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE GET A LINE OF CREDIT FROM CHASE. Please let every one know to be aware.

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    Fri Oct 03 2008

    They have tons of hidden fees and find tons of ways not to refund you for fees or charges that you shouldn't have gotten in the first place - even fraudulent charges- because they contracted a 'third party'. The staff is incompetant and not allowed to authorize anything that might help you, and tend to have attitudes and look down their nose at you. It was hell banking there and I'm so glad I changed banks.

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    Thu Aug 21 2008

    I went to my local Chase bank in Acme, MI to withdraw 10 of 20 dollars I knew was in my account. The teller explained I only had 52 cents, and that I couldn't withdraw any money. I wanted to know why--so I got online and the website was "down for service". I then went to an ATM and had it print out a small reciept for the last 5 transactions. Days later, the website was back up again and I went to check on my balance--they had charged me an overdraft fee of 32.00. I didn't understand why--until I noticed the 1.00 fee attached to my account, labeled "mini-statement". Nowhere did I see a notice when I went to that ATM hat they charged for small account statements. Had I been given the opportunity, I would had known obviosuly that the 1.00 fee would over-charge my account by 48 cents. I am going to Chase tomorrow and explaining the situation to the reps, who have always been wonderful to me about these types of things. If they will not reverse the charges, I will then withdraw all of my m... Read more

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    Wed Jul 16 2008

    I also have had my LOC frozen by Chase with virtually no notice because they changed the appraisal value of my home without ever seeing it or doing any kind of real appraisal. Here is something you may not know that is scary. I called Chase to see how they were going to report this decision to freeze all of these lines of creidt to the credit bureaus. They told me that they are not oging to report it any differently, that they will continue to report that I have an outstanding line of credit. For example, my home equity LOC was for $63,000 with a $28k balance and any future lender is going to assume that I have $35k of additoinal credit available to me. This will negativly impact a leneders decison because it looks like I have more credit available to me than I actually have. A higher potential debt loab also reduces your credit score, hell it can even raise your auto insurance premium. When I pointed out to the rep that it was unfair to report that I had a $63k LOC with a balance of $... Read more

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    Tue Jul 15 2008

    I went to withdraw from my Home Equity Line yesterday to pay a handyman for ~$6,000 worth of work only to find that they had seized my LOC without any notice. I went to the bank and they said because they did an appraisal on my home and the value had dropped from the time I took out the loan they had to drop the amount available for me to use. Isn't this like the bank coming back and taking my home because I'm upside down on the mortgage???? This is crazy and now I'm in quite a bind. Does anyone know if this is legal without notification?

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    Sun Jul 13 2008

    I recently recieved a letter ordering me to stop using my home equity line of credit. I received the letter 3 days AFTER i was suppoosed to stop using it. Despite the fact that I have a credit raiting of 805, my income is in the highest 1% in the nation, my home loan is not underwater (even using Chases very conservative appraisal system)and I pay much more than the minimum every month! I had an outstanding sharedraft that was written during theat period, called their representative and received no assurance they would cover it. Just terrible! Just to be helpful, I called Charter bank the next day, got a similar loan and the interest rate is lower than I was paying Chase.

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    Mon Jun 30 2008

    You're right there are lot of hidden fee. If you think they are bad, just wait until you get a mortgage from chase. chase bank gets one star because there are no negative stars.

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    Wed Jun 18 2008

    Many hidden service fees and an entirely inept staff that isn't authorized to do anything. Also the bank is wrought with mistakes made on their part.

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    Tue Jun 10 2008

    They are getting one star because I can't give them NO stars. I deposited a $21,000 check, of which $20,900 was put on hold. The next day, the "back office" placed ANOTHER $20,900 hold on the same deposit. I am now showing a negative balance, and they are bouncing my checks left and right!! They are putting 10 day holds on my son's paychecks. As soon as everything is cleared up, this account will be closed!

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    Fri May 16 2008

    they suck......horrible customer service......they take 4days to clear a pay check......i hate them so done with them......everytime i called they give BS.........they are full of c*****...........

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    Tue Apr 29 2008

    The worst people I have ever dealt with in my entire LIFE! These people will drive you to madness. Having a good day, don't go to CHASE because you will leave way less than please. 99% of their employees have the personality of a sparrow fart in the Jungle! I have to try real hard not to HATE you Chase Bank.....YOU ARE THE ENEMY! I to wish I could give them a negative 1000 stars. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    I am a chase customer and very disappointed with their service. I dont understand why they hold up my money when I make a deposit CASH...I made a small deposit the other day and they kept 400 till a week after. When I called the customer service line I was told that this is happening in my area...BUT I DEPOSIT CASH, AND NOT A CHECK! I WOULD UNDERSTOOD IF THIS WAS GOING ON IF I HAD DEPOSIT A CHECK...THEY ARE VERY RUDE AND DO NOT KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO YOU ON THE PHONE.. I AM SWITCHING TO COMMERSE..

