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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    My Boyfriend has had Cellular One service for more than 5 years. He is a regional truck driver and was recently told that more than 50% of his usage was outside of the service area. And shut his service off. Thus, the reason he got the supposed national service plan. He was informed that there was nothing that they could do for him. The problem I have with this is why sell someone the national service plan is that is not what it is? As I said before he is a truck driver and his phone is a large part of his livelihood. He can not be without a phone. I & he will never do business with them again. And we will tell everyone we know not to do business with them.

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    Mon Apr 12 2010

    cellular 1 is a rip off the can't make a plan and stay with that rate, mine was always twice that, am happy with trac phone, there you can control your account

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    Thu Aug 27 2009

    Do not trust Celluar One, they ripped my husband and I off, my husband is blind and he asked for the best phone that they had, they sold us junk then, they would not exchange the phones for different ones, finally we called their corporate office to report this because the store would not give us our money back, the manager lied to her boss by telling her that I came over to her house and cussed her out when in fact I did not, eventually we did get our money back. Do not but anything from Celluar One at all. Thank you, Bob and Christina Hay

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    Wed Jan 21 2009

    Reviews are meaningless because Cellular One isn't a company, it's a brand name. Eight different independent companies are using the brand in 2009. They have no common management, technology, etc. Over the years, dozens of companies have used the brand before they were acquired. Many of the below reviews are talking about companies that no longer exist. For example, Digital One of Chicago was actually BellSouth, now part of AT&T;/Cingular; Cellular One of Northeast Michigan was RFB then Dobson now AT&T.;

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    Sat Jan 03 2009

    Haha, love it. Cell one sucks and their retarded employees are trying to defend their jobs. Good luck. This company has screwed over so many people it's reputation is beyond repair.

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    Fri Dec 19 2008

    They are good.. I like them.. They are neat.. They have neat phones..they have neat phone. i like them

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    Sun Nov 23 2008

    I had cellular one for about 5 years while I lived in London KY. When I joined the military and moved to Fort Lewis, WA. While in the move, their bill was lost and they sent it to collections. When I read my credit report, I saw that theyhad sent it to them. I then called them in July 08 to pay the bill off and to close the account out. In Nv. of the same year, I received a credit report and they were still open saying that I still owed the bill. I called them and they said the bill was never paid. I informed them that I had my bank statements with the amout they took out and the letter they sent saying the account was closed. Their reply to that was, "Send us a copy of the information and we will look into it".

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    Sun Aug 31 2008


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    Thu Jul 17 2008

    arrogant management, bad service. i feel sorry for people who have to work there. if there was a more negative rating, i would have clicked on that, they don't deserve even one star.only positive i can say is that they made my experience with att seem positive

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    Sat Nov 24 2007

    Oh hell no. I didn't even want to give them one star!

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    Tue Nov 13 2007

    I must say that cellular one is difficult to cancel even after the contract expires. I had a one year contract for internet connection only of a desktop using a cell phone as the modem. First the wireless technology they offer is advertised as 115 KPS but in reality is about 60KPS even though the tower is right across from my house. They charge $60 per month. Now other providers (Alltel)have a performing speed of 600KPS for the same price. When the contract is up even though you have given 30 days notice of cancelation per the contract, they still keep sending a bill. Avoid this company.

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    Sat Sep 15 2007

    HORRIBLE customer service. I was a cellular one customer for around 10 years. There are no major problems unless you want to make a change or cancel service. Everytime I talked to an employee, I got a different answer on how to go about canceling my account (my 2-year contract had already expired so it should have been no problem).SO frusterating! My contract is over and I do not want my phone anymore - how hard is it?? After calling 2 months ago and cancelling my account, I still have an active phone and am receiving a bill. No one has answegrs, but I am still responsible for the bill. I stormed out of the office today wanting to throw the phone at the employee's head. Cellular One is the WORST! Avoid them if at all possible.

