Charlotte/Douglas Intl Airport

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    Thu Nov 29 2007

    I have flown into CLT Airport several times from San Francisco where I live. I was born and raised in Lancaster, SC and moved here to California in 1986. I've always been very pleased with Charlotte Douglas Airport as it's staff is friendly, the Airport very well kept and clean. I will be coming home again for 4 days on December 29 thru January 2, 2008 and am looking forward to it. I'm a "Happy Flyer".... Mark S. Taylor

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    Sat Feb 17 2007

    The bartender at the Marketplace restaurant was rude and discriminated against me, a female. I asked for wine at the bar and was told that if I sat at a table, I would have to order from the waitress. A half hour later, a man walked up to the bar, placed an order and the bartender had the waitress deliver it. When I asked the bartender about the different treatment, I was given his back as he told the rest of the patrons that I wasn't worth talking to. I remind myself of the example of Rosa Parks, and will take action.

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    Thu Nov 03 2005

    I'd say their facilities are average. The satellite, extended parking is only $3/day and they start running shuttles to the airport at 4am ...

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    Thu Nov 03 2005

    While I dont particularly enjoy airports I have to say in all my travels Charlotte-Douglas Airport is the best. If I have to lay over for a...

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    Sun Jul 24 2005

    The Charlotte Douglas International Airport is very big. The parking deck is nice but there just isn't enough security there for me. I use...

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    Thu Jun 02 2005

    Charlotte Douglas is one of the many airports in NC. It is large and well organized. Normally, when my family is going on long trips, we us...

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    Wed May 18 2005

    Charlotte Airport is a pretty large airport but yet at the same time they are very well organized and they are easy to find where you are go...

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    Thu Nov 18 2004

    Overview Charlotte/Douglas (CLT) is a hub for US Airways, but other major airlines--including American Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines--offer national and international flights. Direct flights to many Caribbean islands like Aruba, Bermuda and St. Thomas are available daily, as well as to London, Frankfurt, Paris, Montreal and Toronto. The Experience Look for the Budweiser Brewhouse, duty-free shopping, and the Valet Services shop for manicures and massage on the D Concourse. Fast food chains like Burger King, Pizza Hut and Mrs. Field's Cookies are in the main atrium. A cigar shop is on the B Concourse, and a barbershop and shoeshine hut are in baggage claim. Jewelry, clothing and bookstores are found throughout the airport, and bigger restaurants like Chili's, Cheers and the Outerbank all offer sit-down table service.

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    Fri Nov 08 2002

    This airport is small enough to make your connections in time, but has everything you could want, plus there is 1 security checkpoint for all the concourses. It is also very clean and has some good restaurants and shops. If you have a choice, make your connection in Charlotte.

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    Tue Nov 05 2002

    Have a connection? Well, be prepared to get a serious workout. Now, maybe this is more error on the airlines than the airport however, I took an US Airways Express flight from Columbus, GA to Charlotte and then another flight from Charlotte to Washington Dulles. Both times my flights were at the farthest point from one another and I had to run in 20 minutes the entire length of the airport. I almost had a heart attack. No one was willing to drive me on the little golf carts or was quite a run as well with few fast moving sidewalks to aid in my run. I made my connection...I got off of one plane and ran onto the other. Have at least 45 minutes to an hour between flights here.

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