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    Years ago I had major problems with Bank One and ended up leaving them on very bad terms. I wasn't sure if there have been any improvements with the bank now that it has become Chase, but to my great disappointment I am once again displeased with this bank. I urge anyone who reads this: DO NOT BANK WITH CHASE! If you are with Chase, then move elsewhere and save yourself from their ignorance.

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    Sat Mar 29 2008

    ONE STAR is too high! I wish I could give Chase ZERO STARS. This company has literally forced me into bankruptcy. Like one reviewer stated, when making payments, they call and harrass saying they never received the payment and then months later I receive my CHECK in the mail which has been stamped UNDEPOSITED. I dont even want to hear the word CHASE ever again. I literally get sick to my stomach thinking about the h*** they have put me through. Never, EVER again. It's awful that a company would try to hard to make money. In the end they'll lose out.

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    Sat Feb 16 2008

    It's all been said, 1000 times over, I'm just adding my vote. My only suggestion is this: Whenever they send you an offer, be SURE to send back the pre-paid envelope with a note telling them to, uh, go jump in a lake, or such. I also like to encourage whoever opens the envelope to look for another job. It just takes a minute.

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    Mon Feb 11 2008

    wanna hear the worst? I am an employee of Chase for the last 2 1/2 years and will be for 2 more weeks. I can write a book about how they have screwed their customers left and right. Whats even worse is they make employees get Chase credit cards. One night while making an online payment (which I NEVER make late my credit is 813) I realized I needed to pay $100 more to use my card for gas and get rewards. I Went to the gas station filled up and the next day I noticed an over the limit fee fo $39. I called into our internal line and mentioned that I was a banker and that I went back online and corrected my payment amount. The lady replied "you can only make one payment in a 3 day period" Of course I didnt even know that and I work here.(just another way for the 800lb gorrila (Chase) to get fatter) I asked for a break since I work there and it was refused. To this day I have never been credited back the $39 but they want me to be Mr exited banker to try and get customers to want a Chase c... Read more

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    Sat Feb 02 2008

    If you are not a Chase customer they will charge you $3 for an ATM withdrawal. If you miss a payment on their credit card you will be charged $39 and your interest rate will go to 23.9%. They are trying to make up for their massive sub-prime mortgage loss by overcharging anybody they can extort money from.

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    Fri Dec 21 2007

    BEWARE of taking a Home Equity loan out with Chase Manhattan Bank. It is an "interest only" loan. They will not change payments dates even though your account is current and you are within the specified timeframe. They con you into making multiple payments by telling you that you will will be paid up to to that month...and then, WHAM. Late notice puts mark on your credit rating because they are saying you are late...not paid up. They are nasty and do not ever try to help you.

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    Fri Dec 21 2007

    The biggest damn crooks.

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    Mon Nov 05 2007

    Chase is the worst. Out of town with a defective ATM card they tormented me with un-answerable "security" questions like the exact date and amount of the last electronic debit which was impossible to know from out of town and without a statement in front of me. My local branch manager apologized, called the customer service rep some choice names and agreed I was mis-treated. This is of no value sionce we depend on these customer service people when after hours or weekend problems arise.

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    Thu Sep 13 2007

    I am 'dinging' Chase for their website! Today, it came up with errors running scripts. I have tried to sign up for email delivery of my bill many times. THAT page ALWAYS bombs. I have tried and tried to tell them about their site and I always get a form letter back telling me how to download transactions (!!!???) The least of the problems is my having to pick up my mouse and CLICK on the userid field. Why can't they position the cursor there in the first place? Tacky, shoddy, programming and scary security!

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    Wed Sep 12 2007

    On September 4th 2007 i made a payment at the Chase bank on Riggs Road in Chandler Arizona. When my transaction was completed i asked the clerk a simple question regarding Chase points. "The information is on the back of the the card" was all she cared to tell me.In the process of being dircted a question the clerk forgot to return my ard to me.Days later i noticed the card was not in my possesion i could not recall the clerk handing me the card so i had to return to branch.Upon entering i noticed i was the only person waiting behind an older gentleman being tended to. A situation insued which required Marcus' help so he approached and the first clerk left.In the interm Marcus stood there as though to be a help but was not another guest arrived,being an attractive female, Marcus left the older gentleman never asked me if he could help me and dove at the young lady and away they disapeared into Marcus' office, this upset me very much,now the first clerk is back and finished with her cus... Read more

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    Thu Sep 06 2007

    These charlatans tried to charge me $35.00 for a .21 overdraft. Thirty-five bucks, for a twenty-one cent overdraft, which I took care of in less than a day. That, is criminal. I do not care what their policy is, if I attempted to charge those kinds of rates when one of my customers was late on a payment, I would be in prison. I have been with Valley National, who was absorbed by Bank One, which was then consumed by Chase. Each time, I saw a sizeable decline in quality and customer service. I am considering keeping my money in a coffee can under the oak tree in the back yard. I suspect the worms and ants will give me equal if not better customer service.