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    Sat Sep 08 2007

    I have had nothing but trouble with our Cellular One account since we opened it. They charge outrageous prices for their phones and you can only use a Cellular One phone, So you pretty much HAVE to buy a replacement phone from them. They charged us an extra $10.00 to add Indian to our plan so that we could call out while visiting our family and they charged us roaming every time we made phone calls from Indiana, they refused to take the extra charges off our bill and the reason the charged us extra was because they have no towers in Indiana so a tower out of chicago was picking up our service. They were hitting us for that extra $20.00 a month, $10.00 for each line and they couldn't even provide me with the service they were charging me extra for. When I told them that my attorney said that they had to release me from the contract because they were in breech of said contract, they told me to read the fine print....evidently they have a clause in the contract that says they can charge y... Read more

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    Fri Sep 07 2007

    Cellular One.....gosh gee since we live in a rural community Cellular One as the market. We bought 3 phones not the free ones. They had a sale and with teenagers we decided to go for the nicer phones. Through my own fault and due to cost I decided to not get any additional insurance on them. Big mistake after only a few short months through whatever reason one is no longer working. Yes we sent it back and were told it was un-repairable. I tried to cancel the line and was told I couldn't unless I paid $20.00 per month for what was left in my contract....gasp! So now we are paying for a phone line that we don't use.... We started with this company back in March and it as been a revloving nightmare with one problem or another. Plus everything seems so much higher! Does anyone else have similar issues? Our monthly phone bill goes up every month and you can't figure out the bill because it's like a telphone directory. After getting a 188.00 phone bill and change for 2 phones I w... Read more

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    Tue Mar 13 2007

    Cellular One is the worst! The local store in our mall always never has anyone in it...but then you walk down to the Verizon store and its packed. Cellular One doesnt have hardly any phones, and they are expensive. I cant wait to cancel my contract with them. Their service is terrible i never have service anywhere my friends with Verizon do, which is pretty much everywhere. My advice-go to Verizon or somewhere else...Cellular One is the worst!!!

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    Wed Feb 28 2007

    these reviews are old! cellular one (dobson) has vastly improved. The issues that were brought up in previous reviews are outdated. The network has improved and customers now have better phones than 3 years ago.

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    Sat Feb 17 2007

    Horrible issues with no service. The morons have no service in an area not more than 5 miles from their retail store! And try and get them to live up to their promises. NO WAY! Like most, they are goddamn, thieving ripoff artists. No WONDER they have dropped from number one to number ten thousand in ratings!

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    Thu Jan 25 2007

    Cellular One is LAME! We live in a small rural community and Cellular One is our only choice. When we lewave the county we have to switch backto our old digital phones because they don't have their contracts with the other providers yet??? Yet when we bought our phones 2 months ago they promised us it was only days away. They are liars... My wife has bought roaming minutes on 2 differnent occasions. She noticed they never credited the minutes to our account, twice they did this. Trust me, they really suck bad.

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    Wed Jan 24 2007

    This company is absolutely ridiculous! Their customer service makes you feel so unappreciated and they are always over-charging on my bill and others I know who use them. If you go with this service check your bill EVERY MONTH. I have had things slipped into mine such as saying I made a call in VA when I was still in OH and never left! They said they would take care of it but it took 3 months. Then when I changed my plan they didn't take the old charge off so I was being charged for both the old plan and the new one for 2 months! they couldn't just fix the problem and I had to pay the total until they got it taken care of?? Why should I pay more double until they fix it?! If not they said my phone would turn off... that isn't fair at all! Now I called, I wanted to buy a new phone even though my contract isn't over because I wasn't aware that it had to be over (or real close to over) or you had to pay full price for the new phone. They were very rude to me on the phone and after much di... Read more

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    Tue Nov 21 2006

    My situation was rather simple and it still mystifies me why they refused to resolve it. While traveling, I made several long phone calls in the Detroit airport awaiting connection, which on their own coverage map is clearly marked as blue and home-calling area. Of course, I was slapped with a roaming charge for every single minute of those calls and $150 extra charges in total. Politely, I called the customer service representative and visited the local office and tried to get the situation resolved. Their unanimous answer was "If the computer indicated it was roaming, you must have been roaming! The charge is correct." The bill clearly stated the calls originated from Detroit and the whole area is GREEN on their own map! I repeatedly asked for a supervisor at the local office and apparently she is "in a meeting" 24 hours a day. Again, I wrote a letter to her politely explaining the situation and paid what I thought I really owed them for the month. No response. The check wa... Read more

