Charles Barkley

American former professional basketball player who is a television analyst on TNT Website

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    Sun Jul 27 2008

    I absolutely love the guy's persona: Barkley's intentionally and hilariously obnoxious presence on television has saved us all from the George Ravelings of the world, who were better men but far more boring. But I keep thinking that his primary claim to fame -- being a great rebounder while only medium-sized -- doesn't really raise him all that far above Dennis Rodman.

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    Sun Jul 27 2008

    I don't watch basketball, so I don't know how good a player he was.. All I can say is that this man is hilarious;he needs his own reality show. The last time I saw him on TV, he was railing against "fake Christians" and announced he was running for Governor of Alabama in 2012. He had me rolling on the floor.

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    Thu Apr 24 2008

    Agian, he is not at the level of the players above. I wish I could give him a four and 1/2

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    Sun Sep 30 2007

    THE! Greatest PF individually in his first 14yrs.  Forget the other horrible ones when he should have retired.  He was highly undersized at 6'4, and they will NEVER be another him unlike other NBA legends.

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    Sat Mar 04 2006

    The media protects blacks? That's funny on t.v. they'll quickly let us know if a black person does something wrong McGowan. Charles is not a "thug" he was a tough undersized forward and he is a true NBA legend and a future hall of famer. McGowan according to you every black person is a racist, look in the mirror man if you want to see a real racist. I know there are racist people of all ethnic groups, but for you to blindly label someone a racist and a thug because you dislike someone is stupid and wrong in my opinion. Most of the things Charles says is only a bit. He's funny and he knows a lot about basketball. You rule Charles!

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    Sun Jan 22 2006

    Probably the best player in the NBA never to win a championship (Either him or the boys from Utah) "the Round Mound of Rebound" was not to be blamed for his team's lack of ultimate success. He always came to play and could impose his will like very few in the history of the hardwood. He would stick that fat ass of his out, gain position on his opponent, and use that more than ample bottom to flick the enemy into the third row while grabbing the rebound and either stuffing back in or firing the ball down the court. He was not cute, and seriously lacking in tact much of the time both on and off of the court, but Sir Charles backed down from no one, ever, at any time. I still remember the time he dumped Shaquille O'Neal down like a rag doll while the bigger man wisely backed down. He was a punk at times, but there was never any way that you could question his heart. And how did that little fat guy get up there so high?

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    Sat Jan 14 2006

    A thug, ready to attack anyone at any moment.And a total racist,ready to say anything racist at any moment.And,of course,because he's black, the media protects him,because they're as anti-White as he is,and lets the thug get totally away with it,no matter how hysterical,and/or inaccurate the ignoramus's statements are.

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    Sat Dec 03 2005

    Anyone that can do what he did with his size is truly amazing. If you want to talk about rings then you will have to exclude a lot of players from this list. He was listed at 6-6 but everyone knows that was a lie (closer to 6-4). To rebound like that at his heighth is indicative of the player that he was and the passion that he played with.

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    Sat Jul 23 2005

    He was a good player, but he never improved his defense. He can shoot from anywhere but when it came to guarding a man, he simply sucked at it. Maybe John Stockton wouldn't have made that game-winning 3-pointer in the 1997 Western Finals had Barkley stayed on him.

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    Wed Feb 23 2005

    I respect Barkley because just what he has done off the court. He not afraid to say whats on his mind and, he a great basketball player.

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    Fri Sep 24 2004

    Let me just ask this. Who remembers the name Dan Majerle? Now let me ask you this. If it weren't for the presence of Barkley in 92-93, who would have remember Dan Marjerle? Barkley made something out of nobodies.

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    Tue Jun 15 2004

    Humorous, but an often-wrong street thug.

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    Sat Jun 12 2004

    fantastic player. Its amazing to see all that that short little fat man could do.

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    Sun Jun 06 2004


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    Sun Apr 04 2004

    One of the greatest PF's ever, did amazing things for his size. Great scorer, rebounder and passer. An amazing player in his prime, his one major flaw was his lack of defense and teh fact that his size made it very difficult much of the time for him to match up on the defensive end.

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    Wed Feb 11 2004

    round mound of rebound-the second best rebounder of all time- pound for pound- dennid is first, (sorry charlie)

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    Thu Oct 16 2003


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    Mon Jul 21 2003

    truly the greatest one without a ring! love ya chuck!

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    Tue Jun 10 2003

    what an overrated jackass of a player and person.

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    Wed May 28 2003

    Good basketball player, funny, and a Republican. He is the only former NBA player who should be commentating games.

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    Sun May 05 2002

    He sucked in Philly, but became great in Phoenix.

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    Mon May 28 2001

    You're reasons for him being bad is becuase he trash talks! So what you're really saying is you're not aloud to have fun while you're playing! And what's this s**t about him not having a championship ring! Becuase he doesn't have a championship that means he's bad! Give me a break, sir charles is one of the greatist! P.S. all you people who think he has bad sportsmanship, have you ever herd M.J. talk it up? Or basically every great player that has ever existed? (well mabey not magic).

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    Thu Jan 04 2001

    Nobody has the right to say that Charles Barkley was overrated. At 6' 4"1/2 and able to do what he did. Namely pulling down 11.7 rebounds and scoring 22 points a game. He never played great Defense and had a avg. outside jump shot. Minus having Kevin Johnson as his point guard while at PHO. He never had the great Point to pass to him. Unlike Malone/Stockton connection. During his prime he was the best power forward of all time.

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    Sat Nov 11 2000

    TRULY Spectacular & DOMINANT!! Michael Who? Charles Could score, Charles was much better on Defense, steals, REBOUND- 20+ /a night; ( could MJ even rebound, 5/ night- NO!!; oh, he's a G, well, look at what Jason Kidd pulls down a night, 11.) Dunking, ball control , passing, team leadership, positioning, intimidation- Charles was the COMPLETE PLAYER. MJ Could dunk/jump and exploited it(and later became better). Wilt exploited his vast size advantage. Charles did Everything as well or better than All, at 6' 41/2"!! He played COMPLETE Basketball, NOT just exploiting ONE natural advantage. This is Rare. Top 3 Spot, if NOT #1. .....

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    Mon Sep 18 2000

    He's my fav. player of all-time. He's was the best rebounder in his time.

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    Fri Jun 23 2000

    great psychological player--could crack the composure of even the coolest competetors. his ability to draw fouls and, to a degree, act was pretty much uncanny. if anyone has ever deserved a ring, it's the round mound

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    Thu May 25 2000

    To do what he did at his size is truly amazing. He consistently battled guys six inches taller than him and bested them all just about every time. I thnk he is overlooked when talking about the all-time bests.

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    Sat Dec 25 1999

    If he had been 6'8" instead of 6'4" - he may have been the second greatest of all time.

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    Sun Dec 19 1999

    He has no championship ring. Bad sportsmanship. Winning a championship would have enhanced his reputation.

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    Fri Dec 17 1999

    one word OVERRATED!

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    Tue Oct 26 1999

    Great player. Not good role model but always willing to admit to it.