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    Sat Apr 01 2006

    Beyond words to describe let me start off that Cellular One are LIARS.. No customer service skills and their Supervisors - -well let me say I will SEE YA in COURT... My husband signed a 1 YEAR CONTRACT back in June 2 2004 at local independent dealer MIDLAND TEXAS..... We were shocked to hear that we HAD signed a 2 year CONTRACT when I spoke with one of their customer services Reps'. So I requested a copy of our contract to apparently prove us WRONG.... They stated "we shred our contracts after 90 days and we have to go by whats on the SYSTEM"!!! At that current time we are UNABLE to locate our CONTRACT. I would think if WE couldn't find our contract and CELLULAR ONE COULD NOT provide us a COPY of THEIR CONTRACT.. THERE ISN'T A CONTRACT. RIGHT? RIGHT!!!!! GOSH, they basically told us "that we should have kept the copy of their contract for our proof" even though THEY COULD NOT PROVIDE US A COPY THAT MY HUSBAND HAD ACTUALLY SIGNED A 2 YEAR CONTRACT. Needless to say "WE HAVE OUR CONTRACT... Read more

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    Wed Mar 22 2006

    Absolute worst service I have ever had. Terrible reception, dropped calls in the middle of town. I've also had AT+T, Singular, Verizon, MCI, and Cingular. When we asked the fee for terminating our two phones after 1 year of service it was 40 per month for 12 months. Do not use this company.

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    Sat Mar 18 2006

    Heck I had my phone stole from me and they wont even give me a deal yes they blow

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    Fri Feb 24 2006

    Calorie 72, CellularOne holds your account until it's 90 DAYS past due before sending it to collections. If you haven't paid the minimum balance (that's your furthest past due bill, the current charges), by the deadline - that's when you go to a collection agency. You can't just send whatever you want in for payment, you have to pay the BALANCE of current charges on your bill. If you fail to do so then unfortunately CellularOne cannot continue to keep your account "Active" and bill past 90 days and they are forced to send you to collections. It's not like they didn't send letters, bills, and call you prior to going to collections. You knew the deadline, right? Also, most people who work for CellularOne are not rude. That's a general statement. If you gave examples of WHO was rude to you, it'd be a more helpful opinion. Thanks.

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    Wed Feb 08 2006

    Do yourself a favor do not sign up with Cellular One. The coverage maps of Cellular One are not at all reliable ("why did you rely on the map didn't you read the fine print?") Cellular One was near the bottom of the barrel in complaints according to the FCC. They overcharge and then promise to remove the charges but months later the charges are still there. Other people in my area told me the Cellur One had also overcharged them but they got tired of trying to get it straightened out. They disconnected and charged a $60 reconnect fee even though the bill was in dispute (they owed me quite a bit from overcharges (they screwed up when they set us up).

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    Fri Feb 03 2006

    I have been a happy Cellular One customer for 6 years. I recently recieved a letter offering me a new deal with a 14 day trial period. The letter talked about options that included a partner lines for only $9.99. After the trial period I decided I was happy and kept the deal. So, now comes time to get a partner line for my wife. Gee, that's not available for my plan - WTF? I need to upgrade to a plae that is $25 more every month so I can add another $9.99 per month phone! After arguing with the customer service rep and explaining that they mislead me to agree to a verbal contract that I didn't want she prett much told me too bad. I have a choice of upgrading or cancelling my service at a $20 per remaining month early cancellation fee. So, I have reported them to the PA attorney general's office and am waiting for a response. I will never deal with Cellular One again! Another lonbger term, loyal customer screwed by cell one.

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    Thu Jan 12 2006

    I had a two year contract going for about 18 months. I could no longer afford the bill so I had to cancel. I can see why they charged me an early termination fee (not really), but I was at a collection agency with in a couple of weeks, even after I told them it would take me a bit to pay it. I was even sending them small amounts of money and they still sent me. I tried calling them, they just referred me to collections. The collections said to call them. I will never deal with Cellular One again. They are very rude, cold, and uncaring!

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    Thu Dec 22 2005

    Dani, that's called skiptracing and that's because you didn't call the company back about the bill you owed them, they have every legal right to try to contact you through whatever means necessary if they're not a collection agency, if you would've paid your bill they wouldn't have had to call you at all. Or if you would've returned their calls/letters/bills. Or if you would've left a VALID contact #.

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    Thu Dec 22 2005

    Don't be fooled, sleazy car dealer will give you a better deal. I pay $140 a month for no service. When I complained, they say I can cancel but it will cost me $600 dollars. The ethics of the sales staff are the lowest. When I complained from day one about no service, they told me of a scheme to get an up graded phone from the insurance company. I regret ever doing it. I feel bad that I stooped to their level. The phones that we received were LG3200 phones. In my opinion, the only thing they are good for is throwing them away. I'll give you some good advice, if you start to go into one of their stores, turn around and run far, far away. Alltel bought them out. I thought it would get better then. But Alltel still refers me to these idiots. Phone-less in Nebraska

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    Mon Dec 19 2005

    They have to be one of the MOST predatory cellular companies out there. I was a long time customer with several phones and my bills were always over $100 a month. When I moved out of the area, I could not get a signal at all at work and a very weak one at home. After complaining several times I got nowhere and signed up with cingular. Meanwhile I was hit with TWO early termination fees for two phones at $200 bucks a pop in addition to my last two months of service of $349. Instead of working with me they passed it off to collections where I was able to get them to knock off 20%. Pretty sad day when you can get better results from a collections agency than the original company! So much for customer loyalty. DO NOT USE CELLULAR ONE! If you do, tell them to shove their 2 year contract where the sun does not shine!

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    Mon Dec 05 2005

    Cellular One in Bastrop, TX (78602)has been advertising UNLIMITED MINUTES (all you can utilize during peak hour time and 1000 off peak). What they don't tell you and which is in the fine print you must read with bifocals is that you MUST utilize their network atleast 50% of the time, otherwise they will cancel your service. For those of us in this suburban area that's 30 miles from Austin and whom utilize majority of our talk time in the Austin area (not Cellular One's coverage area) one finds that the Cellular One network in Bastrop gets utilized maybe 20%. This company is horrible, the sales rep doesn't know anything about the service nor the phones. So wonder they dont have any business in Bastrop and Cingular is eating their lunch.

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    Fri Nov 18 2005

    Had them for 6 months, no problem so far, no dropped calls roaming alert works when it should. contract ok. works good in wisconsin. Whatever the company, be sure they are good in YOUR area.

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    Mon Oct 31 2005

    I have been a CellularOne customer since 1997, sure I have had a few minor problems, but no more that with any utility company. They offer the best service and prices in my area. And the lower their prices go, the lower their compitition has to lower theirs.

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    Sat Oct 29 2005

    I had a contract through Cellular One. They charged me for roaming calls that I never made. Then they accused me of letting one of my friends use my phones. All of my friends had there own phones. The bills tated that I made a call from another state, I wasn't even in another state that day. Needless to say, my bill was outragious and couldn't afford it. When my phone got turned off, they called all of my relatives asking them for money. They even called my sister-in-law, whom was married and had a different last name than me. They continued to harrass my family, until they threatened with taking them to court. They also called my parents on their cell phone, while on vacation and roaming EVEN after they told them to cease contacting them. How do they get all your families names and numbers? Wouldn't this be some kind of identity theft type issues? IF they found out all of your families names and phone numbers (yes even unlisted), how safe is your personal information!!!

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    Sun Oct 09 2005

    Cell One sucks, they are rude, rude and rude. I use to be a csutomer of theris back in 1993 till 2000, then I bought a new phone cash for like $800, they charged teh same phone on my bill then, and would not give me my money back, then got rude and I said I would quit and they thought that I was on contract, I had to go through 3 mamnagers and they could not let go of teh fact that I had to know they are god, even though I was not on contract, I quit and they tried to charge me a contract fee for leaving, and yet I had to prove that I was not on contract. What a nightmare!! I had to prove that I was not on contract. I finally had to sue them in small claims court to get my money back from that $800 phone plus the fess, they finally bent over and took it in teh you know what and paid me. A Few years later I actually tried to sign up with them again, guess what they blaclisted me as a bad credit risk...hahaha, mna will it ever end?

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    Tue Oct 04 2005

    Cellular One has great service where I live and they're affordable. I know a few people that work there and they always go out of their way to help me with my bills, and I never have dropped calls and very rarely do I have no service (only in the woods). I love Cellular One!

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    Mon Sep 05 2005

    GSM is so much worse than their digital service was. Not only does it cost more, they dont have enough towers to support their phones. Hardly a day goes by where I dont get a network busy message or I drop my call. DO NOT USE THIS TERRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mon Sep 05 2005

    There are very rude people that work there. and now they dont have a service counter for them to repair your phone. who has time to send your phone in and they wont even bother to give me a rental phone while mine is being serviced. what a bunch of jerks and i cant wait until my contract is up!

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    Sat Aug 27 2005

    I was charged 700 dollars for an early termination fee. My bill is now over 900 because of 20 dollar a month late fees for not paying it in full. So even if I make a 100 dollar payment a month they are charging me 20 for not paying it in full. I called one day to tell them the manager of my local retail office said she would waive the fee because of the reason I was ending my contract(moved and no service at new residence). The 800 number said they could not honor her word and transfered me to a loyalty department which i held for about 45 min.! to no avail it seems im stuck with a 900+ bill on my credit with late payments every month!

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    Mon Aug 08 2005

    My company just switched over to a GSM plan at Cellular One by Dobson. We are located in NW PA, and previously had digital plans. After switching over to the GSM plan, about 15 of 30 employees (including myself) are completely unhappy with Cellular None. The other 15 do not extensively use their phones. On the digital plans, coverage was almost as good as Verizon, but now that GSM is here!, it is terrible in almost every respect. You must be in a major area (city over 5000 population) to even be able to use the phones. Verizon will work in almost every remote location in this area, as I have friends with the Verizon service. It's very embarrassing to borrow their phones because mine will not function 90% of the time. Even in full service areas, calls will get randomly dropped or one side of the conversation will get involuntarily muted. Here is a real kick-in-the-you-know-what: I called *611 on my now-deactivated digital TDMA phone to speak with Cellone customer service. I a... Read more

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    Tue Jul 19 2005

    I recently got a bill for 547 dollars because the salesman flat out lied to me. He told me that there would be no roaming charges west of the mississippi. I took my phone back to idaho after school, is that west of the mississippi enough, and got slammed with bill because my night and weekend minutes apparently dont apply when im not using a cell one tower. now i have no money to return to school on. DONT GET CELL ONE!!!!!!

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    Sun Jul 17 2005

    Had fourteen days to check phone service out in my area and if it did not work to send it back. I returned the phone in three days because of no service in my area. That was three months ago and my credit card has not been credited with the 140.00 I paid up front. In fact I have received two bills for thirty nine dollars and today a notice that my service would be cut off if I didn't pay those bills. Are all Okies as ignorant as those who work for Cellular One? I have tried for hours to get a customer service person to held me but they just say we will call you right back but never do. As a Texas I spend all year long waiting for October when we can go the Cotton Bowl and Kick their OKIE ASSES!

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    Mon Jun 27 2005

    One the pioneer of the business, verybody passed them buy. Their plans became obsolete and their phones as well. In the past year however they have stepped it up and begun improving both. Very good reception in remote areas.

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    Tue May 17 2005

    Cellular One is HORRIBLE! Apparently, the company does not feel ANY responsibility for their field reps located in kiosks all over the place and it would SEEM that these people are encouraged to lie or at least tell you anything you want to hear to lock you in to one of their satanic contracts. I added a third line last winter and I asked my helpful mall kiosk rep (located in the only mall in Helena, MT) if by doing so it would extend my contract because if it would I did NOT want to get it as my contract would be up soon and I didn't want to get locked in to another 2 years. He assured me that I would only be adding a line to my existing contract and this would NOT extend my contract. So I called the 611 number and ordered the new line and the rep didn't say ANYTHING about extending my contract. Yet last month when I checked, sure enough, they'd zapped me with another 2 years and told me it was because of adding the new line. Needless to say, I went ballistic. Also needless to ... Read more

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    Fri Feb 25 2005

    I've had CelluarONE since 1999. Over two years ago I added a phone to share minutes with my sister. THE POSITIVE: Every time I call the customer service center (800#) they offer me a new plan that costs exactly the same but with more minutes. Most recently I recieved an additional 250 anytime minutes and unlimited mobile-mobile. Each rep I have EVER spoken with at the 800# has been courteous, kind, proffesional, knowledgeable, and has explained all pertinent information. Many complaints are about the $200 early termination charge. AND? The contract IMPLICITLY states that. I have never questioned this fee because I DO read and make sure I fully understand ALL information on a document I am asked to SIGN. CelluarONE isnt raping people. If YOU sign a CONTRACT of ANY kind YOU are CONTRACTUALLY binded to it. This concept is NOT exclusive to CelluarONE. The people who are telling others to READ THE FINE PRINT need to take thier OWN advice. Each person has a PERSONAL responsib... Read more

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    Fri Feb 25 2005

    I work for Cellular One (Dobson) and I love it. I have their services too. The thing is, when you have a problem call the customer services department and see if they can help you. I always go out of my way to help people, and I know lots of us working REALLY do care what you think of our company. Also, I don't know if you know this but there's different 'branches' of CellularONE, they're not ALL owned by the same parent company. For example, the CellularONE I work with covers MI, MN, WI, AK, MD, OH, NY, and OK. Those are the only states WE are responsible for. Please, if you have problems or questions call us! :)

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    Mon Dec 27 2004

    Obnoxious, non-customer oriented technical and service staff. I signed up for a plan with no roaming charges, and have since been billed over $1400 in roaming charges. Ten, they reat you like a criminal when you complain!!!

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    Mon Dec 27 2004

    Have been trying to get billing problem resolved for 6 months, starting the month after subscribing. Customer service is rude and unresponsive. Forget about asking to talk to a customer service manager. Was able to get a apology after a call to corporate office, but the problem continues. They have been adding calls to our bill since July, for a number we have never called. For 6 months, they send an incorrect bill, refuse to pay, and they adjust the bill amount for the error. Then we repeat this process again the next month. Instead of finding and resolving the root cause, they have changed the phone number and replaced the phone itself. This is not a cloned phone problem. Last conversation the support rep. said this problem was happening with several accounts. If that is the case, why would anyone subscribe to their service. We have asked to be released from the 2 year contract and cancel the service, but no luck so far. STAY AWAY FROM CELLULAR ONE AND DOBSON CELLULAR! LET ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 15 2004

    On December 12th, I purchased a new cell phone from CellularOne located at: 2172 US 41 West Marquette, MI, 49855 (800)491-9999 I purchased this phone to replace one that had gone missing. Nothing was mentioned by the employee about return policies, and outside of a notice at the bottom of the receipt that states phones may be returned in original packaging in new condition within 14 days, there was no mention of any other issues with returning the phone. As luck would have it, a friend had found my previous phone later that afternoon, but unfortunately, it was after the retail location was closed. It was also closed on Sunday, and when I reached the location on Monday, shortly before 6:00pm, the store had already been closed, though the stated hours were till 6:00 p.m. Once I returned to the store the next day, to find that the doors were AGAIN closed and locked before the stated hours of business. This time there was an employee at the front desk and he opened the door for me. ... Read more

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    Tue Dec 07 2004

    Cellular One let my EX husband renew a phone I cancelled, then they let him ring up an outrageous amount, and are billing me for it. They have garnished my wages, will not work with me, and are now taking my child support to pay their stupid bill. It is a horrible company without a conscience.